a table, some chicken & flowers

Thu 21st, Mar, 2013

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Morning Beach Cottage ladies.

I have a lovely recipe for you today, it’s easy, tasty and follows the Beach Cottage rule of throw it together with simple ingredients – but looks like you did oh-so much more than that, just the way I like it.


This is comfort food at its easy best, touched fleetingly with a hint of the luxurious by way of organic poultry and a wave of the magic culinary wand also known as cream.


I first threw this in my oven many moons ago when the small people around here were just that, very small, and I could not face another night of pasta. I had read in a magazine a recipe for a similar dish, though made in a pan and given a bit more love and attention. I had not much of attention to give at that time to anything other than the small people in my life and certainly love was being dished out in copious amounts to other areas – I did not need a labour of love at supper time I needed the Throw it In and Forget It School of Culinary Delights.

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And so with some chicken in the fridge, a pot of double cream staring at me from the back, half a bottle of white wine from a trip to France and a quick run to the garden to see what was on offer this dish is what followed, we loved it and I loved how simple it was and has been with us five (should make that six as Barley stole some of this when he was little) ever since.


I must say though, that since I have become more aware and educated about the dubious practices of factory farming and I have tried to buy meat and poultry that has been well reared, this dish is less seen around here on a weekday evening but has moved to a spot at the weekend where it sits quite nicely as a special treat for all of us, or for when people stop by here for dinner, like you would a beautiful cut of prime meat.


This lovely organic chicken is from Inglewood Farms and I have to say it walks the talk all the way and makes the extra investment worth it


…it has a wonderful old-fashioned (to me) creamy texture, it leaves the house with that wonderful ‘chickeny’ comfort smell of days gone by, looks lovely and tastes, and I know this sounds odd, really like chicken –it’s like someone put a blindfold on you, made you taste it and when asked what you thought it tasted it like you said, it REALLY tastes like REALLY chickeny.

So here we go, this is easy and you can almost do it with your eyes shut while almost tasting like heaven.


Beach Cottage Chicken with White Wine, Cream & Herbs

4 organic chicken breasts cut into thirds (or I also like thighs for taste & pocket)

1 cup white wine

3 large tbsp cream

Parsley & Tarragon chopped

Salt & pepper

1. Place chicken in a ovenproof dish and pour over wine and cover

2. put dish in oven but leave the lid ajar for 45 mins

3. remove the chicken to a plate & stir cream & herbs through wine & juices from chicken

4. season with salt & pepper & pour over chicken

5. serve with green salad and bread & garnish with your favourite herbs

Beach Cottage Recipe Notes *nice too with a finely chopped onion & garlic softened in the pan before it goes in the oven, if there are leftovers add stock and veggies for a cream of chicken soup *to make this go further add chickpeas or any white bean (I just throw a can of chickpeas at it usually)


I hope you have enjoyed these posts about organic chicken thanks to Inglewood Farms (you can read more about how I used organic chicken to feed my family healthy good food for only $12 here) and you can read all about Inglewood Farms and what they stand for here.

It’s been a real eye opener for me, in particular learning that the ‘free-range’ that we see all about us isn’t quite as I thought – most of all though it’s re-iterated to me what has been bubbling away on that back-burner they call my brain now for more than a few years , that our meat and poultry and the way it’s reared and how it arrives on our plates is important to me, and I will try to incorporate that more and more into a real life with a real budget as chief chef in this old cottage.

Happy Days


you might also like my other recipe using Inglewood chicken here

 more information about organic free range for better health & well-being & an interesting article on organic versus free-range chicken here


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22 Responses to “a table, some chicken & flowers”

  1. Julie Johnson says:

    Sounds like a great recipe to put in my crock as well. Love the photos. Beautiful as always. Wish it was warm here like it looks there. Winter is still holding on here in the US. Have a great weekend.

  2. kim says:

    Sarah, Hello from California. I just found your darling blog. I had used a photo of a cute entry from Pinterest, on one of my posts, but a smart reader let me know it was from you and not another blog I had attributed. I fixed that and I hope it’s alright if I linked to you. Please let me know if not.
    I love this recipe and may make it tonight. Looking forward to reading more of your posts! Loving all your gorgeous photos.


  3. Sounds yummy I’ll have to try this as well. I am always looking for something different to try as I am chief chef in this ole’ house too! Have a lovely day!

  4. Rowen says:

    That sounds good, think I will try it in my slow cooker too. We love chicken! Thanks Sarah x

  5. If some one needs to be updated with latest technologies therefore he must be pay a visit this website and be up to date every day.

  6. Lisa L says:

    I tried Inglewoods Farm wings last week and the recipe, what a difference with organic chicken?!

  7. mellie lang says:

    I’ve totally been put off by all the meat processing news of late, we’ve gone vegetarian except for some occasional fish which I check is local and sustainable. I have been meaning to go and find some good quality local meat as an occasional treat, where the animals have been looked after. I’m off to go and find a chuck for a special weekend supper, my husband will be pleased, thanks Sarah for the inspiration :)

    • sarah says:

      I bet your hubby will be pleased!

      I know this is a sponsored post but from what I have learnt about Inglewood I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it.

      Thanks x

  8. Laruen@TheHomePlace says:

    Love the photos! I tried the Inglwoods Farms chicken this weekend and then used the leftovers to make a pie, first of all I didn’t think I would get another meal from it but it did. Quite awesome what you can do once you think about it, the extra spent on the chicken was worth it for the taste for us.

  9. Design Chic says:

    Not only does it look delicious, but such a beautiful presentation. We have just bought and are in the throes of remodeling an 1800′s beach house, and I have been completely charmed and enamored with your wonderful blog. Thank you for the inspiration!!

  10. Design Chic says:

    Sorry, I meant to say this before I clicked. I had done a post today on sailor’s knots and had an image of a room in your home that I had attributed to a tumbr. Ironically, after perusing your site this evening I saw it was your home and was able to change the caption…just thought that was very singular!

  11. merilyn says:

    i’m starving now that i’ve looked @ your beautifully crafted photos
    it looks delicious! thankyou sarah :) m

  12. Marnie says:

    looks really good Sarah. Do you think this would workout ok if I dumped it all in the slow cooker?

    • sarah says:

      Yes it would Marnie, I do it in there too…just dump it all in with a couple of onions and garlic and add the cream at the end – leave the lid off for a bit about half way x

  13. Rukmini Roy says:

    Okay…this is happening here today. After a good 10 hour job, this is just what I need.
    Thank you Sarah…you just made my friday. I’ve been looking for a comforting chicken recipe for over 2 hours now.

  14. looks delish and healthy too. Lovely photos as always. I do enjoy my visits to your blog xo

  15. Louise says:

    Perfect, I was looking for an idea for an easy dinner for tonight and had chicken on hand,fresh herbs, wine and cream!!Sso will cook this right now! Thank you.