Say hello to the Swedish Kitchen and a Vintage Mixer

Tue 5th, Mar, 2013

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I must say that when we first moved into the rattiest old cottage in Sydney with a tatty deck, wooden floors and a huge old Moreton Bay fig tee I believed that I would have the luxury of a lovely new kitchen with appliances of my dreams, with a Frenchy country white feel with a bit of coastal and industrial (yep all of those) thrown in for good measure… I was wearing the New Kitchen t-shirt of glee.

Then we found things that we didn’t think we would find.  I will just say roof.  And boiler.  And every other thing that you can think to spend money on that doesn’t actually show.


Soooo, we got lots of quotes for kitchens.  It so wasn’t happening anytime soon.


And so I fell back to this one, which was supposed to be a temporary measure…we went freestanding units, open shelving and fixed stainless backsplashes to the wall – I would have to dream about tiles and Frenchy stuff and vintage style fridges and industrial lamps…

The funniest thing was that at the time I was, unfortunately, still finding myself in the company of some other mummies who were definitely of the yummy variety, Sydney does these rare breed extremely well…anyhooo, and I’ve told this before on this here blog, I happened to mention at that time to yummies et al about having the kitchen ripped out and done…one of the others was having one too….she took over the conversation bemoaning that she had to wait for appliances to ship from Germany, how she had hand cut marble from I don’t know where and how her bespoke kitchen was being made somewhere in Europe, I think Italy…with that the whole group turned to me and asked where I was importing my high falutin kitchen from??

Before I knew it ‘Sweden’ spurted out of my mouth, for a joke.  But no-one got it.  They assumed I was serious.   Yes all the way hand-crafted from Sweden…so I didn’t bother to embelish that it was via that boutique with all things Swedish that is taking over the world and is just over the other side of the bridge in Sydney…and I certainly didn’t tell them that my counter tops were self-assembly and arrived home at this old cottage in the back of my car.

I must say though it did make me laugh to myself a whole whole lot…do I care where my kitchen is imported from?  I ask you!  No I do not.  I would rather buy something from Australia, thank you very much.  Not that the Swedish shop is Australian but you know what I mean, given a choice to import hand-crafted bespoke goods or buy from someone in this fair land, with an unlimited budget, I’d go the Lucky Country all the way to the bank.


So, as I pottered around in here this morning, thinking about the knocking down of the kitchen wall which is our next task in the field of DIY and thoughts of a new kitchen or at least new bits to the kitchen (to take in the breakfast room) I did laugh to myself.

Gosh this flatpack Swedish kitchen has done this old girl with the broomstick pretty darn well.

This kitchen is teeny tiny, but like any home it’s really where a whole lot of stuff goes on…I mused all the sporting events I have packed up bacon and salad sandwiches for standing here with butterflies in my stomach anxious for my kiddos, all the meals that have bubbled away all day here in the slow cooker, the cakes we’ve baked, the picnics we’ve packed up…and every Sunday the English style roast dinners sending smoke signals down this Aussie street.

It’s easy to get caught up with all that baloney about kitchens, and houses and cars and stuff isn’t it, but if there’s one thing I have learnt since moving to the other side of the world and starting again is all that is just that, baloney…and looking over the top of it if you can is quite nice…

This Swedish kitchen is the heart of our home, it’s tiny, often messy, sometimes not quite as spotless as I’d hope and nearly always has something going on and one where, I hope, when my kiddos are long gong, they will look back on with love.

And there is a new little addition to this Swedish kitchen…I am not sure of her name but cripes she is coolio…


You likee Beach Cottagers??? She be a bit grubby but she’s a beauty.

So the other week I was happily vintage treasure hunting about these beaches…I must say that there may have been some broomstick twitching in this old cottage to get me out hunting…I had been doing too much and not getting out for any me-time…broomstick tends to twitch when I let that happen…so I took a few hours out, got myself in the Beach Mobile (I would like to say that this is a vintage white vehicle from the past, however it is a typical car of a forty-is-the-new-thirty woman of this time with three children to cart around to various activities), grabbed a coffee, a basket and my wipes (op-shops are the grubbiest of abodes) and went to work.

