Beach Cottage Coastal Table Makeover

Mon 4th, Feb, 2013

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Good moaning, how are you?  Well it’s been a funny weekend here, the weather in Sydney has been most out of character and this threw me a bit…I spent a lot of it sitting out on the deck on an Adirondack, listening to the rain.

I also got to finishing up this old table that was destined for the Summer House (aka old shed we renovated to make good, humour me please, ‘Summer House’ is an English thing) but now am thinking it may well be staying in here ‘cos I quite like it.


This was a really quick and easy makeover and I am so glad I finally got off my backside and did it because I think it is a vast improvement than its state before…even though it was wearing a very nice patina and showing some good signs of aging (unlike its owner) I believe that freshening it up has given it a new lease of life (will be tried soon by owner).  (You can find the before here and the during/how I did it here)

20130204-03-IMG_0703 20130204-04-beach-cottage-coastaly-beachy-table-makeover

Even though before I loved the very vintage feel and the weathered faded old grey, it was definitely grubby…not now.


In the end, rather than a big full-on distressing I decided that actually I liked it white and so I only sand-papered the edges a tad to show some of the grey from before through and take off that freshly-painted look…


I also kept the painted top…it’s not perfect, there are lumps and bumps and a couple of holes but its fine for me….I did try the polka dot oilcloth on there and nup it wasn’t doing it for me at all…

20130204-08-IMG_0700 20130204-09-IMG_0697

As you can see it’s, ahem, rustic…beach cottage rustic

20130204-10-beach-cottage-coastal-style 20130204-11-IMG_0693

There may or may not be a Beach Cottage droopy drip or three – and it’s not the only thing around here that’s a bit droopy at the mo’


But I like that in my life Winking smile

Whaddya think and have you painted anything lately that’s turned out well?  Love to know.


p.s. the best Cavoodle in the land blogged here today xo


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46 Responses to “Beach Cottage Coastal Table Makeover”

  1. Alice says:

    Yeah my laundry room!!! lol We are almost done with our laundry renovation… So excited… The table looks great.

    I am afraid to say this but I think Autumn has arrived early this year Sarah… The lighting when in shade gives it away everytime for me… Sigh… I want to spring to be here already…

    • sarah says:

      oh yes I felt it too!!!! I want to scream noooooo but there is definitely a hint of it in the air …I love Autumn but Spring is my fave x

      • Robyn says:

        Ummmmmm. . . . Sorry, but it’s been grey and cold and damp for long enough over here on the other side of the world! I’m looking forward to spring here in the uk! Share a bit of your sunshine please . . .

        • Lesley says:

          Yes a bit of sunshine on the west coast of Scotland please. Actually we had a wee glimpse of it this morning but it was accompanied by 60mph wind and hail!! Can’t wait for Spring & Summer.

          • sarah says:

            yowzas to wind and hail – we have had rainy Scottish style weather for a few days…over it already lol!

  2. Janelle says:

    Ooohh yes…table looks lovely just where it is….nice job!! And beeeautiful pics!! I’ve recently re-painted our dining table (white)…about to slap some paint (white) on a couple of old bench seats for the deck and have plans to re-paint a few rooms (umm..white)…I think you would approve?!? Have a lovely Monday…xx

  3. Such a lovely project Sarah. x

  4. alison says:

    I haven’t painted a sausage as Mr alison thinks he’s the boss of painting. Suits me. I’m the site manager and facilitator. I’m looking forward to his next project, our bedroom. He doesn’t know yet.


  5. Wow, you sanded the edges? Aren’t you worried that someone living in an exotic place, say Bali, will write to you and complain about your painting skills? Just kidding! I love it…

  6. I love this and how it turned out

  7. Lindsey says:

    Girl, it’s looking good in white, I thought it would but I did like the gray also.

  8. Lesley says:

    Your table looks gorgeous and I love the splashes of colour with your scarf and flowers. I have just finished painting our entrance hallway which is all tongue & groove. I bought a lovely farrow & ball grey/green/blue (non-descript actually) paint which sat around for 3 months until I came across your website and promptly exchanged it for white!! It looks gorgeous and bright. I made some bits and bobs with shells and starfish etc to hang on the walls and found a lovely turquoise candle for my hurricane lamp. Thank you so much for the inspiration! Lesley x
    P.s. I also have a turquoise scarf hanging on the bottom of the stairs!!

    • sarah says:

      gotta love a scarf hanging around for a bit of home decor lol! my family think I am loopy doing that…but I don’t!

      I love the sound of your white tongue and groove, indeed I am envious


  9. Rochelle says:

    Phew, feels like ages since I’ve been here at the beach cottage. And how I’ve missed it. Things have been hectic here and yes I have tons that need painting but they’ll have to wait until the Spring. Otherwise, there are walls that will be getting a makeover soon. hugs from Denmark. xoxo

  10. Selby says:

    I’ve done an Ikea step stool with “Scandinavian oil” so kinda counts as painting? Anywho turned out lovely, brought out the natural wood but not too glossy n slippery & should help protect the wood which was the main reason for it.

    Loving your table & how you kept the edge rustic- such a clever idea!

