Beach Cottage loves a pancake

Fri 8th, Feb, 2013

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OK. OK. I am in love with pancakes. There I said it.


If there is one thing I do not, in any shape or form, need any kind of excuse to stuff down my throat to add wobble to zee legs, it’s pancakes.

20130208-03-abeachcottage-recipe-easy-pancake 20130208-04-abeachcottage-pancake-recipe

I have eaten pancakes near. And far.


I have eaten pancakes in a very small kitchen in Kent with much drama, I have eaten pancakes in NYC baby, I have eaten pancakes at school on Shrove Tuesday for 10p, I have eaten pancakes, more romantically recalled as crepes, in both the deep South and the very West of France and Paris and Moissac and Nice and the best place had to be Lille. I have eaten things resembling pancakes in Bali, I have eaten pancakes at the top of a mountain in Switzerland and at the bottom of America in the Keys. I have eaten pancakes on the side of an English motorway in the snow at a transport caf because I am rather classy like that. I’ve tried Scotch pancakes in a pub in Aviemore and when I first came to Australia was rather astounded to see them called Pikelets.

Show me a pancake, I will show you love. Much love.


I have homemade pancake mix in my pantry. I dream of crepes. I scheme ways to get to a diner in America for a pancake with whipped butter and syrup. I think about chocolate on my pancakes. And lemon and sugar. I wonder will I ever get over the seas to Brittany again for a crepe?


In the meantime I make pancakes at home, or eat them at a cafe by the beach.

I have fiddled and dabbled and foofed with pancake recipes and I have a few up my sleeve for whatever pancake scenario one finds oneself hoping to experience…fluffy and American, check, thinner and lemony English, indeedy, a lil’ Frenchie in the house, oui oui.


This recipe then is a winner, an English-style pancake topped with strawberries and a smattering of chocolate Nutella to tickle the tastebuds…

20130208-09-abeachcottage 20130208-10-abeachcottage-chocolate

As with everything I cook in this here cottage, I go the easy route – I don’t mess around with different preparations for pancake making either, no whisking things separately or folding in carefully, nup it’s always the Too Easy route for me and this fulfils that to a tee.


Before I had my new little friend, who happens to be powder blue and sits on my kitchen counter earning her keep thank-you-very-much, I made pancakes in a little plastic container that has a ‘whisk’ inner thingy…threw all the ingredients in there and shook it up…these days I do it in my mixer – the first time I mixed pancakes in there I wondered how they would turn out… rather than making a well in the middle and all that palaver I just chucked it in and hoped for the best as is my philosophy on many things in life.

It was one of my better pancake making experiences ever.


So if you want an easy pancake recipe with no fuss but much ease…go forth and mix…

Easy Pancakes with Strawberries and Nutella

1 cup plain flour

2 eggs

300ml milk



pinch salt


1. place flour, eggs, milk and salt in mixer and turn on low until all is combined and there are no lumps

2. add oil to the pan and allow it to get hot

3. pour batter into the centre and swirl gently

4. flip the pancake & when done remove to plate

5. thinly spread with Nutella and top with strawberries

BC Recipe Notes *I have always found the hotter the pan is the better the pancake…I pour in some oil, swirl it around the pan and then pour it out again so it doesn’t taste oily *I prefer the batter left overnight in the fridge – kills two birds with one stone, the batter is better and you look like super mum making pancakes in the morning. Not that I need to look like super mum around here, they know that isn’t true anyway.


Do you love a pancake? Where in the world have you experienced the heavenly taste of one of these disc shaped beauties???

…how about a pancake fest in a tatty old cottage in Sydney one day? …a beach cottage event with pancakes, strawberries and chocolate sounds good does it not?

See you next time Beach Cottage Lovelies



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55 Responses to “Beach Cottage loves a pancake”

  1. Chantal says:

    What a coincidence! Just promised my son to make pancakes… For diner :)
    With apples & prosciutto de parma… Pretty chique… Don’t you think?
    Hugs, Chantal

    P.S. the best ones I tasted in France… For me, nothing beats the French crèpes!

  2. Actually, this post is bonus, since I was thinking for awhile of finding a recipe for pancakes, so we didn’t have to eat the instant box mix anymore. And the other bonus is I can make them with whole wheat flour!

