White, food, photography, cheating and the web

Fri 15th, Feb, 2013

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Hello!  Anybody out there?  Earth to Beach Cottagers.

A funny thing happened yesterday.  I got in contact with someone, on the other side of the world, via email, abled by the world wide web, about an issue I need help with – it turns out said person reads my blog and has been doing so for a while…hello lovely!…it’s weird when that happens.  I’m like, oh, right, errrrm so now I know that you know that I am not all professional and business-like, now I know that you know that I spend many waking hours foofing and painting and adding to my white bedlinen collection.   Now I know that you know that I have a whitewashed broomstick.   And that broomstick riding happens in these here parts by the beach.  Oh.

Anyway it got me thinking.


I wondered who this girl was that I had contacted via email, how she read my blog…she was reading this little corner of the web from her place and who else is out there too? … who are you today????  I know I have asked that before but, like, hello, what are ya like and what are you doing?  And what time of day is it …how’s the weather (had to ask that I used to be English)…and do you think I am a complete fruitloop for putting white paint and shells all over the web for any old Tom, Dick or Harry to have a gander at?


Never mind though all that wondering, but please feel free to comment and say G’day, it does get somewhat lonely on this side of the screen, stuck in the study or the Summer House talking to oneself…but let us get back to the job in hand….today ladies of zee web we be talking white things that you eat.  I thought seeing as it is Friday (well at least it is in this part of the world) you could take a full-on calorie laden onslaught of food photography and that you might like to see what I made yesterday arvo.


You see, I was in need of food therapy – do you know what I mean, when you just feel all will be better in the world, if, for afternoon tea, you have about your person, or indeed in your fridge, a huge big Pavlova, topped with oodles and oodles of fresh cream (with fresh fruit which reduces the amount of calories, right??).

I think there is something in eating naughty things that makes you feel good….well it certainly does for me…

Also I have been fairly good in my efforts in losing thigh wobble (ie I have exercised) this week so I thought why not go for a Pav for Friday…oh my!

This Pavlova and indeed the blueberries were, without a doubt, stupendous!


But, dear reader, if you are thinking wow superwoman made that stupendous Pav, went out to collect the eggs from hens just pecking outside the back door, picked berries in the garden for it (with basket over arm while wearing white linen) and milked a few cows for the cream, I will tell you that you are just a leetle bit wrong.

Because, I cheated on the Pavlova…yep Margaret as in Fulton, or Delia as in Smith would so not be impressed, because Pav is not made by my fair hands, rather Pav was bought from a store…and not only that, it wasn’t some fancy deli with sun-blushed tomatoes and organic duck eggs with ladies who lunch frequenting the establishment….nup ladies this beauty came from the supermarket…as did the cream and the berries.


One thing I have learnt in my forty-is-the-new-thirty little life is I like to take shortcuts if they are good ones…some make call it cheating…this Pav is an example…though I sure can make a Pav, and often do, I also like this one up my sleeve (or in my pantry)…it’s good, it’s fuss free, it can be thrown in your pantry and forgotten about for a few weeks only to be dressed up with fresh cream whipped in a leetle blue mixer in the tattiest old cottage on Sydney’s beaches and laden, randomly, with the jewels of the berry world, also known as blueberries…


And with just a minimum amount of assembling, piling and building, Pav is very much your new, sugar-laden, oh-my-gosh-this-is-going-straight-to-my-thighs , Friday-is-the-new-Saturday girl’s best friend.

And with that, it’s goodnight from me and it’s goodnight from Pav

Next time you Herberts, be vereee careful ladies I am watching you, whereever you are in the world, I can seeeeeeee you, I am here, looking at your from inside your computer screen, girl with paint, girl with shop-bought Pav

S as in Sarah



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153 Responses to “White, food, photography, cheating and the web”

  1. Cheryl says:

    Oh, you are a tease! I scrolled to the bottom of this post so fast…. in hopes of finding a recipe!!!! Especially when in my scrolling, I read the word “easy”!!!
    Great photos!
    A little jealous!!
    Looks delish!

    • sarah says:

      haha cheating is very easy x

    • Kathryn says:

      Hi Sarah,

      Great to read your posts on the stories of white reclaimed furniture, which I love love love – are you interested at all in doing up a mirrored chest of drawers (a bit like Tara on BH&G has done) have you seen them? they look fabulous and possibly would be a good tutorial for all your mates overseas..& here in OZ. I have started scouting about for a suitable piece but I am a little initimidated at the cost of the mirrors. On the white side of things I have a very brown family dresser – it was a gift to my Grandma on her wedding day, which I would love to paint white or lighter than the dreary polished brown it is now, but just scared I might wreck it completely any thoughts on alternative look for it?

      Cheers Kathryn

  2. Karen says:

    Ha Ha! My sentiments exactly Sarah! So effortless, but so delicious, especially with a few strawberries for good measure. Why reinvent the wheel! This is from your daily stalker in NZ. Might not always comment but just so you know, I’m here most days truth be told for my little fix. I have told you before but will let you know again, you brighten my days. Love all your tips, but more than anything else, just so relate to your enjoying all the little things in life, especially the ones that are free. A beautiful sunny day, sunlight glinting on the water, a healthy family and seeing the beauty in the dross of other’s no longer cherished belongings.
    Karen NZ

    • sarah says:

      thanks Karen….lots of people tell me I brighten their days, which I always find a bit weird cos I sometimes think I am like that tv show Grumpy Old Women!!! haha

      I must must must get to NZ – I feel I would love it x

  3. Yummy! That looks delicious! And, as for where I am, I’m sitting at my desk in our livingroom, in New Brunswick, Canada. As far as what I’ve done today, it’s laundry day, I volunteered for 1/2 hour for storytime at my daughter’s Kindergaren class, I finished off a knit Barbie dress for my daughter for Valentine’s Day. I will give it to her during supper, since it’s 3:50 PM. on Thursday. I also bought another size of bamboo knitting kneedles this afternoon, for another knitting project. I’m about to open an Etsy shop. I’m trying to decided what shade of blue or green to paint our bedroom, although I would much prefer white, but still working on my husband for that. As far as the weather, it’s about -2C, and the snow from the last snowstorm is slowly starting to melt. And, now that I’ve completely bored you, I’ll sign off for now, lol!

    • sarah says:

      New Brunswick, Canada, hello!

      On the bedroom, be very nice to hubby and paint it white anyway, he won’t complain, works for me x

      Good luck withe Etsy shop and the knititng! x

  4. Deb says:

    I’m here in Texas reading about life in the Lucky Country. My daughter married an Aussie and lives in Victoria so I visit often. You keep me a little less “homesick”. In addition, I am in a new phase of my life: living with and caring for my son and littles ages 8, 6, 4, and 2 in a new part of the country while trying to maintain my cottage/vintage life. Thanks for sharing your world and bringing some sunshine into mine each day.

