oooh aaaah Denpasar

Thu 17th, Jan, 2013

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Well G’day, carrying on with our Bali tour today with a little bit of Denpasar.

This was my second favourite experience on our holiday to Bali…we went into the city to visit the market and go to a restaurant that had been recommended to us near the University….I must say it felt just a tad on the hairy side and as soon as we got here I felt the need to have my wits about me…to be honest though I have walked the markets of the East End of London, that by the time we left Old Blighty were not exactly the safest place to spend a morning, so I guess wherever you are in the world you have to watch yourself.

I loved it here – the colours, the sounds, the sights, the people, the buzz, the dirt and the hectic pace…


Seeing these market people going about their daily lives and watching what goes on was a real eye opener…

20130117-03-IMG_9105 20130117-04-IMG_9114

these baskets of flowers made by the women were for sale everywhere…

20130117-05-IMG_9088 20130117-06-IMG_9086 20130117-07-IMG_9062

piles and piles and piles of fresh fruit and vegetables…

20130117-08-IMG_9093 20130117-09-IMG_9091

just busy busy busy and colourful!

20130117-10-IMG_9023 20130117-11-IMG_9137 20130117-12-IMG_9082 20130117-13-IMG_9040

women working hard…

20130117-14-IMG_9118 20130117-15-IMG_9064 20130117-16-IMG_9120

anything and everything stacked up and for sale…

20130117-17-IMG_9102 20130117-18-IMG_9134 20130117-19-IMG_9099

a crazy, busy, bustling, heady, bright and dirty mix, topped off with a jumble of old rooftops and a whole lot of Indonesian city life…


I love going into cities, I always have done, though I have never been a city dweller…I love that exciting feeling and the pace of life plus the different mix of people and ways of doing things, especially at a market…

How about you, do you like a snatch of city life every now and then?  Would you like a taste of Denpasar or does it all look a bit much?

See you soon




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21 Responses to “oooh aaaah Denpasar”

  1. Jules says:

    Gorgeous photos. So professional. You really captured the essence of the city and its people. And you are talented. You always capture the essence of whatever you are photographing, but you excel at cities and people. You are a great photographer, girl! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kim says:

    The image of those ducks / birds in those cages makes me sad :( I’m appalled that they treat animals like that :(

  3. Glenda says:

    I love your photography and this photos are absolutely sensational – so evocative

  4. Once again I am in awe of your beautiful photography! And yep I love a good hit of the big smoke (umm that doesn’t sound so good does it?!!) nothing like it for a good shot of inspiration! xx

  5. alison says:

    LOL. Denpasar would leave me rocking in the foetal postion in a corner. BHaving said that, all holidays give a good reference point to keep your life in perspective.


  6. Alice says:

    I ditto what Alison wrote… She practically plucked the words from my mind…Your photos are so good and real that well I had to stop myself from crawling under my table and begin to rock…I don’t know how you did it Sarah but that place makes me uneasy? I can’t think of another word… Your photos captured a certain feel…I really can’t put a word to it…All I know is it was very real and that makes your photos amazing. May be it’s because it looks so cramped and fast (bad combo for a mild claustrophobic)…

  7. KAREN F says:

    I love your pics!. I love India –We got to spend 10 days on a hosted tour — beautiful temples in the cities to villages 2 hours beyond the end of the road. Amazing people! All the flowers are for temple and personal family shrine offerings. Just an interesting detail that impressed me.

  8. Paula says:

    My husband and I visited Bali in the year 2000. It was an experience I will never forget. It is another culture and they live in another time. It is awesome and you have captured it fully in your pictures. I remember seeing all those little piles of flowers and they were piled up at all the places where the Bali people worshiped. I guess they are offered up to their Gods. I wish that I could go there again and take my time and really get into the culture. And the awesome baskets and batik that are offered for sale. Never enough room in the suitcases :)

  9. I love Bali. How was the restaurant you were recommended?

  10. Indonesia is high on our to-do list. It is a bit more out of the way for us (coming from the low lands) but I guess since it is also part of our cultural heritage we really ought to get ourselves there. I’d love a market like that. I survived the streets of Beijing and Shanghai I am sure I can deal with the market in Denpasar too. Thanks for the tip.

  11. Amanda says:

    I love markets but this one would not float my boat….too busy and so sad to see the caged chickens etc.
    I have got used to buying from the side of the road and leaving the money in the pot ready for the farmer/seller …yes good old fashioned honesty money boxes.
    Thank you for posting your photos Sarah x

  12. Emily says:

    Sarah you make me pine for beautiful Bali. You pictures as ever as beautiful and yes capture the real essence of the place. Denpasar market is amazing. Certainly not for everyone, but eye opening and beautiful in it’s own way. I’m so glad you are getting your kids out there to experience it and not spending the whole time lazing by a Seminyak pool. If you haven’t been to Ubud yet, there is a beautiful little restaurant called Miros. It’s not one of the big ones but it’s enchanting.

  13. MDN says:

    Great traveling w/ you (as always)… And, see from your pics just how uninformed I am about Bali. Know where it is on a map, and had the naive idea through a popular stageshow that it is barely populated w/o any such city as Denpasar. Your photos capture the culture and pace of the people/place. Must do some checking up on this country beautiful… TKS

    • sarah says:

      it is a very beautiful country and the people are lovely – the tourism shocked me though…if I go again I will be more prepared for that aspect of it – the constant hawking is unrelenting x