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Thu 21st, Feb, 2013

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Sometime I feel like the week will swallow me whole and I realise if I don’t stop, look around, take in the wild air, soak in the tub, walk on the beach, read a book, just hang with the kids and Barls, then quite what is the point of it all?  You know?

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(photos via Instagram & my iPhone5)

This planet is super beautiful, it’s a super beautiful day here on the beaches of Sydney and so today I am heading out into the garden this morning, all the kiddos are done and dusted and at school, it’s just me and Barls here (he’s snoozing on the back of the sofa as usual)…I’m going to put in a few plants, sweep & mop the back deck, read a magazine I bought ages ago and haven’t even opened yet, make a clafoutis and a chilli and gather some herbs to dry…

And I am going out, wind in my hair, for a ride on her…


She’s nice.  She thinks this planet is beautiful too…

Her sister is a cruiser, I like her too.

I’ll see you all tomorrow.


p.s. news on the floors is good – will be moving the whole front half of the house to the back soon to get going on it, excited much?

yippee doo dah day


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13 Responses to “beach cottage stuff”

  1. Selby says:

    Your day plan sounds lovely:) – something to be said for the idea of taking time to be a human’being’ not just a human’doing’ I hear ya on that one & as you say otherwise it’s kinda ‘what’s the point?’

    I too have weeks that threaten to swamp me & it all goes much better for me if I actually remember to just slow down & ‘don’t try n do it all’ don’t always remember hehe but it’s better when I do:)

    Look forward to seeing the floor developments!

  2. That bike looks super inviting. And I can relate to take som time to enjoy this earth and not just DO!

  3. MDN says:

    What a wonderful (white) bike! Taking a trek on her sounds relaxing and enjoyable. Let the wind caress your tresses! As per normal, the sylings/pics are wonderful!

    Had to take Gracie to ER vet this past weekend; but, she’s been doing better day by day and is pretty much back to normal (behavior and output). She was her normal “good girl” demeanor during exam and tests, but is happy to be on her own turf now.) TK goodness!

  4. Alice says:

    I love your bike! Have been on the hunt for one similar… You see my first ever proper bike was one similar to yours and man I loved that bike! I can’t believe my dad got rid of it! I can’t even remember why…I would ride her on a daily basis…Helped me get away from it all at home. My slice of serenity during those trying times.

    Great news about your renos… Mine have hit a financial stump (and we haven’t even got the drawings yet! Ridiculous…Things like bins and disposal expenses, encasing sewarage pipes in cement etc have already consumed 1/4 of the budget!)

    For me Sarah, I feel like the world is passing me by and I don’t know what to do about it…The feeling of helplessness is what overwhelms me most… I feel like I am being left behind, I can’t keep up anymore I am sad to say…Some say it is a good thing… this whole slowing down. But if it is so good why does it feel so wrong?
    I have to agree it is a very nice day… Days with such lovely warmth always lift the spirit…Maybe another walk would do me good…

  5. Good luck with the moving and a sore finger!

  6. kath says:

    Ooh Selby, I like that “Human being, not a human doing” phrase. I hope you don’t mind if I steal it!
    It’s great to have days where you just look around and think how lucky you are to be where you are at this time. Even here in snowy NY, as much as the weather is a hindrance, it’s also quite beautiful, whether I want to admit it or not – and usually I don’t!
    Enjoy your day!

    • Selby says:

      Hehe don’t mind at all Kath glad you like:)

      Its not original to me- Can’t remember where I first heard it but it resonated & has always kinda stuck in a nice way:)

  7. Mimi says:

    I wish I could join you on your lovely day! We are having a day of stormy weather. I love the plate in the first picture!!

  8. Love the bike! I can’t remember the last time I took a leisurely bike ride. It is hard to stop and smell the roses these days. I am always on the go. You have to just MAKE yourself stop and take a breath sometimes. There will always be things that are on the to do list. They can wait a little bit.

  9. Deb says:

    Ooohhh, I too love the human ‘being’ over the human ‘doing’!!!
    And Sarah, I have so had one of those weeks that has totally swallowed me up!! But I cant get off til sunday! I have 2 weddings to shoot in the next 2 days, so alas, there is no free time for anything except eating and sleeping here, but come sunday, I will follow your lead, and indulge in some ‘being’ and gardening!
    Have a great weekend all,
    Deb. xx

  10. Rukmini Roy says:

    Great plate! If its bought online would you please route me to it?
    Me and husband have been talking a lot about Australia lately. If that happens what we are planning, a trip the beach cottage is so happening. I might just show up as a garden gnome :P

  11. alison says:

    Love the plate.

    Some weeks swallow me up but this year I am trying to go with my gut feeling. I sometimes get sooo churned up with “doing” not “being”. I look like I cope ok and people comment on my calmness and serenity but hooley dooley it aint on my inside!!! LOL.

    I’ve been practising a technique lately that I heard or read about. When I feel overwhelmed or on overload I breathe in and out 1, breathe in and out 2, etc up to 5. It just reboots the neural pathways and stops the synapses shorting out.

    I just reconfigured my house to temporarily accommodate Ms alison 1, son in law and grandson A while they are inbetween homes. Good luck girlie with the shift from front to back!!! ;)