Oh the Beach Cottage Pears

Mon 11th, Mar, 2013

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Good Monday Morning from Sydney!  How are you all?  All is warm and sunny here – we’ve had a hot weekend on the beaches, though it’s officially Autumn in my little part of the world it’s still humid and warm but cooling off at night.

You know what’s a good thing to do on a hot weekend?  Make Pear bread.


I can tell you one thing for sure sure sure, making anything (with or without the aid of a vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster, ahem) that fills your old cottage with that lovely homey fragrance and makes you feel like a super domestic goddess is a very good thing to do.

Though that’s about where the domestic goddess thing halts for me at the moment.


Because I spent most of it eating tomatoes with sea salt, consuming pear bread with black coffee and opening one after the other little yellow tins of Portuguese mackerel fillets in olive oil.


This combo was my self-medicating on worrying about one’s offspring.  In particular my biggest two offspring.

I have to wonder when this worrying started (when they were little I was more ummm stable) and when, dear God, will it end??


I would not like you to experience the gases that result from the above combo.

Not pretty or Beach Cottagey at all.


So, while worrying I made this bread, it’s super easy and I just followed the basic Banana Bread Recipe here and added 2/3 of a cup of milk to it.

And you know what?

I have a bit of a secret to tell you.



I like things on the errr of burnt in the baking department – but mostly, because of the people in this cottage who consume the things that I bake, I have to keep this burning secret quiet…but this weekend with all gone from this cottage and worrying on full pelt, the burnt end bit (gotta love an end bit right?) was mine all the way.  Baby.

I also took refuge in the Summer House.


And indulged in the photographing of pears.

20130311-09-a-beach-cottage-blog-recipe-pear-bread 20130311-10-a-beach-cottage-blog-recipe-pears-

Right now I am much much better and there won’t be any Portuguese Mackerel fillets for a while because I learnt yet another lesson in parenting…while I baked Burnt Pear Bread and stomped around the mall with a three day un-washed top knot and big sunnies, they went off into the world, did their thing, had some failures, had big successes, laughed, cried, had fun, made friends…

…and lived life.

Without worrying.


Are you a worrier?? What is it with the kiddos going out into the big wide world and the worry thing??

Ummm I need to crack this one people, this old cottage can’t take too many more Portuguese Mackerel Fillets.

I will see you lovelies later – I must say there was also a very beachy addition to this old cottage this weekend courtesy of the stomp around the mall with unwashed top knot…it’s white with a nautical stripe and right now sitting on my deck looking like a place I am about to sit with a huge hit of the black stuff.

Over and out.


p.s thanks for the huge response to my Sweet Blogging sale over the weekend!  offer is open until the end of today ($10 off How to Blog the e-course – reg price is $29)




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19 Responses to “Oh the Beach Cottage Pears”

  1. Suzanne says:

    Wow seriously fab photography Sarah!!
    Great recipe to try!! xx

  2. Hi sarah….ditto with Suzanne’s comment..the photography is beautiful..
    I shall have to try this recipe..I am going to TRY to cook “thai fish cakes” & steamed dumplings this very very hot monday in Melbourne..
    there has been no reprieve and to make matters worse..air con in bedroom AINT working..
    the newly bought fan is driving me insane with its noise…
    BUT with kiddos…we all worry non stop..
    mine are 26 & 24….
    had a big big scare the other day with the gunman in Brisbane just around the corner from my son’s law office..
    He was in lock down when i rang in a state of panic when watching it all unfold on sky news…
    Other son is away camping this long weekend in Victoria…so worry about him just camping!! let alone the big drive back home..
    My mum at nearly 91 yo still tells me to watch crossing the road…!!
    “HELLO MUM i am 56 yo”~~~

    anyway…have a fab week and I am just about to give sooty a nice cool bath!~ ( says to say g’day to Barls)..
    xx andrea

  3. Yep..big worrier here. Definitely worse with kids. My own mum says it never stops…good lord. We have stacks of fresh home-grown pears hanging about here so when the weather cools down this will be straight into my oven! Thankyou! xx ps…cannot wait to start bc ecourse…does it come with tips on where to find the time??!!? x

  4. I hope everything is as back in order as possible at the Beach Cottage! I love pears very much and I’m a worrier… Maybe that’s linked?

  5. Robyn says:

    Worrying is like praying for what you don’t want…..Let Go and Let God.

  6. Mikey F. says:

    It looks delish. Those photos are amazing, as always. I’m so trying this someday. :)

    Thank you for sharing.

  7. alison says:

    Sorry, the worrying NEVER ends. Even after they get married. And they have their own children to worry about. Then the elderly parents enter the whole worrying scenario!!

