Beach Cottage Summer

Tue 26th, Feb, 2013

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…the last few days of Summer here on the beaches,

it’s warm, balmy & breezy with a faint hint of Autumn in the air…

Sarah xo

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17 Responses to “Beach Cottage Summer”

  1. Fiona says:

    it’s been hot and quite humid here in the inner west today although I can just hear a breeze rustling the trees in the garden as I type and it’s definitely cooling down now – thank god – (not that far from the sea here or at least the harbour I suppose…) (& I totally agree with Henry James!)

  2. Alice says:

    How true…I am going to miss summer…Trying to squeeze in as much outside time as possible between the rain…I am already counting down to spring…

  3. Helen T says:

    Awwh I totally forgot summer was drawing to a close, its been a fantastic season and I am still picking strawberries out of my garden, oh well, Summer it was fun while it lasted sigh…

    • Aisling says:

      Summer here in nz has been fabulous. It has been one of those magical summers you remember from your childhood where the sun shoe every day. It is starting to cool down a little bit now but is still sunny and, more importantly, not windy, here today. Wonderful and i totally agree with James. Aisling

  4. It’s not fair that you already have hints of Autumn when we don’t have the faintest hint of spring on the other side of the Earth. Send us some sunshine, please!!!

  5. merilyn says:

    weather is gorgeous in south aus as well
    hot for the wooden boat festival here in goolwa @ the mouth of the murray … if anyone was wondering
    just beautiful on this south coast!
    a spot of gardening, some painting and you have the same skirt as me sarah!
    your photos just keep getting better!
    all good lol m :)

  6. So surreal to read that your summer is ending and our spring is beginning….so far apart but yet so close together here in cyber world. Have a wonderful day and enjoy your summer ending! xoxo Pamie G.

  7. MDN says:

    Halfway across the world, we continmue to be inundated w/ Winter’s woes… Snow (tho only a bit here v. a couple of hundred mi. to the W. w/ records being set) is forecast for the coming couple of days. Needless to say, Spring can’t come soon enough. (But, we’re only getting ready to enter into the NCAA [college basketball] tournament which lasts three weeks – and one of those weeks always brings w/ it one last “breath” of the cold/snow…)

    So, enjoy your Summer remnants…and we’ll look forward to our better days. (The old Circle of Life thing, eh?)

    PS How’s your finger healing progressing? Any less pain (it’s hoped)? Take care!

  8. Lassiegirl says:

    The word “Summer’ itself evokes such happy, carefree feelings that I treasure from childhood when school was out and the days were whatever you wanted them to be. I love the word. It sets a smile on my face because it takes me away from grown-up reality and right into another dreamy world..a barefoot world filled with blue skies, puffy white clouds, cricket songs, shooting stars, and lots of stories to be read or watched. And now, when summer comes, I share those summer days, twilights, and evenings with my children and I glean as much as I can from them while they will last. Ahhhh, Summer :)

  9. Karen says:

    Must agree with Aisling, we have had the best summer here in NZ. My grandson Carlo has been asking why our lawn looks like Australia. Certainly feel for my old home state Queensland though with all the flooding they have endured. I take my pleasures where I find them these days though so have loved being able to sit outside of an evening after work and just enjoy the soft warm air and gentle nights. Even got to thrash that lovely skirt that you put us on to months ago, shown in your shot above. Best addition to my summer wardrobe ever thanks to you Sarah. Take care and enjoy the last throes of summer.
    Karen NZ

  10. Carolyn says:

    It’s so odd to hear about your beautiful weather. I live in the Pacific Northwest where we have rain all winter – I mean ALL winter. I was just laughing with someone about the fact that the difference between winter and spring for us is that the rain goes from being a cold rain to a warm rain. lol. Enjoy! As for me, I am longing for sun…

  11. Selby says:

    Beautiful Henry James quote!

    I too am savoring summer while I can:)


  12. alison says:

    I love the energy of Summer but in recent years I’ve come to cherish Autumn. Not too hot, not too cold. Well… most of the time. Kinda.