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Tue 29th, Jan, 2013

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Hello, my name is Sarah and I am a Camera App Aholic.

I always get asked what camera apps I use and so finally I have put together a list of my top camera apps…these are not maybe the most popular apps out there, but are the ones that have helped me a heap…I have been promising this list for a long time and it could have been quite long, but once I sat down to choose my faves and the ones I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone reading this blog to spend their pennies on the list was actually quite short and quite sweet, which surprised me immensely because if there is one thing that has not been short and sweet in my life it has been the dabbling with camera apps.

So if there is one person who is well-qualified in camera apps, it’s this girl on this here blog – if you find yourself one night in the depths of the App Store and are considering that huge decision of whether or not to waste another 99 cents on yet another camera app even though you would quite happily spend 3 times that on a cup of coffee and not quite think twice about it, I am the girl you can contact for advice, because I will tell you one thing, I can pretty much lay money on it that I will have been in your situation, but rather than talk myself out of the spending of said 99 cents I will have thrown all caution to the wind and will have bought it, only an hour later to be kicking myself and wishing I had tried the free version first.


Recently when I received my new iPhone5 someone else moved over my apps for me…he exclaimed out loud when seeing how many apps I had regarding photography…how many camera apps does a person need he asked…cough cough, in my case that would be a lot…I mean hello sunshine I don’t buy designer handbags you know…

Part of the problem with camera apps is that they are either free or dirt cheap, so really it’s a no brainer…but on the other hand, it’s very interesting also that once you have fiddled around with these babies a bit that you can spot a good app from a not so good one a mile off…which is how I got here to this enviable spot of writing about camera apps in my oh so exciting life…I am a professional camera app spotter nowadays ladies and I am here to help…

Even though I still have a lot of camera apps on my phone, actually what tends to happen is that every now and then I end up deleting un-used, fiddly, irritating apps that don’t perform very well and I streamline the whole camera experience down to a few chosen ones for a while until the whole circle or should I say circus starts again…

These are my tried and tested apps and the apps I open when I am wanting to take blog photos but either don’t have my other camera with me, or as is more likely these days, I just want the ease and simplicity of blog photos via my phone…in the old days of blogging photos for your blog posts took a camera, a wire and a whole lot of time doing the uploading and all that stuff.. these days a good camera app and a bit of practice can really help you in the blogging game…

I have learnt a few things along the way experimenting with which apps work well for blogging…some apps don’t transfers colour well, some perform poorly with resolution and some things that look good on your phone look completely different on a computer screen…

These are my go-to apps not just for blogging but just for taking better photos with my phone…

1. Snapseed

It seems like everyone loves Snapseed!  I thought when I first started to see it crop up here, there and everywhere I wouldn’t bother to try it…then I was about 3/4 of the way through my camera app purchasing journey and really did consider whether or not I needed another one… yeah yeah just another camera app…but I threw all caution to the wind, stumped up my hard-earned five bucks (it’s free now so don’t hesitate to download it) and wowzas it’s good…it’s a powerful little app with lots of filters and features…you can do lots with this app though it does take a bit of getting used to



This is beautifully simple which is why I include it here…it doesn’t win any awards for me for being all singing and dancing and having all the the gadgets and gizmos you might find on a big girl camera, like some apps do… but it doesn’t claim to have all that, which is quite why I like it.   I find myself using it more and more as I have got used to how it performs and works…snap the pic, hit one of the filters (the filters are good as they don’t completely alter the pics, especially if you have a lot of photos with white, ahem, like I do), do a bit of tweaking and bob is your uncle…it claims to have elegant and minimal filters with a sleek interface, I totally agree….great for when you want to improve a photo a bit but don’t want to faff around…it’s quick to use and easy to share straight to Instagram or to Facebook…a lof of my pics on Instagram (find me here) are via this app


3. PicFrame

There are lots of framing apps out there, ask me how I know, I have most of them…I have been using PicFrame for ages and though I have flirted with others outrageously, I keep coming back to this one…mainly because it’s simple and easy to flick through and find the frame/montage you want without weird and wacky shapes in there or without so many different options that you end up sitting there for half an hour deliberating which photo would look good in what montage…this is simple, quick, fuss free and does what it says on the can…my kind of photo app….