    • sarah says:

      thanks Selby, I love those little step stools from IKEA, I have one I might paint…it’s in the garage somewhere, you reminded me x

  11. Let me see.. my kitchen, and the hallway going downstairs to our family room. Next up is our bedroom. And, I have a coffee table in my livingroom (as well as a curio cabinet), that is needing a little white love! Oh, by the way, I’m having a little Valentine’s Giveaway over on my blog, if you or any of your readers are interested. I’m giving away a deep pink combo, Ruffle scarf, and some hand made brown sugar fudge! Here’s the URL http://housepretty.blogspot.ca/2013/01/valentines-giveaway.html.

  12. Al says:

    I inherited a dark brown bedroom suite that just soaked up all the light from my bedroom. Since it had been my mom’s, I was reluctant to get rid of it, but it was almost depressingly dark (and that made me sad). Knowing that I would probably destroy its value and that my mom would not have approved, I painted it white! A dresser, bed, chest of drawers, and a bedside table got sanded and painted. Now, I love it in a white room with light blue bedding. I was ready to let it go, but now I never will.

    • sarah says:

      Yes I know it is often hard to paint things because you think you will ‘ruin’ them but I always think well at least I am saving them from landfill…xx

  13. Another example of your amazing trash to treasure projects. Loving the table and the splashes of color. It is still WINTER here in VA. (USA) so…depressing I can’t get motivated to do a thing but the usual. I can’t wait for Spring!

  14. Candy says:

    Am about to paint a table that’s just a teeny bit bigger. Had planned on doing it all white but love the gray on the edges of yours. Will steal this idea forthwith, although my color is very distressed aqua. Hope it looks as good…thanks, Sarah :)

  15. HRH Sarah says:

    It looks wonderful, Sarah. I like the mix of fresh white and the distressed still gray bits, lovely!
    I am contemplating painting an old desk that has seen better days. The shape and details are lovely, but the current, ahem, yucky dark green paint is not. We’re trying to get the house ready to sell, and while it would be so nice to show it looking its best, there are so many other things to do that painting the desk is low down on the priority list.

    • sarah says:

      hmmm yes that is a shame though it doesn’t take long to paint things if you do it bit by bit…plus I reckon house buyers like white and bright! xx

  16. Love the simplicity + that happy burst of turquoise.

    Thanks as always ~ Mary

  17. Rachel says:

    Sarah, I totally love your style and so wish I could incorporate it into my house. I unfortunately have a brown leather couch and a light brown suede couch in the other room and for the life of me I don’t know what I can do to get the white feel of the room when everything feels brown :( any tips?

    • sarah says:

      Hi Rachel

      I get asked this question a lot! When we were in our rental in our first house in Australia, I had a similar problem…for a start the carpets were green, and not a good green at that, I am not a green lover anyway but this was suburban English carpet green (funny as the owners were English) – I covered it with big coir/jute rugs and then added white thrifted furniture painted white…the walls were a horrid yellowy cream which didn’t help, I did have a white sofa though so that was good to tie it all together…

      I am no expert but for a brown leather sofa I would actually do everything else white (walls etc) and using different textures and different shades of white but ‘play up’ the loveliness of the brown leather (I am assuming it is lovely!) and if you want a coastal feel then accentuate coastal with accessories but not too delicate and not ‘beachy themey’ …as in big knitted chunky throws layered on the sofa in white and grey, big fisherman style baskets painted white, white lanterns and lots of mirrors to bounce what white you have got around…you haven’t said about the windows or the window dressings, I would keep them simple, perhaps double layered white or off white/grey with white blinds….

      hope that helps..happy to answer any more questions – leave them on here (it’s the quickest way for me to reply x)


      • Rachel says:

        Thank you so much for your reply. You are very kind. Window coverings and walls and the rest of the house are neutral tones, cream tiles, cream window coverings. Kitchen is cream two pack with black stone benches. Carpet is a ho-hum light brown / beige colour. Our furniture is timber but I’m a little too scared to start painting it. However, like you said I can accentuate with the throws and other bits and pieces too …. you’ve given me some things to think about – thank you.

        We live near the beach. I’m at Redcliffe, in Queensland. (the place where the Bee Gees lived lol). So I can get away with some beachy/coostal accents.

        Thanks again – have a great day.

        • sarah says:

          My pleasure Rachel – I would definitely think about painting the furniture…perhaps start with a thrifted piece and see the huge difference…no point living with stuff you don’t love :-)

          good luck x

  18. Emma says:

    Oooh. VERY nice job! I’d like a similar restoration done on me!!! Mostly crisp and refreshed which just a slight touch of ‘authenticity’ showing :-)

  19. aussiebeachgirl says:

    Simple and gorgeous! Just perfect in that spot and one to keep! Hx

  20. Shar Y says:

    I am about to tackle an antique dresser that I have had for ages. Really digging your painted pieces and the table is great! Just can’t decide for sure on color; probably greyish/blueish/greenish with hint of white toning!
    Barls looks too cute with his new “do”. My two standards come home from the groomer and are pooped for days! Must be very stressful, but you know they gotta feel better!

    • sarah says:

      A lot of people have told me that re the groomers, but I was very worried, he is getting better now!

      good luck with the painting Shar – a dresser is not the easy of pieces for drips! x

  21. Anonymous says:

    You have done a very nice job with this makeover! Everything is just so lovely and gorgeous! You have got good creativity, keep it up! Got good ideas from this post! Will keep it in my mind!

  22. Clare says:

    Ahhhh Sarah!! Beautiful work as always. I have painted all weekend and u would be pleased to know ….. White…. The front fence. Feeling a bit over it right now but the end is close so I will keep going knowing that one day I will be finished lol!!