Here comes Summer

Sun 2nd, Dec, 2012

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(rocking my iPhone, yeah)

I love this time of year…for me now in this place they call Down Under, it’s a change not to the night drawing in, but from Spring to Summer and I have finally come to associate Christmas with long warm days and trips to the beach

…so some snaps and what my iPhone says about it all from the last few weeks as we dream about seafood, slip on our flip flops, don sunhats…and celebrate because it’s coming…yeah Summer…



I love going to the city and dreaming of living in one of these….



an abundance of flowers


summer linens


rides on boats


baking things



warm evenings, midnight skies and fire pits



the sky is full

20121201-09-IMG_1000006191_thumb 20121201-10-426e110209b811e2a46d1231381b4837_7_thumb

and scenes from the beach…



20121201-13-c2d0f9a804a011e29c891231381b635c_7_thumb 20121201-14-9d31e5560e1211e2b0c912313b089111_7_thumb

Loving taking snaps on my phone, it’s really charged my creativity…and opened my eyes up more to the little things that fly by us as we go about our day to day life…makes you stop and smell the roses…

…and tomorrow, after running the phone I have now through the washing machine in my dressing gown pocket and it switching itself off at least 30 times a day (normally in the middle of a conversation) I take delivery of a new phone with a much better camera…

excited much?

See you soon, happy Sunday


p.s.  I wrote some tips as to what I have learnt along the way taking pictures with my phone camera – I am no expert but these are my real girls tips to phone photography here, simple little tricks and things that have worked for me to improve my images x

I also blogged here how I process my phone photos - nothing special just little tweaks I have learnt along the way to improve how they look (to me) x


Barley’s been blogging too today over at his page, come say G’day



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20 Responses to “Here comes Summer”

  1. Esther says:

    Dear Sarah,
    I am at the other end of the world. :-)
    And when I have opened this morning my eyes, white snow lay outdoors.
    It is winter.
    To the yule tide I like snow and if it is cold. ( Here belongs to it, for us, at Christmas) :-)
    However, I am a summer child- I love him, the summer!
    And I love your first photo with the great sky!
    Here with us there is this year a great song on in German “Wir bleiben wach, bis die Wolken wieder lila sind ” I think in english ´´We remain awake to the clouds again are mauve“ (sorry for my terrible english!)
    I love this song, and your picture is for me a memory of this song!
    Have a nice SUNday! ♥ Esther

    • sarah says:

      thank you for your lovely message Esther! I just love connecting with all the beautiful people around the world on here!

      I love your song, beautiful…and I miss snow and it’s crisp clean beauty

      oh and your English is a whole lot better than my German

      Sarah x

  2. Alice says:

    Sigh…. I love summer… I missed you summer…Thank you for popping by and I hope you stay for a very long time… Your photos Sarah are the essence of summer… Well captured! Goodnight :)

    P.S: At least you have your dignity intact re your phone… I damaged one of mine by dropping it in the toilet (it was in my back pocket and it fell in!)… Haven’t made that mistake again… lol

  3. Anonymous says:

    Long hot summer days and balmy nights….christmas under the southern cross!
    wouldn’t have it any other way!
    Bec x
    lovely shots capturing the beach lifestyle we all adore. :)

  4. Rukmini Roy says:

    Reporting from Bombay, except for evening drawing in a bit early than usual and a nice chill in the air, happy summer to you too! Infact anytime of the year, its Summer in over here. We categorize our climate as spring summer, the horrible death heat, monsoon and summer!!!

    Beautiful photographs Sarah…the first photo reminds me of Pink Floyd’s Great Gig in the sky for some odd reason :) Have a great Sunday.

  5. You are so going to love your new phone and especially the camera! You can understand how I jumped at getting the new Iphone when it was released after I had flushed mine in the toilet. I just knew it would let me down when I was on holidays or really needed it. However it is still going strong and the 10 year old is enjoying it- and instagram!

    • sarah says:

      yes it’s strange because the last couple of days mine has stopped doing the switching off thing…so now there will be a very happy BC kiddo in this household too lol

      I cannot wait for it to come today and play around with the camera…I was on the iphone4 and there’s quite a difference woohoo

  6. katie says:

    hey…i’d LOVE it if you could somehow MEET SOMEONE who lives in one of those cool houses that you say you dream of living in…and photograph their interior!!!!……hmmm………….

    and, ps…i love YOUR house!!! you don’t need to move!


    • sarah says:

      yes I know I don’t need to but I loveeee those little colourful old Sydney cottages….

      maybe one day I will knock on a door and go in… x

  7. alison says:

    Ahhhh, Lion Island. Lots of warm fuzzy memories.

    BTW. I’ve noticed that “thongs” are starting to morph into “flip flops” in the media. Is a thong a g-string in UK?


    • sarah says:

      yes a thong is a g-string in the UK !

      I go back and forth between thongs and flip flops….when we very first moved here a guy said to me you can’t go in there wearing rubber thongs, Mr BC nearly fell over!!! haha

  8. Kathryn says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Love your shots & how you have captured the colours of the sky, and particularly Barley doing what boys do (in the night shot.)

    Cheers Kathryn

  9. Shar Y says:

    it’s supposed to winter but it’s not here. it’s like your weather! hot! crazy!
    yesterday was first Sunday of Advent: message was “Slow down, keep praying”
    I like that!
    do you think getting a new iphone because Sarah did is a good enough reason? Just saying…

    • sarah says:

      I definitely think that is a good enough reason…you could always chuck it down the loo if that doesn’t work ;-) x

  10. Tamara says:

    Hi Sarah, just a warning to let you know that some ad ware has attached itself to your site. I opened your christmas tree post and an ad ware popped up which has now frozen my ipad.
    Just thought you should know