white shell wind chimes on the deck

Mon 21st, Jan, 2013

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Well G’day from Sydney!

Yep we are back in the land of Down Under and very pleased to be home.  If you Instagram with me you will know that the last day of our holiday did not go to plan but did involve a long ride in an Indonesian ambulance sirens blaring (surprised we actually made it out of that part alive) and a trip to the ER in Bali, a lot of tears, some sutures and the services of some very good doctors…a not very good experience with the airline and its staff and an even worse fellow passenger who tried to argue over a spare seat and the injured leg made it safe to say we were very pleased to get home.  All I can say is THANK GOODNESS for travel insurance.

Anyway I am not here to talk about that but more what I bought for this old cottage while I was in Bali.


To be honest I thought I would be coming home with a whole lot more purrrrchayses from Bali – before we went everyone proclaimed the wonderful shopping and I had sourced the best places to go for homey stuff and made plans to spend time exploring them….however once there, really, there wasn’t much that caught my eye that I thought might go down well in this old cottage…

I did come home with a couple of these shell wind chimes…they were everywhere in Bali and I thought might look good here…


Well I do like it, the sound is very pretty too, but I haven’t quite found the right place yet…this is where Mr Beach Cottage hung it when he unpacked the suitcases while I was at the hospital the first day we got back…it’s stayed there but I will probably move it into a corner…

I am off for a lunch date with a young guy…hello sushi train

What do you like to bring back from holidays – for me it’s a bit of home decor and a bag or six..



p.s Barley is blogging here again after the holidays

Apologies for the commenting issues…hoping it will be fixed soon…



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2 Responses to “white shell wind chimes on the deck”

  1. Alice says:

    Oh my goodness Sarah! I hope you are mending fast! You poor thing, what a terrible ordeal (especially with the flight some people just don’t want to be considerate any more what is it with that?)…

    Yes shopping at places like Bali, Thailand or even China are not my thing only because they look exactly like the things that are sold here but for a much cheaper price(depending what you are shopping for).Since most things don’t really impress me much here why would the very same things impress me there? That is me just being me…Maybe I am missing something…

    My aunt actually has one of those shell wind chimes (overseas in Europe)… I fell in love with it the moment my eyes fell on it at the age of 17. I wanted to bring it home with me (aunt gave it to me as a parting gift) but my mum wouldn’t allow such a thing (no eye for these kind of things). I still think about it every time I spot one when out and about… I do think it would look better in a corner but at the front not hidden. Perhaps at the front of the house, near that lovely turquoise/aqua door of yours…The colours would play off well….

    Have fun with your little one…I can’t believe my oldest is starting school next week! EEEEEPP!!! I still have to wash her uniform and buy a whole lot of stuff!!!! I’ll be glad once I am settled into a routine of sorts. It turns out routine is as comforting for some adults as it is for kids lol!

    • sarah says:

      it wasn’t me that was injured but it has healed super fast…much better than we ever expected!

      good luck with starting school, it was a huge adjustment for me when my oldest started school… x