Beach Cottage Vintage Treasuring Hunting Finds

Tue 12th, Feb, 2013

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G’day!  It’s me.  Girl with crochet.  Girl with bedspreads.  Plus baskets.

So these are a couple of the things I found at the weekend…

This crochet bedspread is lovely – it’s a creamy cotton but I think with some soaking will be white.


At first glance I thought it was a lot older than it it but after a bit of inspection I don’t believe it is particularly old…I would assume made in India or suchlike and cotton…a lovely piece to add to my ahem growing collection…

I found these two beauties in Vinnies as I said yesterday and about threw myself at them and snatched them up…neither of them had a price on them so I took them to the counter and asked – the old Vinnies lady told me the price, I didn’t say anything back and just opened up the crochet a bit more to have a look at it….I hadn’t said anything but she I assume assumed that I was not happy with it.

“It’s second-hand”

me :  ”Yes thanks”  smile

me:  “I am just seeing if there are any holes because I am not the world’s best sewer”

“It’s second-hand you know?”

me:  “Yes” smile

“What do you expect from not new”

thinking to myself : Errrm excuse me, haven’t said anything yet!

Super Snark turned to her assistant in crime

“Pah, some people think we are a charity or something!”

And that was the lovely service from the Vinnies ladies at my local St Vincent de Paul at the weekend….actually the last time I checked you were a charity, and the last time I checked I did ascertain that goods in Vinnies are not new.

Her revolting attitude didn’t stop me from buying it, my crochet collection is far too valuable in my little life to have walked away – but to the horrid, passive aggressive old bat behind the counter with a huge chip on her shoulder at Vinnies I hope you don’t treat other customers as you did me.


The other thing I collect around here – baskets…love me a basket or six


And especially love a picnic basket, this one is rather large, I liked the shape, the handle and the little lids…it will be finding itself on the beach one day soon


I kinda like them together – perhaps the crochet will make a trip to the beach too?


What do you think of my finds?  Love?

OK I am off and outta here, I have a swag of vintage finds to show you but mummy duties call today…

Sarah xo

p.s. Barls blogged here today, he is funny xo

p.p.s thanks for your comments re the air-con – another funny disrupted night last night, anyone have a newborn they need to farm out for the night, I might as well do something with the time ;-)


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28 Responses to “Beach Cottage Vintage Treasuring Hunting Finds”

  1. Cherrie says:

    Not sure I should speak my mind because I’d have a lot of anecdotes quite similar to yours. My favourite is the local one where only workers are allowed to park in the front car park. Customers have to walk half way round the block. I would never say no to white crochet and only start to share them with others when you have twenty of each piece. Cherrie

  2. Love your bedding! I know how to knit, but haven’t master crochet yet! Actually, you kind of got me thinking when you mentioned the layering idea for your bedspread…hmmm…never thought of doing that before. If that is in fact, what you were talking about…By the way, love your finds!!!

  3. Christine says:

    Yep – Vinnies @ Brookie – they are disgusting there! Rude and expensive!

  4. Kim Buca says:

    I have run into that at vinnies here and the sally anns they act like they have new high priced things instead of donated things and procees go to charity ours hre will also not price anything if theres no price on it ughhh needs toi go back get priced go out the next day! thats ridiculous i was in a value world (a thrift store we have here) and they would not sell the lady a coat no price i asked why cant there be a generalized list of prices for the goods up at the register say all shirts one price coats shoes etc whe i asked you would have thought i was crazy or had a 3rd eye they looked at me like i was nuts! i said out loud wow i thought this was for charity any bit of$$$ helps the cause!!!! where ever do they find these employees!! sometimes the stuff is so overpriced also!! that is a beauty and the basket too!!

    • sarah says:

      Oh that drives me mad too!!! I was scared to take this to the counter to ask because sometimes if it doesn’t have ticket you can’t buy it…LUDICROUS!!!!

      it seems it’s a worldwide thing lol

  5. Kim Buca says:

    opps the key board skips ocassionally sorry thats proceeds and here

  6. Paula says:

    Maybe she had not noticed it in the store before and was trying to persuade you not to buy it! It is beautiful. Did you get a good bargain?

  7. Neen says:

    NOICE op shopping !!! LUUUUURVE your basket…..mmmmmm. Thankyou for the inspiration yesterday, I now have five little glass bottles ( odds and ends) filled with greenery ( no flowers in this drought ridden part of the world) on a tray on the kitchen bench, just smiling at me in all their glory aaaah…………… a little inspiration goes a long way. ;) Neen
    Even the agapanthus end of flowering spikes make a gorgeous display !!!

  8. Felicity says:

    Cool finds. I feel sad for people that think they can get away with being rude. I could imagine you were having a great time thrift shopping, found some cool finds and then your whole weekend good mood goes out the window because someone thinks it’s o.k to be nasty. When I was young and would go to my Nan’s for holidays, the best part was shopping at 2nd hand stores with her and back then if you had kids with you they would let the kids pick something for free. Not any more, no way. In my books any money the charity shops get from goods is money for their charity, so be happy and smile ladies on the counters.

