Decorating with Bottles, vintage, flowers or not

Tue 5th, Feb, 2013

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Morning campers.

Now don’t say you don’t get bang for your buck here in BC Land, land of white, makeovers, the sea and forty is the new thirty fashion, hahaha, and yes today I am presenting my one and only perfectly honed crafting skills for you.

All joking aside, though some people seem to think I am a crafter, really I am not much of one…I think for one sole reason, one my darling husband, cough, would, no doubt, whole heartedly agree with…I am way too impatient to be really any good at craft.  But I do like a dabble with making things over and having a go at making things for around and about this old cottage.

Which brings me to this idea to display flowers in old bottles utilizing a ball of string and with any luck a vintage white door with a nice patina…I like to think of it as my contribution to up-cycling.

Nowadays it’s not hard to get a whole array of bottles so luscious that once you have downed the sumptuous concoction that arrived in them you are left wondering quite how you can bring yourself to put the bottle in the re-cycling bin.

Enter a bit of foofing with string, throw in a few flowers and bob is your decorating uncle.

20130205-02-beach-cottage-blog1 20130205-03-IMG_0818

I have always loved a vintage bottle and did one of my first blogs on vintage bottles here with them hanging over the table on the deck…it’s easy, effective, cheap and simple, plus pops wow factor in one quick hit…

I never tire of a flower (white or not) in a vintage bottle…

20130205-04-064p (3)

and another one here…so simple to do…I used random flowers from the garden, no table dressing and different shapes and textured glass for an eclectic mix


So it’s a given that I like bottles…and these little beauties for this crafting extravaganze fall right in the category of love, I mean hello look at the label alone, how can one possibly not drink the nectar, peach at that, and then not think up some use for the delicious little vessels left behind?

20130205-06-abeachcottage-blog-coastal-nautical-crafting-decorating 20130205-07-IMG_0822

So for this hanging bottle decoration I used :

clean juice bottles

20130205-08-beach-cottage-craft-coastal-beachy 20130205-09-IMG_0746

and string…I have done this crafting a few times now, with various strings and twine


and also ribbon (ribbon is a bit trickier to tie and get to hang right but looks da bomb when done)


….this is my fave at the moment – it’s cotton twine and gives a nice feel when wrapped around the neck of the bottle plus the bottles hang well, plus it has a natural feel, but is not too rustic and it feels a tad on the coastal side to me and it’s on the white side…(I bought it in a dollar shop)


What you do :

tie the string/twine/ribbon to the neck of the bottle…

20130205-13-beach-cottage-craft-how-to-coastal- 20130205-01-abeachcottage-blog1

wrap it around a few times and then add another bottle (it’s easier to do this with the first bottle and twine hanging from a hook, you can then let the next length of string ‘drop’ to see how much further down you want the next bottle)

I like it with the drops not perfectly equal – it’s better on my eye but you might prefer to fiddle around with it a bit more and get them the same distance apart



A stylist once told me in no uncertain terms (gosh I could write a whole blog post on the day that magazine came here) that in home decor and styling nothing.must.ever be done in even numbers…ever…got that?



…but I like this with four…not too many, not too little…but you be careful now if you put even numbers of things around your home

Winking smile


And that my friends is that…a little bit of styling in Beach Cottage Land…

Good day to you


p.s. if you got my newsletter last night and emailed me re my request, thank you, I will be getting back to you asap x

p.p.s. Barls has been to the hairdresser..come have a looksie xo


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31 Responses to “Decorating with Bottles, vintage, flowers or not”

  1. Aisling says:

    Hiya Sarah
    Cute idea – I luurve those Vittoria bottles – I found them about a year ago in a local liquor shop and snapped them up when I realised that although they were expensive (sold as chi chi mixers here) they were literally 10 x cheaper than the identical empty ones I saw for sale at a local interiors boutique!
    I just need to find a vintage door (my dh will think I have finally lost it…)

    cheers Aisling

    • sarah says:

      Hi Aisling

      Can I ask what a chi chi mixer is?!

      Yes I did exactly the same thing with these…they aren’t cheap but I have used them lots around here…

      Well I could help you with a vintage door (or six) but it might cost you a bit in shipping roflmao

      • Aisling says:

        Hi sarah, sorry I mean used in expensive cocktails as part of the mix – eg the peach flavour one used in a bellini etc.

        We have a local rubbish tip where they salvage things that people throw away and sell them. It is called trash palace. I might have to have a look there for a door – the postage would be a bit cheaper!

        As others have said, Barls is looking a bit grumpy. If it continues ask the groomer what soap etc they used maybe he is a bit allergic to it and it is making him feel a bit sick. I hope he perks up soon! My two wheaten terriers had a groom this week and look more like dogs and less like mobile hearth rugs now!