    …and that’s why I escape to A Beach Cottage. It’s one of my happy places.

    alison xo

  8. kath says:

    I agree with alison. The worrying never ends. Mine are all grown now and I worry every possible way one can worry about them and now I have grandbabies to worry about too. And – my mother still worries about us even at our advancing ages!

  9. MDN says:

    Great pics! That pear bread looks so tempting, even from far away. PS – Where oh where did you get that wonderful basket?

    Our weather pendulum’s swinging wildly lately. We had highs in the 20s (F) earlier in the week and 69 (F) yesterday. I truly am craving Spring, counting the days & hours until the Vernal Equinox arrives in my (now sprung forward) EDT zone on March 20, 7:02 a.m.

    Re the worrying… To quote Roseanne Roseannadanna: “Well, it just goes to show you…If it ain’t one thing, it’s another thing.” You’re likely not old enough to remember (also depends upon whether you’re a SNL [Sat. Nite Live] fan). She was one of Gilda Radner’s characters. Surely miss her, and her humor which put things into…or out…of perspective. Gilda’s characters had unique observations/wisdom! Bottom line: just prep ‘em as best you can and be there for whatever comes those BC kiddos’ way.

  10. Jazz says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Lovely article, as usual! I have the e-course and it’s very interesting, congratulations! I discover the blog world with you.
    Have a happy week!
    Jazz, from Barcelona

  11. Lassiegirl says:

    I still check to see if the kids are breathing at night…they are 14 and 11! Worrying is par for the course as a mother. You are normal. My oldest wants to go to camp this summer. Not just ordinary church camp. No, he wants to do the extreme church camp which involves mountain climbing, kayaking, mountain biking. etc. I see lots of emergency room potential there, sigh. Be still my heart! Hang in there. We moms can relate :)

  12. Cathi says:

    Worry? As a stepmom to a 16 yr old girl, I split my time between worry and rolling-the-eyes-cause-I-have-a-drama-queen! Just this morning she made a bagel on her own! to eat on the school bus..but left it on the kitchen counter, with a plastic picnic knife full of butter because she toasted the bread too long…sigh. So i worried about her going to school hungry, and then rolled the eyes when she texted her dad to see if her boyfriend could come over after school,big sigh.

    On a great note, the snow finally melted from the yard and my daffodils are up about 6 inches. YEAH!!! Spring is on her way–what took you so long my love!!??? This girl is tired of heavy coats and big boots that cause the skin on my feet to look terrible. Bring on the warmth, and let me wake up to birds signing!! xoxo

  13. Kathy says:

    Heard a great parenting comment recently – “their life and their stories will go on regardless so the best thing you can do as a parent is be involved in their stores”. Doesn’t necessarily ease the worry, nor the battles but does help me stay strong and committed when at times you just feel like saying “well get on with it then”. Love the photos!

  14. Melinda says:

    Think of it this way, Id prefer to be a mother who worries than one that doesnt…little or big I think I’ll always worry about them
    However, when the worrying IS getting too much I like to think about fate & life journeys and how we all have our own one etc and that everyone is in the place/path they are meant to be – comfortable or not…….. maybe Im delving into the deep but it seems to calm my concerns a bit. And then I just love ‘em up an extra bit more because thats also what mothers do and it makes me feel good :)

    Pear bread looks great, clever you to omit bananas and add pears – will give a go ( after Vic heatwave passes)

    OMG crunchy crust is the best – I’ll fight you for it xx

  15. Tricia Rose says:

    It’s called agonizing, and it is so fattening! and the best antidote is consciously switching to one of their school friends. I immediately think “why would anything happen to HIM?” and the worry turns off. I wish I could bottle it.

  16. That looks divine Sarah! Those pears are just made for photographing too! :D P.S. I’m still dying to shoot some food at your place!

    • sarah says:

      Any time my friend – we would have a lot of fun I believe! I think you would have much fun with my blue lady on the counter the KitchenAid.

      Let me know when you are free and we’ll lock it in xxx

  17. kim says:

    Hi Sarah, did you get my message earlier? Just to say thanks for your inspiration and for sharing your talents.
    I totally get the worrier problem, imagine the state of me, my twin sons have left for Aus a month ago! Actually, it helps to stay in the Present Moment and repeat, All is Well, till you convince yourself! Actually, I surprised myself, I was long overdue a Free house, as these lovely sons have many friends, so it is great to have the space and peace for a change, However, I do miss them now, but I am happy for them to have an adventure, and fine cos we can call them or text them or skype sometimes, or see them on facebook! we are happy when they are happy. I don’t believe you can be happy when you child is not. regards, Kim