Beachy Bali

Fri 18th, Jan, 2013

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G’day, hope all is well with you?

Well here we are today wrapping up A Beach Cottage does Bali…this time some pics of the beach…couldn’t leave Bali without some coastal beachy shots could we?

I must say we didn’t spend a whole heap of time on the beach and didn’t intend on this being too much of a beachy holiday – we get quite a bit of that at home!

20130118-02-IMG_9343 20130118-03-IMG_7437

Also, it’s the wet season here so most days have been overcast, hot and sticky…we had geared ourselves up for more exploring than beaching though the kids wanted to do a bit of surfing when the conditions were right…


It’s quite different here to the Aussie beaches I frequent…I must say I am a tad biased towards the beaches I have come to love back home…

Things feel different here, and the humidity is another ball game altogether…no crisp, cool coastal air winging off the ocean here to cool you down while you are on the beach…

…a Balinese lifeguard on-duty


a spot of seaweed collection

20130118-06-IMG_9301 20130118-07-bali-beach-abeachcottage-blog

and women with fruit on their heads…thought I might give that a go next time I’m on the beach at home

Winking smile


…absolutely amazing that the fruit stays put…walking on sand!

…love seeing things like this when I’m away


I’ll see you next time then…I have lots on when we get back, a new vintage find I scored recently to show you  and ABCII planning is full steam ahead, we are hoping to get that sorted very soon…

What do you like seeing and experiencing when you are away? Or is sitting on the beach watching the world go by quite enough, thank you very much?


p.s. most of these pics are via my iPhone – I didn’t lug my big girl’s camera with me everywhere on this trip x


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11 Responses to “Beachy Bali”

  1. SmithShack71 says:

    FreakinA, Sarah!
    I love these Bali pics!
    I know you are loving taking them.
    Have fun :)


  2. Welcome home lovely … I am packing today ;) And we are beaching despite having them on our doorstep. We’re a crazy family like that. Live at the beach and then holiday at other beaches!

  3. Alice says:

    Beautiful Sarah but like you I too am a bit biased and prefer the beaches of Australia… Hmmm experiences all depend where I go for me… If it’s Europe it is mainly all about the architecture and the history that comes with it…It fascinates me… If I were to go to Asia (Vietnam especially) for me it would be to experience nature…If it was Africa it would be the animals/safari, they are amazing to me and learn about the tribal culture…South America it would be about the archaeological finds such as the Inca pyramids and trail (nature too)…America…It would be history once again…From American Indians, to the Creole etc…Places such as Egypt too are fascinating with their pyramids…This isn’t something I aim to do but if I somehow found myself in any of these places due to circumstance that would be my aim…

  4. alison says:

    I enjoy all the touristy hilights but I love people watching wherever I am. One of the funniest things I saw in NZ was a hungry, very travel-weary French family with the 2 parents and 3 kids having a “moment”, trying to decide what to have for lunch in a cafe. My French is minimal but I understood EVERYTHING…the looks, the voice tones, the body language. Eventually they ate…with stern expressions. It’s sooo funny when it’s not you.


  5. We’re just home from beach hol where I was more than happy to sit and watch the world go by. Tho with 3 young kids that wasn’t happening nearly enough. Looking forward to bc2…How exciting!! xx

  6. HRH Sarah says:

    Bali looks fabulous, I hope I get to visit one day. When we plan a vacation, the first thing I do is look up anything of interest in the area- museums, restaurants, yarn shops :) and such. I honestly like to have one day of just nonstop going and finding and exploring. The rest of the time, I abide by my husband’s desire to sit on the beach and do nothing. Both things are nice in moderation.

  7. merilyn says:

    capturing the essence beautifully as usual sarah!
    i try to soak up everything whilst on holidays.
    then i get overloaded sensory perception.
    then chill for a while letting it all soak in
    and wash over me … love that travel bug! m ;)

  8. The skies are amazing… We had snow this week in Brittany, so I used the free time I suddenly had (no gardening and no painting by that weather) to move my blog! It’s as exausting as to move furniture! Maybe I need some time off in Bali! I bet you’ll be happy to see Barley again!

  9. mellie lang says:

    Gorgeous photos. What would we do without an iphone eh???
    Can’t wait to hear about ABCll

  10. Lee mills says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Just starting to plan a family holiday to bali, have been before and prefer to stay in villas rather than a hotel, just wondering where you stayed recently? We are thinking 7 nights seminyak and 7 nights ubud. Any other hints?

    • sarah says:

      hmmm I am not sure I can give any better advice than what you are already doing..though I must say the tourism in Seminyak was full-on to me which I don’t like that much so maybe look a bit further afield…what I HIGHLY recommend is that your travel insurance includes ‘evacuation’ – I never expected to be in the back of an ambulance in Bali with the sirens blaring and panicking about getting to a hospital – luckily we didn’t need evacuation in the end as our accident happened on the day we were due to fly home and so were patched up and went straight to hospital when we arrived in Sdyney but our travel insurance with AAMI did include evacuation (basically means they will get you off the island quickly if you need to)…apparently a lot of policies do not include this.