White Christmas Bedroom

Fri 21st, Dec, 2012

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Helllooooo, a few quick snaps of the bedroom today, after convincing myself and pleasing my husband muchly that we would not have any more white, ruffles, Christmas decs, quilts (vintage or otherwise) or fairy lights for him to contend with while climbing into bed I decided stuff that idea and went in for the kill.

On that note, yesterday I was asked by a member of zee press (a lovely one too) how would I make this look of mine more masculine and how does my husband go with it?

Errm, really?!


Errrrm cough cough, this was pretty tough for me to answer and a strange one for someone who normally has much to say on vintage, coastal and beach…it wasn’t quite the situation where I could talk about favours really, but, heck, I did realise when asked this that I am rather lucky that actually Mr BC has about as much interest in decor and the colour of his bed linen as he has in shoes…and that would be not much…and that is how I get away with it…and certainly it is not a masculine look and don’t think I could stomach trying to give people ideas on how to achieve that….

…if  then you want an abundance of white, ruffles, sparkle, vintage things and copious amounts of flowers in your life, well you must be willing to do all that it takes to achieve it….I am sure it’s clear how we do that?  Enough said.

Winking smile


Which gives me full reign to crack open the lights, the ruffles and the white at any given chance and lead us women in the white crusade, and top it all off with a starfish for a coastal twist.

If they can watch football I can paint things white and add a ruffle.


Soooo, again in here just the draping of zee lights…most of these are from IKEA, though those on the wardrobe were last year or maybe the year before from BigW – they are kinda interlaced with pearls and quite pretty…


The armoire is not finished and I have the hump with her.  Yep the girl I loved and stroked and positively salivated over when she first arrived is giving me hassle like a toddler and I am so not interested in that at this time of year, so rather than finishing her off, I chucked a string of lights over her top and plopped a stocking on her front…

That’s it from me people, I am making a cheesecake and if I get time I will blog it ‘cos it’s a BC special aptly named Eyes Shut Cheesecake, haha

See ya around




p.s how did those shoes get here? ;-)




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18 Responses to “White Christmas Bedroom”

  1. I don’t know, but I know I could use that pair. They would go quitenicely with a red scarf I have, lol! By the way, I love you headboad and footboard!

  2. Jules says:

    Leading the crusade for white beachy decor – yay! You are a delightfully funny leader. And so right! Plus, you can put those shoes in every shot! Cheers.

  3. Kim H says:

    Haha!! The shoes are back!!! Love the white and love that Mr BC doesn’t care a hoot about colour. My sister and her partner have just built their first house and he was happy for her to have the front door painted pink! Pretty cool. x

  4. Love me a cheesecake. Please blog it. x

  5. Firstly Sarah- I am LOVING the bokeh photos- nailed it girl!!
    Secondly- How did those shoes get there…? They are divine…thank goodness Mr.BC is blind to not only all the bedroom ruffles and blings- but also the glamour red Christmas heels!!


  6. Okay, if I had a chance to win something from one of your pictures, I’d definitely take the decor, but those shoes would be a very, very close second. Everything’s beautiful!

  7. My husband is pretty laid back – as long as the sheets are washed regularly, he doesn’t care what color they are. He has his man cave to decorate as he pleases, and I get the rest of the house. No trading of favors required, if you know what I mean? ;)

    Your bedroom is lovely, and those shoes are gorgeous!

  8. Husband?? Who??? Oh that guy….is he ment to have an opinion??? Ooohhhh. Love the white, love the shoes and LOVE cheesecake…hint hint…xx

  9. Senja Tuuri says:

    That was simple but amazing.In Finland country there is some companies that specializing most of interior design of home in any other kind of concept that you like and this one can be an idea which for me a very amazing one.

  10. merilyn says:

    “lovin the shoes!”… how did they get there?
    didn’t they appear 1st on the scene a couple of months ago?
    doesn’t matter they are just gorgeous!
    ofcourse all the rest is too
    adorable … especially you!
    i am 62
    i think i’m allowed to say that to you!
    you provide the scource of delight too and bring out the warm fuzzies in us all …
    beautiful wishes to you all.
    lol m :)

  11. Alice says:

    hahaha Eyes Shut Cheesecake… Is that your name for it? I love cheesecake (once upon I time I ate and made them quite frequently)… Remebering those delicious moments I would call it eyes shut-mouth wide open cheesecake…. hehehe
    Loving your room like always, clever use of lighting too… Unfortunately my husbnd has developed an opinion and he can’t stand ruffles so I have to take his opinion into consideration. By mixing boxy, straight lines with curves, keeping to solid colours and simple patterns (stripes in my case, chevron would work well too) and mixing dark, rustic wood tones with my painted more feminine rustic pieces, we seem to have reached a happy place not only in our bedroom but throughout our home…Ohhh and lots of texture…Your quilt cover I love it simply because of the texture! Divine…

    Ohhh…and I love your shoes…
    I really love red shoes… I don’t know why but for as long as I remember I have always gravitated to red shoes until I remember I need black/white/nude/brown/blue not more red! At the moment I am loving diana ferrari and their super soft range… Soooo comfortable…

    • alison says:

      Dianna Ferrari Super Soft are excellent!! I got a pair 40% off last week. I couldn’t get my size in the Mathers 40% off sale so they kindly referred me to the Dianna Ferrari shop who tried to accommodate me. Then I took a chance and found them in DJs. DJs matched the 40% off. 3 great customer service experiences in 15 minutes at my local Westfield. Just like the old days.

  12. alison says:

    Sarah, does Mr BC know that we know about your special strategy to get things done??


  13. Debbie says:

    It all looks good to me, Sarah…especially like the red shoes!!

  14. Mob says:

    I love the night stand with the little tree on it. Also the lights over the bed, your lighting is festive without being overpowering. Glad your husband doesn’t care. We do and love what you’ve done. And about the red shoes, I have them too.

  15. ali thompson says:

    i love the layering of the curtains. nice touch!