  5. Robyn says:

    I’m reading your blog in Brighton, England . . . Sitting outside my children’s room hoping they will eventually go to sleep. I’m in a transitional period of my life as my children have just started school – I read your blog because you’ve been through the intensity of life with little children and you seem to be ‘on the other side’ in a rather lovely white washed world! Mine is white but is slightly crusty with dried on weetabix.
    I am under the illusion that pavlova isn’t too bad on the calories front because it is mostly air and the air basically floats away the cream and sugar. You see . . . It’s all Very scientific. Also if you add fruit to anything it automatically count as health food.

  6. Hey! It’s only Thursday here!!! And blueberries are months away from being ripe!!!

  7. Al says:

    I’m here in the panhandle of Florida, about to enlarge a small beach house across the street from the beach, complete with a roof top view of the Gulf of Mexico. I read your blog to get decorating ideas because I love to find old pieces and re-invent them with paint. This house is a diamond-in-the-rough find that was in the perfect location but that needed lots of TLC. That’s why I can empathize with what you have done with your house.

  8. gabriela says:

    Hi, from Buenos Aires , Argentina, South America, still on thursday, spending a sunny and almost rainy summer afternoon! Sorry if my english is a little weird… I follow your lovely BC blog since…. almost the beginning.!!! … I don´t have a blog, don´t have the patience to follow and feed it everyday… but I love bloggers, specially with your style, Sarah, so close, so ” normal”, not affected at all. I love reading it, almost every day. love your style and I share with you the passion of white things. Congratulations! May be it´s time for you to know and to be aware of , that, from that corner of the world, with only your good will, your sense of humour, all the beauty things you post and your sincere way of writing, you are giving a smile, an inspiring moment or just something good to many people in other little corners of the planet. Good life to you and your lovely BC team!!! Gabi

    • sarah says:

      G’day Gabi!!! Wow Buenos Aires, sounds extremely romantic to me, I don’t know much about Argentina though!

      thank you for your lovely comment and for following this little corner of the web

      yours in white

      Sarah xx

      p.s I wish I could speak another language as well as you!

  9. Reading from the Sunshine Coast beaches and wanting a piece of Pav!

  10. Rochelle says:

    You make me laugh, just the antidote I needed tonight. Better than any vino. Hey it’s Friday tomorrow that means Vino Friday. ;) Have a good one, and that pav looks divine. #mouth waters#

  11. Aisling says:

    Hi Sarah from another stalker in nz. Here in windy Wellington I am sitting in my living room on a beautiful, not very windy, day, and looking out at our wonderful sea view. We have had a glorious summer here but i have only been in the water once as it is tad colder than the water in oz – looking straight ahead out my window there is clear sea between me and antarctica.

    My house is not quite a cottage – it is more a 1900 villa that has been mucked about with so much that is now best described as “higgledly piggledly”. It is painted white inside and that works well with this house but i am not as pure as you and team it with pops of colour – for example a bright turquoise blue sofa!. I love reading your blog and wait with bated breath for the next instalment!

    ! I always marvel at how much you seem to be able to fit into each day and i try and make it inspire me to be a bit more productive myself. Although maybe i am a bit hard on myself as i work fulltime, have two children 9 & 10. But i also have a house full of reclaimed furniture yet to be painted white …..

    My most recent finds are three blue ball jars which i bought from trademe (nz ebay) after seeing them in your posts. I love the colour!

    Also, as i lived in the uk for 15 years, your posts remind me of english humour and friends which i miss. i can relate to your experiences in london etc – it always makes me laugh and i can picture the people you describe in the pr agency perfectly!



    • sarah says:

      Wow I wish I had a sea view, unfortunately I do not…yet haha!

      I love the sound of the blue sofa – I am about to get new sofas for the family room (mr bc doesn’t know that yet) and I am thinking, gasp about not white…don’t know if I will regret it but you only live once right?

      You work full-time and have 2 children….errrm that’s quite a lot I think! If it makes you feel any better I have the whole underneath of the house full of things waiting for some white paint and tit gets added to constantly haha

      I miss the English humour much more than I ever would have thought I would – in fact I didin’t even know it existed before – people sometimes don’t understand me when I make a joke and ask me to explain…not that I am particularly funny….I reckon it comes out in the blog more because this blog has always been my little place to talk as if to a friend…I am wondering if that friend is English lol??

      thanks for commenting xx

      • Aisling says:

        Thanks sarah for your reply. I went to the supermarket earlier and a pav and some raspberries may just have slipped into my trolley…. We have open house friday at our house where friends can rock up with a contribution for the barbie and a bottle, sit on our deck and watch the sun go down. We seem to have got more popular since we moved here lol! That pav will go down nicely!

        Cheers Aisling

  12. Diana says:

    Ahh Sarah ~ reading your blog is wonderful ~ especially since there is plenty of cold white snow
    all around up here in the mountains. Missing the Pacific Coast ocean breeze, ocean smell and the
    sand between my toes. Your blueberries will have me heading to the store tomorrow.
    Your white everywhere is so refreshing. As soon as it’s warm enough to paint, my green hutch will become white. Love it all

  13. Melinda says:

    Pavlova Egg -check it out – found in the supermarket – winner and much smaller to store than a big box – its a cheat and yes I do prefer homemade but that little egg is very reassuring in my cupboard because it can be whipped up in an instant ( by kids too ) and I feel almost no guilt saying that yes indeed I did make it ;)

    Spied some juicy fat blackberries growing prolifically on the beach this morning, ripe for the picking. Perhaps I’ll nip down with a basket, they might be pretty delish atop a pav ………… hmm you got me thinking now, thanks for the inspiration xx

    • sarah says:

      oh thanks, never heard of it!

      gosh I love blackberries, can’t believe you saw them growing at the beach…one word : crumble


      • Melinda says:

        find the pavlova egg near the jelly, cake mixes in supermarket – easy peasy good cheat for store cupboard.

        Blackberries are considered a horrible weed in our part of coastline but at this time of year they come into their popular own – There are huge clumps of them right on the beach – and this year they are BIG and JUICY – some straight into freezer and yep, I think there could be a crumble or two
        love a good hunt and gather xx

        • sarah says:

          oh I wish I could come blackberry picking at the beach!!!! I am on a mission to find some here now xo

          • Melinda says:

            Id like you to come along too – fun.
            Will take a photo when Im down there and send it to you – love a bit of bountiful nature

  14. Tamara says:

    10.30 pm still Thursday 14th Feb – Valentines Day, Northamptonshire, UK. Woodburner blazing, candles twinkling, romance in the air……..

