Beach Cottage Easy Coastal Vintage Style

Tue 12th, Mar, 2013

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a beach cottage coastal vintage style decorating blog sydney australia

Morning ladies and gents, hello this lovely muggy Sydney day!

Please welcome a new addition to the Beach Cottage family…this little stripe nautical number picked up at the mall at the weekend and with my name about all over it don’t you think?

One of the questions I get all of the time since starting this blog is how to do coastal vintage style without spending a fortune….I am no expert in interiors or design, I just like what I like, but you don’t need to throw a lot of money around for this look, that’s the whole point and one of the reasons I guess I am into it – it’s easy, casual, laid-back with a holiday vibe and about loving your home whatever your circumstances & wherever you live – I just add little bits here and there to give a coastal feel to a neutral palette and add a few vintage things for good measure.


One of the easiest ways to start I think, is outside, and by adding a chair with a coastal / nautical feel – I love a good Adirondack about my person, they drop coastal on any setting perfectly…as does though, a good nautical stripe deck chair…this is one of my favourite looks …relatively cheap to pick up, relaxed, perfect if you are short on space and need to easily move things about and good to keep for extra guests…

…and one of the great advantages of starting with chairs is you don’t have to do anything other than pop it in its new position and you don’t, really, have to take into account anyone else’s opinion as it’s not a major purchase you need to save up for and agonize over for a long time…

Plus you can pull them out of the back of the wardrobe in the daytime, set them up on the deck, sit down with a coffee and your ipad, read a whole ream full of blogs, fold it up again, pop it back in the wardrobe and your husband is none the wiser Winking smile

Be seeing ya


p.s. pics via iPhone5

nautical stripe coastal deck chair :  Bed Bath n Table  rug : IKEA
(all bought with Mr BC’s pennies…
contrary to popular opinion that Swedish Boutique IKEA does NOT sponsor this blog)




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23 Responses to “Beach Cottage Easy Coastal Vintage Style”

  1. SmithShack71 says:

    Love the bike!
    Have a great week :)


  2. Michelle B says:

    Lovely deck chair. I haven’t been into bed bath & table for over a year. It might be time to revisit……

  3. Deb says:

    Love the stripes and the pillow on the back of the chair. . . it looks comfy. You’ve got great taste!

  4. alison says:

    Hi Sarah

    Just sitting here in the corner chilling out and enjoying the online chatter. Doing a brain defrag to prepare for the afternoon.


  5. Deb says:

    Hey Sarah – LOVE your blog and your newsletter. Tried to buy your E-course on the weekend to get the $10 discount but couldn’t the code to work. Am I too late now the weekend is over??? Thanks Sarah

    • sarah says:

      oh dear sorry, the promo is over now but I’ll do another one soon – or email me thanks x

  6. merilyn says:

    always dropping by for the giggles … and everything else! … just gorgeous!
    thankyou sarah … love that colour on your deck, what is that please?
    lol m:)

  7. MDN says:

    Pics taken @ your place? Ifso, the updated ext. finish & shutters are great BC additiond, too! Those windows are nice, too… Likely will aid energy efficiencies (+ green effect).

  8. It’s definitely a bit expensive but worth the money. Having a vintage look on beach cottages will bring back the old days.

  9. DJ71 says:

    Ha ha that is my kind of purchase – buy and hide from Mr now and get out later!
    I found your blog under your vintage cutlery blog and have been following you for a few months now. I love the whole vintage look but Mr hates second hand things, so I’ve been vintage and charity shop shopping with my mum and leaving the lovely things with her until I find a spot for them in my house!

  10. Mikey F. says:

    I’m totally and utterly in love with that bike!


  11. jen says:

    Hi Sara

    Luv the cool bike can we ask where you found this treasure? Deck looks great!

    Cheers Jen

  12. Beautiful! Love the bike too!

  13. Carolyn says:

    I must agree with the others — the basket on the bike – love. I will live through you and your warm summer days. Our warm weather won’t be here for a while. It looks heavenly!

  14. Just pinned the bike onto my wishlist!

  15. peta says:

    you have probably told us already, but can I ask what the colour on that exterior wall is please?

  16. Tommy says:

    That picture fooled me. It looks so bright and the setting is perfect that I really thought it’s something from the 50s. Love that bike too. That blue is just my type of color. :D

  17. Daphne says:

    It is LOVE! wooohho the bike :D

  18. You have such a wonderful sense of style Sarah! Love that bike!!!

  19. Tamara says:

    I ADORE deck chairs and that one is just the perfect shade of stripe for a white cottage. Very envious indeed……. ;-)

  20. Susan says:

    I have a couple of very lovely deck chairs like that….but mine sit lower than that and I’m not sure my bones will let me sit out on my patio in it…I need hubs to build me a couple of Adirondacks….I need to get my wishlist for him up and going……..such is the life as the wife of a cabinetmaker.

  21. Nice find, Sarah!
    I love the bike, too!

  22. Ellen says:

    Funny thing about chairs, Sarah. Several months back i was at an auction when I reslized the gavel had just dropped, and without me knowing it, my son, (the one I had raised to help me find and fix all the lovely things vintage and white in my home) was parading off the floor with my piece of furniture I had just spent two hours drooling over, waiting for it to come up for auction with his little bride busting with happiness, I’m sure. Oooh, i was hyperventilating and saying to my husband, “how did he do that?”!!! So, what did I do with my heart beating several beats too many a minute? I bid on an Ugly calico wing back chair!!! The gavel dropped, hubby looked at me like i had lost my mind, which was partially true, and home I slinked with this dreadful piece a tow. Now it wasn’t like I could hide it anywhere; we live in a tiny and loved One Room home! Well, I thought, maybe I could reupholster it and off I went to rip the horrid calico from its’ frame. Thinking twice about that unchartered possibility, I quickly pulled my hand away, took a needle and thread and mended the little tear. I walked round and round, wondering if maybe I should just quickly donate that baby. But then i remembered something I had recently seen. Quickly I got my paintbrush, my can of paint and quick as a wink, had a beautiful chair with a ticking pillow plopped down and boy was I pleased. What I learned? Never make a blind bid on anything when you’re fuming at your problem child. And, Never regret the days you spent junkin’, hanging out and painting with the son who had much better things to do than point out all the drips and spots of paint on my cheek. It’s husband’s chair now, even though i had to hear a few or half dozen negative points of view before he claimed it. Oh my, a nice addition to a tiny home we love. And oh yes, I read your blog everyday:) Thanks for all your words and fun. Love the pics.