Beach Cottage fingers, figs & faggots

Wed 20th, Feb, 2013

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Well good morning world!  Woman in old cottage typing with one hand here.  How the devil are you?

I am ok, finger still is not…but it’s on the mend.

Shall I give you a piece of my infinite wisdom??  You know I like to impart my advice and give you bang for your buck at this little corner of the internet, don’t you?


Ok, so, if you cut off a slice of the top of your finger and then have a lunch at your place a few days later, may I make a suggestion?


That you don’t squirt lemon juice anywhere near your finger.

That may not be one of your better moves.



Righto, let us, with one hand, move onto figs – now I do have a very long, very laborious and little bit rose-tinted story to tell you about figs – it definitely involves the South of France and being surrounded by copious amounts of fig trees absolutely groaning with them, it does also include honey from bees near the tree and the most mahusive bush of basil I have ever seen.

20130220-05-abeachcottage-coastal-blog 20130220-06-beach-cottage-blog-australia

It also touches on whitewashed Frenchy with a Catalan feel houses, a boulangerie, a market town, a canal and a game of boule.

There are shutters too.

French ones.


But, my friends, my finger will not allow me to wildly travel down memory lane this morning, so rather, you will have to put on your rose-tinted specs and dream…


Instead I give you these figs in the Summer in an old cottage tucked away on Sydney’s beaches.

I love this salad, it fulfils many many of my needs and ticks a gazillion of the boxes that I need ticked for a recipe to be made more than once…first off it is easy, really it’s more a gathering of ingredients, secondly it’s simple, even without the use of one finger, thirdly it can be thrown together in minutes.   If we are talking fourthly, it looks a bit fancy but does not induce fluster…you can make it in no time, but bring it out with a flourish as if fancy is your middle name.

And, of course it is to die for, oh my gosh I need to eat this for breakfast, lunch & dinner delicious.

I totally stole this salad from a friend many years ago when I had a little bouncing boy and no wobbly bits, I changed it up a bit, I like less oil and more bobs – it later came to my attention that said friend stole it from Jamie, he of Oliver fame and also the person who is getting the blame for the lack of memory telling in this post because while trying to be like him slicing cucumbers I came away with an occupational injury.

Apparently it’s known as the sexiest salad, in the world – I have no idea about that, I mean please, I have enough of that when I need to bargain for a new kitchen (hello, yes I did say new kitchen!) I certainly don’t need it in my salad too.

Fig, Prosciutto & Buffalo Salad

serves 4 or if you are a glutton like me 2

5 figs

5 slices prosciutto

1 ball buffalo mozzarella




4 tablespoons olive oil

1 tablespoon honey

1. slice figs & add to platter

2. dot in between the figs ripped up buffalo & prosciutto

3. sprinkle with basil leaves

4. drizzle with olive oil, honey, a few squeezes of lemon and a smattering of salt

5. combine

Beach Cottage Recipe Notes** the dressing ingredients can be mixed before and dressed, I don’t bother with that  *bread is good here  *close your eyes and think of the South of France



Rightio, I am so out of here, I am taking my finger to look at lighting, at new beds and, don’t tell Mr Beach Cottage but I am going to start moving the furniture out of our bedroom because, ummm, I have decided to do something to our floors…don’t ask

I can tell you I will be needing a whole lot more than a platter of sexy salad for this one Miladies.



edited to add :   a faggot is a a traditional English dish!  because of finger I didn’t get around to writing about it, there is a story it involves it and figs…


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36 Responses to “Beach Cottage fingers, figs & faggots”

  1. bec says:

    looks delish, ….I too am typing with one less finger due to an evil olive oil bottle lid….curious about the last part of ypur title!
    Bec x

  2. Ah, I injured my finger(s) many time as I’m not the world most clumsy person… I should have told you yesterday about lemon… I tried it before!!! Somehow, I have a sore tongue (it’s probably due to a health problem – doctors are trying to figure which one) and lemon is again forbidden – again I tried it – I’m wild that way – and it made me scream so much the cats got frightened!!!

