Maybe She’s Born with It?

Wed 5th, Dec, 2012

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Good Day.  Let’s talk Beach Cottage beauty today!

Maybe she’s born with it or maybe she needs a shed-load of help to look anything but one step from the grave every morning?  Me, totally the latter.

I don’t recommend that you come anywhere near this old cottage, anywhere near an hour before it has the number 7 in it, and even then, you might be quite shaken by the whole experience.  The Beach Cottage Crew are well versed in this and avoid me until after 8am and two cups of tea.

So to solve this problem that I have in the morning, coupled with the fact that I do have to face other human beings, because having 3 rug rats means that I do have to take them to school, I have a few things to help me out without any fuss.

One is the biggest sunnies I can find, the second is BB cream (I blogged that before) and third is something to throw on one’s lips.

Now we are not talking a full face of make-up here to take you to the office or indeed to take you into the school and actually talking education to the teacher…we are talking stuff to throw on to make you look more human as you run out of the door barely with your head together, let alone your make-up on…in my experience having a lip balm about your person in this scenario that has a little hint of gloss about it just takes the edge off it all.

Now, believe me, I know a lot about lip balm.  I have tried most, perhaps all, and I have also tried not using any after having read with interest the whole lip balm addiction thing, but I tell you what, since I moved here, in this climate that I now live in and after suffering sunburnt lips more than a few times I will not go outdoors without protected lips.

Which means that I have spent a lot of money looking into this.

Which leads me to Baby Lips.


(May I point out here this is not what I use for full-on all day on the beach sun exposure – I go hard core for that, nor is this what I use to treat my lips if god forbid they get wind or sunburn, for that I go the ointment route)

So this product claims to renew lips, protect and moisturise for a full 8 hours and after 4 weeks gives you reborn lips…however, I can tell you the real girl version as I go about my role as forty-is-the-new-thirty born again beauty blogger – your lips may well look like a baby after using this for a few weeks or so, mine totally do not, but they do feel good and pretty healthy, for me the product works and I simply just like it – here’s why…

Maybelline Baby Lips

1. super easy – pushes up, glides on and stays there nicely, unlike other things in my life.

2. super budget friendly – I am a girl who likes a Juicy Tubes or six, however those are not so easy on the pocket, these however are…throw one in the car, throw one in your pocket, one in the beach bag and get all of the above stolen by your daughter and still be quids in…

3. small and light – may sound odd when one is discussing the benefit of a lip balm but I like the size of this…I always like to have a lip balm in my pocket, be it shorts or jeans and this just fits in easily…it’s light and slim and fits in nicely, unlike others I know…

4. great packaging – a bit young and funky….unlike owner but still works plus is bright so easy to find in depths of handbag

5. does what it says on the tin – just a little bit more than a lip balm and does the job pretty well for the dollar investment

6. sun protection – with a SPF20 I am good to go for everyday

7. easily available – love to throw these in my trolley at the supermarket especially when on offer, I also stock up at Priceline when I am in there as it’s the cheapest place I have found for them at $4.


There are a couple of new ones to the range going by the name of ‘glow’ …these have some strange powers that react with your lips to give you a colour unique to you….hmmm interesting thought I when I rocked up to Baby Lips restock, so I gave them a go.

Yep pretty much liking Glow too, though I believe these don’t have the SPF…I can’t see that these have an SPF anywhere on the packaging or the website…they give your lips a tint, I prefer the pale pink one…you get a kinda glow just as the packaging says and it looks nice with a gloss whacked on over the top…without the SPF though these are more of an in the make-up bag rather than an in the car/beach bag/pocket jobbie…

So there we have it, my Beach Cottage Beauty Blogger Extraordinaire tip of the day for you…more bang for you blogging buck at abeaccottage.com, hahaha

Next time you are in the supermarket throw one of these babies in your trolley and get it on your lips…

Adios lovelies


p.s. I spent Mr BC’s $4 on this lip balm, not gifted or sponsored xo


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21 Responses to “Maybe She’s Born with It?”

  1. Selby says:

    I love that your reccomendations are ‘real girl’ budget friendly!!:)

  2. Candy says:

    Thanks for this very important tip, Sarah. I live in sunny FL and am of an..ahem…certain age, which seems to keep me in the chapped lips rabbit hole. Can’t wait to try these :)

  3. Amanda says:

    I love these too, always in my purse!

  4. LucyM says:

    I am a sucker for reviews from bloggers, I realized long ago that magazine content when a product was featured just happened also to be highly advertised in that issue too!

    I bought the hair shampoo recommended which was awesome so I might give this a go also next time I am at the store.

    • Carina@jellyandmaple says:


      I always think I don’t have time but for a few dollars I can’t really go wrong.


  5. Ok, just wrote this one down on the shop list thanks Sarah Beauty Blogger!! I am constantly looking for lip balms that actually do moisturiser ones lips and have the absolutely necessary spf in them. Looks like I’ve found a winner??!? xx

  6. Lucy says:

    Am I glad that I have found another blogger with similar lip issues, i get terribly burnt lips and thats when im just going about my daily business in the sun. I feel your pain Sarah.

  7. Rukmini Roy says:

    I dont know why but anything with baby on it and I’m repulsed. Whether its a tee, a bag, a nail color shade… But I use this alright under cover. Where my bandmates or my trustworthy bros cant see me. :D
    If you are into lip, try B-Spa. The best Ive ever tried and it works on harsh summers. Im from India.

  8. Fleur says:

    Love your top beauty tips x can you share your skin care products? Day cream etc?

  9. pip says:

    even cheaper in Bali – less than $2… :)

  10. Julie Johnson says:

    I love your way with words. I will definitely take your advice and give this a go. Have a great day.

  11. KIM BUCA says:

    g’day! my daughter and i love this shes addicted to it her and i put it on in the am on the school run and i always slather bb cream on too in am mom and dad get it really cheap at home in ohio in the amish salvage stores lots of times they get it for like 1.99 to 2.99 so pretty cheap sadly we do not have an amish community here in mich so no amish salvage/ thrift stores for me here thank goodness mom stocks it up and i get it from her! another good thing is oil of olay i do not ever think about putting anything else on my face before that! it works wonders!!! no one ever guesses i am gonna be 43 in jan the girl next door said wait i thought you were like only 30 or younger! i said 3 words for you to remember girls OIL OF OLAY learn young!!!!! thanks for sharing!!!

  12. I saw this at Target and almost bought it. After reading your post I will for sure be picking it up. Thanks for the recommendation.

  13. alison says:

    Thanks, I love reading your posts about products I normally would not consider. I’m not a regular devotee of lip balm despite owning several.

    But….can I add a comment about a lip product that has absolutely saved my sanity this week? (This is an unpaid presentation. LOL) I had 3, yes THREE cold sores this week. I have used Total Care Invisible Compeed cold sore patches to wrangle these babies. These clear, round patches are amazing. Not a magic wand but hooley dooley they stop some cold sores in their tracks and ably manage the challenging ones. Expensive but fabulous.


  14. Jane says:

    Am not a lip balm user but maybe cantry this one, thanks for the BB cream recommendation, adore it, has anyone else become addicted to the under eyes caffeine roller?

  15. Simone says:

    While I was reading this my daughter texted me to ask if I needed anything at the shops – I asked her to try Priceline – text came back – Mum I bought two – only $2.50 at Target!
    Agree – lovely and smooth.