While I was happily minding my own business I got a call from a friend… hadn’t seen her for a while and so we chatted while I thrifted…it was a long convo of very much laughing and catching up…and then all of a sudden I came upon her……..

me :  ‘ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

her :  ‘what on Earth has happened?’

me ‘omg in heaven above I have just come across a vintage Sunbeam mixer in a creamy white, with amazing knobs’

her : ‘where the hell are you?’

me : ‘in Salvos!’

her :  ‘you so are not!’

me :  ‘I am!!!’

her :  ‘what are you doing??!!

me : ‘looking for old stuff duh, I thought you said you read my blog???’

her : ‘umm yeah well not that much’

me : ‘****!!!! I have to go!!!!!’ (sorry I can’t pretend I said sheesh kebab it was defo of the more bluer variety than that) ‘this is super cool and I have been looking for one of these for like ever and it is omg cheap!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhh!

her : ‘ok Sarah, ummm have fun’

And with that I slam dunked her and did a dance…you may feel this is rather OTT for a woman of my maturity, but this lady had my name all over her and she was coming home with me, even though she really needed a good old clean-up, she was mine.

I ran to the desk, tried to have a conversation with the most miserable op-shop worker on the beaches about how excited I was to own one of these…she was not interested…I suppose I can see her point, I mean Miss Sunbeam is not in the best of conditions and Miss Prim & Proper Suburbia I Volunteered to Work In an Op-Shop to help Society but have to Deal with Low-Lifes, in her perfectly pressed clothes and hair sprayed bob probs thought what loser can’t afford a new mixer in BigW’s these days?


No matter…back to the car, popped her in the back and went home singing

When I got home I was still floating up there on that cloud they call 9, I mean hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello people, I have vintage Sunbeam Australian mixer in the house!!! Yippeee ******* doo!

Yes my life really is that awesome.

20130305-07-IMG_3137 20130305-08-IMG_3141

I came in to show my treasures to those others who dwell in this cottage…Mr Beach Cottage looked at me and asked why on Earth do you need that?  Hello.  It’s a vintage Sunbeam mixer that works and purrs like a dream.  Really?  Yes?  How much was it?  Not much at all Mr Beach Cottage man of business, man to always get the best deal.  Hmmm.  Can you please dear God tell me then why I spent an absolute fortune on the NEW mixer you already have in the kitchen?


This is like totally different Mr Beach Cottage.  How can you compare??? Can you not see the beauty in this?  Can you not see I have a piece of Aussie kitchenalia in my fair hands?

Do you not wonder where she has been, who she has worked for?

Can you not appreciate how good this is?

No I cannot Mrs Beach Cottage.


The boys of this cottage were, however, rather more receptive…Mr TBC found this lady particularly interesting…she is made like a dream and I must say that it shows…her workmanship is superb, her buttons turn smoothly, she whirrs and purrs and is so quiet as she works (Kitchenaid she is much quieter than you are)…they loved having a good old look at her, which in this world of computers, YouTube and all that other stuff I believe to be a very joyous occurrence…



And that my friends of zee web is that.

One woman, one coffee, one op-shop, one friend on a mobile phone, one vintage Sunbeam mixer and all in zee world is good.

Good night and God bless.




