Beach Cottage A Day in the Garden

Fri 22nd, Feb, 2013

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Well as I said yesterday I have been out doing some gardening…

20130222-02-IMG_2190 20130222-03-IMG_2560 20130222-04-IMG_2122

It was very warm for gardening…I always always wear my Hunter’s when out in the garden, it’s a snake thing, my kiddos would rather I don’t wear them out of the house, which often happens if it is, obviously, raining or if I forget and run out, in my other job as taxi-driver, to collect them from something during or after gardening…I don’t advise you to run out with pieces of lavender in your hair, grubby hands, wellies and shorts (with legs which are, ahem not de-fuzzed) and rock up at a local sporting event where there are mummies of the yummy variety…just sayin’ that that may not go down too well…

I am also partial to a gardening hat…at the moment this one, but also known to be much bigger and floppier…


I have a bit of a thing for tools…really what a surprise…I have old vintage ones, new plastic ones, old plastic ones, painted vintage ones and shiny wooden ones…


I bought a few new plants at the weekend to go in…my planting is totally haphazard, not based on anything much other than it must not need too much assistance from me once it’s in and it must look quite nice…

20130222-07-IMG_2223 20130222-08-IMG_2221

I’ve been meaning to get some old-school herbs for a while…I have nailed most of the regular garden herbs now – oregano, marjoram, sage, tarragon, various parsley, mint, chives etc are all thriving from the planting I did last year, topped up with basil and a few others this year that didn’t last Sydney’s cold hard winter.

So I picked these two to start, neither of which you actually eat and the Rue has associations with witchcraft which made me chuckle to myself while I stood in the shop choosing and therefore had to include in my basket…the comfrey I will be wrapping around my finger today – it’s much better but still sooooo sore.



I threw these Cosmos in as seeds, they have done well…

20130222-10-IMG_2619 20130222-11-IMG_2543

Picked a few bits to take in…there are few things in life as nice as the smell of herbs and things freshly picked…

20130222-12-IMG_2575 20130222-13-IMG_2187

This little beauty below is very apt for me too…I was looking for some more of these because they grow very easily here…the more I learn about Aussie gardening the more I gravitate towards drought hardy flowers that like warm spots…I don’t normally go for much yellow in my life (please tell me the yellow chevron fad in the shops will be over soon, I can’t take another yellow chevron) but I liked this one and when I looked at the name it was Limoncello!



The bits I brought in went in bottles…looked pretty


I have also been dabbling with succulents, pulling off the leaves and making babies to pot up…

20130222-16-IMG_2242 20130222-17-IMG_2333

I love the colours and the air when you are outside, no technology, no phone, no internet…such a good way to switch off and re-connect with just the earth and stuff…

20130222-18-IMG_2285 20130222-19-IMG_2129 20130222-20-IMG_2131

Agave is another thing I have been dabbling with since I realised, sadly, that the old style English garden that I love is not to be here…I have four Agave now, two are getting quite big and one has had a baby, which I am going to transplant…this is one that I bought from an old man at a vintage market…it’s doing ok in a very hot spot…

20130222-21-IMG_2133 20130222-22-IMG_2365

A really old bench that runs down by the deck and is shabby and peely has ended up as a place for little pots of things, collected things and things from beachcombing…

20130222-23-IMG_2266 20130222-24-IMG_2555 20130222-25-IMG_2138 20130222-26-IMG_2142 20130222-27-IMG_2159

Some of the herbs were lunch…

20130222-28-IMG_2177 20130222-29-IMG_2444

I had a few friends out there, no snakes though which is always a bonus…

20130222-30-IMG_2473 20130222-31-IMG_2598 20130222-32-beach-cottage-blog-bottles-vintage-

The sunshine was lovely, the light was lovely….

20130222-33-IMG_2318 20130222-34-beach-cottage-white-coastal-decor

Happy Friday people, enjoy the weekend, I have some vintage treasure hunting, some fish and some markets planned…

Oh and if you have a garden or a park, get out there and smell the roses




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29 Responses to “Beach Cottage A Day in the Garden”

  1. Judy says:

    Your photos are awesome, thank you! Hope your finger is better soon.

  2. Hope you feel better soon with that finger. I had 2 teeth pulled a few days ago just now feeling a bit like myself. Thanks for the beautiful pics to cheer me up! Have a great weekend Sarah!

  3. Claire says:

    Still rather chilly here in Blighty for too much gardening Sarah, but I’m already thinking ahead and planning some seed trays of veggies and flowers to see if I can get a few things to grow from scratch this year. Your photos have inspired me and make me look forward to the sunnier days which will eventually come. I recently bought some navy Hunters so what more motivation do I need to get out in the garden as soon as I can without icicles forming on my nose! Enjoy the weekend x

    • sarah says:

      haha Claire, I remember those days of waiting to get out in the garden…that doesn’t happen to me anymore, kinda sweeter when you wait for it…

      I haven’t tried many veggies from scratch and to be honest my veggie gardening has halted – it was a lot of effort for not much return b/c of the hot spot it’s in – I have settled on herbs, chilli, salad, onions and chives, so far so good…the flowers from seed though such a no-brainer, I literally looked for things that could go straight in the soil (no potting) and threw them in…few weeks later lots of life!