    • sarah says:

      yeah the box mix isn’t worth it (in my opinion) it’s just as much work as dumping it all in yourself x

  3. If you ever come back to Brittany for a crepe or two, I have an ugly spare room, but there are some wonderful “creperies” around the cottage!

  4. Amanda says:

    Yum they look delish!
    We had pancakes the other night as a treat …we adore them with sugar and lemon! Im thinking of doing savoury pancakes next with a chicken and bacon filling!

  5. Tamara says:

    Right on time for Shrove Tuesday next week! I was being so good on my healthy eating regime and now I’ve seen Nutella pancakes noooooooooooooo :-/

  6. Lindsey says:

    The photos!! Love the styling!!

  7. Yum! Just want them now x

  8. HRH Sarah says:

    my daughter ADORES pancakes with nutella, I’ll have to try your recipe and see what she thinks. You know, since she’s the resident expert on all things crepe’-y ;)

  9. Felicity says:

    As always absolutely amazing styling and photography, definitely cheered my Friday morning up. Any pancake is a good pancake that I didn’t have to cook. Best pancakes I have had are the Mother’s Day breakfast pancakes with my cherubs around me. I will be giving this recipe a go over the weekend, thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Debs says:

    Shrove tuesday here next Tuesday, here in Ol Blighty…gonna line those babies up…!!

  11. krissie says:

    I’m making pancakes tonite, so it was a coincidence that you posted this in! I would love to add nutella, but nutella I discovered late last year, gives me cracking migraines! so no nutella for us, instead we are having maple syrup with ours!

  12. MDN says:

    Oh, those pics make me Pavlov! Your lead mentiuoned nutrella, and I thought – yum. But then…w/ the strawberries…OH MY!

    Must give the other mixes you (and readers) mention a try, (One of these. Tomorrow. And then, others listed. Soon.) Looking forward to these new versions!

    For yrs., the most adventurous I’d gotten was to add some chopped pecans. Just hadn’t thought to make alternatives. However, last yr., I had a savory pancake in a restaurant right here in “Derby City”…whole wheat w/ cheddar, bacon, and…surprise…chopped jalepenos. Those ingredients, topped w/ pure maple syrup…make taste buds sing. Have reproduced recipe at home w/ great success. (Use whole wheat pancake mix.) Like you, dump all in at once. Simple & quick! (Hadn’t thought to make ahead of time! Great idea.)

    Of mention, though not a pancake, a family tradition is french toast w/ chunky peanut butter instead of powered sugar and/or fruit or maple syrup topping. Melts when applied right out of the pan! Guess you could add a tad of the sweet, too, come to think of it!

    • sarah says:

      hmmm I am not a lover of savoury pancakes but I am a huge lover of jalapenos, and need excuses to eat them, I might try that mix though topping it with maple syrup????? really! I’ll give it a go x

      • MDN says:

        Really… include the maple syrup! I had already started mine when the owneer stopped past, saw my “virgin” pancake and insisted that the maple syrup be included…. while It was good just w/ the jalapena, cheese & bacon, I did have to acknowledge to him that the added sweet maple really made the taste buds go “zing”! Unimaginable combo! Who’d a thunk it? Anxious for your opinion…

        PS – Forgot to mention how masterful your tablescapes and pics are…again!!!

  13. Cheryl says:

    We are expecting an enormous blizzard tomorrow. I bought ingredients for pancakes….. Yum!!! Your photos are delightful. I love the way you style them.

  14. Alice says:

    Hmmm the lemony one sounds divine Sarah…Please share… I will get hubby to try this recipe. He is on a quest to find the perfect pancake recipe. Funny because that is how we (meaning hubby and the kids) eat them at home (add blueberries and raspberries to the strawberries – yum!). I can only see and smell them but not touch and on the very odd occasion that I do (bad Alice remember the Dr’s commandments) I tend to skip the nutella and replace with greek yoghurt with the strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. If I really want to be naughty I drizzle syrup on top of everything or a tad bit of honey with crushed almonds (ooohhh so naughty). Heee hee…
    As you have probably guess I am feeling guilty already and all I am doing is writing about pancakes! Terrible!

