Travelling in Your Own Back Yard

Mon 7th, Jan, 2013

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G’day lovely blog peeps, are you happy to be getting  a bit further into the New Year….I am!

So my big resolution this year is to get out and see more of Sydney and to ‘travel more’ …whatever that means!  Easy to say it quickly but with 5 of us here with busy schedules, not to mention the budget involved for all of us to ‘travel’, it doesn’t always actually happen…however, this year will be the year something happens…


Recently on Instagram I have been spending way too much of my leisure time getting lost in lovely pictures from all over the world and came across a gal who takes regular trips up to London to experience all that fabulous city has to offer..I thought why not do the same here?

20130107-03-IMG_4959 20130107-04-IMG_5004

…and Sydney has so many wonderful and diverse things to offer…I want to get out there and enjoy them…

20130107-05-IMG_4972 20130107-06-IMG_5025 20130107-07-IMG_5031

My quest to see more of Sydney began here at this lighthouse…

20130107-08-IMG_4913 20130107-09-IMG_4917

I have been researching from the comfort of my bed and the bath via my iPad and iPhone a lot about Sydney and I have learnt a HEAP of things I didn’t have any idea about and added places to a long list that I want to visit and experience…once you start to dig about your local area things jump out at you every which way…


So, as I wrote the other day, there ain’t no-one going to make this happen except me and I do not want to blink, look around and find that I am on my own and too old and cranky (I should say more crankier than I am now) to do anything other than walk down to the corner shop for a pint of milk…so this is the first instalment of

ABeachCottage does Sydney


This lighthouse you see in the pics is in Cremorne and is not too far from me, I read about it in an old guidebook that we bought when we came to Sydney on holiday before we came to live here…it sounded perfect for our first trip to seeing more of Sydney because it seemed like a great place to just go for a walk, get some sea air, see some sights and just doodle around…


It worked out that all our kiddos came with us for this trip and this was great for all involved…there was just enough for everyone to not get bored and I don’t think I have met many males who don’t like rocks, lighthouses, water and climbing…


It’s known here as Cremorne lighthouse, and was pretty much unknown to me from the land though I’ve passed it from the water side on the ferry before…


You approach it through the bush via a very easy pathway which is pretty flat, however once once you get to the end it goes very rustic and there is a very very very steep set of steps built into a rock face…


This is a beautiful little bit of Sydney with the ferries coming and going over to Taronga Zoo, the Manly ferry scooting past and lots of sail boats enjoying a day on the water….and million dollar views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge

Coming back over the other side of the walk and with the views getting better by the minute we headed for some swimming baths set into the harbour and free for public use…it was a hot and humid day and we all had our swimmers with us…the plan was to do the walk and then go for swim with a couple of beauties to frame the view – Sydney (and from what I have seen so for of Australia) lovingly shares her beauty without charging you to swim in her harbour-side pools…love that

…it was ready for a clean when we go there though…

20130107-16-IMG_5042 20130107-18-IMG_4980 20130107-17-IMG_5036

It was a lovely way to spend some time finding things that are on my doorstep but I had never experienced before…I wonder what is on your doorstep that you don’t know about?

Yours in lighthouse lovin’


p.s. thanks for the messages about the slow loading, I am having it looked into – I have had some server and WordPress issues over the last few months and with Christmas and holidays it went to the bottom of the list, but hopefully all will be loading faster again soon x



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48 Responses to “Travelling in Your Own Back Yard”

  1. Lovely post Sarah with some great photos. Sometimes it’s too easy to ignore what’s on your doorstep isn’t it? When you are showing friends around though and see things through their eyes, you relise what ‘s out there. I did a blog last year about exactly the same thing….in my tiny village in the middle of England….

  2. Great images, Sarah! It’s amazing what you just take for granted when you live in a city, and never really get out to experience what your “home” has to offer. I’ve only ever been to Sydney on business (and once for a wedding), so I never really had the chance to explore, but when I lived in Melbourne, I used to get on my bike and go for a long ride each Sunday to explore hidden nooks in the city.

    Even now, living in Texas, there is so much I haven’t seen here in my own city (Fort Worth) – I really need to get out and explore. Thanks for the kick in the pants to get out more!

    Have a wonderful week, Sarah!

    • Sarah – I just wanted to add about your site load time – I haven’t noticed it, but I’m viewing your site on a new, faster Mac, so that may be helping me, but on your front page the two items that take far longer to load than anything else are the images for your sweet blogging e-course, and the ad for The Remarkables group.

      http://www.tools.pingdom.com is a good site to check page load speed for individual pages on your blog (out of curiosity, I just checked your home page).

    • sarah says:

      yes you do! it’s amazing what you seen once you are out and about!!!

