Beach Cottage Summer House Table Makeover

Wed 30th, Jan, 2013

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G’day!  How you cooking?

Guess what I’ve been doing?

That’d be right, doing a lil’ bit of beach cottage painting.

So this is the Summer House table.  The table that doesn’t really fit.  But is going for it anyway.

I must say I loved this in its original condition (you can read more about that if you missed it and see a full before shot here), its old grey and faded patina was actually quite perfect for that beach house / coastal style look…but…just something didn’t quite dig it for me with it…I guess it just looked grubby at the end of the day.

I kept on looking at it, kept wondering, kept deliberating on whether or not to give this baby a bit of Beach Cottage magic…did it need a facelift for furniture?

The dilemma one finds oneself in in this situation is that one’s money cannot buy time and age and vintage and patina on a piece of furniture…and one knows that only too well…

20130131-02-IMG_0241 20130131-03-IMG_0239

…and if one ruins one’s hard-earned vintage treasures with white paint there ain’t no going back baby….I have been here before and ruined a few things…

Hence the reason this piece stayed grey and grubby for a long time…patiently waiting for some attention.

But, it was time to bite the bullet and get the paint out…


…and gosh talk about looking totally different, totally much better and oh so very much Beach Cottage…

Here we are after a couple of coats of my secret formula white, wink, there is no secret I just take it into the paint shop man and ask him to fiddle with a few tints for the kinda white I like (I have a few of these now, this one is with a hint of grey/blue, I wanted cool, crisp and fresh for this and nowhere near cream or yellow).


Wow!  Totally loving this makeover and so quick and easy…after painting a new Adirondack recently I had forgotten how simple painting a table is lol!


When I started putting the paint on on this one I was originally going to leave the side panels in grey with everything else white, but as soon as the white started to work its magic it was abundantly clear that this was going to be mostly white…tho’ I left the border at the top for some texture/interest and so there is still a hint of its former life.


My plans for this originally were to cover the top with something from my stash, it was in a really bad state, with water damage and lots of rough bits as you can see by the pic below… but as I was painting I decided to paint the top too…looks about a million times better!


I still might do the covered top though…but it’s looking a whole lot better with a white top…


I also have fleeting thoughts of getting some glass cut for here too…though really who am I kidding, I am always too lazy for that – I mean hello I would have to go to a glass shop, get the measurements, yadda, yadda…and I always think glass tops look too formal for my old cottage…plus I am even more lazy when it comes to cleaning it…


For the rest of it there is going to be some heavy distressing…sandpaper is to the ready…I am going to attack this more than I usually do and get some seriously good shabbying going on with lots of the old faded grey coming through…though I must say Beach Cottage Ladies this is just looking very very clean and white and fresh right now, just the way I like it…so maybe no distressing?  I dunno….oh decisions decisions in my exciting life!


Not a bad bit of work all in all.   I will certainly be in the good books with one certain male around here when he ascertains that one saved money on a table (even if one spent a shed load on another glut of white bed linen)

Whaddya reckon on it??  Will I get Beach Cottage brownie points for this?

I do believe I will ladies, I do believe I will.

Winking smile




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13 Responses to “Beach Cottage Summer House Table Makeover”

  1. You certainly can’t do much better than the price tag of this one! Normally, I’d say to just leave all that gorgeous white, but if it stays to the left of that smaller cabinet, I dunno’…maybe a little distressing would make it feel like it fit in with it’s pal…

  2. bec says:

    yes to distress, otherwise it may look like youv’e tried to make it look new….which it ain’t!
    have fun!
    Bec x

  3. alison says:

    Call me pathetic but the prints on those drop sheets bring back childhood memories and make me feel nostalgic.

    Whatever you do with the table I’ll love the journey.


  4. I think a little distressing will finish the piece off perfectly! Did you decide what to do with the bentwood chair? Is the table making its way back out to the summer house when you are done? So many questions, so little time…

  5. Great makeover, I love putting my hands in projects like this!
    Thank you sharing!

  6. Alice says:

    Yep, looking fab. Love that you left the greying chipped border a very nice touch. Looking foward to seeing the end result, I am glad that you decided to distress it by the way…I have to say I am of two minds with the top now… I am really loving the way it looks now, though the tought of the polka dot oil paper top makes me giggle with glee…

  7. Mary says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Love the photo’s! Have you ever tried to make your own chalk paint? Had any success?

  8. karen says:

    I think a mason jar of icy cold BC lemoncello in a bucket of ice will look lovely on the table when finished :)

  9. Amanda says:

    Looks lovely …………..I must say the sheets remind me of my nans bedspreads lol x

  10. WIND APP says:

    Nice informative post for all.

  11. Taylor @DearOlympia.com says:

    It’s so beautiful and fresh. Great job!

  12. Jennifer says:

    lurvvv it ;)