    • sarah says:

      sigh to the woodburner, one is on my list of must-haves for this old cottage!

      I hope the romance was good haha x

  15. Lark says:

    Visiting you from Southern California and loving the idea of grabbing something already made from the supermarket and adding a little something. It’s still Valentine’s Day here and we will be celebrating with some take-out from a local rib joint. I don’t think I’ll have to make dessert, since the kids will have tons of candy from exchanging Valentine’s at school. My favorite throw together supermarket dessert is strawberry shortcake in the summer!

    • sarah says:

      Hi lovely Lark!

      Thanks for saying hello…you’ve been reading for a while :)))))))

      i hope the ribs were good, I actually haven’t had ribs for ages…must change that x

      • Lark says:

        When I make ribs at home I make Tyler Florence’s Ultimate Ribs. The recipe is online…Food Network. They are to die for! I just met him at a book signing in December and he is the nicest guy, too.

  16. Sarah says:

    First I saw white, then I saw creamy delicate sugariness and then I saw stunning dusty blue. You may not be a professional as you say.. but these photos are candy for the eyes and now I’m hungry for something sweet!
    I’m over in the US of A in Virginia. No blueberries here quite yet! I’ve only ever had Pavlova once, when I was in Amsterdam visiting friends. It was delicious and delicate and now I need to find a recipe and try making it myself! And cover it with blue berries! And every time I stop by your lovely corner of the web I think, I need to find cute cottage full of white washed walls and bead board to call home except for me it’ll be in the mountains on a lake! :) Oh and it’s still Thursday here, so Happy Valentine’s Day!!

    • sarah says:

      in the mountains on a lake sounds good to me Sarah!

      thank you for your lovely comment, I think I could spend all day foofing with photos and food xx

  17. Hayley says:

    Reading your lovely blog from cold / sunny / snowy Scotland, from a little place called Stirling, coming to an end of a school holiday (its been fun, but thank the lord its over!!) 8 yr old been playing outside ALL day (which is so great and i love him getting away from all the electronic things in life) and also a 1 yr old all tucked up in bed. Getting round to painting everything in sight white ( how did that happen? ) and i am OBSESSED with my thrifty finds!! ( my hubby on the other hand is not amused ) hehe!! 4 solid pine country chairs the lastest addition to the family!! Sandpaper and white paint at the ready (once we get a dry / warmish day!!) Their arent many of them in bonnie auld Scotland!! But hey i love it here and i wouldnt change it for the world!! Keep it going Sarah, you blog is fab and just so easy and relaxing to sit and read with some pancakes and nutella………………. (so what if its not pancake day eh?)

    • sarah says:

      oh you enjoy those pancakes…funny I am just about to have them for lunch here this side of the world…it’s Friday and I am going for full-on calorie intake ahhaha

      I have been to Scotland and what a beautiful place…a bit on the cold side for me now though!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment…always interesting to see where people come from x

  18. ines says:

    hello! my name is ines im from portugal, lisboa and i read your blog everyday…its beautiful and makes me happy jist to see your amazing pics! oh,and your dog?beautifuuuuul! i have a bichon:) here in lisbon is eleven o clock! bkiss

  19. Monica says:

    Hello from up in Brisbane! I love the beachy whites and cheating recipes, but I’m also an expat (American) and I love how positive you are about life down under. I’ve found with a lot of expats (including myself) it’s easy to compare and complain, but reading your blog reminds me there’s so much to be excited and grateful about too! I like to get a dose of positivity along with all that white paint.

    • sarah says:

      Yes I hear you on expats complaining!! I must say I have been known to complain about how ludicrously expensive it is here…but it’s worth it…everything else I LOVE apart from the driving!!!!

      I haven’t looked back since the day I stepped on Australian soil – the blog just re-iterates that…I mean there is a LOT to love in the Lucky Country I think :-)

      Hello Brisane, I still haven’t made a visit, but am hoping to one day x

  20. Alice says:

    OMG could you make a Pav look any better? It looks mouth watering…. Ummmm…. I also use the supermarket pavlovas…. I have tried making one…. I will not attempt it until I get a new oven that works properly. I promise you it really is my damn oven!(I had a lady suggest that a bad cook always blames ones tools…My hubby came to my defence and managed to convice the lady that the it actually needs new heating elements(?)…. She backed off…It was weird…I was gob smacked)… Then again I might just stick the the supermarket ones… So little fuss/mess/effort, my kinsd of thing ;)…

    Update on Velntines…Hubby was a sweetheart and came home with what he told me was a very hard to find tub of DARK CHOCOLATE (72%) icecream..No caramel bits, or vanila (cream sure…)… It is still a treat thing for someone like me but a little less naughty hee… hee… He couldn’t find what he originally wanted to get me (apparently still hunting for it) that is why he told me to expect nothing(that part had me so confuesed he has never been one to say expect nothing – got me feeling really down)…That and the fact I have spoiled everysingle one of his surprises by correctly guessing to the last detail what he was getting/doing for me…Sigh… I was happy girl ;)

    • Alice says:

      P.S: You know where I am from and what the weather is like here today…. lol

    • sarah says:

      wow I love the sound of your Valentine’s gift…errrm that was a LOT better than I got..

      yeah on the oven and the Pavlova thing…I reckon the home-made ones I make are nicer, but for the ease and effort factor I often go for these ready-done ones…too easy to just have on hand :-)


  21. Hello. It is not yet dark here on the southern California coast and I am done for the day. I am a florist and have been up to my neck in flowers all day. Not beautiful flowers but red, pink and all shades valentines day. Just sitting down to read a lovely blog or two. Wish I was eating something wonderful and full of calories.

    • sarah says:

      oh hello Katchen – can I please come and work for a day in your florist??? ;-) my dream job!

      hello Cali xoxo

  22. MDN says:

    Your Pavlova looks luscious! (Not being familiar w/ it, I looked it up to see if the name came from something being delicious to the point of salivation (e.g., Pavlov reaction) or if it was named for another reason…which it turned out to be – Russian ballet dancer. (I look up some of Aussie [or generational] terms with which I’m unfamiliar.) PS Are Margaret Fulton and Delia Smith cooking experts/writers, sortal like our Julia Child, James Beard, etc.?