  3. Claire says:

    Love figs, just love them, but they are so darned expensive in Blighty at the moment! I am nevertheless inspired by your recipe x

  4. merilyn says:

    you are always a hoot!… we can rely on Sarah for entertainment :)
    ” where do you get’m?”
    and yes, lots of bargaining will be going on!
    thie fig platter looks amazing! … love them and the french dreaming!
    lol m;)

  5. Lisa says:

    I have no idea what this post has to do with homosexual males, but the salad looks amazing. I’m not even sure I like figs, but I think I’ll try this. If its as good as it looks, I’ll have to serve it to guests soon too. ;)

  6. Lisa says:

    Also, would you let us know where you got the lil strawberry baskets? They’re so cute!

  7. Ooh, possibly adapted from Jamie’s nectarine or peach, prosciutto and buffalo salad … I do love me a good salad and have been making variations of this for years. Will now think of France ;)

  8. Missy says:

    Here is a question- though I considera myself a foodie, I have never tried a fresh fig! Does one eat the whole thing skin and all? The salad looks delicious-may have to wait till I find fresh figs here in Pennsylvania. Not sure when that might be?

  9. Paula says:

    Faggots? Maybe there is a different use of the word in Australia. But to the salad. How do you eat figs? I have only eaten a dried fig and I loved it. These look questionable to me Hope your finger is soon better.

  10. Food..faggots…figs….all very lovely BUT…are you painting your floorboards white????????? Oh please please please answer with a big fat “yes!!” !?! xx

  11. Great post Sarah- you’ve still got me giggling even with one hand outa action!

    VERY funny….

    Fig salad is now on our menu- thanks! x

  12. alison says:


    More info on the bedroom asap please.


    • sarah says:

      haha you must know that term mahusive ;-) very big!

      more on the bedroom soon…well actually the whole front of the house – I cannot WAIT!!!!!

  13. merilyn says:

    i had a old gentleman friend from Kent, GB … gorgeous and platonic!
    and he taught me to eat the whole fig!
    good for roughage as well!
    all good! lol m :)

  14. Fairlight Marz says:

    You can eat figs whole. Skin & all. Faggot = homosexual male. I was confuzzed about the subject title also.

  15. Lidija says:

    WAY YAM! Thank you, Sarah for the recipe !
    You already know I’m obsessed with figs and yep, definitely something sexy about them.
    Call me crazy, but I think that figs and oysters = pure s:)x !

  16. Motherofluvlies says:

    Dig yourself outta that hole :) :) it is funny how different words take on different emphasis in different countries.Although I do get the association , being from the wet and cold neck of the woods I immediately thought of food……still intrigued with the link to the figs though :) oh it’s cold here Sara ,just dropping into look at your sunshine and here your news cheers me up.Painted floorboards are not so practical in this neck of the woods due to mud and so on….how do you stay motivated or does he sunshine help?xxxx

  17. Fiona says:

    hi Sarah, how have you been? (besides the finger! ouch)
    I remember the first time we saw a sign saying “faggots for sale” in England – we were a bit shocked until we realised what they were. Australia used to use the word the same way the Amercians do. probably a good sign that you, as a new arrival to our shores, didn’t know what it means – a good sign that people are less homophobic these days. I had also just blogged on Tuesday a fig, prosciutto and cheese recipe – canapés. it’s the season for them isn’t. Your salad and photos look beautiful.
    hope your finger is healing and look forward to seeing your floors and new kitchen. That all sounds very exciting.
    cheers Fiona

  18. Patti-Ann says:

    Good mornin’, you popped up in my email this morning and the sun shone brighter :) Typically I google in conjunction with reading your posts, but this was scary so I thought I would ask . . . what is buffalo mozzarella? I am trying to recall if Indians gave Pilgrims Buffalo milk along with gardening instructions. I don’t remember hearing about it at Plimoth Plantation :)

    PS. I have converted 300ml milk into something I can measure and am going to make the pancakes! Thanks for the smile today.

    • Patti-Ann says:

      oh dear, either I just got lost in space or the time and date stamp on your page is not Central Standard Time in Florida!

    • sarah says:

      it is a cheese…you buy it in little tubs and it is divine!

      I must say it did tickle my fancy that you google while reading my posts – the internet is a wonderful thing isn’t it – I didn’t realise I used so much colloquial British language until 1. I moved to Australia and 2. I started blogging..

      I must try to start converting the recipes as I make them b/c I know it annoys some people that I do it the way I do it (which is often a mix of American/Australian with cups and English in mls)