Beach Cottage Weekending, shoes, skies and sunlight

Wed 6th, Mar, 2013

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Yo.  How you going?

Well it’s a bit late in the week for weekending but here it is, a few recent pics from the weekends… I hope you are enjoying this new little series here, I am enjoying taking pics of things I don’t usually…


I love weekends, I always have done…as life is busy and it seems sometimes busier by the day I always look forward to the weekend…even though our weekends are often full too it somehow just seems easier to breathe at the weekend…everything notches down a gear…

There is something about the idea of weekend clothes…I love plimsolls and casual tennis shoes…but really, it’s hardly as if I am running around in a suit and high heels all week…though I have been into the city for a meeting this week so I guess that counts…


Someone dropped off some pears …I love fruit like this a bit battered and marked…you don’t see it like that much any longer do you…or am I just getting old?  Well I already know that, but you know what I mean…I wonder if my kiddos have ever seen anything other than a pretty perfect apple or pear??


The frangipani are still around but I think their days are numbered…my pink one didn’t have a huge amount of blooms this year but it does seem to have grown a real lot…wondering if they have a growth spurt they don’t flower as much??  Or whether I should be pruning?


What to make with a basket of pears?


Fresh bedlinen is one of my favourite things at the weekend.  Heck any time of day, night or the week.  Doing the hard yard is not my fave thing.

When I am rich and famous (errrm time is running out now people upstairs, could you please mark this under ‘urgent’) second in line after my in-house masseuse will be a bed changer.



It’s still very warm in Sydney (I know this is not the case for some of Australia and some have had adverse weather and not a very nice time of it) but apart from a couple of days of horrid conditions with lashing down rain and grey skies, although we have moved into Autumn it’s still balmy & warm…hot even…


I am not complaining at Autumnal days knocking on the door of 30C…it’s definitely cooler in the evenings though as evidenced by the above quilt and I tell you, I, for one, am very very pleased with sleeping under a quilt…I am positively relishing getting under there and staying under there for most of the night and not waking up feeling like someone wired me up to a radiator…


The light has changed though as the Earth moves… I tried to capture it with these pics, but probably if you don’t spend half your day pointing a lens at a leaf or flower or laying down in the middle of the street attempting to capture the moon in the morning, you won’t see much difference…to me this is Autumn light…

20130306-10-IMG_3241 20130306-02-abeachcottage-weekending

Here below you can see Autumn in the air …even though when I took this photo it was 28C at 4pm and I must say my choice of jeans over shorts that morning was not a good one…


bedlinen piles…


Like myself a little de-canting at the weekend…I am going through a bean phase, humour me please…


coffee and a snorkel anyone?

20130306-14-IMG_3289 20130306-15-beach-house-coastal-home-decorating-blog-white-stripe-bedlinen-1-of-1

In other news I have been continuing with my own concoction of a de-tox…I must say I needed to do it…I must say too that I don’t feel fabulous…I must also say that after reading a lot about this topic in the bath, it seems that many people, contrary to how they think they should feel actually feel like cr*pola…I have hardly turned into a Paleo Person and we don’t eat too much processed food and never ready-meals so it’s not like I had to fall from a huge rock and my body suddenly de-toxed like crazy…the biggest thing for me has been the tippling in the evening…no don’t even think that kind of tippling…I mean that thing that seems so nice to drink at the end of a busy day…yup that one…I have kicked it off of the wagon and got myself up there on that wagon for a few weeks…

And I have been doing along with the DIY juicing cleansing stuff some yoga breathing with very interesting results, I’ll be blogging it all I think…well I find it interesting at my stage of life anyway…I hope you might too?


Oh and on the cottage, I am shopping for light fittings, tradies are being sorted to knock down a wall, I have painted an old unit and it’s turned out fabulous, I have sourced new old chairs for the deck and the floors are getting the makeover (it’s about to become chaos in here)…blogging all that soon too…


We’ve had some ahhhmazing skies and colours…this was shot just in time…seconds later it was gone…the whole of this old cottage was bathed in the most stupendous pink light…I don’t think I have seen much like it before…



OK I’ll be signing off then….what have you been up to at the weekends?

