A Beach cottage does a French plum galette recipe

Mon 22nd, Apr, 2013

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I pretty much love them, a Plum Galette, well that just makes it even better.  I dream of plum picking (don’t even go there with that other thought you might be having on picking plums) on a beautiful English Summer’s day, with bees buzzing and the wonderful trees laden with fruit and the Garden of England in all her glory.

And Plums and galette, well just seem like a match made in heaven.  Plum galette recipe here I come.  Though really it’s a bit of a joke to call this a recipe.


I love words like galette don’t you?  They conjure up all sorts of wild, exciting and romantic notions of a life in France, with a navy blue beret on your head, a pencil skirt hastily pulled on with leather pumps and a basket with a French stick poking out of the top, as you bustle along to a little bistro with outdoor seating spilling onto the street, for your morning coffee.

The best thing about the word galette though is that it sounds somehow professional and arty and a wee bit on the domestic goddess side.  But.  The reality of making a galette is very different…it’s simple and easy to pull together and even better is purrfect to pop in the oven if someone is coming over for a coffee, French, Australian or not.

A plum galette recipe is throw-it-together cooking and that is how I love it – no need to fuss and bother but still end up with something delicious. It’s known too as free-form – that is the kind of cooking I like in my life!


Now, before we get going I must hold up my hands and talk about pastry.

Pastry and I do not, in any shape or form, have a good relationship.  It conjures up, literally, nightmare memories of a kitchen where rather than comfort, stress was more the feeling.  To that end, I have avoided, most savagely the making of pastry.

I must say though in pockets of that avoidance I have dabbled with it, after reading so many of the celebrity chefs sitting on my bookshelves telling me how it will, indeed, if I crack it, change my life.


Well that still didn’t work, even with the Jamies of the world telling me their foolproof methods and I often found that when thinking about making something requiring pastry what happened is, bottom line, it didn’t get made.

It didn’t take long for me to work out that opening a packet here was not a hanging offence and to use the cheats version meant I could still cook things like pies and strudels and the like, still have them home-made just with a little bit of help on the pastry side.


However, having said that I have still read, sought out and consumed with interest pastry-making advice and I do believe that the blue lady who now resides on my counter may be able to assist in the pastry-making department.

Do not hold your breath, I will not be holding mine.  It will take me lots of gumption to pluck up the courage to try pastry again, KitchenAid or not.

Anyway before I start rambling on about the wedding dress shop I used to dream of owning (I feel the need it seems to write about that place on this little corner of the world wide web) as I looked out the window of a train on the way up to the city over the rooftops of South-East London, let us get back to France and galettes.

This is super easy – if, like me, you have a stash of ready-made pastry in your freezer (I have more ready-made pastry in various guises, sweet, savoury and puff than any woman will ever need in her life) all you do is peel of the wrapping, chop up your fruit, add some sweetness and bob is your oh-my-goodness-I-baked-a-pie-and-I-rock uncle.

A Beach Cottage Recipe

Easy Plum Galette

ready-made shortcrust pastry

10 plums

1 heaped tbsp honey

juice of 1/2 lemon

1 tbsp sugar


1. roughly chop plums and add to bowl with honey, sugar & lemon juice

2. roll out pastry to a circle

4. layer plums into the centre of the pastry and pull up and pinch the edges around

5. brush pastry edges with milk and bake 200C 30 mins or until browned and bubbling

6. make a cup of tea/coffee, sprinkle galette with sugar, slice a bit for yourself hot from the oven & enjoy


I hope you like the look of it…

If you have any tips on pastry, errrm hello, feel free to leave them in the comments

Adios my friends

Sarah x

this is very similar to the apple pie I like to throw together here


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10 Responses to “A Beach cottage does a French plum galette recipe”

  1. Yum! I’m all for ready-made pastry and actually find the home brand versions to be the best.

    • sarah says:

      oh I have never noticed a difference on one that is better than the other I just normally buy what is on offer or the best value x

  2. jan says:

    i tired 18 yrs to get pie crust down. my son told his friends that my crust was like cardboard and was just to hold the goo together inside. love the idea of ready-made shortcrust pastry. he’s 25 now and i can get more jiggle in my wiggle eating plum galette all by myself. paybacks, best served up cold!

  3. Melinda says:

    Plums, apples and pears were everywhere at my local farmers market on Saturday. For whatever reason I made an apple crumble for guests on Saturday evening – will do the plum galette next time – and yes I will be using store bought puff ( Careme is my preferrred).

    I like to make a plum and almond tart on occasion and make the pastry in the processor – very easy and very good – email me if interested in recipe :)

    otherwise Maggie Beer makes a sour cream pastry that she uses in various guises – I havent tried it but its on my list – google and you will find it

    lovely pics xx

  4. Selby says:

    Love your work! This baby is going on the menu tomorrow night:)

    Thanks for the inspiration xx

  5. Rowen says:

    Frozen pastry all the way here! Mine is either rock hard or too crumbly so why give myself the hassle! I’ like you Sarah and keep a few varieties in the freezer. I agree with you about words, serendipity is one of my favourites. Rowen@Coastal Colours x

  6. merilyn says:

    looks delicious sarah,
    can’t and don’t do pastry myself, but my mother made a lovely short crust
    pastry for apricot and apple tarts, pies etc. which were her specialties.
    if I find the recipe i’ll give it to you … she said it was easy,
    but because she was the sweets expert, i had no need to do it myself! …
    your photos look great and no calories just looking! lol m:)

  7. Fleur says:

    Ooh La La, C’est tres chic!
    I’ll be stealing this for my collection x

  8. lg says:

    Smitten Kitchen has a really easy fabulous shortcrust pastry recipe if you want to give handmade another go. The recipe makes enough for 2 pies and you can freeze the other bit for later.
    lg xxxx

    ps love the new look – very clean and easy to read