A Weekend Project

Thu 24th, Jan, 2013

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Well hallo!

I am still on school holiday time here, not long and I get rid of those BC rugrats for another 10 weeks and get back to regular broadcasting from this old cottage…we have been hanging…I love love love that about the school hols – going down the beach, drinking coffee, mooching around at home and taking naps (well I have been the main nap partaker), yep I am relishing it while it lasts.

In other news, these two above are what I am working on at the weekend – I am hoping to transform this old table and chair for the Summer House…to be honest the Summer House makeover really stalled with the foofing part of the scenario…I lost my mojo with it…funny really because I was all up for it and then…blah…I believe it’s the tricky size in there that has stopped me from doing anything…I have been looking for bits and bobs that will better fit  the odd shape but not found anything so am going to take the bull by the horns and use what I have already got..

With this new year and when the kiddos go back to school I am ready to get it looking a little bit more pleasing to the eye…


The table I have had for ages, I picked it up for nothing, the chair a more recent find…I was loathe to paint either, I love the wood of the chair and I love the shabbiness and faded patina to the table but I do believe they would be singing prettily in a coat of BC white…we shall see…I am thinking the chair will be only part white with nice woody bits and bobs left here and there….there is definitely too a notion of an oilcloth polka dot covering to the top of the table…

I’ll be back with the after soon…


p.s. thanks so much for all the very interesting comments on the post yesterday, we have researched heavily most of what you all said already but also re-considered many of your points, it’s so good to get input isn’t it, thank you…I had a LOT of emails about this too, I am trying to get back to you all as soon as I can x



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15 Responses to “A Weekend Project”

  1. Joan Troyer says:

    Be ready the busy rugrats will be back soon :)
    Mine is not here too so I have all time to pin all night in Pinterest :)

  2. Enjoy those naps while you can….I have had a few extra moments for some naps here too. It is cold here in Fincastle VA and being inside has been great. I am not a cold weather girl! Love that table, I have one that is a dark brown about that size and am debating on whether to splash a bit of that white on her. he! he! Can’t wait to see what you do Sarah!…and I can’t wait til’ Spring.

  3. Oh please don’t paint that chair… it’s stunning. Would pair beautifully with a painted table though, like a delicious black and white cookie :-)

  4. ali thompson says:

    ah, that’s a tough decision to paint the chair. either way it will look stunning. can’t wait to see the finished product!

  5. alison says:

    I found an identical table on the side of the road. I just cleaned up the smoky green coloured painted legs. Mr alison removed a Masonite top that had been nailed on to reveal lovely timber. I used Danish oil to finish the timber. I just love the style of this table. My table hasn’t found its “home” yet. We have used it for several purposes.

    I love this time of year too. My brain is in neutral and I’m enjoying just living each day without the urgency of my everyday routine and commitments.


    • 世界中のサッカーシャツのために非常に熱心な、次があります。いくつかのオンラインのウェブサイトは、現在のチームのシャツや過去のコレクターズシャツに専念している。何百人もの人々は、チャットと彼らが好きか、現在のシャツについて好きで、彼らは興奮して、各シーズン最新Tシャツを議論していないものについてのブログ。あなたが特定のシャツを探しているか、単にスポーツを楽しみ、それを熟知している専門の他の人とチャットしたい場合は、これらのオンラインフォーラムは、一度時間のためにあなたがビジー状態に保つことができる。 良い質問。のは、比較してみましょう。 ユニフォーム サッカー オーダー

  6. Rather than painting the chair, how about foofing it up a little with maybe a chair pad (I’m thinking one made of vintage crochet or linen). Just a thought…

  7. Helen T says:

    Hello Sarah
    Sorry my eyes were distracted from your project by the crochet on the couch, looks fabulous and has sent me on a hunt for pieces larger than a doily lol
    kind regards

  8. Janelle says:

    Yep I’m a little distracted with the crochet too…..xx

  9. Liz says:

    Love the table in it’s “before” shot xxx