  4. Wow, to be able to garden, and for most of the year…We have here a couple of feet of snow, and I keep telling myself, that yes, indeed, there are perennials out there in my gardens. I just can’t see them because they are covered in so freakin’ much snow! By the way, those pictures are pretty awesome! And your finger sounds incredibly sore, ouch!

    • sarah says:

      yes I remember that feeling of waiting to get out in the garden, so don’t have that here..the most is a few days when it rains a lot, and ever those are few and far between…in the hot spot in the garden I can grow most stuff year long too, though last year the basil didn’t make it for a few months…this year I will do it in a pot and bring it in at night and see…

      enjoy your snow though, I sometimes wonder if I will ever see snow again!

  5. marylou says:

    As much as I love ALL of your pics these spoke to me;-) You told a story with your photos today, more so than ever and I so enjoyed!! Always a pleasure to stop by your blog!!

    • sarah says:

      thanks very much marylou – funny b/c I just took the camera with me as I gardened, chilled out and just snapped what looked good ;-) x

  6. Selby says:

    Beautiful photos! thankyou for sharing- just the tonic I needed today, a real lift for my spirits in the form of a visual feast, just the ticket as I’m in bed nursing myself to get over a ferral flu. Very thankful hubby has a RDO so he’s taken the gorgeous but loud toddler man out for a bit so I can rest up & admire your pretty pictures- bliss!:)

    Reckon I need to chuck in a few more fowers around the joint we have some but not nearly enough for my taste- will have to research some to find hardy ones as we get such fierce frosts & then baking heat out here- still working out what grows well in this area of the gippsland as its much more extreme changes than I’m used to… Might need to go on some reconnaissance walks & see what’s growing well in the neighbors yards around here hehe – sounds very MI5 I know but hey who says we Can’t have fun while researching?;)

    • sarah says:

      stalking the neighbours will save you time & money – I have been doing just that!

      I hope you feel better x

  7. SmithShack71 says:

    Lovely garden. And I love the yellow lemoncello. That’ll do.
    Under some sort of wintry mix weather here now. Ready for Spring!


  8. Robyn says:

    Snow flurrying down here in Brighton – so it is nice to see your light filled beautiful pictures. Can I please ask what is wrong with hunter wellies? I have a pair and they are objects of beauty! Wear them with pride. If I had snakes in my garden I’d wear a full body protection suit and a riot shield.

    • sarah says:

      there is nothing wrong with them, I wear them all the time lol…however in Aus it’s a bit more unusual to see them…especially in Summer with shorts ;-) x

  9. Oh, my! Your getting better at taking pictures post after post. Those are truly amazing!

  10. Aysegul says:

    I am dying to do some gardening,too. But today there is a big storm at the Mediterranean…I am trying to deal with the flowers inside because I want them to have lots of flowers when I take them out in the spring..Great photos….

  11. Fantastic photos Sarah! Just love the colours.
    Ps. I especially love the one with Barley peeking up in the background :D

    Its like he’s saying “Ah she will never spot me here!”

    • sarah says:

      haha yes he was funny while I was taking photos…he follows me everywhere, which proves to be interesting when trying to get shots of some things!

  12. Just a lovely blog with pics of all the things I look for when I’m out and about. My colors are tan, chocolate, lots of white, aqua, sea foam with a touch of lime. Sea and beach cottage themed because I’m originally a Jersey shore gal. I’ll be back again! Jennifer

  13. Shar Y says:

    Awesome photos! Great boca, too. Gardening is such a healing thing for the soul!

  14. Kathryn says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I have just discovered the tree hibiscus too, purchased from our local monthly market but I went for the pale pink as I’m not keen on yellow or red plantings either since it doesn’t come in white. I like to have only blue aggies, coastal rosemary & white oleander & swags of purple iris. You might like a creeper called mandeville that has fabulous large white trumpet flowers, which looks great against the white of the house
    Cheers Kathryn.

  15. Great pictures, Sarah – thanks for sharing! I hope you’re having a great weekend!

  16. alison says:

    Gardening is so therapeutic. I keep telling myself I need to potter out there more often.

    Snakes at your place? Really? I saw a really skinny one slither into my mondo grass the other day. Note to self:always wear closed in shoes. We had another echidna cruising around our culdesac recently and watched him visit the neighbour’s garden this time. So special.

    I am so glad I am past that time in life where the school and sport mums check each other out. So glad.


  17. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for all the sunny posts to get us through the cold, dark winter here! I so love seeing all your happy flowers and herbs. And your wellies. I don’t care what the kids say, wellies are the best :)

  18. Wendy says:

    love your photos – You have a wonderful eye for composing a shot

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  20. Lisa says:

    Can you share what camera you are using?

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