Beach Cottage Lighting

Wed 20th, Mar, 2013

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G’day, we have today, broadcasting from an old white cottage in Sydney a light fitting.  Not any light fitting.

This light fitting is like gold in this old cottage, it’s only taken a year of sitting in the garage waiting around for someone to come and put it up…errrm just before the wall gets knocked down and everything changes anyway….but with a tradie coming here to do deck lights and celing fans, I proceeded to kill four birds with six stones….



Lighting is a problem for me, full stop…there are many reasons for this…


Firstly I do not, in an old cottage such as this, see the point in spending over $2000 on a light fitting and a lot of the ones I have been drawn to have fallen in this region, I needed 13, so not happening.


Secondly I am not a big fan of overhead lights, I prefer lamps and have been known to whack young children around the head with a whitewashed broomstick should they do the unthinkable and flick on overhead light rather than a lamp.


So after much looking and looking I settled on the Swedish boutique….yep just a leetle bit better on the pocketbook as seems to be the story of my life.

It was pretty tricky to try and get a shot in this odd shaped room in the middle of the old part of the cottage, but you get the picture?

I’m pleased with it actually, not perfect for this space but I have now realised that light fittings make a whole big difference to a room when before all I was really interested in was lamps…

Watch this space for future episodes of Light Fittings Beach Cottage Style – I need thirteen lights, I have finally sourced them, from the place I should have looked at first of all…all I need is an electrician to come back…this time it won’t be taking a year.

Do you love a light fitting or are you a lamp girl all the way?


light fitting :  IKEA  baskets :  IKEA   kitchen dresser  :  $40 thrifted


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26 Responses to “Beach Cottage Lighting”

  1. Thank heavens for that Swedish boutique is all I can say. xx (lookin good Barls x)

  2. Jules says:

    I’m with you, a lamp girl all the way. Love this post.

    Overhead lighting is to be used only when you’ve dropped something on the floor and can’t find it. I’ve even been known, under extenuating circumstances, to crawl on the floor with a flashlight instead of flipping on the ceiling light. I take my lighting seriously!

  3. Selby says:

    Oh yes Swedish boutique all the way!:)

    Love me a lamp… But for now living with a wild three year old I’m doing overhead lights as an easier option- gotta pick your battles right?!;)

  4. lg says:

    looks good! xx

  5. Slightypottyclare says:

    Yes yes love the light! Isnt it funny that we all try and break out and do something different but it’s always the wonderful reliable swedish boutique that comes up with the goods. They have some fantastic light fittings. Also the kitchen cabinet looks great with the galvanised steel brackets and shelves above and the Tolix stool, fantastic styling once again.

  6. I have overhead lighting in all my (3 actually, ok, one room still have a bare lightbulb) rooms downstairs… Only because I love chandeliers… I rarely switch them on…. Lamps make a softer light! But I think you made the right choice, the kitchen is the place where you need overhead lighting!

  7. Jim says:

    I’m a lamp guy! Love ya work…

  8. MDN says:

    In items/pricing synopsis, you forgot…”Barley: Priceless!”

  9. Rowen says:

    Lamps and wall lights for me. Just purchased a few items from the Swedish Boutique myself! X

  10. Anonymous says:

    Oh lighting. A source of torment in my life. I desperately need to get it right in the excruciatingly slow (don’t ask why) ensuite makeover. I’ve done lots of reading but I’m still confused. I have to keep me and Mr alison (who…umm…lives in the 70′s and doesn’t have any decorating genes…but is a gifted tradesman) both happy in our choice of fittings.


  11. Lidija says:

    Honestly, the real star is under those lights :-)
    Love you, Barley ! xoxo

  12. Michelle B says:

    Well, what do you know, I have this light fitting in my kitchen! The one place where a lamp is just not quite enough. Lamps are a must, but in certain rooms a light fitting like this, or a chandelier are a nice compromise.

  13. Jojo3b says:

    I reckon ceiling lights are tricky. Hence the reason I still have fluro strip lights in the fam room …Gasp!!!!! We don’t use them..but those ugly things ( yes there are more than one) are driving me nuts but I can’t work out what to replace them with. On another lighting matter, you had the shell hanging decoration you bought from Bali. I have one of those that I have attached to the underside of a drum shade as a kinda fancy different kind of light fitting in entrance way. It makes a beautiful noise when a breeze blows.
    Have you worked out where and how you will use yours?

    • sarah says:

      hmmm I have strip lights here too!

      I haven’t worked out where it will stay but at the moment it is on the deck :-) …I like your idea x

  14. Pat says:

    I guess I have to admit I’m a lighting girl. I love nothing more than a room bathed in bright light! For me, everything just looks so crisp and clean. (but when the house quiets down and we watch t.v. or relax and talk we have only a lamp on. : ) Love this choice! .. the bits of metal in the room mixed with wood and baskets is pure genius! Can’t wait to see the others.

  15. Alex says:

    Stunning, stunning, stunning!! And how much do I love your floors?! Those are my dream home floors. I’ve been telling my husband for years how much I want pine wood floors (I’m not sure if that is pine) but either way, that’s my dream floor. I have such a hard time painting pine wood b/c of it b/c I am that rare person that really enjoys the wood grain of it.

  16. Lovely! I like a nice table lamp to cuddle me while I read too.

  17. Amanda says:

    Lovely lights transforms the room! I love lamps and dislike any bright lights.Im into the enamel pendant lamps at the mo have one in my kitchen and it looks fab!

  18. Candy says:

    I love lamp lighting! The only overhead light in my home is a very old iron chandelier over the dining table. I use night lights for it instead of chandelier lights,. Creates the perfect ambiance for a cozy dinner. Your new lamp is crisp and fresh looking…gotta love the Swedish Boutique :) I’m knocked out by your cupboard and the things therein! Love to BARLS <3

  19. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Love lamps and love this lighting number from the Swedish boutique! Congrats! It looks great!

  20. Rochelle says:

    Oh wow, I love the whole look!

  21. Ali Gibbs says:

    The Swedish Boutique will be supplying me with a new kitchen in a month or two…woohoo!!