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73 Responses to “Say hello to the Swedish Kitchen and a Vintage Mixer”

  1. Bridgette says:

    Gahhhh i am soo jealous you scored the whole thing including beaters . I bought a mix master at a vintage market, I scored her for only $5 BUT she is missing her beaters, she is not as vintage as your lady .. about two weeks ago i took my little girls to a garage sale and there was a lovely mix master there too, the owner was chatting to a lady while i was stalking this mix master . I interupt their conversation and ask how much his mix master was(which was the same model as mine) and he said it WAS $5 but i talked this lovely lady into buying it OMG WHAT ! Said lady was not really interested in it. I politely asked her if i could buy it off her and she said NO dear i just bought it and now i am going to go home and test it out… wahhhhhhhh MISSED OUT . My mix master needs a service i think as she is a bit clunky on the faster speeds . I am very tempted to send her to get a restoration job, have you seen the gorgeous work the restoration guy on EBAY does ! he is in melbourne, he does a lovely job. thanks for the share :)

    • sarah says:

      wow thanks for the heads up re ebay and restoration, I think, as per her owner, she could do with a little work? though to be honest she runs like a dream…

      sorry to hear you missed out, I am actually on the lookout for more bowls now I like the opaque ones plus this one is quite scratched…I always seen them out on my hunts so hopefully won’t take too long x

    • Janey says:

      I too scored a lovely old mixmaster, dated 1961, from my mum. My kitchen is not all white, and the old mixer scored a wonderful intense cobalt blue makeover , and mixed on happily until last year, when the speed control disappeared and my sweetie boy stripped it to locate the problem. sadly, it could not be fixed and one of my daughters surprised me with a fancy new apple green job with lots of bells and whistles. The old blue mixer sits in a cupboard forlornly, and I smile bravely when I use the new one, but it’s not the same!

  2. Asten says:

    Wow! what a find… gorgeous things like this make all the other fruitless (but still fun) trips through the op shop worthwhile, don’t you think?!

    Asten x

  3. Hi sarah…WOW…i love this OLD beauty..
    Brings back soo many memories from my childhood…
    (you know i am on the “crueler side” of 50…!! and have asked my 91 yo mum on several occasions if she still
    has this item stashed away somewhere in her multitude of goodies??~~
    ALas, she can only find some bowls…beaters etc…
    Nevertheless, you certainly scored BIG time on this one..and it blends in perfectly with the Swedish theme!!~~
    Your post reminds me of ALL the wonderful kitchenalia my nanna had when she passed away at 86 yo some 25 years ago…
    Hindsight is a wonderful thing..or not??~~
    x andrea

  4. Stacey Harrimar says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Are you going to hate me if I tell you I’ve got two in the back of my shed, brought them over from the States with me, wont work here (different voltage), no room to display them (yet) but wouldn’t part with them for the world!! Just tell Mr BC that you are going to be making him so many cakes, you need two mixers just to keep up!! ; )

  5. Selby says:

    Mmn love me a vintage mixmaster!!- I literally had a little yelp/ whine noise i couldnt help escape when the bowl to mine broke in a move about two years ago. They really are beautiful things aren’t they?!:)

    Good thrifting!:)

    This morning I wanted to kick the man in the shin who raced past my pram to get the beautiful old sideboard I saw in the lifeline opshop esp as I’m sure he was buying for on selling expensively not for himself from the noises he was making- opshoppings full of highs n lows isn’t it, all part of the fun:)

    • sarah says:

      it is full of highs and lows, but I hate it when you miss out on something like that, especially to a trader…they ruin it for us normal folk who like to vintage treasure hunt and are why the prices have gone sky-high – you can see them a mile off at garage sales! xx

      • Selby says:

        Yes so true they are usually very easy to spot:)

        And yes very frustrating knowing the sideboard will be for sale next week in his trader shop for 6 times the price.