  9. Barley seems quite unimpressed by your basket… Maybe it’s because he’s a boy…

  10. Alice says:

    ohh lovely Sarah but I don’t think I would have endured their rudeness for the sake of my collection. I would have taken my money and said something along the lines of well obviously St Vinnies the charity no longer needs any funds judging by your attitude ladies I shall be leaving with my money in my wallet…Good day…Walk right out of there… I had (emphasis on past tense) this same problem with both local Salvos and Vinnie stores(no longer go there)… I think they don’t price items so they can charge more by the look of the person…I have noticed they tend to look me up and down…A quick glance at my fingers and neck before telling me the price. I am over the attitude…

    Love the basket too and I think the haircut on Barley is looking quite good now…

  11. That is some gorgeous crochet you found yourself there…for secondhand of course. I have a lovely basket pretty much the same as.yours…about to become a home for my crochet projects funnily enough!!! xx

  12. Danielle says:

    Hi, thought I’d chime in about the Vinnies attitude as well. I was in our local store a couple of years ago and a young guy came in asking for food. The woman (aka old bat) was really rude – she gave him complicated directions to another service and when he said he didn’t know where she meant she said to him in a really condescending voice that he should listen to what she’s saying. I was listening and knew the area and couldn’t understand what she was saying either. It’s sad but I won’t donate to Vinnies anymore – to turn someone away like that when he asked for help was mean.

    Anyway … on a more positive note I love the crochet – the excitement when you see something across the room that makes your heart skip a beat is priceless.

  13. Robyn says:

    I am glad she didn’t stop you from buying. The crochet is beautiful and I love your photography. Do you have “The White Company” in Australia? It’s a chain here in the u.k. – very beautiful things (although without the character your things have). If you haven’t come across it I demand you google it AT ONCE for a fix of lovely whiteness!

  14. Amanda says:

    Love your crochet Sarah….sadly a familiar story with the thrift/charity shop workers!
    Such a shame really for the charities a smile and good manners go along way and cost nothing and will keep the money rolling in x

  15. Katie says:

    Sarah, you will soak it in what to get it more white? my 1st thought is bleach but methinks that would wreck it’s frail self. vinegar? some sort of whitening thing? what do u intend?

  16. Cheri says:

    Hi also love crochet! I have a beauty from a garage sale with a gorgeous scalloped edge- great on the sleigh bed- hanging over the wood- fringed too! It is cream colored and so heavy when folded! I never found a flaw or hole in mine! It is a creamy natural color- and I decided to use it as a throw coverlet till I get a “real” bedspread- well that was over 10 yrs. ago! I don’t think I could replace it if I wanted too! I think I paid $5!
    And I treasure it still!
    Such a romantic!
    Curtain Lady Design

  17. alison says:

    Yes!!!! I will express post my grandson for a little TLC at your lovely cottage. He’s teething and my daughter needs a break.

    Many thanks

    PS People like the old bat just need a warm hug. Well at least that’s what I say to Mr alison when he’s ranting about anyone like her.

    • sarah says:

      yuck I wouldn’t touch her with a barge pole let alone hug her lol, you are too kind, I reckon a poke with a whitewashed oar might do the trick ;-)

      errrm I could handle a teething little boy – I have been up half the night anyway *raises eyes to heaven x

  18. Nadine says:

    So sorry for your experience with staff at Vinnies. I have a local Vinnies which I have frequently shopped at. Just this past fortnight I have been donating like crazy. However none of my baskets have gone there. I love the one you found Sarah. I once found a lovely rectangular hamper with leather straps and half the picnic ware inside and the price tag still on it at my local tip shop. $10 and it was mine! original price tag? David Jones $100+. Add some Tupperware and it was a viable addition to my basket and hamper collection.
    I do hope those who go to my Vinnie like some of the stuff I have handed on, from wedding presents – first husband no great loss after 30 odd years – to baby clothes and linen I was happy to hand them on to a place where others may want them.
    I an act of uncharacteristic restraint, each time I have dropped off bundles, I have deliberately not gone past the front desk. The fact that my darling hubby can actually see that I have decluttered means he may identify something new.

  19. Jess says:

    Lovely finds :-) I think the pricing at many of the big charity stores is getting out of control! I like me some vintage clothes but a lot of the op shops are filled with old clothes from kmart that are faded and stretched and actually priced higher than what they would have sold for brand new! On a positive note, I have found a fav charity shop with great quality treasures, super friendly staff and they give away bread to anybody who needs it :-)

  20. Judy says:

    Great finds! I love “collecting” too, especially linen and baskets, my husband calls me a hoarder…Totally agree with other comments re charity shops. They have gone downhill with attitude and especially with overpricing of goods since they’ve changed their management styles a few years back. Now the shops are filled up with smelly, low-quality second-hand clothes, and the collectables and books have been pushed into a few back corners, Also, better quality collectables seem to go somewhere else (special stores only, who knows?) as only high-priced junk gets displayed (and I do check often).

  21. Gillian says:

    Awesome find the blanket! My neighbour is going to teach me how to crotchet so I can make a blanket for each of my little girls to start and hand me down tradition with them. But if I do spy one in the op shops then i’ll be snapping it up. Our Salvos op shop here is pretty good. If it doesn’t have a price, they just make one up on the spot. They also have a designer labels area where you pay a bit more for. I was in there the other day and just snapped up a neutral coloured trench coat, gorgeous, $12, looks brand new! They have even started up a frequent shopper program, they give you a card and on your 6th purchase you get 20% off. Amazing hey! Unfortuantely living in Alice Springs, there is not a large selection of vintage beachy style items that I like. But I did find a dolls bunk bed that I am sanding down and painting “white” (of course) for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. By the way, I have a 11wk old (2 months premmie) who only sleeps 3 hours at a time at night. I could do with a rest as I’ve been missing my lunch time naps so I can paint my Grandad’s 60yr old sideboard white. Loving your new layout

    • sarah says:

      sounds like a good op-shop if you get a loyalty card – you never know what you will find vintage treasure hunting!

      good luck with the premmie – I remember those days of having a 1 hour window of nap-time – amazing how productive that can make you lol x