Easy Mason Jar Salad Recipe

Tue 22nd, Jan, 2013

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G’day, how are you?  All good here, I am off to the beach today but here with a little recipe that you make up in a jar, stash in your fridge and are good to go all week long for quick, easy salads…my name, as I am assure you can imagine, is about all over this…

OK, so this Mason Jar salad thing is everywhere on the internet and I have to say, show me a Mason Jar and I am in.  But I didn’t know quite how much I would be in until I saw that it had the capacity to change my life…well perhaps a bit dramatic but nearly.


I love me anything that might save me time on the feeding of one’s family front and as soon as I heard about these salads I thought they could solve a few problems in my life…you see you make these salads ahead and they last all week…I could pack up a load of these at the beginning of the week and then use them for lunches, throw something in the slow cooker and then dump these ready prepared salads on the side and be done with it and have them handy in the fridge when I am ravenous but lazy and on the edge of stuffing a chocolate bar instead of something that might help with the wobble to one’s thighs.

…it may be that like me you read all sorts of cookery books, highly styled recipes in magazines or indeed you spend way too much time on food blogs…you salivate over their goodies, you wish you could somehow find the time to catch and sear your own tuna for supper and you wonder just how that superwoman with 4 kiddos manages to produce gluten-free-sugar-free-organic-flour muffins that taste fantastic….this all sound good in theory and I love reading all of that, but in reality, at dinner time around here I need real-girl solutions and lazy girl cheats to that daily question ‘what’s for dinner mum’ …these salads in a jar are one of those things that can really help you out when broomstick riding is becoming very very much a realistic part of the day…


This recipe is fool proof – chop it up, pack ‘em up, throw them in the fridge and for the rest of the week you really will have ready-prepared healthy stuff about your person to throw at your kiddos when the alternative is very nearly beans on toast.

I have been dabbling with these and tried lots of different ways and also schemed up all sorts of things to go in …with some differing results…what I did find confusing when I was first researching what to try was that there were lots of variations but no basic, first-timer, have a go and think of England recipe to see if you liked it or not…lots of the ‘recipes’ I found (hardly a recipe the chopping and layering of veggies) included seeds, unusual ingredients, quinoa, sheep’s eyes, edible flowers (you get the picture).

What I wanted was a simple throw it together mix that I could make quickly with easy ingredients and see if, as claimed, these would indeed last through the week and change my life…

So this is what I came up with and this combo of veggies is good at staying fresh and tasting good

Easy Mason Jar Salad






spring onion

lemon dressing

1. make lemon dressing in separate small jar and shake – one part lemon juice to three parts olive oil plus salt & pepper

2. pop lemon dressing in the bottom of the salad jar and layer veggies  in order above

3. seal and store in fridge

4. to serve shake up to cover the salad with the dressing or dump on a plate


Beach Cottage Recipe Notes ** basic rule of thumb is anything goes but keep more likely to wilt stuff at the top (like salad leaves and herbs) and away from the dressing *hardier veggies are best at the bottom  *I pop a folded up piece of kitchen roll in the top of the jar under the lid – not sure of the scientific effectiveness of this, wink, but it seems to get damp so must be doing something ** very good for 3-4 days and longer if you are not super fussy **add all sorts of protein to the jar too for a meal in one (so good if you come in from a walk/sport and are about to eat the table, instead one of these is grab-able)  ** make sure the jar is super dry before you start  * I have tried screw top and the jars with a seal and a latch for these and have found screw top to be best for freshness, not sure why as I thought it would be the other way around.



I have quite a few more of these recipes to share, some are very tasty and so easy…the other good thing about them for me is that they are extremely budget friendly…the other day Miss BC and I were at a sporting event at the beach, we didn’t want a sausage sandwich from the barbecue so I sent her off to find some salad…a while later she came back with two small round containers with probs a cup of chopped up veggies in each and a token gesture of rubbery plastic feta cheese for authenticity purposes…grand total $18!   So a big one of these in your lunchbox works out a million times better for the pocket than trying to buy a ready-prepared healthy salad while you are out and about…


If you are looking for something to make the week nights a little bit on the easier side , you want to get healthy with lunches, and want something you can prepare at the beginning of the week without any fuss, I guarantee these won’t let you down….

They will also make you look like supermum with a gloaty happy face while you read blogs in the bath, all the while secure in the knowledge that your offspring are nutritionally sound.


OK I will be off to the beach with myself…sunscreen is firmly on

What little tricks do you have up your sleeve for making things easier on the dinner front?  And have you tried these jarred salads yet?  If so love to hear your take on it…

Yours in chopping and stashing



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21 Responses to “Easy Mason Jar Salad Recipe”

  1. YUMMY! I can’t wait to try that lemon dressing. What beautiful pics!

  2. will have to try this

  3. Kim H says:

    Great idea. Havr you put tomatoes in there before/ If so, how do they fair? Love this idea. going to try me some salad mason jars style:) xx

  4. Selby says:

    Super pretty aren’t they?!:) Ive never seen one before. Having a tricky time getting the scale in my head- are these individual sized ones? Well they look yummy whatever sized:) need to find some jars & give this a go.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Janelle says:

    My goodness…what else can we stuff in a jar and have in the fridge ready to throw at the fam?!? I am IN!!! Actually I’m thinking this may be the solution to my own lazy lunches and so nice in Summer. Must now go mason jar shopping…xx (Soooo true re the whole cook book thing……I’m sure I only read them for the gorgeous styling….worth it tho)

  6. Alice says:

    Oh goodie Sarah….Brilliant! My usual “quick I need something to eat before I faint” weapon of choice is pickled vegies (the ones from the international food section – gerdiniea or something like that, it has everything I can eat woohoo) and some shaved ham or feta cheese and some cherry tomatoes (this is what I eat most lunch times and dinner). Your lovely recipe will add a little more variety :) I can’t believe I didn’t even think of it myself!

  7. Surely Sarah says:

    I am all over this like a kid on a cupcake. sheer bloody genius! I am so glad you have done some trial and error dry runs before sharing the best with us!

  8. Sarah says:

    I’ve seen these a lot and you’ve inspired me to give it a go. I don’t usually eat lunch. By the time I’ve made something for the kids, I’m usually too tired to make something gluten free for me. Healthy lunch here I come!!

  9. Erin says:

    Wow, I’ve never seen these. So perfect for little old vego me, I can just imagine a layer of beans in there too. Thanks for another fabbo idea Sarah.

    • sarah says:

      yep Erin beans are fab and much used in these for me…soooo good for a lunchtime when you are busy. x

  10. Lesley says:

    Fantastic idea and they look so appetising too. Thank you. I might try one with beans and couscous to go along with it. Any ideas anyone?

  11. alison says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that this kind of recipe suits my kind of “cooking”. I now see myself as an expert composer and arranger of food rather than a cook. I am a great cook but I just prefer to not do it most of the time if I can get out of it. I seem to now graviate towards easy, healthy recipes such as this.


    • merilyn says:

      i’m with you alison, KISSweetheart!
      attractive nutrition without the fuss … beautiful!
      loved the christmas salad in a glass too, it was a hit here!
      cheers merilyn :)

    • sarah says:

      so with you lol!

      • alison says:

        I’m composing a trifle with lamingtons fingers (mini lamingtons) this weekend to have after the leg of lamb cooked on the weber.

  12. Anonymous says:

    This must be the dummest salad i’ve ever seen.

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