    Nope, don’t thinki your posts tell/show too much. You keep anonymity re last name and your spouse’s and kiddos, and no pics of them (other than feet or broken bits). Hopefully, this question hasn’t arisen as a result of anything bad occurring on your end, since your blog is such a joy! It’s almost like going on vacation – your beautiful place, stylings, pics, stories, recipes, ideas, and projects, etc. I really enjoy your creativity. And, your trips – local, regionally, and abroad..(Sigh!)! Also, enjoy sagas/pics of Barls. Forgot to mention your great humor, too!

    I’m here w/ my 8 yr. old feline, Gracie Pawline, in Louisville, KY, about 14 hrs. behind you. Currently 55F (12.8C), but w/ temps to go down tomorrow, likely w/ snow showers. (Milk/bread call will be heard by locals who throng to grocery for any such event. We don’t enjoy/do esp. well driving in snow in the “south”. He he!) Weather’s often transitional in winter here. Springs and Falls are beautiful (temps and nature), Summers humid and hot w/ temps often in 95- low 100s (35-39C). While the Ohio River flows by, it offers no breezes to cool us! Louisville (pronounced “Lou’ uh vul”) is home to the Kentucky Derby, the Louisville Slugger (official baseball bat of major league), and UPS. We enjoy our bourbon, country ham w/ redeye gravy, cheese grits, and, of course, our basketball. (And, are proud of our football (US specific game) team, too.) We also boast a series of parks designed by Olmstead and his stepson and our new “city of parks” plan. While urban, we’rre not too much so!

    Yours is the only blog on which I’ve commented. Don’t pursue further social media (Fcbk, Twitter, Instagram…concerns re my ID theft…sensitive since I worked in a field where hackers tried to ping in all the time…) Enjoy decoratinhg mags/blog sites and viewing a couple of on-line estate sales sites – but only to look (and dream). Recession hit this homestead/savings hard! W/ a bit more time available, am trying to cook a lot more vs. using processed items. (e.g., home made soups) Am either late mid aged or early late aged (depends upon the day), and wear Danskos v. ballet flats… Regardless, viewing your site always makes me feel young at heart! TKS for what you do!

    • MDN says:

      Whoops – think it’s 16 hrs. behind you…

    • sarah says:

      Yes Margaret Fulton is an Aussie icon in the cooking world, same with Delia in England…

      I don’t know much about KY, but one day I hope to visit lots of places your side…though time is ticking on a lot. I like the sound of the football, the bourbon and the ham with gravy…I had grits once while Stateside …were a strange taste to me!!

      I certainly know a bit more about you now…good luck with that cooking – nothing like a diet not full of processed stuff in my opinion xx

  23. Selby says:

    Hiya:) love your photography work! As pp’s have said- could a pav look any more gorgeous?!
    Love your real girl factor & easy throw together pav sounds just perfect to me!

    I’m a mumma of one newley turned three toddler man whirlwind:) Living with my hubby & toddler tornado in a small suburban town on the west side of the Gippsland in Victoria & enjoying your lovely piccies as I day dream of the beachy salty air of my old home town not far from you – ( Newcastle in nsw)

    It’s nearly lunchtime here & A rare lovely warm sunny blue sky day – just the tonic for fighting off a ferral cold that’s trying to bowl me flat:)

  24. Liz says:

    Hello from the desert in W.A! My usual spot for visiting your white washed slice of heaven is on the couch with my 2nd coffee of the day. Today I’m sharing your blog with an unwell pup who needs a bit of mama’s TLC! I love a good pav and love making my own, I can’t successfully bake muffins or cakes but I can whip up a perfect pav! Blueberries are a little bit pricey over this side of the country at the moment so I decorate with sliced banana, strawberries and shaved chocolate.
    Love seeing your pics of sandy white beaches and pristine blue skies, such a change from red dirt! :-)

    • sarah says:

      oh poor pup!!!!! sending healing vibes from Barls x

      try my muffin recipe it’s a no brainer…

      oh and I love red dirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

  25. Nadine says:

    Hey Sarah, I’m in New Zealand, weather is fab! Just been out on the back step in the sun having a cuppa with a chook in my lap . . sounds good but I’m off to work in a minute. Don’t worry about meeting up with unexpected people who read your blog – we all read it because WE LIKE IT. :)

  26. sarah says:

    Hello Nadine!

    Thanks for commenting xx

    I must get a chook…Mr bc will kill me but it’s time I think, I have been threatening to do it for toooooooo long xoxoox

  27. Kerrie says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Time for me to stop lurking.

    It’s about 35 degrees here today and quite humid which is unusual for this area. I’m sitting on the verandah, overlooking the Murray River and our gorgeous lawn and roses at our sheep station in South Australia. Our house was built in the 1870s and is still rather ‘authentic’. We also run a small tourism business, hiring out our historic shearer’s quarters which were also built around that time. I’m about to get organised to go to town to pick up my eldest from school. We live more than 40km out of town on a dirt road with no school bus. Anyway, as you probably already know, I love your blog and your style. I particularly like your recipes (of which I’ve tried many) and your restoration projects.


  28. Hello Sarah,
    I haven’t said hello in awhile, but since you asked I thought I’d take the time while the heart-shaped pasta for Valentine’s dinner with my daughters is cooking. Here in Northern CA we had 70+F weather today, very balmy and lovely breezes. No jackets required! (Meanwhile my husband, away on business, slogs through the snow in Boston!) Getting ready to enjoy our chocolate dipped strawberries from him while we three watch an old B&W movie together to celebrate the day. Putting our house together very slowly after our calamity with the tree, but we are finally home again and feel so very blessed. And I hope you know how much I enjoy checking in with you every day, even though our styles are different I appreciate your lovely taste and your humor, After reading your posts I always feel I have just had a lovely visit with a friend on the other side of the world!
    xo Heidi

  29. Julie says:

    Hello from Calgary, in the foothills of the Rockies in Canada. Although we should be knee deep in snow and should probably also be dealing with the -20s C right now we are enjoying spring-like weather. It is currently -2C at 8:15pm and tomorrow we are supposed to reach a high of 10C! That is glorious for this time of year!!
    I’ve lived in the UK (just outside London) as well as in Australia (Brisbane) for a short time so I really enjoy your stories and humour. I can completely identify with them. It’s around this time of year I feel a bit wistful for both places. Southern England for the flowers that would be just starting to pop up right about now and Australia for just about everything.:)
    Off to enjoy what’s left of Valentine’s Day!

  30. Suzanne says:

    Love this Sarah!! Yep a girl always needs a slice or two of pavlova in their life!!! Occasionally!!!
    Have a fab weekend!!


