A Beach Cottage Gets a New Look

Mon 15th, Apr, 2013

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Good afternoon this lovely Monday from Sydney and abeachcottage with a new look here in this little corner of the place they call the World Wide Web.


I have been working on a new look for this site for a while – there are still a few new things to install and a few teething problems, but say tuned for more!   I wanted this little space to be a easier to navigate, clean and fresh, a bit classic, lots of white but still with a coastal feel…oh and you’ll find the comments up the top now plus Barley will have a new place very soon…


In other news it’s school holidays here – this old cottage is busy and there will be much baking, much hammock lounging and a whole lot of hanging around in pj’s…and there will be furniture moving around but I haven’t told the furniture removal guys (that would be Mr BC and Mr TBC yet)…that’s what the school holidays are all about are they not?

I’ve also been doing lots in the garden – you can catch me over on Instagram (‘abeachcottage’) for more and I am thinking there may be some serious kitchen pinning going on over the next few days on the Beach Cottage Pinterest boards as I gather kitchen ideas…

I will see you soon, I hope you like the new look here…



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46 Responses to “A Beach Cottage Gets a New Look”

  1. Jade says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Love the new layout!!!

  2. Lovely Sarah- fresh…simple…clean…timeless….x

  3. Susan says:

    Nice makeover, and it’s mobile responsive, too!

  4. Cherrie says:

    Nice and simple and I think it is loading better than the last one too. Thankyou. Cherrie

    • sarah says:

      I hope it is loading better Cherrie!

      I wanted simple, clean and fuss free and hoping this is just that but still me xx

  5. Neen says:

    Luuurve the website ‘foof’ !!! Now I can read all the titles…….. the other font never gave me the letter ‘B’. Funny, I got so used to reading ‘A each Cottage’, my eyes are still adjusting ;)Neen

    • sarah says:

      haha yes I lived with that for a long time too – I never did get around to changing it up X

  6. Felicity says:

    Hi, loving the new look. Well done, they say change is as good as a holiday, :).

  7. Gillian Haldane says:

    Love the lamp! Where did you get it?

  8. alison says:

    Noice. Glad to see you’re keeping us on our toes. The old font left missing letters. I got used to it but I’m liking the new font.


  9. bec says:

    looking good….the less is more certainly works here….that’s a compliment!
    Bec x

  10. Alice says:

    ike I said last night…Love the new look! Clean and easy on the eye ;)

  11. Deb says:

    Hi Sarah…been following for years, catch you on fb now and then. Love love love this new look. Love your blog anyway, but this clean look is much easier on the eye. Sun is out in Ol Blighty and a proper Spring day at last..does help! Got my vote on this look :) xxx

  12. Rowen says:

    Lovely fresh and clean new look Sarah, I may miss the chair in the water though, always loved that pic and can remember you posting about Mr BC thinking you were ever so slightly mad as he had to carry it to the ‘outdoor studio’ lol. Rowen@Coastal Colours

  13. Love, LOVE the new look!

  14. Love the new look Sarah! Amazing!!!!

  15. Shar Y says:

    It is very very nice! I likee…

  16. Looking lovely, Sarah:) x

  17. Deb says:

    Love it!
    Looks fresh, clean and highlights your photos really well!
    Well done, keep up the great work!
    :-) x

    • sarah says:

      thanks Deb, I was hoping the photos would be highlighted a lot better with a new cleaner look x

  18. merilyn says:

    love it sarah! … all good,
    clear, clean, concise, and still creative :)
    easy to navigate around, which is what I need.
    always inspirational… thankyou m:)

  19. KM Modern says:

    I’m new to your blog, and I love your photo. I love the white on white with personal touches, like the dark Wellies and striped throw blanket on the coffee table. And that crate is amazing. I love vintage boxes, suitcases, trunks. Enjoy your holiday!

  20. Kirsty says:

    New layout looks great! :D

  21. Looking hot Sarah!! Love it. Fresh, stylish and so beach cottage!

  22. The size of your pics is great. I feel like I’m there!

  23. Absolutely LOVE the new look Sarah x

  24. Rochelle says:

    I so love it. It is so fresh and still you! Fabulous work. I feel inspired, I so need a makeover on mine, but oh the time. ;)

  25. Jojo3b says:

    Nice job. Loving it all as always. Enjoy the holidays.x

  26. katie says:

    i have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! it was so white and grey before i could BARELY read it! but i kept at it cuz i love me some BEACH COTTAGE!!!! love love love the way you have it set up too! the only only thing i wish you’d go back to is just keeping the whole post on the main page. i do hate having to hit the ‘read more…’ button and then having to backspace to go back to main page! i’ve been wanting to tell you that for ages but didn’t think it much mattered what i thought. i read you religiously…but honestly, sometimes i have to skip cuz that part is too laborious. eek. there, i’ve said it. LOVE YOU SARAH!!!! God bless!

    • sarah says:

      oh thanks so much for your feedback Katie, I love hearing from readers, so kind of you to take the time! sorry you feel it’s laborious to hit the back button though :-)

      Sarah xx

  27. Annie M says:

    Still getting used to the new look Sarah…love the freshness of it but do miss some of the familiar pictures floating around. Also I seem to have a spacing problem on my IPad…..the left hand side is cut off very close to the text and I have to scroll across to the right to read the information there eg. It appears to be too wide for my screen…..is this just me or are others having the same problem? Annie M x

  28. peta says:

    Ok I will be back reading again. The old page was too busy for me and this new layout is waaaaay better. I much prefer to keep scrolling down rather than seeing all the old posts boxed near the bottom. So fresh, so clean – I love it!