Beach Cottage Coastal Beachy Instagram Wall Art

Thu 14th, Feb, 2013

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I have been messing around with these little polaroid prints from beachy coastal pictures on my Instagram account…

I am not a big lover of pictures in frames on the wall, or art on the walls either, I prefer bits of furniture, old doors and vintage ladders propped around, and with all that going on pictures are a bit overkill…but I love the idea of some coastal blues popping with colour and I love love love the casual feel to just pinning up little pics and photos…


I love inspiration / mood boards and have one on the go in various places and some of these went on there but I thought these might look quite nice grouped together as a bit of nautical wall art…

I chose lots of my beachy / coastal images and then picked out pictures that had good blues and popped them onto the wall with Blu-Tack….soooo easy…

20130214-03-how-to-use-Prinstagram-for-Wall-Art 20130214-04-abeachcottage-wall-art-printstagram-

Yours in ocean blues and beachy things…

Happy Valentine’s Day ladies, I hope you are being treated to something special…


p.s. Barls blogged here


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18 Responses to “Beach Cottage Coastal Beachy Instagram Wall Art”

  1. Diana says:

    Love it!

  2. Looks fabulous sarah.. AND the best thing is when you tire of it (just saying you might!!) it can be easily removed!!

    ps..sooty said to tell Barls that he has enough crochet in his “little neck of the woods” to keep him very comfy in his “old age”..especially as he is 14 yrs old today..

    ps..just sent my 26 yo son a valentines greeting in a text message to his phone in brissie..(hope he doesn’t tell anyone!!~) lol… x andrea

    • sarah says:

      ahhh I don’t think we will ever catch up with Sooty’s crochet haha!

      oh what a nice thing to do, I am going to send one to my daughter, thanks x

  3. Alice says:

    Hubby told me to expect nothing… He was beind serious I am sad to say :( So I bakes a love heart passion fruit cake with cream cheese frosting for my 3 Valentines… But now to the important stuff… Your coastal snaps put up in a love heart shape up against that white wall did brighten up my mood a little! They look great (I have always suspected they would). Maybe pegging them (wooden white washed or weathered ofcourse) on to some twine that perhaps is tied to some hooks might look nice too or even like your driftwood hanging thingos but pictures instead… Makes one stop and look… Sorry doing it again (the whole imagining ones place with ones touch lol in ones head)… Happy Valentines Day!

  4. Aisling says:

    I put a chocolate heart in each of my kids lunchboxes – my 10yr son came and gave me a hug in public when i went to see him at school! Dh gave me a nice bunch of flowers.

    Great pictures, Sarah. I hope you had great Valentine’s day!

    Cheers Aisling

  5. Lidija says:

    Love this heart shaped pictures !
    I wish you 365 days full of love – Happy Valentine’s day, Sarah !

  6. MDN says:

    Absolutely LOVE this…and this Valentine of yours, too! Thanks!!!

    I hadn’t put together the fact that you’re not “into” art on walls…(duh!) But, this pop of color – with your beautiful pics – styled in the “season’s” special shape: well, it all comes together so nicely! You always have such a creative touch! What a nice Valentine’s Day greeting to your family (and us), too…

    Well, as you can derive from the above, I really like this and could envision taking the concept on into the future. Perhaps making this a permanent, yet changing, “Memory” spot? Some folks have their Rogue’s gallery, etc. (E.g., beach pics now, trip pics – local and beyond – other times, project progression – say the BC2 once underway? Perhaps a collage of each BC kiddo’s pics on their birthdays, ribbons won at events, Barley pics on his adoption birthday? Maybe an occasional day for each one of them to participate and create their own exhibit? (Have missed Mr. Teen BC’s water shots. [Safe ones, that is.]) Perhaps within a movable, resizable frame around the designated area, too? (As w/ the pics on a string or other approaches…) Oh, well, just ‘maginin.

    May the BC family and you have a terrific Valentine’s Day, too!

    PS – a head nudge reminder just received from my feline to send to your canine: Gracie Pawline XOXOXOs Barley!

  7. Karen says:

    I heart your heart!!

  8. Julie Johnson says:

    Love your “valentine” decor. I didn’t realize you photos were in the shape of a heart until I looked at it again. It brings the ocean inside. I love it. Have a Happy valentines day.

  9. Beautiful pics Sarah! Happy Velentine’s Day to you! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  10. alison says:


  11. My favourite colour in the world is blue and this is just beautiful!

  12. I am just in love with every pic you take.
    Your photography is amazing.
    I have learnt now from you, that instead of being jealous of your amazing photography, it inspires me to do better with my own!
    Thanks Sarah for being continually inspirational
    .`·.¸.·´ ♥
    ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸¸.·¨¯`·.♥

  13. Shar Y says:

    I love this. I actually have started something similar with little ledges that I got to hang on wall. i just have photos propped up and can move around at will. This was inspired when a friend came over and made the comment that I still have the same photos out from years ago! This way is easy to swap out!!

    LOVE your blues!!