beach cottage mason jar, some stickers and chalkboard paint

Sun 24th, Mar, 2013

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G’day my friends from all regions out there near and far, ready for some more Mason Jar loving, here we have how to paint a Mason Jar & add chalkboard paint stickers, woo!

G’day to those of you knee deep in snow in the Old Country – are any of you here reading this blog from all the way Down Under??? If so, I am assuming you are not wanting to hear that in the Lucky Country we are experiencing a lovely and very hot, blue skies and sunshine Autumnal start to a new season Sydney style?  Great, at least we’ve got that covered then.

Guess what?  Just when you thought there was not another thing I could present you with in the world of zee Mason Jar, I have this to show you…this my friends is the divine marriage of Mason Jars, painted white, no less, with chalkboard paint.

Yep I will stop and wait while you pick yourself up from the floor.  Could life get much better Winking smile


The thing is though when the whole chalkboard / blackboard paint thing came in a few years ago and in those days gone by on this here Beach Cottage blog when I painted the old vintage side-of-the-road door with chalkboard paint, I felt the need to fling this delightful stuff at anything that didn’t move….oh yeah I can tell you an old surfboard painted with surfboard paint is not the thing you want to be doing for coastal vintage style or a bit of nautical chic  – unless of course you own a cafe at Palmie and then only if said cafe is right on the beach and you are using it as a quirky cafe menu sign and even then I reckon you’d be pushing vintage coastal and erring on the, well you know…

Take it from me, you don’t need to waste your time experimenting on this, some things and chalkboard paint do not mix.


Sooooo, I will admit I have painted many things with this stuff, in the journey for coastal white decorating, some of which have ended up unceremoniously leaving this cottage not long after the paint dried…a mason jar painted black did not do it for me, same for a vintage oar, I won’t even go into the dresser, though the fridge was pretty good.

Which leads me to these little blackboard / chalkboard paint stickers, that are popping up here, there and everywhere….yep I know that these have been around on blogs for like ever from girls who have much more crafty bones in their bodies than me, and have actually made chalkboard paint stickers with their own fair hands – but for me I thought I’d wait until I could buy a sheet and save myself some hassle (ummm so omitting from this little bit of cyberspace the grossly hideous efforts I came up with to DIY these and then show some fab tutorial for it on this blog, so didn’t happen).


There is no way you need a tutorial or how-to for this…obviously, but in the name of DIY blogging this is how I did it

What you need

Mason Jars painted white (see my how-to here)

chalkboard paint stickers (I bought mine from Typo here)

old jam / mason jar



Simply line up where you want the sticker to go on the mason jar and stick it on (you may want to trim the stickers to the jar size)


You may well believe that that is the end of the Mason Jar Series in Beach Cottage Land, ahem stay tuned, you’d be wrong…


Go forth and craft with Mason jars for coastal vintage style my lovely Beach Cottage devils on horsebacks

See you tomorrow…I can tell you one thing, I am going somewhere extremely exciting for this girl who loves the Lucky Country…more soon x



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15 Responses to “beach cottage mason jar, some stickers and chalkboard paint”

  1. Neen says:

    Luuurve luuuuurve luuuuuuurve this look……….please Sir ( Maam) can I have more !!!!!:) Neen

  2. Jojo3b says:

    This is my kind of DYI. ;)

  3. Rowen says:

    Ooh I like this, never heard of chalkboard stickers!! Where have I been! Love the wire basket too. Have a great day the sun. Rowen@Coastal Colours x

  4. These are beautiful! As a teacher who used chalk for many years “GASP” ….pre-white-board days, I am really into the new chalk markers….they look like chalk….give a cleaner line, and don’t get into all of my nasty cracked dry winter skin on my hands….do they sell those where you are? I would like to try them on a “permanent” sign in my dining room.

  5. bev says:

    This is gem Sarah. Where did you get the twine around the jars ….love the color ?

  6. merilyn says:

    yes they are great sarah!
    always a delight!
    the thing that would even make my day better,
    would be if you would tell me what you painted your back deck with pleeeeease???
    want to know! need to know! cheers m;)

  7. OMG They are just gorgeous! I just reopened a small shop in a nearby beach town and have been looking for new ideas for the store. I love these and think my customers will too! I think I will have to come up with my own version of this project. Thanks! :)

  8. Mandy Parker says:

    What can I say, Sarah? You are a breath of fresh air in Blog Land …I love the way you simplify things, dont ‘blow your own trumpet’ constantly, like alot of other bloggers, and, finally, you say it as it is. With fun, laughter, and plenty of ‘tongue in cheek’ hilarity.

    Thank You Lucky, Lovely Lady in the Lucky Country :)

  9. Melinda says:

    you wouldnt be going to the Man from Snowy River Festival would you? No devils on horseback but plenty of good Aussie stockmen & bushmen ;)
    might have some good regional tips if you are

    and getting back to the topic of the day LOVE instant craft, these are fab xxx

  10. Sharon Chisholm says:

    Hey Sarah

    Love love love these. I’m very partial to mason jars myself and have a whole craft studio full of them, which store everything from pins, to ribbon, to old rulers. I also have a penchant for twine and have it stacked up (in a variety of thicknesses) in said studio just waiting to be used. Think I might have to put the two together and make some of these lovelies myself (and top it off with a trip to my local Typo – one of my faves). Thanks for the inspiration as always.

  11. Rukmini Roy says:

    oooooooooooooooooooooooo…. Now that’s nice!
    The world is thinking about DIY-ers it seems. Great stuff. No hassle as well.

  12. Robyn says:

    Right. Enough is enough. It’s March. March for goodness sake! It’s literally freezing here in Brighton. Little flurries of snow coming down. Added to that my children entered the egg decorating competition at school and you cannot see my kitchen any more. It is just a sea of bits of paper, glue and coloured feathers. Mixed with weetabix. So. In revenge for your constant mentions of weather I will be arriving at your oasis shortly. I’m getting on the plane at gatwick. I’m leaving this freezing weather and scene of devastation behind me.
    I’d like some earl grey tea on arrival and a few magazines. I don’t mind taking Barley for a walk (strictly no pooper scooping though). I am also happy to help with small bits of tablescaping. I can think of a few things to write on your mason jars for you!
    See you shortly,
    Robyn x

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