        Ah well I’m sure my find will be waiting one day I’ll just have to beat him too it next time;)

  6. Nicole W says:

    eeeekkkk! My mum has one of those in PERFECT condition hiding in the back of her cupboard somewhere.. When she used to bake when we were kids I was also fascinated with the writing on the dial, I used to always read it.. Mum was pretty boring tho & selected her own speed.. not the one suggested on the dial much to my disgrace ;o)

    Where are you going to display it Sarah? =)

  7. Aaaww…I learnt to bake in my mum’s kitchen with one of these! They really are indestructable I think. And personally I love your kitchen…am slightly pestering my husbo for stainless steel bench tops…love them…very classic. Do you find them lovely and, dare I say it, practical?!?? xx

    • sarah says:

      I have no complaints with the worktops…they have done SO well for us…if you are extremely fussy I don’t think they would be for you though because they do show water marks etc and scratches are definitely on there…however I like that used/industrial feel so all good…best things is with the sink dropped in like it is it’s super super easy to wipe down and clean…also it likes my Dettol x

  8. MDN says:

    Rekindles so many memories, as we had a Sunbeam Mixmaster w/ the opaque bowls; however, Mom constantly complained about how heavy and awkward it was to move and use. (She kept it in the lower cabinet due to limited counterspace.) When my parents put in an entirely new kitchen in the mid 60s, one of the first things to go (to charity) was that mixer…and into our lives came the sleek GE handmixer (in a COLOR similar to your KA to match our new allover pattern [and so stylish] olive and blue wallpaper w/ matching draperies in breakfast area). It was far lighter/easier to access & use…and met our needs for those “new” packaged items used in our household… Mom was thrilled w/ this modern convenience and noted so every time she used it.!

    Also, when my paternal grandma visited, she wouldn’t use the Mixmaster, either. She prepped food as she had all of her life…by sight/feel – no measuring cups or spoons, hand mixing, kneading, etc. (Her pies and cakes were the BEST.)

    So, while I thought the Mixmaster dials interesting, when I headed for the alter, my request was for pots & pans…and a GE handmixer, just like those used in our family’s kitchen. Only, w/ it then being the 70s, mine was harvest gold…to go w/ the avocado appliances! (Really! That color era lasted far too long!) About 4 decades later, still have and use the mixer, and the pots and pans, which are tri-ply (Fiint Echo – guess ahead of their time, tho no longer made.) My modern adoption (only last year) is a Cuisinart food processor…and hadn’t anticipated just what a game changer that is!

    PS – Understand your appreciation of the Mixmaster for her looks and abilities; but, also “feel” MrBC’s confusion/logic re needing only one big-time mixer, esp. w/ rather tight space and having the KA for less than a year. (Pls. be sympathetic of him. They’re “built” that way!) Regardless…enjoy both! (PS Re KA – A friend got the ice cream maker att. & loves it. The ice cream is terrific. BC crew would really enjoy this…)

    • sarah says:

      wow I love to hear how she prepped with her hands…what a gift!!! …funny how that skill has been lost

      avocado appliances?? they are all cool again with the trendies so I reckon you are right on it with those ;-)

      I have never heard of Fiint Echo – where would that have been made?

      interesting on the ice cream – I don’t like ice cream but my kiddos do x

  9. Loving the wording Sarah- you will have the PERFECT fluffy mash with this!



  10. Well, hello Swedish kitchen and vintage mixer! I have a kitchen issue: I have NO kitchen except for a very old sink and pieces of furniture that don’t belong in a kitchen but are there for now. Due to the same kind of problem you had in my old cottage, there’s no way I can ever pay my dream kitchen. But the budget kitchen seems much better if I say “my kitchen is from a Swedish designer”… If you don’t mind, I may borrow your designer!

    • sarah says:

      haha Magali, it makes me laugh all the time thinking about my Swedish kitchen…which really, if you think about it is true ;-)

      love me a bit of that Swedish boutique


  11. Robyn says:

    A Mixmaster just like my mum had. She made the best sponges with it. Her recipe was the one on the side of the Fielder’s Cornflour packet. Unfortunately she did not pass the skill down, mine are half the size.

  12. ali thompson says:

    your kitchen just looks so welcoming. i really love your mix of plates and bowls too.
    OH and the sunbeam mixer–how amazing of a find is that?! happy baking!

