weekending beach cottage style

Mon 18th, Feb, 2013

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Morning!  How are you???  Thanks for all your lovely comments at the end of last week…I am getting to answering you all.

Well, it’s been a changeable weekend here on the beaches, we have had blue skies, sunshine, rain and cloud all in the same day at one point.

I did a bit of cheese mooching this weekend…I think I have said before on here I like myself a slab of cheese or six…this one with black peppers, yummo, with quince paste and some hand-grown, as opposed to foot-grown, haha, basil…


…I spent the beginning of the weekend at the beach…

20130218-03-abeachcottage-blog-white 20130218-04-abeachcottage-food-photography 20130218-05-ABEACHCOTTAGE-BLOG-PHOTOGRAPHY

On Sunday, after a long day and a late night on Saturday, I took it upon myself to do a mini juice cleanse…have any of you tried that??  If you Instagram with me you will know it started with lemon and hot water, progressed to fruit smoothie/juices in the day – but because I was starving I did add prawns to it…

I had been looking at doing a bit of a cleanse for a while, I am not all hocus-pocus-acai-mountain-spring gurgling into cleansing to be honest, and, as you know, because I have blogged my fruit smoothies here already it’s hardly anything new for me – but really I don’t and haven’t done it before without eating other things…

..but a couple of friends of mine have done one of those one-day (or more) detoxes that you buy online and they deliver you a set number of juices to drink and they felt great afterwards so I thought I would do a DIY version (the kit for one day was nearly $100!) – I just did a bit of research into what’s provided, looked up a few recipes/veggie combos for what I wanted help with and did my own…I must say the green version I made with raw beetroot, celery, ginger, spinach and kale was NOT for the faint of heart…phew that baby tickled the tastebuds…who knows if my liver was cleansed, I hope so for sure!

20130218-06-BEACH-COTTAGE-PHOTOGRAPHY 20130218-07-abeachcottage-blog3 20130218-08-abeachcottage-glass-jar

There were lovely clouds and skies on Saturday…

20130218-09-beach-house-blog 20130218-10-beach-cottage-coastal-blog

I picked a few flowers from outside again this week, after two visits to the place I get my flowers and both times being disappointed and walking away empty handed I went the pick-your-own route

20130218-11-a-beach-cottage-blog-flowers 20130218-12-beach-cottage-weekend-photography 20130218-13-IMG_1608 20130218-14-ABEACHCOTTAGE-OCEAN-PHOTOGRAPHY-SYDNEY

I was quite pleased though with them stuffed in a jar…I added herbs too, the fragrance was lovely

20130218-15-IMG_1667 20130218-16-beach-cottage-basket

I popped out to buy some flowers to plant too…came back with these and some amazing yellow hibiscus…with a very appropriate to me name lol!

20130218-17-IMG_1967 20130218-18-IMG_1985


Also trimmed the lavender outside and brought in bundles of it everywhere….


I hope you enjoyed your weekending wherever you are!




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20 Responses to “weekending beach cottage style”

  1. Neen says:

    Hi Sarah, Your photographs take my breath away……we live in such a BEAUTIFUL country. Thankyou for showing how clear the skies are, how blue the ocean is, how everday items filled with garden flowers make my heart sing and …….those prawns …..melt in the mouth ….mmmmm Luuuurve my daily read;) Neen

  2. We hit the beach too yesterday…..loooove it. I also love your nautical inspired coat hanger…suits the cottage perfectly!!! Have a fab week….xx

  3. Give me cheese, mineral water, flowers and sunshine….ok throw in some laughter….and this girl could skate through life………

  4. ChrisC says:

    No beach for me,even tho I live in Florida.We’re in for a nite of a freeze.(So much for global warming…)So,I spent the day covering all the tender tropicals and orchids.
    Love your photos of the beach.We should be up in the 80′s by the end of the week,so hopefully,I should have some of the same photos.

    • sarah says:

      oh wow, didn’t think you got freezing temps down there!

      the temps here are just right at the mo…love x

  5. Susan says:

    where have I beeeeeen????

    How are you my lovely? I popped in to grab your chorizo stew recipe and found about a million other recipes I have missed. What have I been doing? Clearly not sitting down at my computer. Seems these days are spent taking a quick instagram shot and doing all my facebooking via my phone. I promise to sit down carefully {soon} and go backwards through your posts until I find one I remember then read forwards from there……. should only take me a week or so.
    Looking forward to my stew tonight. Noosa weather is all rainy and has a distinct Autumn chill……. perfect for stew ……. Love, Me XX

    • sarah says:

      Yes instagramming is very easy :-)

      I have seen you girls have had a lot of rain up there on the weatherman….we have had quite a bit too.


  6. Selby says:

    Gorgeous shots! Love em- it’s a bit like a mini visual holiday at the beaches:)

    Thanks for the eye candys.

  7. Alice says:

    The clouds really were lovely by the beach Sarah. Thanks for the dose of beauty. Trully gorgeous photos!

  8. MDN says:

    Beeeaaaauuuuu ti ful shots!

    PS – Dr. Oz (on his show) mentions the detox. To the lemon juice and warm H20, he suggests adding just a dash of Tobasco…to detox the liver…. Have tried it, and actually, it’s rather good…

    Oh to have access to prawn like that!

  9. Aysegul says:

    These bunch are your best photos of the recent posts.. .Spring is almost here at the Mediterranean coast but I really miss summer..

  10. Claire says:

    I’ve done a couple of one day juice detoxes Sarah and have always felt FAB the next day. It’s a bit hard getting through the day, so I usually do it when I know I’m going to be super busy and won’t have time to think about how hungry I am! I also find it’s good for knocking on the head any bingey cravings I’ve been having – you know, when there’s something you just can’t stop nibbling away at day after day, but know you should! Juices all day and a big raw salad to end the day works a treat. You might just have motivated me to do another one sooner rather than later! x

  11. Lynne says:

    Gorgeous photos Sarah. Absolutely gorgeous ! Love love love. We have been juicing for a while now, and it feels pretty awesome ! Mint and cucumber is a refreshing one to try too :)

  12. Emma says:

    Ah, such lovely pics. What a weekend!
    You’ve sparked my interest in the juice thing again… I’m thinking about giving up my tea (argh!!!!!), still only thinking mind, and definitely NOT my first one of the day. But for the rest of the day I think I might be able to survive on a water & lemon combo. Um. Just not quite game to go cold-turkey yet. Your post added to my courage level though – thanks!

  13. alison says:

    Your lovely beach photos just removed the knot I had in my stomach as I prepare to do some work from home. The photos grounded me. Taa.