Beach Cottage does tablescapes & chicken

Fri 15th, Mar, 2013

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G’day lovely Beach Cottage friends….as you know, I love the weekends…sometimes they are really busy but even then I think the pace changes – kiddos are around, this old cottage is noisy (and messy) and life just rumbles on…

With the weekends, too, come rituals, that, though far from amazing, I’ve realized, through watching other people with different traditions (like our neighbours), that we have our own little things we do at the weekend, mostly centred around food and being outside – I like to garden at the weekends, I like to sit on the beach and I like to make easy, simple, healthy food that’s tasty and we can all sit around and eat together…


I’ve always cooked some kind of roast on a Sunday, it’s in my blood…Sundays for me mean a joint of pork slowly roasting in the oven, a couple of chickens anointed with oil and stuffed with tasty things sending wafts down the street or a lovely pot roast thrown in the slow cooker with some red wine and left to be.

About the time I first started to be the person in charge of the Sunday Roast, was about the time the Nigellas, Jamies and Hughs of this world were hitting our book shops and screens…we are talking years that these guys have been sitting on my shelves people…they introduced me to weird and wonderful produce that I could just about pronounce let alone know how to cook, and although my life was a world away from theirs in the well-heeled London boroughs or a farm down in the West Country they opened up a world to me far away from meat and two veg.


I have written about it on here before that those celebrities and our trips to France and Spain began a journey for me to cook real, simple food, with easy, regular ingredients to suit my family and our budget.



And with all of that came my dabbling in organic (those celebs made me think about food) and trying to eat a bit differently to what I had known…it has been a long journey…and along with the arrival of three children who are now, umm, rather large, it has taken many different weaves and turns…

I’ve shopped for organic veggies and bread made by hand, I’ve bought locally, been concerned at food miles and bought nothing from overseas, had stuff delivered and I’ve grown my own.



All of this has had different results for me…and I have to hold my hands up and say often it has brought disappointment…I have found myself, more than once, brimming with enthusiasm for better food but faced with the actual reality that, to feed my brood, I’d need a change in budget to actually attain this food ideal….there I was basket over my arm at the local farmer’s market (adorned in white linen thank you very much, with floppy sunhat) without a plastic bag or supermarket in sight, faced with the decision as quite what to buy for my kiddos to eat if I didn’t want to sell my house to pay for it.



So as I went along it became obvious to me that the ideal of eating only 100% organic, is for now, not going to happen in this family and I am sad to say that….yep I’ve seen all the images that organic is cheap life insurance and I’ve considered what chemicals have done what to me….and yes I think that if I ate everything organic I would probably not need to book in to get that face lift in a few years time after all.

But rather than go the whole hog, I knew I could make small changes and I did think I could take little steps towards changing habits and work organic things into my everyday life…

…firstly came eggs, 3 of us eat a lot of them and to buy organic is totally do-able, secondly meat & poultry, I would buy the best I could afford and make it stretch and fresh produce I would try to buy in-season and either from the farmer’s market or from farms that were near (or semi-near to me).

Which brings me to chicken.


No, I still haven’t persuaded Mr. Beach Cottage regarding chickens in the back yard, but I have learnt from the people of Inglewood Farms some very interesting facts about chicken.

Recently Inglewood Farms contacted me and wanted to know if I would be interested in doing a post about chicken…hmmm, if there is one thing I know how to do in this old cottage it’s chicken – in a curry, two of them roasted on a Sunday, chicken in my crock pot…show me a chicken I will be able to cook it in some shape or form.

Bring it on said I and so I went to meet them and learn about their special chicken.


And special it is, but to me what was more special were the people behind it – there I was blogger from the beaches with white cottage, three kiddos and one cute puppy sitting in a meeting in the city talking to people that care about chicken. Like a lot.

In this meeting these lovely guys (hello Aussie men in RM Williams shirts, hello! sorry didn’t get a picture ladies, slacker) chatted about all things Inglewood…that it’s organic, no rubbishy stuff in there, their holistic approach and how good their chicken tastes…

…in a Beach Cottage nutshell Inglewood Farms sets the benchmark for organic chicken – combining what’s best for chickens and what’s best for customers, there are no chemicals and no anti-biotics, it’s all about quality, integrity, sustainability, health – plus they put their money where their mouth is and are truly organic (I didn’t realise that ‘free-range’ farms do not have to adhere to bans on chemicals and the birds do not have the same welfare standards as organic birds did you? – interesting).