      Sydney is the best place haha not that I am biased xoxoxoxooxox

  3. Love those pics. Sarah! I love getting to see what you see, from way over in cold (at the moment), Canada, brrr…

  4. alison says:

    Love your photos. Nice hat.

    Montague Island lighthouse. Weekend stays. Fabulous.


    PS Thanks for looking into the downloading issues.

  5. Karen says:

    Hi Sarah
    Your blog is my daily inspiration and funny but hubby and it did this exact same thing yesterday. Moved to Hervey Bay 6 months ago and felt bogged down in day to day so went for a lovely drive and walk to an area we had not yet explored in our backyard. Discovered the cutest coffee shop with smiling staff and a yet undiscovered, by us, part of the beach. After a wonderful walk, piccies on the phone of some beautiful beach side gardens and just some chill out time came back home refreshed and ready to go again on our own little patch of paradise. Inspiration truly is just outside your door.
    Thanks for your inspiration.


    PS – Who can’t love a gorgeous, romantic lighthouse!!

  6. HRH Sarah says:

    The lighthouse is beautiful, as is the view of Sydney. Glad you’re starting off so well on your resolution :)
    Can’t wait to see more of your lovely Aus this year…

    • sarah says:

      thanks and I can’t wait to do it! I have already booked another little travel weekend away…not far but seeing more of Australia, hooray! x

  7. One of our biggest tips to those who want to travel more is to explore their own backyard! It’s amazing what you will discover, just by wearing the travel glasses. We are re-launching our new website today with the tagline Travel more. Create better memories. How funny!
    Your photos are gorgeous. I just love Sydney. Great place to explore.

    • sarah says:

      yes I love that travel glasses thing – soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much to explore in Sydney I think!


  8. Anonymous says:

    Aaaaww look at you…..love seeing some pics with you in them ( and Barls!!…) Anyhoo…I love that you’re sharing this with us, you are even inspiring me to head out with the kiddos more and see what we can find. It’s amazing how much they seem to love just pottering about and exploring things…makes for great family time and memories I think. Happy holidaying!….xx

    • sarah says:

      yeah my kiddos love pottering…we have always done that with them and hoped to teach them that going out for walks and stuff and just seeing things is fun without spending money or doing and ‘activity’ ….it’s paying off now!!

      thanks for the lovely comment xoxoxo x

  9. Janelle says:

    Whoops I’ve came up as annonymous sorry…..Janelle xx

  10. Jos says:

    Hey there Mrs BC Tourista! If you don’t know it already – check out 52suburbs.com.au – for a year a photographer named louise travelled to all manner of suburbs in Sydney to capture what is unique or distinctive about each burb. Friends of mine have used it to form an ‘adventrers” lunch club’ and last year they chose one a month to go explore and have a local lunch! The stories they have to tell are fabulous! Thought you’d love it if you didn’t already know about it! Enjoy the adventures! J xxx

    • sarah says:

      oh wow thanks for the link, I have never heard of it…hopefully I will get time to take a look!

      yes I love these adventures…really is amazing what is on your doorstep xo

  11. MDN says:

    Enjoying vicariously this Sydney sightseeing trek (thru your lens & descriptions), & am looking forward to many more. (Maybe sometimes include info/pics about local meals/eateries, too, & how things taste? Regions all have their individual specialties… I had lived in KY [USA] for 13 yrs before making time to see the sights of our beautiful & diverse state, meet many of its peoples, & experience many local history, tradition & foods. Locals always are able to share a treasure trove of info – we need only ask!) There’s SO MUCH out there to experience: Enjoy.. know we appreciate that you’re taking your fans w/ you!

    YEAH: Sounds as tho this local jaunt was “incident” free vs those you’ve had on prior longer, more wayward ventures!

    PS – Did Barls join the BC troup on this mecca? Oh, & TKS for looking into slow loading…seeing improvements!

    • sarah says:

      thanks, yes I totally agree about talking to the locals – the way to learn for sure!

      errrm Barls did not come on this jaunt because of the pool part but he has been on others…

      Yes this one was incident free though I am not holding my breath (on holiday now as typing this and just waiting for something to happen!!!!) xxox

  12. Nette says:

    I would love to see more of Sydney through your eyes.

    I will probably never visit Australia, so for me, it will be a welcomed adventure to follow you around your “hood”.