  31. Rachel says:

    Hi, another NZer here, you must come one day, I live at the bottom of the South Island. Also love Sydney and try to get every coulple of years as Mum is from Aussie and have lots of family there.
    It’s nice that you have people all over the world and time zones following you, I used to work from home every day and would start my day with a beach cottage, now there is a desk for me at the office I only get 2 days at home :(

    • sarah says:

      ahhh boo to the office, though I think working from home can be very isolated at times…

      hello NZ, yes I must come and see you (with my camera, I think it would be a very good match)


  32. Neen says:

    LUUUUURVE a cheat sweet, mine is Aldi meringues ( I prefer crunch to marshmellow) whipped cream, berries with a sprinkle of sugar…..mmmmmm. Homemade technically because I made them in my HOME !!!
    I visit everyday from country Victoria, luuuurve your blog and outlook in life…..such a lifesaver ;)
    The pav in the egg is what I grew up making and eating, must look for it again, thanks Melinda. Yay for Friday………cuppa and M&M’s for me ;0

    • Neen says:

      OOOPS that was me, Neen ;)

    • sarah says:

      oooh sheesh kebab I haven’t had an M&M for ages, thanks, I will be tomorrow…haha the way I am going I am going to need a heck of a lot of exercise next week lol!! x

      thanks for your comment :-))) and hello country Victoria, I am coming to visit one day!

      • Neen says:

        Country Victoria in Autumn is beautiful, especially where my family grew up at Whorouly near Bright, Myrtleford and unfortunately where the bushfires are blazing in beautiful Harrietville. Worth a visit anytime actually ;)
        Luuuuurve that you reply.

        • sarah says:

          my pleasure, I try to reply if I have time around this madhouse!

          so sad about the fires but I still will make a visit someday x

  33. alison says:

    Greetings from The Shire and thank heavens it’s Friday. Trying to keep my boat afloat and stay true to myself.

    Welcome to the world of food assembly that I sometimes live in too.


  34. Glenda says:

    Hello from Cairns. I love your blog and have reading it for ages now. It’s friday arvo (my favourite time of the week) and the weather has been much kinder this week (stinking hot last week). Love that pav although don’t often make them or buy them however I often use store bought meringues for Eton mess which is a favourite here.

  35. Linda says:

    Hiya Sarah
    Been keeping up with your blog for a while now, from sunny Perth WA… but can’t remember how I found it! It was either via Nikki @ Styling You, or maybe I found her via you. It’s all a bit of a blur. I like your style and what you’ve done with your cottage. It’s been quite the transformation. Inspirational, with lots of great ideas for not much cash. You have the knack! And I love a scarf or three as well ;) Pavs are a new thing for me (had to retire the old electric mixer first) and my fave topping at the moment is strawberries or raspberries or both, preferably with a few soaked in Cointreau.
    Take care

  36. jazz says:

    Good morning Sarah,
    I bought the e-course blogging but I have a little problem with the password. I sent two e-mail at the abeachcottageblog@gmail.com but anybody answer. Can you help me, please? Is an other address I must write?
    Thank you so much!

  37. Betsy C. says:

    Buenos Dias from Madrid, Spain! I’m actually American and started reading your blog over two years ago when I still lived there. I THINK I discovered your blog from your beautiful home tour on Design Sponge. I remember it was so refreshing, white, and bright…something quite rare at the time. I still love your style, your writing, and your recipes! I actually wish this had a delicious Pav recipe since I’ve never tried one (or seen one in real life for that matter!). Our families favorite local desert here is called “Nata” or just cream. It is basically two or three thin slices of lightly sweetened white sponge with mounds and mounds of vanilla whipped cream sandwiched between. I’m certain this would be simple to make, but I always buy it at our local bakery for some reason. Maybe the beautifully, perfectly cut squares and the dusting of icing sugar? It gets me every time. Well, off to do something productive (not that stopping in to say hello isn’t important)! Enjoy your day! Besos!

  38. Pam says:

    Hi Sarah
    I’m writing from good old collaroy !!!!!!!L no where exotic but it is home .
    .. Love your photos.
    Pav is my favourite and brings back find memories of my favorite uncle and aunt who made great paves.
    Have a great weekend

  39. Laura says:

    Hi Sarah , we had pav tonight, the ultimate birthday cake, especially with some tart raspberries ! Stumbled on your blog as we continue our “labour of love” on oou Victorian era home, I love your style and use it as an ideas board , thank you for sharing your lovely cottage!

  40. Rukmini Roy says:

    How can you get lonely with a Pan on hand?
    And no, your photos are dandy and I like you lots for putting white and shells all over your space. That’s exactly why I come back. White-photography-porn :D
    As long as you keep it beachy, you have my ip address.

  41. Rukmini Roy says:

    How can you get lonely with a Pav on hand?
    And no, your photos are dandy and I like you lots for putting white and shells all over your space. That’s exactly why I come back. White-photography-porn :D
    As long as you keep it beachy, you have my ip address.

  42. Rukmini Roy says:

    ***Blame wordpress*** Can you please delete the extra comment.
    Darn. :(

  43. Marnie says:

    yum…love me a good pav.
    Great photos Sarah

    x Marnie

  44. Rebecca says:

    Hello from London, on a particularly bright and sunny winter morning :) Always love reading your blog! It’s so refreshing and inspiring, yet down to earth!

  45. karen says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I’m hailing from the US, Lambertville, NJ next to the Delaware River. I live in a place that gave New Jersey it’s garden state name, beautiful here. Although working on moving to a Conch Cottage in Key West Florida, a girl has to dream. I’ve been reading your blog everyday for about a year and a half now. I love it all.
    From Barl’s (he is adorable) to Broomstick’s :)
    As I was reading all of your other readers posts today I must say you inspire us all, you give us all some great girl power mojo :) and that is a true gift (and one man from the Netherlands).
    Thanks so much for sharing with us and blogging. Karen

  46. Naomi says:

    Naomi here. Currently residing in Maryland but I’m actually from Nova Scotia. I love, love, Love, LOVE your blog! Seriously! Everytime a post of yours is in my reader I get so excited. I wish I lived in your home….I love the whole neutral colour palate and all the white.
    What is it with men and brown woods? I would love to paint all my wood furniture white but my husband will have none of it! Oh well. Love your blog and thanks for sharing your world!

  47. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sarah, greetings from a stalker from wonderful snowy Switzerland. Lover your blog soo much. Although we are living in an old wooden chalet I try to bring a twist of your beach cottage style in my little place;-) Something like farmhouse meets new england meets beach cottage;-)

  48. Elaine in Lagunad says:

    Hello again, Your long-time follower in Laguna Beach, Calif. here. As you know, I love your style and have a bit of the white cottage here, too. Love your humor – it starts my day off on the right foot! I read you daily before I dash off to work and I’ll be researching this lovely dessert you’ve featured today. Weather here today is almost hot, but not expected to last. Can’t wait for the real spring to fully arrive. Thanks for your daily inspiration and lovely blog and awesome photos. I enjoy it all! Hello to the other California followers, too!