4. Photo Transfer App

This doesn’t do anything to your photos to make them any better but it’s a great little way to transfer pics from your phone to your computer (or vice versa) without any hassle – I use this a lot if I am wanting to blog my phone pics….I have also used this a few times (though not often) to transfer big girl camera pics from my computer to my phone…it’s also really handy when transferring pics between phones…a great little app that hasn’t let me down and I’ve used it from all sorts of places…

5. ProHDR

This is my very favourite recent app…I got this recommendation from one of my favourite bloggers, went straight to the app store and downloaded it and have been in love with it ever since, it’s done wonders for my photos!  It costs a couple of dollars and has been one of the best apps I have bought so far…It takes a bit of getting used to and I would say it is not for you if you are a little on the impatient side, plus the filters are very mediocre …but if you want HDR in your hand, this rocks.


If you are into improving your camera pics either for you blogging for for your own personal photos any of these apps will help you out…I hope you like them…

Do you have any camera apps that you love?  If so I’d quite like to try them out, I mean I need a few more things to do in the dayWinking smile




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25 Responses to “blog tips – top 5 camera apps for blogging”

  1. You know I love my iphone apps and instagram too. :)

    My latest fave is InstaWeather – love that it adds the location and weather forecast to your pic – you know our obsession here with the weather! Would love to see some of the temps and forecasts you get Down Under.

    I tend to use DipTic for my collage pics

    I probably have all the apps you have (and I don’t use most of them either) and more!!! I use Snapseed to straigeten pics, but not to it’s full potential.

    Which app do you use as your camera?

    I have started a weekly feature on my blog – iphone Friday – feel free to link up!

    In about 6 weeks I am teaching (!) a workshop in our local arts centre on mobile phone photography – how crazy is that!!!

    • sarah says:

      I hadn’t heard of instaweather, is there nothing they haven’t thought of!!!??

      I generally just snap with the iphone camera and then load to the app I want to use..I just find it quicker and easier to do it this way…

      wow teaching a workshop! kudos xxx

  2. Thanks Sarah…I am quite new to the whole camera apps world but now itching to jump in and purchase!!.hmmm which one first??!? xx ps…for goodness sakes don’t spill any berries on the gorgeous bed linen!!! x

  3. I did a blog post on this a few weeks back.. Just on camera apps and it is A LOT of them, and not all of the ones i had on my phone / iPad.


  4. Marie says:

    I always value your camera tips so I’ll be checking out these recommendations. Thanks so much, Sarah.

  5. Oh, love this and fear have same addiction as you! My faves are Camera+ (always take my images with this), Snapseed (always edit with this). Others I play around with (depending on the photo) include, PicFx, Lumie, Afterglow and moreBeaute2.

  6. I love camera apps! Can’t wait to check these out.
    Thanks for sharing Sarah! x

  7. Tanya says:

    I love Vintique, Afterglow and DeluxeFX.

  8. Gotta say I love the google plus app, I instant upload all my photos and the post (to myself!) and then use them for my blogger blog- So quick compared to uploading one by one. the eye fi app- goes hand in hand with the eyefi card, an unbelievably wonderful tool. also iphoto and ps express- great for fixing exposure and having level horizons. I have another one , but all the writing is in chinese it is on a red background in a white circle with white chinese writing- If you just search Xiamen It comes up first- Meitu tech is the rest of the developers name. It has fabulous filters like little feint love hearts and pretty bokeh dots, but is a bit of guesswork- however it is free. I can guarantee you will love it

  9. I love VSCO and Camera + and Retro Cam. I’m also a big fan of Afterglow – it links to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter the same way VSCO does.

  10. Rosa B. says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ve had Snapseed, but hadn’t played with it yet – you’ve inspired me to start using it again! Thanks! :)
    PicFx is fun for lots of effects, including some nice bokeh.
    SimpleResize is nice for resizing an image when sending it via iMessage or text.
    Another one I use for editing is Tada.

  11. Belinda says:

    Have you tried the photoshop app? In the rested to know what you think. I’m a little guilty with my photo app collection too so at least your are not alone.

    • sarah says:

      Yeah I did have it on my old phone but didn’t’ really get on with it…not that it wasn’t good :-)

  12. Ant says:

    Check out PhotoToaster also, one of the best I’ve found!

  13. hollyanne says:

    totally unrelated, but where is that pretty polka dot bedding from? :)