    But so delicious hee…hee…

    • sarah says:

      for and English style lemony panacke just squeeze fresh lemon juice on and then sprinkle with caster sugar…that’s the way it’s done in England for Shrove Tuesday x

  15. Sharon says:

    Did you style this?????????????? it’s fantastic, better than a magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Lou P says:

    I’ll be getting some Nutela on the way home from work and eggs from the chooks hopefully, this looks so easy and delicious.

  17. jacksonvile bech clubs says:

    Even I love pancakes specially when it includes strawberry and chocolates in it..Thanks for sharing it’s recipe and ingredients,I would try this,Hope I got successful.

  18. Mumofsix says:

    Those photos! Delicious x

  19. Right…just pencilling in pancake fest at tatty cottage…get back to me with the details, date etc ok?!? Sounds delish!! xx

  20. Oh yum! These look divine. How gorgeous are your photos!! I LOVE nutella, it was a big treat to have it as a snack in my lunch box at school and if your friend brought one in you’d fight them for it.

    Our local Italian restaurant does nutella pizzas– they are the bomb!! You must catch the ferry over for some one evening.

    • sarah says:

      oh yes I feel the same about Nutella, in fact in England when I grew up it definitely had the exotic about it – I remember a friend had it in her house in the pantry and I was like OMG you are so exotic, haha

      I’ll take you up on your offer one day soon xxx

  21. Lidija says:

    After the second sentence I almost died laughing . You are my morning therapy, Sarah !
    Pancakes ? Yes, please ! I love them with Nutella, marmalade, fruits and sauces.
    My home recipes are thick, chopped up with blueberries, chocolate and powdered sugar on the top. My favorites are my mom’s pancakes with homemade apricot jam :)

    • sarah says:

      thanks Lidija it seems a lot of folk come here for my humour which is always a tad on the worrying side for me as I never intend or intended to be funny…haha…you learn something every day with blogging lol!

      I like the sound of your recipes for sure

  22. I scheme ways to get to a diner in America for a pancake with whipped butter and syrup…

    Two Words – Lou Mitchell’s


    Best pancakes *ever*. Old style diner in Chicago. They were one block from home when I lived in Chicago – the line outside the place on Sunday morning was killer, but oh so worth it. The trick was to get there while church was in service…

    I’ve never made American style pancakes myself – my recipe is from the Australian Women’s Weekly cookbook – they are called “pancakes”, but in reality, like yours, they are crepes.

    • sarah says:

      American style pancakes are really easy and easier to cook too than the English/Aussie ones…have a go…I love them but they are very filling lol!

      Errrm if I ever get to Chicago I’ll be there x

  23. Lynne says:

    Delish pancake photos !…. LOVE !! So true about nutella & anything warm… like a crepe and banana..on the streets of Paris. DIVINE !
    Thanks for your beautiful beautiful photography and giving me a new craving today. LOL.
    Lynne :)

  24. Anita says:

    Oooo Yummie!
    That’s a good idea: i will make some pancakes today too (it’s my hubby’s birthday – so let’s party!), Unfortunately, I do not have strawberries nor Nutella in tha houzzzz – so tha’s for next time.
    Enjoy your weekend!!

  25. Rukmini Roy says:

    Definitely not a nutella fan but if the setting looks as good as this, I’d eat the lot.
    Great photographs and beautiful colors.

  26. Victoria says:

    I have’nt had a pancake in way too many years,and when I did it was the lemon one my fav.I have never had Nutella ,even after raising three boys who did’nt ask for it,not many rules in this house so they could have had if wanted.Your beautiful photos and well the whole easy setup has my taste buds going crazy.Thanks,Sarah.

  27. Surely Sarah says:

    These look amazing. I am astounded by your food photography as usual Sarah!
    I am a fan of the Jamie Oliver “best pancakes” recipe which I discovered at Xmas but I never ever thought of adding Nutella as a topping! Must try your version :)

  28. alison says:

    My daughter stores Nigella’s recipe’s dry ingredients premixed in a container so she is always ready to go with pancakes.

    Sarah, you are so lucky to have eaten panckes in so many places.


  29. Rochelle says:

    In love with that lace! x

  30. renee says:

    My nanna made thin pancakes…sprinkled sugar and squeezed orange juice on them. so yummy

  31. Erica says:

    I know this is an old post but I just gotta tell ya, this recipie has become a family staple that my kids crave! Much better than Nutella on waffles for sure. Thank you!