  49. Sarah-Jane says:

    Hi Sarah!
    I am a Primary Teacher in Melbourne Victoria who enjoys reading your blog on a regular basis. Your photos are always amazing!
    Best wishes,
    Sarah-Jane ox

  50. Eliza says:

    Hello, from New Braunfels Texas, the weather out here is beautiful, low 70s. I have been following you for a couple of years, and I have found many great idias on your blog. Love what you have done to your house!! I also have a house by the sea and I love going over there to decorate and made it mine. Thank you for inspiration.

  51. Deb says:

    Visiting from the suburbs of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, in a small town named Colleyville… not a speck of sand or water in sight here. Sigh. Can’t wait to have my own place by the beach someday….. Your painting and foofing always inspire me to make my home look more coastal.

    I have never tried pavlova, so will have to get around to that. One market here has a fabulous bakery that I am not ashamed to take advantage of on occasion… the strawberry cake is quite tasty!

    Love your humorous writing and the gorgeous photos. You always light up my day.

  52. Cathy says:

    Hi, Sarah-
    This is only the second time that I have posted a comment on someone’s website! Your plea to find out just who might be tuning in to your musings and confessions and reading about your decorative forays prompted me to reply. First of all, let me say you crack me up which here in the USA means you make me laugh. I always enjoy checking to see how you’re doing and what you’re up to.
    I grew up in a seaside town and after a long time away from a real “beach” town my husband and I recently moved to Ipswich which is a pretty little coastal town in Massachusetts. Now we’re just waiting for the warm weather!
    We recently had quite the snow storm and since we knew it was coming and knew it was going to be a whopper I baked ahead of time in case we lost our electricity . So, you see, I know all about food therapy! As long as there is something delectable to eat, you can get through just about anything.
    I just want you to know that I so enjoy your postings and your lovely photographs. Your home is so bright and warm and welcoming that I always feel that I’ve actually been for a visit!
    Take care and make sure to keep us up to date!

    • sarah says:

      thanks Cathy, so nice to get a lovely comment from you!

      I have never been to that part of the USA, but I would sure like to some day xxx

  53. Jackie says:

    Sarah, I love your blog. I am forty plus five years, just this week. I started reading blogs a few months back. Yours is one I look at everyday. I love your humor. I LOVE your home. I love the white, but don’t have much in my own home. I love blue mason jars. I love white pitchers. I love Ikea. I have two teenagers, 17, and 19. One boy, one girl, who I love most of all. They also put up with me painting alot of furniture. I love the cottage look, my children love a more modern look. I have dragged them to more than one thrift store or flea market. They hated it when they were small, now they know they can find something worth while. We live in Michigan. It is cold here. I am so in love with your beach living. I have been researching Bali, since your trip. Please know, here in my sweatpants and chunky sweater, I am loving your blog. I look foward to reading it everyday. Thank you, so much.

    • sarah says:

      oh my pleasure! my kiddos prefer the modern look too…I don’t care though lol!!!!

      if you get to Bali I hope you like it…xx

  54. Pat Smith says:

    Drooling here in Alexandria VA wish we had Pavs in the market. I do make them tho as a special treat. I’m a beach girl from the Jersey Shore originally so I love your blog. It gives me some summer while we sit here by the fireplace.

  55. Resa Dance says:

    Hi Sarah – You are my Friday night get-away! As I sit in my home in northern California, 6-year-old sweeties sleeping soundly, dogs snoozing by the fire, hubby in dreamland after a long week’s work – I love to visit your blog and escape into your wonderful world of beautiful whites, exquisite ocean scenes and your fun way of describing your day. Thank you for being there for me, Sarah! You make me want to run away to Australia! You never disappoint :)

  56. Nellie says:

    Sarah, not only are you not alone in your summer, house-white paint brush in hand- but I too have purchased said pavlova base from gigantic grocery store, topped it with berries and wowed the peoples. Love your blog, love your style and am all for a short cut or three…

  57. Candice says:

    Happy Saturday Sarah from the Sunshine Coast ,Queensland and me . Hi Sarah and the girls here , old follower but thought I say hi again….
    I too live on the coast and I always enjoy the company of those who love the coastal life as much as I do . I visit daily or try too , cooked many of your recipes they are all yum .
    Love the way you share with us all , so many handy hints , how to’s , so awesome , best of all the way you write , I always read with a smile on my face , feel like I have known you for years and not through the screen in front of me and I love reading the girls comments and visit their blogs .
    Did your How To Blog course awhile ago , I reread it weekly to help prepare when I hope to Blog , loved the course .so much to learn and enjoy . Ahhh the Sisterhood Of Blogs …….
    I live in an old small timber pole home , like a cottage on stilts with lots of unfinished renovations and of course lots of white furniture and beach stuff and sand always creeps in bed with you somehow .
    I also love to do foofing around the home . I am so happy you introduced Foofing to us .. My daily Foof is always a happy event . The best word of 2012 Foof ……..
    My favorite love is listening to waves at night and smelling the salty air the winds bring as the tides turn I can’t sleep without that sound . Happy Day everyone ….Cheers to Sarah .

  58. Molly says:

    I am Molly from the Midwest in the U.S. I am taking a break from my dining room painting (light gray) to say ‘hello’. :) I adore you & you had me at blueberries, seriously. I dream of having a sweet house like yours, so when I need a little sunshine I pop in. My youngest daughter is starting a blog about our dog along the same lines as yours. I am smitten with all things abeachcottage. Thank you for making it & talking to us every day!

  59. It’s Shirl’ from Fincastle,VA (USA) nothing much going on here. The temp is in the 60′s one day and 30′s the next with just enough snow to tease you. I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather. I think alot is I am not a winter girl. Love me some sunny days and can’t wait for Spring!

  60. Danielle Larsen says:

    Hello from California! From the city of West Covina, a town in the suburbs outside Los Angeles. I’m a 28 year old full time wife and mother. The weather today is sunny and just about 80 degrees, and who knows what tomorrow has in store. One week it’s boots, jackets, umbrellas. The next week it’s tank tops, picnics, and sunscreen. Cannot complain though. It’s nice to be able to go skiing one day and the next go to the beach. I’m soaking up your wonderful blog and photos and imagining what I can do when I finally have my own home. Due to the high price of living in southern California, all 4 of us are renting one room in my parents home for 2 years to save up. So, I check with you just about everyday and dream of what can be done to my some-day home. Thank you for your inspiration and a way to keep my sanity in our one room for four.
    Much love

    • sarah says:

      hello Danielle, our weather sounds similar!

      keep going with the saving up – you’ll so get there…we started with NOTHING, no-one gave us a penny! we had two deck chairs and secondhand furniture for a long time…and still do!