What impressed me the most though is how passionate they were about all this….if I’m honest I was expecting it to be a bit, I dunno, what can you tell me that’s new about organic chicken? , but what actually happened was a bunch of guys who know their stuff like inside out and care a lot about the chicken we are eating…and rather than the notes we were given I took my own, from what was actually being discussed…love it…

“Inglewood Farms designed the whole business around animal welfare”

“How do we get the best quality chicken?”

“Better for you, better for your family’”

“We take a lot of pride in our practices”

“Best medicine in cleaning our sheds is sunlight”

“Guaranteed integrity”


On the way home on the ferry, I thought about what this means though to real women (or indeed men) out there shopping with a budget and a busy life … it made me think about the $10 more it costs to buy the little organic chicken sitting in the corner when we line up at the chill counter in the supermarket surrounded by copious amounts of red stickers, promotional offers and things to entice us to buy chicken or indeed any meat at dirt-cheap prices.

This exercise has made me think that I will consider those birds, whose sheds have had time to be cleaned properly, aired and doused in sunlight, I will think about whether these birds will have foraged, whether they have been fed on feed which excludes chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, how tightly they were packed in and how after they were killed whether it was a full-on high-speed chorine filled exercise.


But mostly though I think for us organic meat & poultry is all about the taste – organic chicken or indeed meat, is more flavoursome – it tastes like it used to taste – do you remember that?

So here’s a really simple, really easy organic thing we eat in this old cottage at the weekends…mostly on a Saturday, sometimes on a Friday night, my kiddos love this, it’s really tasty, you can throw it together in seconds (even if there’s a broomstick riding moment on the horizon) and with Inglewood organic chicken it came in at about $12 – just a bit cheaper and healthier than a take-away.



Beach Cottage Herby Lemon Chicken Wings

16 organic chicken wings

juice from 1 1/2 lemons

3 tbsp olive oil

salt & pepper

mixed fresh garden herbs

1. place oil in frying pan & heat until hot

2. add wings to pan for 5 mins

3. turn over wings, cover pan & turn down heat to just sizzling for 30 mins or until brown

4. remove wings from pan, squeeze in lemon juice & herbs & scrape bits from bottom of pan. Let it bubble for a minute or so

5. pour lemony sauce over wings, serve hot with green salad & crusty bread

Beach Cottage Recipe Notes * I like more lemon but this is very lemony so if you don’t like it too strong lose one half of lemons *you’ll need napkins *sometimes I throw in some garlic

So that’s it from me and my chicken


See you next time Beach Cottage lovelies.


Happy Friday people!


you can find out more about lovely Inglewood Farms here and here are some easy to understand reasons to buy organic chicken


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25 Responses to “Beach Cottage does tablescapes & chicken”

  1. I like you and your chicken!! We watched a tv program recently about chicken breeders and it was quite horrifying!! I really do think it’s worth a few extra dollars to have that peace of mind. And obviously it’s lemony chkn wings for dinner this w’end…thanks lovely xx ps am just a little in love with your crochet basket x

  2. Hugh F.W opened my eyes to this whilst living in England Sarah- and I am totally with you…buy organic where it counts!
    I have two organic chooks to roast in my oven tonight- my kids love them the next day too on fresh bread for after the sports run!
    We then make stock out of the bones and have a risotto over the weekend…
    Hope this rain stops- although it is good baking weather!
    Have a good one!

  3. Rowen says:

    Ditto on Hugh F.W, also Jamie Oliver on buying English pork. I think the recent horsemeat scandal has made a lot more people think about what they buy and eat. Fortunately I have a few farm shops close to me and I buy from them if I can. Thanks for the recipe Sarah, will be having it at the weekend. Rowen @ Coastal Colours x

  4. Surely Sarah says:

    Mmmm… yummy chicken that has led a happy life. This recipe is so easy even I can do it. thanks!
    Your food photography continues to get better Sarah – in love with the squished lemons! Astounding and beautiful :)

  5. Erin says:

    I’m a vegetarian and so I buy free range/ organic meat for my family for the welfare of the animals not because it tastes better or is better for my family. Do you think I have my priorities wrong, lol? Oh well, what ever, it’s got to be a win win situation in the end. Thanks for promoting chickens that have humane living conditions…it is worth the extra $$$ I think.

  6. Nancy says:

    That’s a great wake-up call Sarah, I tend to look at the price tags in the supermarket and think free range is good enough. Some organic is better than others too – in England i think the Soil Association stamp is the one to look out for. We’ll be trying the chicken wings – thanks for the recipe.

