Beach Cottage Decorating with White

Wed 13th, Mar, 2013

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Hello sweet Beach Cottaegers, come on in today for some beach cottage coastal vintage style – if you like white, vintage, flowers, shells and strawberries, well you are in the right place.


This is a simple little tablescape I did recently as Summer ended and the last of the local strawberries came in (I am assuming they were the last but if the strawberry plants in my garden and the hot weather we are experiencing in Sydney is anything to go by they may not be).

A few friends, easy food (I mean the hardest part was the opening of packets) and a glut of strawberries….

I didn’t have much time on my hands, through really I don’t think that matters, everything you see here on this blog has to be easy and do-able – the real deal, I think we’ve ascertained that by now – you won’t be finding napkins that cost more than the week’s grocery shopping in this next of the woods.


I am sure, too, that you have ascertained by now that one is having a little fling with Mason / jam Jars  – yep one is loving them in any size, shape, colour or form at the moment – they made an appearance on this here beachy publishing house last week and here again today pop up their little heads.

Here used super simply, tied with vintage ribbon and filled with casually put together white flowers…


A white flower is my basic go-to flower, special occasion or every day – we all have our little fallback things in life do we not, mine is the foofing around with white flowers.


And a few shells in the form of napkin rings add the hint of the nautical alongside the rustic wood for the laid-back coastal vintage style that I love…


20130313-07-beach-house-coastal-cottage-blog-strawberries-abeachcottage.com_ 20130313-08-beach-cottage-coastal-decor-blog-dahlia-white

Someone I used to know once told me that you can serve whatever you like to guests (and she did especially Marks & Spencer ready meals) as long as it was followed with something that tastes like a treat – strawberries, on this occasion, dredged in icing sugar & ladled with oodles of extra thick double cream did the trick on that front…


To be frank, my shopping list for things for the table is pretty short and sweet – a bunch of drugstore flowers on the way home from the school run and things I can find in the house…the world does not need another tablescape with items that require one to go out into the depths of Outer-Mongolia to source a vintage vase….


I like to combine white on white textures, with the odd pop of colour, a few coastal things and the odd bit of substance to make it err on the side of rustic with a nautical twist.

20130313-12-beach-cottage-coastal-vintage-blog-abeachcottage.com_ 20130313-13-abeachcottage-coastal-nautical-blog-stylist-photographer-sydney-australia

I am lucky to have lots of white bits and bobs now to use for tablescaping and vignettes (have you seen that ‘vignetting’ is suddenly all the trend?  I didn’t like to say that in this little part of the web we’ve all been doing it for years)…all of it has been slowly gathered for pennies, thrifted with love and once you start to collect it everything just seems to fit together quite easily…


Just how I like it.

I hope you enjoyed Strawberries and Cream Beach Cottage style, now please can somebody pass the Limoncello.

I will see you girls tomorrow, I have something quite interesting for you…



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18 Responses to “Beach Cottage Decorating with White”

  1. White. What can I say? You can never go wrong with white! I think I may have even convinced my husband to accept our fireplace gray brick, painted out in white. Will wonders ever cease, lol! By the way, could you tell me how on earth you get that Pin It button inside each of yor pictures?

  2. MDN says:

    Nice post! Can’t wait for our strawberry season to come here. We’re in the midst of fragile weather, today with slight snows and maybe, Thurs., a bit of accumulation. Spring, where are ye?

    Don’t see much Delux paint around here, but when I came across a link to it, checked it out since you mention it often! Guess whaT…they offer a “Barley White”! The sample I pulled up was quite small, so it may be too much color/dark for you. Regardless, am thinking you’d enjoy knowing your fav paint co. and your BC family have something else in common.

    PS – How’s the fella doin’ lately, anyway?

  3. Shar Y says:

    Beautiful photos! Love the pops of red strawberries in the white. So happy that strawberries are really getting good for us in Texas now!!

  4. First and foremost beautiful……tablescaping! I wanted to let you know I used your idea for a birthday present for my Aunt Annabelle’s 80th birthday. I fixed an arrangement of tulips in a pitcher with ribbon around it…you would have thought we gave her a million dollars. She has so…enjoyed her arrangement and said,” now I have a pitcher for my lemonade as well!” As always Sarah, thank you for your inspiration!

  5. Diana says:

    Beautiful photos ~ we all love these beautiful things that you have there.
    And strawberries are the most wonderful things in the world!
    (besides babies and puppies)

  6. Karen says:

    Just such a luminous quality to your photos Sarah. Love the white, the flowers, the crockery, your old door for table and the strawberries…. So simple but so effective! Love the shape of the bottle, brings back memories of my nursing days in Australia many years ago.
    Karen NZ

  7. Selby says:

    Oh just beautiful*happy sigh* as Karen said above ‘luminous ‘ photos just gorgeous.
    Feels like the beauty of magazine shoot photos without the yucky aftertaste of ‘oh yes not my life’ so I get the the added thrill it’s so real gal we can all adapt & achieve the bits we love here because mason jars thrift plates & drugstore flowers are something I can manage even if Mongolia for vase hunting isn’t on this weeks agenda !

    Love your work love your photos love everything love how it makes me feel when I pop in here, love it!:)

  8. Deb says:

    The lighting in your photos always looks so nice. I can tell you work really hard at it. The flowers are lovely, and the strawberries look diviine!
    And I totally agree with what Selby so eloquently said above about getting the “added thrill it’s so real,” and we can take these do-able bits and ideas and make our homes places we really do love. Thanks to you.
    Thanks for everything you share with us.

  9. Candy says:

    White flowers are my favorite! Of course, everything in my home is white (much to the chagrin of my grown son) which is odd since I’ve been in a white faze since he was a teenager many years ago, before it was popular. I digress. Such beautiful photos, Sarah, I don’t know how you do it. You have so many talents!! Thanks for sharing them in your beautiful blog.

  10. Sarah says:

    This is your most beautiful tablescape yet! Your photos are incredibly lovely…white flowers and jars are a must for
    a pretty table. I SO enjoy visiting you!


  11. You put a smile on my face today with this post, and transported me back to stuffing my face with Devonshire cream teas during past English summers! You’re bang on the nose with the jars, and the mood you’ve created with your little tablescape is simple, serene and stunning! Simply put, it makes me happy….really happy. :-) heather x

  12. Rowen says:

    Lovely pictures! I collect old bottles and love the one with the vintage label. Rowen x ~ Coastal Colours

  13. Julie Johnson says:

    Simply beautiful as always. I wish my husband would embrace the white theory more but he’s gotta have his wood tones thrown in there.

  14. Nancy says:

    Hi, I really enjoy reading your posts and this time I have to ask – is that vintage ribbon?? It is a really beautiful subtle shade.

  15. merilyn says:

    just gorgeous! best photos ever! white on white can’t beat it!
    thankyou sarah! m :)

  16. alison says:

    How have you kept the snails off your strawberries this year? I got my jars out ready to make beer traps again but our strawberry season didn’t get off the ground this year.

  17. Kylee at boomerang jane says:

    Lovely. Simple, yet quite the impact. Elegant, yet resourceful. My favourite style. I love that this is such an attainable style for everyone. Nice work.

  18. Petra says:

    Wonderful wispy white! White house, white picket fence, white furniture, white flowers in the garden (and inside), white crockery, white bedrooms – such bliss! That’s my home! LOVE your whites!