    • sarah says:

      shame you won’t get to see Australia Nette…but that’s one reason I love blogs – you can go around the world! x

  13. Sam says:

    Great idea thx for sharing
    We love Barrenjoey Lighthouse
    And have climbed it twice since Christmas!
    If you go on Sundays its open with a tour guide
    But first stop is always The Boathouse
    For breakfast – a must ☕

    • sarah says:

      oh yes I have done Barrenjoey lots of times now!!! the views are priceless really aren’t they?????

      and a sit on the beach afterwards doesn’t go down too badly…we normally give The Boathouse a miss and pack up a huge picnic…but I do love it there too xoxoxo

  14. Bec says:

    When are you coming to the eastern suburbs!? Absolutely love your blog and you have encouraged us to travel more to the northern beaches :

    • sarah says:

      ahhh those lovely juberly Eastern suburbs! I have actually been over quite a bit…but not enough!!!! when I was researching some fabbo places came up…on my way, with camera in had ;-) x

  15. Amanda says:

    Wonderful photos Sarah thanks for sharing ….so uplifting on a cold blighty day to see the beautiful sun.
    My family my girls especially are lighthouse fans also we have many here in Norfolk and Suffolk like you we lived here for a while before investigating what was on our door step.
    I wanna marry a lighthouse keeper song came straight into my mind when i saw your first picture…are you the new Twiggy???

    • sarah says:

      oh I would LOVE to visit a Norfolk or Suffolk lighthouse! we had a holiday in Suffolk about 18 years ago and it was so fabulous!

      errrrm on the Twiggy thing, I am thinking she has a few years on me so not sure!!!!! I guess I wouldn’t mind looking like her…minus the botox xoxoxoxo ;-)0000

  16. Tamara says:

    You’re so beautifully brown and healthy looking compared to all the white, pallid bodies over here sigh………

    • sarah says:

      thanks! I must say though the brown is out of a bottle…I try to keep out of the sun over here…it’s mega sun and I am sunsafe lol! xxxx

  17. Alice says:

    Ohhh Lovely pictures and I didn’t know about this lovely place! Must check it out sometime! I love our ferries – is that strange? lol never mind… I love holydaying in my own city… Give me a staycation any day!

    • sarah says:

      I totally agree Alice, I love a Sydney staycation…but then I think I am a bit biased, I think Sydney is the best city in the world!!!! xx

      • Alice says:

        I couldn’t agree more! I love Sydney…It is home to me. Every time I get off at circular quay station the view of the bridge, the Opera house, the ferries, the museum, customs house, Luna park face in the distance(and much more) all make me smile (and make me feel very excited too)… I am hoping to spend a few weekends in the heart of Sydney CBD enjoying the Sydney festival! I miss living close to the city but alas it was très unaffordable on our meagre budget.

  18. Alana says:

    Such beautiful photos. Your post has inspired me to look differently at and do some exploring of my own around the city (Brisbane) I have lived in for almost 7 years! Thanks :-)

  19. mellie lang says:

    Gorgeous photos Sarah, I love the last one!
    Its nice as a reader to see some more of what’s on your doorstep. I haven’t been to Sydney yet but I’m told its quite stunning. Looking forward to seeing more :)

    • sarah says:

      Sydney is divine! I cannot see how anyone could not adore it! though funny just today I met a man from Melbourne telling me how mediocre Sydney was…haha…in my eyes he was wrong but I kept quiet x

  20. Wendy says:

    Hi Sarah I love your blog and the way you always see the beauty in everything. I have lived in Sydney (almost) all of my life and never get tired of exploring new places. The Cremorne Point walk is probably one of my favourite walks in the whole city. It has it all … bush, harbour views, amazing houses and gardens and even a lighthouse and free swimming pool. I love to team my walk with a visit to the Art Deco Cremorne Orpheum Cinema which always has a great choice of current films including art house and foreign films. One of the best resources for finding amazing walks in Sydney is a book called Sydney’s Best Harbour and Coastal Walks. It is written by Katrina O’Brien and published by the Sydney Morning Herald. There are several other books of walks in the series. They have great maps which include cafes and other attractions and lots of information about the local area. Happy exploring!!!

  21. debbie panton says:

    Great post. We do things like that with our kids too. We do little mini road trips and visit different beaches, go for nature walks, find local artist shops, or whatever. Always turns out to be a fun day. Love lighthouses too… our little Island has dozens of them. I’ve visited several but still many I haven’t seen. We have one right across the road from our bike rental business ( I’ve taken so many many pics with the kids there… I love when there are big fluffy white cloud rolling in too or taking pics there in the winter). Real vacations would be nice too but with our budget it’s not an option right now. I think the thing to remember too is that people travel from all over the world to see the places we live and they often do more in a few days or weeks than we do in years. Enjoy your mini vacations.

  22. JGirl says:

    Hi Sarah, thanks for the lovely images. I am also a brit in Aus with two bambinos and love it :-)
    We are considering moving to Sydney from Queensland – do you have any suburbs you can recommend?

    • sarah says:

      wow that’s a big question and depends on your budget – some of the suburbs here are very expensive!

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