  13. Motherofluvlies says:

    can I have your kitchen aid then Sarah? :)

  14. Linden Townhouse says:

    My parents received a mixer like that as a wedding gift in 1952. My sister and I learned to bake using it, and at least two sets of beaters had to be replaced because we would let a metal spoon whirl around in there, bending the beaters. I recall your story about your “Swedish” kitchen from long ago on your blog. (I think this was before you were famous!) It made me chuckle again today. I have always loved your kitchen!

    • sarah says:

      like I’m famous now lol???!!! …sitting on my own in the Study on a polka dot DIY desk talking to myself ;-) ;-)

      love your mixer memories x

  15. Mumofsix says:

    What a great score! Loved this post. You make me laugh! I needed that today. Thank you x

  16. rosie says:

    My mom had one exactly like it and I often wonder why we have to have the Kitchenaids? We always refered to mixers as “mixmasters”, still do. My mom made many, many wonderful cookies, cakes with that mixmaster – as I remember, she never had a failure! And it’s not as blinkin’ heavy as a KA. Thanks for the trip to the past – I can almost smell the lemon poppyseed poundcake baking in my mom’s oven. You will so enjoy using your Sunbeam!

  17. I adore that it has a ‘white sauce’ setting! Such a glimpse into the time when it was produced. Love. We’re looking at the same units right now. The whole kitchen needs to be gutted but I’m still jittery after doubling the size of the house a year ago C:

    • sarah says:

      oh good luck with the kitchen….look carefully at the guarantees and I am not sure where you are but if you are in the same climate as me consider that the stainless steel may mark from the humidity…for the price we paid ours has done exceptionally well and it sure takes a bashing from three kiddos


  18. Debra says:

    Love your Swedish kitchen! It looks like a cozy happy place :) Major score on the mixer!

  19. Isabel says:

    the old appliances I got when I married thirty-three years ago, some of which I still own, are, like, a thousand times better made and more sturdy than the newer varieties, which I seem to have to replace ever more often. I am convinced that you will relegate your Kitchenaid mixer to the back of you pantry, and will be using your fantastic vintage Sunbeam mixer all the time. Congratulations!

    • sarah says:

      I totally agree Isabel – I have had so many appliances since coming to Australia and starting again which have literally fallen apart – all sorts of things and all sorts of prices…makes me so mad – they simply are not made to last but rather to replace in a couple of years…if that!

  20. I bought a vintage mixer from the 1930′s at a thrift shop a couple of years ago. I LOVE it! It proudly sits on a refurbished hoosier table I also found at a thrift shop for $20. They look great together!

  21. Linda jenkins says:

    Sarah – love this post. please tell me where you got the cute white cup with the word coffee on it?
    it would be great to use for my new coffee machine.

  22. Kathryn says:

    Love your description of the Op Shop lady – they must be a stereo type, we have them in Victoria, great to see you are saving the landfill. I remember my mum making cakes on Saturdays with the same mixer and a lot more with 6 kids at the table…….Mum also sent her’s packing to the back room to make way for a hand held in the days when bank card was first being introduced & posted out to every household in Australia. Good find Sarah, very hard to come by these days.

    • sarah says:

      thanks Kathryn, love hearing your reminiscing about it x

      yes they are a breed those op-shop volunteers…scary!

  23. Sharon says:

    Love your new find Sarah – she looks right at home in your custom designed Swedish kitchen :) Vintage appliances are so much prettier than their modern counterparts aren’t they? I scored the most amazing vintage sewing machine for $30 recently and it is sooooo much better and quieter (and prettier) than my pricey Janome. My husband doesn’t understand either ;)

    Kitchen snobbery is the pits. Ours is embarrassingly like the one in Kath & Kim so in comparison yours looks mighty sleek and fancy!