  7. Helen T says:

    Hello Sarah
    I usually don’t like promotional posts, but this one was differrent and I read to the end and thoroughly enjoyed it! And my reward for going the distance was to see a perfect heart (disguised as a sliced piece of bread). I will be taking the recipe to test on the hungry hoards at my house this evening. Then maybe I will be elevated to Domestic Goddess Status lol

    • Helen T says:

      I substituted wings for drum sticks and they were delicious and my children think I am awesome which was the outcome I was hoping for of course. Thanks for your help Sarah!

  8. Karen says:

    My local supermarket on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria stopped stocking Inglewood Chicken a few months back. I asked them why and they told me it had closed down and didn’t exist anymore…. What is that about? I will be following up as I really miss their chicken and haven’t been happy with any alternatives since.

    • sarah says:

      Hi Karen

      Apologies I missed this question.

      I will ask the guys at Inglewood Farms about this – could you please pass on to me the supermarket you are referring to if you are happy to share that, thanks.

      I could also ask where your nearest Inglewood Farms stockist is and get back to you.



  9. Tamara says:

    Good for you promoting well cared for chickens Sarah. My husband and I are both vegetarian and part of the reason for this is our horror at the way animals are farmed for the cheap meat market. If people choose to eat meat please let it be from animals that have had a decent, natural and humane existence :-)

  10. alison says:

    Hugh is so lovely to watch on TV.

    Like your plates.

    Just a comment on bread sticks. Isn’t it so worth it to buy decent bread, not el cheapo. The satisfaction level after eating and savouring it makes the extra cost worth it.


  11. Aisling says:

    Maybe this will convert my son from his current obsession with “buffalo wings” which he has got from American cartoons! Looks yummy…

  12. merilyn says:

    ab fab photos getting better everyday … better than most mags and blogs!
    and good research information on the chicken.
    thankyou sarah … always on the job with enthusiasm … all good m:)

  13. Jazz says:

    Thank you Sarah, always interesting!

  14. Julie says:

    I will try organic chicken, this has made me think.

    Another comment said about sponsored posts, I don’t like them either but I have noticed with yours the content is still good, if not better, longtime reeder here, photos get better every post, keep it up.

  15. anon says:

    Hi Interesting that you thought it was interesting, luckily I can afford to eat organic in most areas but it’s meat and poultry that are the most important to me.

    Nice post.

  16. Careena says:

    I buy meat where the animals have been treated properly and if I can’t afford to do that I don’t buy it, I am going to be looking at buying the cheaper cuts and using those now. I buy organic where I can in other areas but its just often too expensive, I think its good to try though.

  17. Janet Purcell says:

    Hi Sarah, thank you for considering the welfare of the animals that we consume. My other mission is to reduce the amount of wasted food. A big challenge when you change from cooking for a family of five to two people.

    • sarah says:

      I have been reducing food waste for a long time by using leftovers, recently tho been really trying to harder, amazing what you can save! x

  18. liz clegg says:

    wow. everything about this post is so beautiful! i love the mason jar vases and that bike is the best! love love love. can’t wait for spring to come in new york so i can get some flowers on my table too! xx

  19. Mandy Parker says:

    Hello Sarah
    For a sponsored Post, you could not have chosen better. Our Flower Farm is on Organic land, shared with Organic Chicken, Beef and Pork producers. The meat produced from these animals is vastly different to ‘fast-farmed’ food, as it is grown slower, fed organically, and has a life of utter freedom compared to its poor cousins.
    There used to be a viable argument against buying Organic meat because of the cost, but if we shop at Farm Shops, there is not too much difference between Organic, and Free Range.
    The answer, I think, is for families to cut down on the amount of meat they eat, so instead of every day, maybe 4 times a week, and eat more veggie dishes, which, as we know, can be equally delicious, especially with some of your recipes! Therefore making it affordable to buy the BEST meat ..for taste, for health for us and our families, and last but by no means least, for the welfare of the animals that we CHOOSE to eat!

    Crikey, that was a long post…sorry! But you hit one of my many buttons on this one Sarah x


    • sarah says:

      thanks Mandy – I have been doing all of the above – I have to say it started in earnest when we were on a very tight budget after starting up our own business and I began to make things stretch (tho I have always been a leftovers girl b/c I am lazy!) – it’s amazing how far a chicken can go when you want to make it last…since then I use the same principles when buying meat – I don’t do it all the time but hopefully little changes add up…


      p.s. can you send me some of your flowers ;-) xx

  20. Carolyn says:

    I agree with Mandy in that if we reduce the amount of times we eat meat, then we can afford the healthier options. It’s a win/win situation. I loved the post. My husband and I have changed our eating habits and we are making more conscious choices. We both feel so much better and enjoy our food like never before.