  2. Even numbers?? You are living on the edge Sarah…xx

  3. Alice says:

    lol Barls does not looked pleased at all! Too funny! Loving this space idea Sarah. You may not be “crafty” but you sure are clever.

    • sarah says:

      well thank you Alice! well you sure are nice ;-)

      Barls has been funny ever since yday…he is ignoring all of us, especially me!

      • Alice says:

        It is very strange behaviour… Is he always like this after a haircut? If not I would keep a close eye on him. If nothing changes get him checked out at the vet… How curious…

  4. alison says:

    Mmmm…even number. Living on the edge girl. Keep it up.


  5. Julie Johnson says:

    I love these little crafty bits you do. I’m the same way about crafting. I love to perk up my house but I like quick gratification. I don’t have the patience for something that is tedious and takes a long time

  6. I totally agree. I love my odd numbers – I have recently planted 2 lots of 4 Ficus trees either side of my poolhouse and they are just not sitting well with me- but that is the spacing! I’ve bought 2 desert ashes as well and think I must go back and get a third! It is all so unlike me not to plant in 3s and 5s…..

  7. I love how pretty these are in you home Sarah. That ribbon is perfect and those little bottles are so cute! Quick tip – you can get the numbers off the glass with fingernail polish remover.

    Have a great week. Hugs…Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

  8. Very pretty – I love the way you have them arranged, with mostly white/pale pink, but then that one pop of bright pink in the middle. Love it!

  9. Candice says:

    Thank You for the lovely pics , I sat in front of my pc with cloths and spray bottles of anti-mould mix as here in Queensland Sunny Coast with the humidity my once were whites look like they have measles .
    Your perfect whites cheered me up knowing that with elbow effort we will have our whites back .
    White timber blinds though …. lost a day with them . Love the bottles and the flowers so pretty . They would be so lovely enlarged on canvas for the walls . ..
    so happy to have PC access and not be waiting for my turn with kids on the school holidays , now to catch up with all your posts .. Happy Wednesday .. I am off to de mould ……. Ahhh sweet smell of bleach in the morning ..

    • sarah says:

      Oh I am with you on the blinds! I make it Mr BC’s job and it is well overdue right now….especially our bedroom

      I am glad I cheered you up lol x

  10. loulou says:

    hi sarah

    pretty as a picture (sorry for the pun)
    so I think it is well and truly time that you produced a “coffee table book” with all your lovely pictures.



  11. HRH Sarah says:

    Those bottles are gorgeous, Sarah! And the twine looks divine ;)
    If I hung bottles with flowers anywhere in my home, my husband would not only raise eyebrows, but have me committed, I’m sure of it. Hmm…. maybe not a bad thing….

    • sarah says:

      hahahaha so funny cos I had a comment from Mr BC along the lines of ‘been busy today???’ …ahem xx

  12. Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous, Sarah:) I love bottles too and have lots of them. Love how you’ve made these sweet hangers. So lovely. Must do this sometime. have been meaning to for awhile now:)

  13. MDN says:

    What a great idea! So much charm and whimsy! Not being a crafter or creative myself, it’s wonderful when techniques like this are revealed. By fhe way, my mom always insisted decor be symmetrical and even. When a friend was helping me with a new apt. in the 80s, she “blew my mind” by using the odd #s and assymetry. Not only did it “go”, but a life lesson was learned…do/use what feels good to YOU in decorating (or fashion for that matter), and let your own personality shine through. (Just like in “vogue” colors or patterns.) Others’ opinions are nice, but the bottom line is how you like it! Your blog helps show us how good this can be!

    PS – How’s Barls? 1st time he doesn’t seem to “look” at the camera in a pic (when awake). Wonder if he was exposed to something at groomers, or with his post holiday diet, if he’s gotten ahold of something disagreeable (to pups) to eat on the sly…(e.g, chocolate, onions, grapes/raisins, and certain nuts)? Agree w/ Alice that if this behavior continues, a vet trip could may be helpful… Pls. keep us posted!

    • sarah says:

      yes it is about what you like!! I have learnt that too….especially with the blog also – some people have commented before that my style is not on trend, but I think that is the whole point for me :-)

      thanks re Barls…we think we know what it wrong – he has a sore tummy as do myself and Miss BC and we are thinking it has been that…he is not off his food and much better now, thanks so much for your concern…he has all of us watching him like a hawk at the moment x

  14. Lidija says:

    Beautiful decorating idea, Sarah !
    Adore Lisianthuses ,they are so soft,feminine and elegant.

  15. Sarah, you have a gift!!! I could stare at these pictures all day :) Absolutely love the idea of the hanging bottles!!