    • sarah says:

      haha Sharon to the Kath & Kim kitchen…kitchens are amazing places though aren’t they…whatever they are like it’s where life takes place…you can’t stop it

      the sewing machine sounds lovely – I would love one, not that I get any time to sew actually…when I bought the mixer there was an old overlocker too, I wondered if it was from the same old lady, it was a beauty


  24. LOL I loved that story about you blurting out Sweden as a joke! And that vintage mixer is gorgeous-I’ve never seen settings like that before :O Sunbeam brought a vintage looking range last year that looks similar (but not quite as special). BTW I’d die to shoot some recipes in your kitchen, it’s so gorgeous!

    • sarah says:

      Hello lovely Lorraine

      I’d have you over to bake for sure girlfriend!! ….my baking skills are of the dump & go variety, haha.

      the mixer is lovely, actually funny b/c I thought someone like you would really appreciate it :-)


  25. Your kitchen turned out great! I’m incidentally from Sweden, and I love how you captured the light and clean feeling of many Swedish kitchens. Also, when me and my husband remodeled our kitchen, we DIYed our own stainless steel countertops and they’ve been great! So durable, nice looking and practical, I’m sure you’ll be very happy with your choice over time.

  26. Susan says:

    (smug smile here, polishing nails on shirt). I have TWO of them. One I picked up at an estate sale for about $20US…including 2 opaque bowls, beaters, meat grinder AND juicer. Immaculate condition. The other is not in as great a shape, but it also has its beaters and I picked up clear bowls for it. Am giving it to daughter when she comes to visit this summer.

    • sarah says:

      what! jealous! I will get the opaque bowls soon….. xx

      • Susan says:

        :) I was psyched for the entire weekend! I also scored antique canning jars, 8 metal/zinc lids for them, fruit masher thingie for canning and a total of about 75 canning rings/lids….Maybe $35 for all of it, probably less…and to think that I nearly skipped that estate sale. I just wish that I’d had more money.

  27. Emma says:

    Luv your talk about looking over the baloney that some people spend their lives trying for! I try hard to keep it simple. Keeping it real. And just keeping it together :-) There’s enough important stuff to sort in our everyday life without worrying about trying to all have imported kitchens! Thanks for the clear-sightedness Sarah.

    • sarah says:

      Keeping it together is the most important one…those balls need to be all in the air don’t they.. x

  28. mellie lang says:

    Love this story and the mixer of course. It brings back memories of licking the cake mix off the beaters of my Mums mixer, my sister and I had a beater each. You’re very lucky to find such a great one which works too…happy baking!

  29. jody says:

    Hi Sarah, i love your white kitchen, and i love love your new mixer! happy for your great find! xo jody

  30. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Ladies, I have this mixer, which was my Mom’s. I used it during my daughter’s growing up years and still use it today. I find it much easier to use and it’s light so it can be moved easily, too. I had no idea others found this mixer as lovely as I do.
    Sarah, I must say that I laughed out loud that you blurted out Sweden! That’s too funny! Your kitchen is sleek and I can’t wait to see what you do next with it! To heck with the yummies – what a great word for them!

  31. merilyn says:

    you are such a good story teller sarah!
    can’t help but love that sense of humour of yours!
    my mother had the same “mix master” when i was growing up as a child in the 50′s
    and she produced amazing sweet treats every week.
    i think it finally died she used it so much.
    thanks for those memory triggers.
    lol m :)

  32. Hey Sarah. Lucky. Lucky. Lucky. LOVE!!!!! Such an awesome find, my blogger friend. Go girl!!! I was in New South last month and popped into some Thrift Shops on my way down. Managed to bag myself an awesome vintage 70s slow cooker for only 8 bucks. What a sneeze! ;-) Guess who’s been banging out the casseroles in the wet season ever since? Woo Hoo! Too bad the Yummies don’t get it. They’re missing out on the joys of thrifting, sifting and living! So I’m with you on the buy-Australian-where-possible front, and when all else fails, flat-pack your way to Swedish heaven!! Your kitchen rocks, girl! Hx