  61. Denise says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m another one of your kiwi followers from across the ditch. I have been following your blog almost daily for around three years now …at least. When I started I was at home with two littlies and it provided me with a much needed escape from the daily grind….your beautiful pictures and great posts gave me much to smile about on days when I felt bogged down by the monotony etc of raising pre-schoolers. Several years on and both my cuties are at school and I still log in every day to see your latest musings from your gorgeous cottage. I am always so inspired by your down-to-earth posts. Your blog gives me perspective, a reminder to appreciate the everyday beauty all around us, and a healthy dose of inspiration to boot! Thank you!

  62. Sues Scott says:

    Hi Sarah, thanks for asking us to check in, it amazing that it has been a year since I last commented. I’ll try to do better this year, as I look forward to reading your blog so much. you & your blog are a bright, fun spot on the web, keep it going. I thoroughly enjoy all you write about & I don’t mind drips of white paint, I think drips can make quite beautiful patterns. Any who, I live in Arlington, Tn, just outside Memphis(yes, the Elvis Memphis) with my sweet hubby, Art & Moby, our Malamute/cattle dog. We are renovating a wonderful old home, she’s gotten a bit away from us the past few years. Hope to step up the renovations this year, I can relate to all your cottage work & think you are doing fine. I’ve been a painter most of my life, now, I’ve rediscovered my love of photography. Thanks to iPhones, I’m able to create the colorful images my mind sees. Love the recipes, I’ve actually been cooking more than once a week with them. Art & Moby love it(yes, Moby is spoiled, but she’s our baby). Thank you for sharing your life & all you do;D!

  63. JuLee says:

    Dropping in on your wave from land locked Fredericksburg Texas. At heart I am a surfer girl. Your blog is a bright sunny favorite ocean spot in my life. Love your ideas, recipes, decorating. . .. everything. We have had a mild Winter and it feels like Spring is nearly here and in Texas, that means that Summer is nearly here since we go from cool Winter weather to HOT. But that’s ok with me because I love flip flops and swimsuits and fave perfume which is Coppertone sunscreen. Hope you are having a great 2013.

  64. Kristen says:

    It’s almost 9 pm Saturday night in Manitoba Canada and sadly everything white in my life is snow. I have the same experience as others…. Your blog/ pictures feel calming to me. With 2 small boys and a old black lab I usually avoid white…. Maybe I should rethink that…. Maybe I can create my own little retreat

  65. Clare says:

    Hi Sarah, it’s 3.30ish on Sunday afternoon and its a warm 34 in Melbourne today. I have just turned ‘forty is the new thirty’ and live in a bayside suburb close to the beach with my hubby and 2 boys (3.5 yrs and 11 months) a golden retriever and a cat.I am a pommy expat like yourself. I don’t think you are potty at all (or maybe slighty in a delightful way) and love reading your blog. I too love ikea, white paint, op shops, hard rubbish treasures, easy recipes, flowers in jars, the beach and share a passionate love for our adopted country with occasional pangs for old blighty (with rose tinted glasses). I visit your blog most days and alongside a few other favourite blogs you have managed to keep me sane during the first year of my second son and remind me there is a life beyond nappies, feeding and laundry.

  66. Ramona says:

    Hi there, Sarah.
    I am in love with your delightful blog, and the passion you have for all things coastal is very inspiring. It is almost midnight here in the mountains of the West in the States, where I live in land-locked Utah. But that needs to change in the near future because the ocean speaks to my soul and destiny beckons. We have purchased property on an island in the Northwest with a “peek-a-boo view” of Puget Sound, and I hope to fill our dwelling there with re-purposed treasures that are awash in white and adorned with bottles and flowers. Many thanks to you for sharing a breath of fresh air with us through what you write.
    xoxox Ramona

  67. hello from the other side of the world, ( Sri Lanka) love your blog and visit it very often. This pav drove me nuts…My last try at a pav was a flop and I love them sooooo.

  68. Visiting from the other side of the world….Texas Hill Country between San Antonio and Austin on five acres of land 200 feet above the Guadalupe River. I love love your blog…mainly because you are everything I can’t be here in the dirty wind blowing hills and I am originally from Myrtle Beach, SC so I live thru you at the beach as well. You are so talented, I love the simplicity of your decorating and the pop of an occasional color. I have found that it’s okay to love everything’s style and not have it as your own….you rock and are a joy to follow! Happy Everything! Pamie G.

    • Oh….it’s 7:41am on a very sunny Sunday morning, 42 degrees F and it’s looking like a beautiful day in the short hills of this part of the world! Just me and my hubby and Velvet, the lazy fat cat….8 grandchildren, three sons, two DILs….it’s chaotic but fabulous when they all are here. My home is decorated in Tuscany style with things that 8 grandchildren can’t destroy too easy….

  69. mago hayes says:

    Hello Sara, my favorite little blogger . Responding to your plea for info from your fans. Here I am in Manhattan, NY and summer is a season I hope will occur again this year. I never feel confident. Brrrrr freezing here you will be happy to know. I’m always shocked to find that halfway around the world there lives a person who is as white obsessed as I. Just astonishing but happy to have found you. Love to check out your blog to see what you’re up to. Keep it up!! and Thanks
    Margo Hayes

  70. Hi Sarah, from Fox Island, Washington (a small spot beside Gig Harbor about an hour south of Seattle)! I’m a 53 year “new” empty-nester of four about to celebrate my 30th anniversary with Mr. C. It’s currently partly-sunny (yay!) and 45 and usually I’d still be at church but I’m home with a sore throat. I’m snuggled on my couch (unfortunately it’s brown leather, not white slip-covered) with my Australian Kelpie named Sydney at my feet catching up on your posts. If only my hubby loved ALL THINGS WHITE like we do! Thanks for letting me live the white/cottage life vicariously through you. I had to look up what a Pavlova was…yummy.

  71. Mel says:

    Hi Sarah,
    The last time you did a call out for people to say hi I almost replied but ‘got too busy’, now I know the true meaning of busy! Last year I read your blog almost daily, went out for coffee, wine and played sport on the weekend and loved my full time job. Now, although I haven’t worked for 3 months, I’m so busy I haven’t seen your blog for over a week, occasionally get to finish a coffee, rarely a wine, and now structured sport is replaced with picking up babies and walking them in the buggy. I had my little boy and little girl just before Christmas and have been at their beck and call since. Just as well I had some time before they were born to paint a bookcase, drawers and table, white of course!
    I live on a hill near the botanical gardens with a wedge of a sea view in an art deco city, Napier, New Zealand. I live in a character villa and it’s not completely white on the inside, but I love your home and what you do with it, you’ve given me great ideas and direction and the confidence to give painting a go.
    And with that I should close, it’s taken 5 attempts to write this with little baby interruptions but now i really do need both hands on the task!

