A Beach Cottage easy eggs tomato shakshuka recipe

Fri 12th, Apr, 2013

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Hello, how are you, here today a lovely and easy egg recipe or also known as an easy Shakshuka recipe in some parts of this here world.



I first had a taste of this eggs recipe when I was down in the very South of France, bordering on Spain – that seems so very long ago now, both in time and in miles.  It was one of those dishes that was memorable and dishes like this was quite why I began a journey of cooking simple food without pretention – I love that whole ethos of that area down in the south of Frnce, not a celebrity chef in sight, just a whole lot of decent ingredients and lots of flavour.

This was served in the middle of the table, plonked down on a plastic tablecloth, with an un-labelled (if there is such a word) and re-used bottle of house wine, under an umbrella branded with coca-cola and tasted like heaven in a dish.


This shakshuka recipe is just casual and I love that, no fancy arranged foods, no bothering with special dishes and too much fussing – a one dish meal that can be cooked and served (and eaten if you so wish) from stove to table without much more than a bit of chopping and some turning of some knobs (don’t even go there on a knob turning joke here ladies).

There is also the ability to get in the bath while this is cooking should you feel so inclined, as I am, to include that in the suitability of a recipe when scouting it for inclusion in your repertoire.

Someone I met recently said recipes reflect personality and lifestyle – I had never thought of it like that, but it’s true I guess – for me in home and in food it’s about doing the best with what you’ve got not trying to impress with what you haven’t.


And doing everything easily and quickly without faffing around…for me food is all about comfort and relaxation….


Funny really because some very good friends of ours are the complete opposite and always were even as a young couple – they would spend months and months saving up to go out to a fancy restaurant and spend more on one meal than they had on a whole month’s grocery budget…they enjoyed it, looked forward to it and loved to eat in fancy restaurants, adored silver service and revelled in ordering a bottle of wine that cost more than their petrol for the week…each to their own I say.

Me?  One pot, bistro, plate of the day kinda girl, washed down with a local brew…


This is just one of those, can be eaten at any time of the day though originally I believe it stems from being a breakfast dish from Israel (do correct me if I am wrong)…this is not a traditional recipe though, I have come to this one after trying a few different ways of cobbling it together (and google it and you will see many different ways including the celebrity chefs who all put their own spin on it).


Apart from its bathability, it’s ease and the fact that it is tasty, the main pull of this is that it can be make with things in your pantry plus it’s easy on the purse and good for your thighs…always always always a winner in my book

And another reason it stays in this old cottage – it’s no bother, a simple sauce, easily thrown together and with the addition of some bread makes a welcome meal at any time of the day…

Easy Eggs Shakshuka Recipe

1 tbsp olive oil

1 onion finely diced

1 clove garlic

1/2 cup stock

1 can diced tomatoes

2 eggs

garden herbs


1. add oil, garlic and onions to pan and soften, about 5 mins

2. add tomatoes, herbs, season and stock to pan and gently simmer for 30 or so mins

3. make wells in sauce and add eggs and cooked until as you like it

4. add a few more herbs and serve with crusty bread

Beach Cottage Easy Shakshuka Recipe Notes *  I like this fiery hot so I add chilli and paprika  **I have a couple of other versions of this with various cheese which makes it into more of a meal


That’s it for me for now, I hope you like the look of this eggs recipe…. tomorrow I am off to put some more veggies into my no-dig garden plus sourcing lighting and looking at different options for the new kitchen…

See you again sometime then…


p.s. I’m loving Pinning right now, who isn’t I ask myself? – you can find me on Pinterest dabbling with lovely coastal, nautical beachy things over here


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20 Responses to “A Beach Cottage easy eggs tomato shakshuka recipe”

  1. Yum! We do this and have called it Spanish Eggs for years … I think because we add chorizo or because we make things up? LOL. In any case, this is one of our fave breakfasts.

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  2. I’ve never tried this but love the look of it…easy and tasty…perfect!! I’m already imaging it being thrown together on one of those hideous midweek get-home-late and everybody’s cranky and starving evenings?! Thanks Sarah…xx (oh and my fave recipes are usually of the good old fashioned baking variety…what does that say about my personality I wonder?!? x

  3. Neen says:

    My teenage soccer boy will luuuuuuurve this, thankyou Sarah. Beautiful day here in central vic, herbs are booming with warmth in the air……..basil is AMAZING. This recipe will get a good helping of fresh herbs :) Neen

    • sarah says:

      I love this recipe the herbs make it lovely – my herbs were smelling amazing here too this morning in NSW x

  4. Patricia says:

    I agree with your ideas on food-simple, flavourful, nutritious, no pretense. I have read a few of Marlena di Blasi’s books: One Thousand Days in Venice, One Thousand Days in Tuscany and another one set in Umbria. She speaks all about the importance of food and sharing it, without pretense. Recipes that have not been altered for generations, because they cannot be improved upon. A different concept for me. Her books are some of my favourite.

  5. Patricia says:

    I will surely make this recipe. Thankyou for it and your blog which I enjoy so much.

  6. alison says:

    I love escaping to the banter of your lovely blog. It keeps me centred after dealing with work crappola and it’s real crappola! Love the actual job but what comes with it does my head in so BC is my link to the real world and what really matters.


  7. Aysegul says:

    Shakshuka is a very well known Middle Eastern mezze. But the receipe is rather different than yours…Basically its tomato sauce , garlic , eggplant and fried patotoes…It changes slightly from country to country but eggplant is a must..What you cooked is a very well known light and easy dish in Turkey called menemen… But whatever you call them it looks delicious…

  8. cheri gibbs says:

    The pictures are lovely! Just trying to imagine the taste of eggs and tomatoes together! Sorry, but in the south here, I have never had that type dish! It looks inviting! I think it would have to be lunch time before itsoundsgood- or at least “brunch”!

  9. cheri gibbs says:

    Sorry- kindle typing is difficult at 7 a.m.! I am giggling too because spell check had chafed brunch to grinch!!! Sorry, I am so easily amused!!! Lol!
    But this has my curiosity now to try this! And I have fresh eggs from my friend with chickens!
    Thanks for your posts and I really enjoy the photography too- just as much!!!
    Curtain Lady Design

  10. Ruth says:

    Yes, this is a well known Israeli breakfast working man’s type dish eaten any time of the day – there are several different variations on it.

  11. Alice says:

    Yum… Haven’t made this for a while… I love to serve this a little on the runny side (a bit more liquid) on a bed of steamed rice for a light lunch or dinner with a garden salad on the side…. Delicious…By the way I am loving this new look… It seems to suit even better (loving the font too ;) )…

  12. IrishMum says:

    One of the things I miss about being in Australia is being so far from France! Maybe I will cook this and bring France here for the day!

  13. Jacquie says:

    My granddaughter aged 11, in South West France with her family in June 2013, made this dish for them all after a busy day walking in field and forest. She added some sausage, and everybody loved it, and wanted seconds. So simple and really delicious. My local Saturday morning market in Subiaco, Australia, has a stall selling a huge pan of this for breakfast. Smells wonderful and always attracts hungry (and happy) customers.