the health benefits of white vintage suitcases vignettes

Thu 7th, Feb, 2013

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Morning.  It’s a funny old world isn’t it?  Today I bring you ladies of the world wide web something that is good for your health…

Did you know that if you fiddle and foof with things in your house at your will, your life, as you know it, will improve?


Did you know that if you fiddle around and foof with things in your house, even if in doing that you work in even numbers, it goes by the name of doing ‘vignettes’.

Did you know that there is a secret underground movement of vignetters, those who vignette and that those who just six months ago who not only did not know what a vignette was but certainly would not admit it to their circles, now find themselves to be vignetting?



Did you know that even those most unlikely of people you know you will find secretly in the depths of their lives, in the darkest hours of their homes, in the middle of the day when they should either be working or perhaps cleaning the toilet, are instead vignetting.

20130207-04-a-beach-cottage-coastal-blog 20130207-05-IMG_0856

Did you know that if you actually have ahem quite a busy life on a certain day but find yourself at home for approximately one hour and two point seven five minutes in the middle of it all you can squeeze in vignetting?


Did you know that painting vintage suitcases white can make you do a jig?


Did you know that piling them on top of each other is also very very good.

Did you know that if you add some white flowers and some beachy things your heart rate goes up quite a bit – it’s all about the little things baby.


I would like to suggest that you partake in some vignetting in the not too distant future.

Did you know, it’s good for your health?

As is Limoncello



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29 Responses to “the health benefits of white vintage suitcases vignettes”

  1. Janelle says:

    Goodness…I’m all for healthy living….. off to find an old suitcase, a bunch of stuff to plop together and a glass of wine….thanks for the tip Sarah…xx

  2. Jane says:

    Did you know that since I’ve been reading your blog my house has gone “white” and everytime I walk in my front door after a long day at work I feel instantly uplifted? I actually smile at my living space. And if its a sunny day, I too almost feel like doing a jig while gazing upon all that sparkly white! Thanks for all the eye candy.

    • sarah says:

      Did you know that your comment made me smile?

      Did you know that that jig that you did is priceless???


  3. Alice says:

    lol Did you know that I reeeeeaaallly like that coral (faux?)? That I think you are awsome? That I was unwittingly part of this so called circle without even knowing it?!lol
    Did I know it was good for ones health? Yes I did actually, it is why I do it. It keeps me from going insane! (you would not want to live in my mind, I wish I could vacate the premesis but if I did well ….Lets just leave it at that ;) ).

    Would I admit it to any of my friends? I don’t have to it is so obvious! I even do it when I am at friends places (in my mind ofcourse)…Keeps one feeling alive don’t ya know?

    Looks great Sarah

  4. MDN says:

    Nice vignettes and info. And a ?, pls. 1st pic: on the door, to the left of the knob/lock…what’s that? A great find, or something cool you’ve created? Like its “feel”, tho can’t quite exactly tell…series of hooks???

    PS – Limoncello…tasty! An equally enjoyable libation to consider, too, is Pimms Cup #1 on the rocks. Is it available down there? Experience tells that It goes wonderfully while in the sun by the water’s edge! (On a parching, hot day…)

    Sorry about the tummy troubles; but it’s good to hear things are getting back to normal at the BC. Our news media reported last week that Australia really has been hard hit by a particularly virulent flu?

    • sarah says:

      haha I am VERY well versed in Pimms roflmao, tho as an English gal I wouldn’t be calling it ‘No !’ ! Yes it is available here – we are very well off in Australia for food and drink from all over the world…it was a wonderful wonderful thing to find when we came here…I assume it is because of the multi-cultural aspect to this wonderful country that we have access to a lot of quite obscure things that you would probably think wouldn’t be available all the way down here! I have consumed rather too many jugs of Pimms on the very deck of these photos xx

      oh I didn’t hear about the flu at all?? how strange


      oh the knob I think you are referring to is a line of hooks which says ‘coats’ that I got from Lauara Ashley

