Beach Cottage Weekending : vintage treasure hunting

Wed 27th, Feb, 2013

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Oooh-eee, hello there!

How the devil are you girls out there on the other side of the screen?  Rockin’? How are you Man in The Netherlands?

Well I have been a busy little bee…a bit too busy…lots of things going on in this old cottage, a multitude of sport, business trips for my lovely husband and lots of things going on with this here blog, including a whole new re-design and new format and look all on the way…I really hope you are going to like it…it’s long overdue…

So last weekend I decided to get out for a few hours doing what I love…hunting down vintage treasure in these fair parts – this old tarnished dish is one of them here – I love old tarnished things from the past with coastal finds




…I came home with a few goodies, one of which was a beauty of a score that I didn’t actually get to photograph for this post…she deserves a post of her own for sure…let’s just say she is from the 1940’s or thereabouts, she stands about the house waiting for you to put her to good use, and, she has Bakelite about her person I do so believe…more on her soon…oh and she whirrs too….yum.

Anyway, here then some Beach Cottage thrifting finds gone a little bit coastal / vintage beach and some bits from my weekend (and its food!)



…first up we have this dish…it’s white, yes…it’s nothing particularly amazing but I liked the crazing, I will always grab things with crazing, purely and simple because you cannot buy it in something new…when I first picked it up I thought it was newer than it actually is (the shape feels modern) but on closer inspection and by the weight (super heavy) I believe it may be older than I thought…who knows, I like it and it’s been put to very good use already with a Clafoutis and came up like a little beauty in the dishwasher

20130227-04-IMG_2694-2 20130227-05-IMG_2754-2 20130227-06-IMG_2948-2

…blackberries are around here right now…they remind me of days when I was very young and went blackberry picking, one of the few childhood memories I have….

20130227-07-IMG_2719-2 20130227-08-IMG_2739-2

I’m not sure of the age,the value or the authenticity of this knife I thrifted…its wooden handle though called my name – I love a wooden handled knife in my life…

20130227-09-IMG_2695-2 20130227-10-IMG_2798-2

see the crazing?


…we had sardines…I salted them, tucked in lots of garlic, herbs and lemon and then they were thrown ceremoniously on the barbie…


…the espadrilles have been doing their thing this Summer…nearly time to put them away I guess…love slouching around in these..


I’m always on the lookout for old cutlery…so interesting and full of character…


I picked and brought in bunches of herbs to dry…



white ruffles in the house…

20130227-16-IMG_2656-2 20130227-17-IMG_2818-2 20130227-18-IMG_2727-2

Basil is still going well…hoping to keep it going through the Winter this year…not sure how yet….

20130227-19-IMG_2583 20130227-20-IMG_2813-2

…nautical stripe tube skirts were calling…


I went shopping with Mr BC – my job was the greengrocer’s, his was lawnmower shop…errrrm mine just so happened involve a lamp…did you know celery and beetroot foliage is really really good for disguising home purchases…try it next time, works a treat Winking smile


love love loving herbs right now



So that’s my haul…lots of second-hand goodness, thrifted with a whole lot of love plus a lamp thrown in with the beetroot…

Still amazes me what a few bucks, a nice coffee, a Saturday morning and a trip to the op-shop can bring up…for me a lovely past-time…it’s the little things in life eh?  Do you love nothing better than a trip out to find things with a history?  A little mooch around a charity shop?

over and out







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41 Responses to “Beach Cottage Weekending : vintage treasure hunting”

  1. Mariaelena says:

    It’s all wonderful…beautiful!
    Have a great day, Mariaelena

  2. bec says:

    lovin herbs at the moment, tarragon has such a lovely flower. palm beach candles rock I have the french vanilla one which is lush!
    have a lovely weekend
    Bec x

  3. Great finds… On my part of the world, it’s just too cold for any yard-sale. I’m trying to grow basil myself this year… but it’s indoor for now!

    • sarah says:

      I have found much success with putting it in the hottest spot I can find (here that’s facing North) and it loves it…keeping an eye on water too x

  4. Will try your hiding behind beetroot and celery trick!

  5. Isla says:

    No photo of clafoutis??!! I made one with blueberries the other day and it was delish (Nigel Slater recipe). These sardines look the business.

  6. Amanda says:

    I too love the charity shops some great bargains to be found.I especially enjoy the car boot sales?
    Do you have them Sarah?
    Nothing beats having a rummage around other peoples junk …lucky for me my hubby has got so used to me doing it he now enjoys having a browse too!!!!!Well trained hey!xx

    • sarah says:

      car boot sales aren’t really that popular where I am in Australia…it’s more garage sales…

      I love a rummage too x

  7. Rukmini Roy says:

    I’m really liking that black bold formatting in between photographs and I’m guessing its going to stay for a while! Very chic.
    What fish would that be? Mackerel? Looks very nice!

  8. Naomi says:

    Yes…love thrifting and vintage finds. There is such a thrill picking up an old object and imagining all the hands that have touched that object as well. I love your tarnished silver dish with the coastal finds!

  9. WOW! You racked up girl! Love going thrifting. I went out all by my lonesome to some of my fav shops on Monday. Boy did I score. I got a market basket 1/2 off at Black Dog Salvage and actually got to meet the owner of the booth, Cassie. How sweet for an early birthday present, tomorrow is my b-day! I love all your goodies! Everytime I read your posts I am on the journey with you! Hope you have a wonderful day Sarah and thanks so much for the inspiration!