    • sarah says:

      oh the love of a vintage slow cooker…I still have the first one I ever owned…they just don’t make them like that any more (literally the new ones cook much quicker)…I am really relying on my friend the slow cooker at the moment – life is busy here and if dinner is not ready and in there in the daytime I am sure exhausted by the end of the day…popped in there the whole day is sweeter! I am looking for new recipes at the moment for mine…b/c of the being busy thing I am tending to rely on the same 8 to 10 recipes which is getting rather boring…

  33. {sue} says:

    My neighbor scored one of these for me at an estate sale (in stainless) – it had beaters and both bowls. I feel especially lucky now – I’m going to go give her a polish.

  34. lisa says:

    Hi Sarah….LOOOOOVE your kitchen…could you tell me where to find those glass jars with the lids please they look great ;)

    • sarah says:

      Hi Lisa

      They were from IKEA a few years ago…but were discontinued before I could get more ;-(

  35. alison says:

    You have a Moreton Bay Fig tree. You lucky duck. Hope it doesn’t block all sunlight to your house though.

    Miss Prim & Proper Suburbia I Volunteered to Work In an Op-Shop to help Society but have to Deal with Low-Lifes….LOL LOL. My dear 88 year old mum’s Mixmaster was an even earlier model than this one. Now, what did I do with it when I cleaned out mum and dad’s house??!!

    Love the yummy mummy story. Now that i too am heading for the far side of 50, my attitudes have changed somewhat towards new and latest material possessions. It’s quite entertaining listening to intense discussions people have about such things.

    LOVED THIS POST. Heaps of giggles.


  36. DeAna says:

    I love her (what-ever her name is…).

  37. Nadine says:

    So beautiful Sarah. For me it would be a working Teasmaid IYKWIM? I could not afford one in the UK in the early 80s and now :( One day – Hey if anyone wants to give me one for the price of the postage I’m your lady.
    I did not think Salvos took electrical items, maybe it is a state by state thing. By the way – the 1970s versions of the Sunbeam mixer were not so good. Mine was brown and a bomb! My Mum has a 50s version which is green and I am sure has the types of food on the speed dial – so sensible. She gave me her Kenwood Chef mixer recently – I asked she gave who knew it would be that easy!
    I think you need a really truly meat safe next you know. Start looking!

  38. Le BHCH says:

    this matches my mums :) lucky you – go stroke her now – best le xox

  39. We didn’t have a Sunbeam Mixmaster at our place growing up, but my mother had a “Kenwood Chef” which was start of the art back in the early 70s – I always wanted a fancy mixer. It wasn’t until last year that I got my own KitchenAid. I wondered what your husband would think when you brought home a vintage Sunbeam, especially as you have your own brand new KitchenAid.

    Nice find!

    Have a wonderful week!

  40. HRH Sarah says:

    that sunbeam is so fabulous!!! Congrats on a great find… I have the bowl to a mix master (white, milkglass goodness) but no mixer. I wonder if it’s the right size to fit yours? Is there a model number or year on it?

  41. Sarah, I love your Swedish kitchen! I think it’s lovely, with all the beauties out and about to see and use. I am about to crash into a big kitchen makeover and I will be keeping yours in mind for some inspiration : )) Love your beachy blue mixer, too. Perfect!

  42. Surely Sarah says:

    Coming in a bit late on this post… but just have to say how much I love both your kitchen and your new mixer. My mum had one just like it… I used to adore the different speed settings, each one telling you which was appropriate for the type of food you were mixing! Hers died a natural death but recently I’ve been following a Facebook page of a lady who collects them and clearly there are still quite a few going strong in Australia, and you can even get them serviced and fixed!
    Hope your Kitchenaid doesn’t get too jealous though!

  43. Katherine Banks says:

    Wow! What a beauty of a find Sarah!! Lucky you – happy whipping ;)