  72. {oc cottage} says:

    it’s 1:30 in the OC…{well, my silicone-free bit of the OC ;} still in my jammies and enjoying a mindless 3-day-weekend, until i read this…and you made me think…and google…a find out just what in the heck is this “pav”??!!!
    don’t really care what it would taste like…i would just like to look at it! gorgeous! thank you for stirring my senses and broadening my dessert horizons! who knows…i might just be inspired to put on clothes…naaahhhhh! ;}

    m ^..^

  73. Julie says:

    Hi! I get inspiration from your blog for my lakehome in Northern Minnesota. My lake is covered by 24″ of ice right now, but winter is a great time to decorate and get the place ready for summer! Thanks for the glimpses of your warm, sunny beach life!

  74. vintage poppycoddle says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m sarah too from Prestatyn, North Wales, its 10pm and the weather is cold but has been sunny (for a change). I like reading your blog because of where you are, we use to live in Perth and I love vintage and buying and renovating old furniture.
    Keep entertaining us all. Xx

  75. Sara says:

    Having recently started a blog during the Christmas hols I began following other blogs with a similar theme.Needless to say visiting Beach Cottage with a cup of tea is a favourite place to escape to and find the overall white shabby look so calming.I can also imagine Barley and Daisy having a lovely time splashing around in the sea!

  76. Sandra says:

    Sarah – it appears you are big in the US of A…

    Just a boring little old Aussie here, up in the beautiful Blue Mountains…living in a recycled cottage full of recycled stuff…I have a lot more wood than white but the white is taking over. I love all things vintage and shabby and pretty and I was SO relieved when I read that you and I make Pavlovas the same way ;) …
    Love your Blog


  77. Paula says:

    Hello from Brunswick, Maine, and a log cabin on the Androscoggin River. Not much white here, more rustic wood and patchwork quits. I have a similar appreciation for bringing old and shabby things back to life, though, and I love your sense of humor. Keep up the good work.

  78. Anna-Ruth T. Murphy (aka ART) :) says:

    Hi…Checking in from Tequesta, Florida….I love your blog and have been lurking around for years. Your recipes have been welcomed in our beach cottage & I day dream of an Australian holiday often!

  79. Renee says:

    Checking in from Fresno, California….located right in the middle of the state and home to many crops like cotton, raisins, oranges and nuts.
    I love your white things, but I don’t think I would be able to keep them clean! So I just admire your style from afar.
    Having visited Oz twice (love, love, loved it!) I do know what a Pav is, but unfortunately it’s something that is not available here unless you make it yourself. We also don’t have Lammington’s. I know. Can you imagine? I had one from a bakery in Tamworth and it was just about the best thing I have ever tasted. I’ve made several of your recipes and they’ve all been delicious. Thanks!

  80. Hedy King says:

    Hello Sarah, I’ve been a follower for years, in fact yours was the first blog I ever read. I’m in Indiana in the Midwest United States, far from beach, sea and warmth. I think your blog and home are lovely and they serve as inspiration to many of us. My daughter, like you, cut ties and flew to OZ several years ago, and I hope to visit her in Brisbane someday soon. Today has been a typical winter day in Indiana, grey, cold, windy, snowy, sunny, cloudy you name it, we have seen it today. Thanks for inviting your readers to join in, I’ve enjoyed reading all the responses. Carry on living your dream. Hedy King

    • sarah says:

      Hi Hedy

      I always remember you from the old days – a lovely and unusual name, thanks for reading along – I hope you get to Brisbane xxx

  81. mellie lang says:

    Hi Sarah, I have commented a fair few times but I have been naughty and haven’t for a while, so hello :)
    I’m up on the Sunshine Coast and today the sun has come out, which is great because it’s been raining for about 5 days now (I’m English too and loooooove talking about the weather, because it’s really interesting actually!).
    Gorgeous pavlova, it looks like a really good one and by the way Delia is all for short cuts, if it saves you heaps of time and no one can tell so why not! Today I really want to finish some work I’ve been doing but the blue sky is looking really inviting so I might head to the beach and take pictures.
    Have a great day Sarah x

  82. Sue says:

    Hi Sarah
    I nearly feel like a neighbour, I am up on the hill in Belrose, NSW……I love all your beautiful photo’s and styling! I am currently doing my house work and love stopping by your page to inspire me on my way!! :)

  83. Zaida says:

    Sending you a shout out from Tampa, FL. I live in a 1940 cottage in a historic district so I love peeking into your beach cottage world–fun stuff and really lovely imagery!

  84. nicki says:

    Hi Sarah, I only just found your blog whilst looking for inspiration. I’m English but live by the sea in Italy. We’ve just decided to move, to save rent and take on a new project, my husbands semi abandoned cottage in a valley overlooking the sea. He’s given me carte blanche on what to do with it. It’s going to be beachy, but it has to be English beachy, not Italian! It has sooo much potential, I am so excited! You’ve given me lots of ideas, so thanks! xx

  85. Mandy Parker says:

    Hello Sarah,my name is Mandy, and I have been reading your Blog for about 6 months now. Like all your other fans, i am addicted Beautiful Pics, Foofing(of which I do ALOT, both in my home, and my little Barn Shop!)
    I am a Flower Farmer in Somerset, England, Rural, but not too far from the coast, although not nearly as good as the Aussie Coasts! I have a Daughter on the Perth Coast, and a Sister on the NSW Coast, so have been lucky enough to visit and travel Australia many times. If it were not for my age,50 is the new 40! I would Emmigrate like a shot!
    Weather figures heavily in my life … as a Grower of British Flowers, I am constantly aware of it, working in it, and driven crazy by it! Crops thrive or fail by it, and I long for more Sunshine, less rain, more of a NSW Summer!

    My Sister flew home last night, after spending 3 weeks here, cold, wet, windy, and just dying to get home to her Beach House in Oz!
    Keep it up sarah, some days, you are the only light …

    • sarah says:


      thanks for your lovely comment…dream job you have…

      I really miss the English coastline…so very beautiful and diverse xxx

  86. Mandy Parker says:

    Forgot to say … LOVE all things Vintage, Painted, and anything that looks good with Flowers displayed in it, of course! Your flower posts are always lovely, and I am so glad that you GROW!