      :-0 x

      • MDN says:

        Know so well what you mean! Interesting that you reference laughing, since my friend and I would “sun” on a boat while on Ft. Lauderdale vacations – and have what we then called “Giggles and Pimms”. (It does bring w/ it happiness, eh?) This was in early ’80s when there were 6 different “Cup” versions. Our overall favorite was #1 Cup (gin based) and it’s still made, apparently along w/ #6 (vodka based). Bases of those Pimms now obsolete: #2 – scotch; #3 – brandy; #4 – rum, and #5 -rye whiskey. # 7 is “homemade”, based w/ tequilla… Ah, those were the days! (Only tried #4 other than #1.) PS – Though other more designer gins now are in vogue, my fave remainds good ole Boodles. So, my English based contacts – including you – have all been +++!

        PS – BC fam & Barls back to snuff now (2.7)?

  5. HRH Sarah says:

    ROFLMAO, that was great… and true!

  6. Felicity says:

    I have boxes of vignettes for each special holiday and in between and each year I add 1 or a few pieces to build my collection. At the moment I have my collection of hearts and such for Valentines Day. When this gets packed away the Easter items will come out. It does take time but I love decorating my home for the occasion/season. It certainly puts everyone in the mood and changes the décor up.

  7. Did you know you have such a flair for this?

    Did you know I have white painted suitcase envy?

    And white chair with stripy cushion envy too?

    Did you know I am leaving the cold dark wet uk for sunny Florida tonight?


    Did you know that “did you know” is infectious?!!!

    • sarah says:

      haha! omg, enjoy Florida!!! I miss our jaunts to Floria…seems so far away and so exotic now…I love it over there…the beachy thing with the USA thing is just wonderful…I am guessing there may or may not be a tad of Mickey too??? been there got the most delicious of t-shirts…xxx

  8. Mirror TV Kit says:

    One more thing to add in your vintage white ???????????????????????? looks beautiful.

  9. Troble is with white is that when your teenage son has a birthday fancy dress party and some people come as smurfs you can end up with blue hand prints all over your lovely white walls! :) Lovely these white suitcases though!

  10. I was wondering while everybody was missing at work with the flu and not me! Thanks to you I’ve figured it out : it’s because I’m the healthy owner of a white metal vintage suitcase… I have a bit of a cold though, maybe I should have more than one…

  11. ali thompson says:

    couldn’t agree more! and who doesn’t like a vignette that leads to a jig??? jigs are very common around here :)

  12. Candy says:

    My name is Candy and I am a vignette- aholic. There, I said it.

  13. Love them! It’s so clean and fresh. I love vintage suitcases and always have my eye out for them.

  14. alison says:

    Sooo, those 2 pieces of different types of sea sponge and a handful of teeny tiny shells (carefully wrapped in a tissue for transportation) that I collected from a NSW south coast beach on the weekend(Can you believe I was boss of the beach for a while? Not another soul in sight!) are a vignette in preparation!!!?

    It cancels out Mr alison’s eye rolling and “What are you going to do with those?”

    Many thanks Sarah

  15. Emma says:

    Hi Sarah

    I absolutely love your blog and have an often mocked affinity to paint everything white! I have been renovating my house in Ol’ Blighty and it has given me daily inspiration to foof and vignette and I have recently been thinking about getting some old white cases for storage above my wardrobe! I read your blog most days and seeing this post today has confirmed my suspicions that they look absolutely fab! Could you tell me what kind of paint you used on them? I’ve spotted some brown ones on a well known auction site and I know a bit of white paint will do just the trick!

    thanks Sarah

  16. Cory says:

    Hi Sarah! It’s the first time that I came across your blog and I must say, it is really inspiring. I am moving into my new condo next year and looking for interior decorating ideas and your blog is really full of inspiration! I think I am in love with this travel vignette and i hope that I can find something similar to this next year…

  17. Awesome designs and specially in white color house is looking great, I loved this one.

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