And do you like my sky up there, isn’t that fab?

Yours in Autumn


20130306-18-IMG_3152 20130306-19-abeachcottage-coastal-home-decorating-blog-1-of-11

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29 Responses to “Beach Cottage Weekending, shoes, skies and sunlight”

  1. Helen says:

    Wow! Your sunset photo is stunning Sarah! I love the colours in the sky; and the detail of the leaves; and the contrast of the trees, and the telegraph poles & lines — and then, as you get drawn in — you can see the street light is on! Love it! — and to think you captured all that just moments before it vanished — priceless!

  2. mellie lang says:

    Its all gorgeous Sarah, sunset, pears, plimsols and straw hats. I’m feeling the Autumness over here in QLD, summer just sort of fizzled away. Anyway, off for a quick trip to Sydney next week, staying central but hoping to catch a ferry to the sea, so if a crazy lady approaches you and says hello it might be me :-)
    P.S I’m not crazy really. And I love pears with plums in a Jamie Oliver recipe which is sadly not on his website. It’s in his Jamie at home book, not sure if you have it, if not I’ll email you a photo of the recipe :) reminds me of Autumn in the old country and it’s served with whiskey jersey cream

  3. Snorkel? Aren’t you crazy? We barely have mild temperatures since yesterday. I’m not even nearly ready for swim-suit! Last weekend I went visiting Saint-Malo and it was so cold I came back home with swollen-red-sore feet! Wonderful sunset picture. At least, we’ve got some of these here as well!

  4. Lovely photos! I have absolutely no idea how I came to surf into your site by the way (LOL) however if these are photos that you have taken, then good on yer, you have a good idea for detail. :)

  5. Millie says:

    Looks like you have my Sunbeam from the 60′ when I was a blushing bride. How did it get Downunder?

  6. Aisling says:

    Great pictures as usual. I have some identical pears i bought from a neighbour who was selling them at her gate. i’m going to make pear shortcake squares. http://www.firstsearch.co.nz/apple-shortcake-squares.html. I use pears instead of apples and self raising flour instead of the plain and baking powder. They are easy to make but look quite impressive! I have used this recipe with all sorts of fruit.

    Although, i have a vintage kenwood chef which i love and also a kenwood food processor i am normally a “by hand” cook. I once had a friend watch me make a cake looking very bemused until she blurted out – i didn’t know you could make a cake with a fork! My go to tools are a fork and a cup! She was a professional cook and worked in a restaurant… My dh, after 20 years, still laughs and comments when i whip up some biscuits or a cake by hand. It is laziness as i cant be faffed getting the processor or chef out of the cupboard and then cleaning them after. I can also “feel” the mix when i do it by hand and may make a slight adjustment if needed… Things that need alot of mixing or air i put in the mixer.

  7. Tanya says:

    Wow…that was a great post. You make “life” seem like so much more – and your sense of humor is the best. Love the radiator part! Your pictures are great too – what a beautiful sunset. I can’t wait for spring and summer, it’ s awfully gray and damp here in the Pacific Northwest :( thanks for all the smiles and laughter!!!!!!

  8. Shar Y says:

    Everytime I see a beautiful sky at sunset or sunrise, I just stop and stare and think to myself how thankful I am to have sight and be able to see that glorious master piece. And, your sunset photo is stunning. That was a real show stopper!

    Make pear bread, like banana nut, but pear nut. Might have to adjust the moisture a bit!

  9. Beautiful pics to look at this morning as we got got 3 inches of snow last night. I can’t say it enough I am so………..ready for Spring, Sarah! Thanks so much as usual for sharing. Can’t wait to see all the projects you have up your sleeve! Have a great day!