  10. Selby says:

    Love me some opshopping-easy on the wallet & so much fun when you find a treasure . Beautiful finds- old cutlery calls to me too!:) love the crazing on your dish & that new lamps a cracker too!

    Love some herbs, we’ve just prepared a spot that will become a herb garden right near the house- partly for convenience when cooking & partly for prettiness. I think we’ll probably have lots of the hebs you had pictured & a few others but Taragons one herb I don’t really know- I know the name but to be honest I don’t even know what it tastes like hehe maybe I should work on that one.

    • sarah says:

      Tarragon is lovely, I am not sure of its origins but it feels very French to me – it’s delicious with simple chicken, gives it a great flavour. Very easy to grow and smells amazing! have a go x

  11. Candy says:

    Yesterday, at a place here called Vintage Warehouse (really a warehouse, )I spotted a tarnished silver dish like yours filled with shells. Think I may have to go back tomorrow and, hopefully, it will still be there. I have the perfect place for it. I knew I liked it but at $25, I did hesitate. I love tarnished silver. Character!

  12. Kirsty says:

    Of course! It’s beautiful. Nicely done Sarah. Gorgeous as always.

  13. Jessie says:

    Flea markets are a must whenever I go to resorts in Myrtle Beach SC – and the free stuff I pick up off the beach, that is. Just make sure with all wood and other material that you find some way to make sure all the bugs are dead! This is very important with driftwood! Some of the best stuff can be found at coastal flea markets – a lot of them are very well supplied with all types of cool arty type stuff and homemade craft objects!

  14. Photos are absolutely gorgeous Sarah. And loving your tarnished finds! I am however panicking a bit….I can’t see the crazing!!! Worse still….I don’t know what crazing is!!! I’m looking very hard!!….help me!!?! What am I missing out on here!??!! Xx ps…I am desperate to overhaul my blog….does your ecourse cover that type of thing? Thanks lovely….xx

  15. Siggie says:

    Great finds Sarah! I always love the light of your photography!
    Yep, can’t wait till Spring finally hits and everyone’s out selling their junk!

  16. merilyn says:

    all good here!
    thank you for gorgeous photos. i think the best post for this year, on my birthday!
    i’m a happy chappy!
    you’re the best! definately sitting with what i love!
    decided to have no agenda, no expectations and i have had the best birthday!
    didn’t do any house work, went to second hand shops, had dinner cooked at home for me … chicken kebabs on baby que … perfect with bar-be qued zuccini and eggplant with greek yoghurt, bean smash, and sparkling shiraz … i’m in heaven even tho i no longer know how to spell … as long as i get my message over i’m happy!
    lol m:)

  17. alison says:

    My neighbour gave me a bunch of home grown basil yesterday. Its delicious aroma greeted me in the kitchen this morning.

    Now for today’s question from a vegetarian: Do you eat the sardines’ eyes and heads?


    • sarah says:

      no, well I don’t, that sounds yuck to me lol!

      yes I love how basil scents the place x

  18. jen says:

    Sara luv your lamp, may I ask where you found this treasure was it an op shop or ikea?
    Cheers and thanks Jen :-)
    PS Cute vintage beachy bedside chair I luv finding old chairs so much charm and stories to tell

  19. Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous photos! I want that lamp…

  20. Deb says:

    I love reading everyone’s comments ALMOST as much as your musings, Sarah!
    I too love an op shop hunt, last week I worked in an area I hadnt been before, and they had the most devine op shop there. Ended up with a white crochet cushion, a lovely old crochet table cloth, white too of course, and a wicker picnic basket, all for the lovely sum of just $23 for the lot! Happy girl here!
    I have a modern dish, just like the white one you got, seriously, they could be twins! And I also have the plates, from Target, we use them every day!
    I also love the text, very popular right now, and lovely in amongst your pics.
    Have a lovely sunday, hope you all get lots of you time today!
    Deb. xxx

    • sarah says:

      awww thanks Deb, such a sweet comment!

      I love those op-shop finds when you go somewhere new!!! I have some trips coming up and can’t wait!

  21. Alice says:

    Ohh nice haul!!! The sardines (?) and the wooden handle knives brought back childhood flashbacks! I hated sardines my mum loved (still does) them… She would cook them often and I would refuse to eat them just as often… I would go to bed hungry (because I was stubborn and preferred the hunger pains to the bones)…House rules… lol the taste is quite nice…Can’t stand the bones to this day…

  22. Naomi says:

    Preserve the basil in rock salt and olive oil. Layer salt, basil and then oil, salt, basil, oil until you fill a jar. Sterilise the jar first of course. It was in Real Lliving a couple of issues a go in the section where readers send in their tips and ideas. I tried it and it works. Oh and I love a visit to the op shop, it’s so much fun.

  23. Ellen, A French Apartment says:

    Mind you; I am Not one to window shop vintage beauts!!! I buy them. I buy them so others will buy them. I romance them in my home after I buy them! And Then I let others buy them. But this year my dreams went big time and I must save big time too. My French outdoor markets dream keeps me from buying a lot of loot lately….but today I must say my romancing eyes went almost a little bit too far. Oh how I wanted to bring home a simple cherry picking ladder! It was mine for a few brain waves, but then I walked away. I guess the thrill is in the find; but I will need to wait. 226 more days. And then i will find my awaited treasures. I’m going to Provence!