  10. Lark says:

    Gorgeous sky! I love when the seasons are just about to change. Somehow things just seem more exciting and I have something to look forward to that I have started to miss. I always look forward to “soup season” after a long, hot summer.

  11. Deb says:

    Wow…what great photos! Love me some frangipani, pears and seagulls. The sunset was awesome. Anything you make with pears will be wonderful. I love a simple pear crumble with some ice cream on top…yum.
    Spring is starting to arrive here in Texas. I can’t wait for the heat!
    Keep on taking pictures!
    xo Debbie

  12. Fantastic sky, gorgeous pears and cute shoes….. you have done well Sarah!! xx

    • Ps…is the e-course you’re advertising now your very latest one? Probs a ridiculously obvious qstn but just making sure!! Thanks lovely…x

      • sarah says:

        it’s the same one – I will just be updating this one with new pages for social media and new things I have learnt…everyone who has bought it will have access to the new stuff too so it doesn’t matter…i am working on it now but it is quite time-consuming x

  13. Sandra says:

    Beautiful photos Sarah. Always fresh linen around here on weekends…it’s one of the ‘traditions” from my childhood that I didn’t turn my nose up at :)

  14. MDN says:

    Really enjoying all of the pics! Thought the Seagulls would top the list, but then came the sunset. Stunning! (Almost equivalent of an aureaus borealis…well….)

    PS – Your Mixmaster post could not have been more timely. The next day, KET (our Pub. Brdcst. System) showed a “Cook’s Kitchen” episode (#401) which paid homage to the Mixmaster and then proceeded to demonstrate truly tasty and fluffy whipped potatoes! The version they showed was a bit newer, but still had the dials….

    We “Spring Forward” our clocks this weekend, a sign we’re soon to leave Winter behind. Yet more snow here last p.m. So, while you’re looking forward to time under the quilt/duvet, we’re anxiously awaiting Spring’s blooms and more moderate temps!

    TNX for pics. Hope your fingertip’s getting back to normal.

    • sarah says:

      yes it is much better but still not back to 100%

      oh if you are getting the clocks changing that means we are changing to Winter….good and bad feelings with that for me…not a lover of the light going really early though it’s good to cosy up with x

  15. Jazz says:

    Hello Sarah,
    You always be an inspiration, and a refreshing moment in the beginning of my day.
    Here in Barcelona we have very cold and rainy days. I hope spring come soon!!
    Thank you, I love your comments and amazing photos in the morning.
    Ahh! I see you have insta sales! Barcelona is so far away, maybe?
    Have a good night,

    • sarah says:

      hi Jazz

      thanks for your lovely comment…boy how I wish I could have a little sit in a cafe in Barcelona with an espresso!

      my Instagram sales include Worldwide postage so it’s ok for you for the next one :-) ..though I have to say they have gone crazily quickly and my email has been flooded!!! x

  16. Sherrill says:

    Need something to do with pears? (They look DE-liscious!) I think you’ll love this recipe! http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2012/10/roasted-pear-and-chocolate-chunk-scones/

    Hope you try it and that you like it!

    • sarah says:

      oh thanks Sherrill, I will look it up!

      I used the pears for pear bread actually…it turned out lovely – recipe coming soon x

  17. merilyn says:

    luv your photos sarah, they just get better!
    capturing that light is magic … it is quite a european light i think!
    gorgeous seagull shot… always a fan m:)

  18. Aysegul says:

    Your photography is keep improving in such a quick pace….It’s a great delight to look at them….Why dont you write a Photography 201 post for thr ones who are struggling a lot to get that clear and bright images..

    • sarah says:

      thanks, I have been working on it a lot :-)

      good idea, though I am not sure anyone would be that interested!

  19. alison says:

    “When I am rich and famous”…You are on your way girl.


  20. Naomi says:

    You always know just how to style all the tid bits in your life and make them seem blissful. And you do it with a great sense of humour. I love a good aussie sunset BTW but they can be momentary in their awesomeness. Beautiful pic but aren’t they all.