from Christmas days gone by

Thu 20th, Dec, 2012

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Morning Beach Cottage ladies, I wonder what is going on in your little part of the world?

Well here I am very much looking forward to Christmas and will be heartily singing Carols for the rest of the week…Bing eat your heart out.

Anyway, I have had emails and pinners messaging me about various Christmas decorating and cooking I have done over the last few years in this old cottage…so, today, here are all the links and a few pics in one place (oh and on the subject of Pinterest, yes you can pin any of my images, it would nice if you could link back too, cheers)



don’t want to forget me?  Yep I’d love you to Pin me up baby!


Starting off then with this lazy girl’s Christmas Layered Salad – if you are looking for an easy salad this Christmas I highly highly recommend this, you can even make it up on Christmas Eve, that’s when I will be doing mine and then it sits very happily in the fridge all day…it’s good to have in the fridge if for some very odd reason you haven’t quite eaten enough for Christmas Lunch, plus it’s also purrrfect for Boxing Day to eat with cold meats or to take to a gathering, wherever I have taken it people have raved…

Here another thing I have had questions about  pops of red (it was just ribbon) and  my $25 dresser in the dining room with a bit of sparkle on last year – for some reason this Christmas decorating reminded me of many moons ago when I found myself balancing on a chair with fake gold fruit and imitation garlands – there was a Beach Cottage Ramble Alert issued for this post….

Oh and the vintage ladder wrapped in pretty lights….seems a few others like that :-)


Below last year the old vintage door, that magically moves from room to room when no-one is looking, here it was hung with snowflake lights and a linen starfish stocking…I have no idea where those starfish stockings came from, odd…the brain is getting fuzzy as the day approaches, or actually perhaps it’s my age…

I talked in that post about the Christmas Panic and how at this time of year I have to seriously keep a lid on my expectations because the only person in this old cottage working for a magical Christmas would be me – you can read more here



here again just simple everyday real girl things given a bit of coastal Christmas bling



…some tablescaping here with nautical stripes gone red…I can’t find those either this year, not that I am a complete slob about putting the Christmas decs away or anything, and not sure if I like them these days…


and my bedroom here all foofed up for Christmas when the bed was under the window for the Summer breeze…


This year I was going simple in my bedroom with one little tree and not much else because of the clean-up issue, but now decided stuff that it’s the one time of year I can indulge gloriously in the stringing of fairy lights on any and every given surface known to man…this was last year, simpler than this year turned out actually, (pics of how it is now on the way)


and lastly the salad that has become a Christmas tradition in our new life Down Under…we will be eating this on Christmas Day alongside a traditional English Christmas Dinner…yes it may be a strange combo but it’s kinda become us…anyone like salad with your Bread Sauce?



and then there is this Panettone recipe, hardly a recipe though, more a structure, another thing to take to an event or indeed have about your person at Christmas should you need to add just a few more calories to your life…

That’s my round up, hope you enjoyed…I’ve got my bedroom to show you dressed up for Christmas and oh the Summer House – rocking… xo


oops there’s a picture of a pair of Christmas shoes, fancy that

Winking smile


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11 Responses to “from Christmas days gone by”

  1. Kim H says:

    Fancy that indeed!!! Not like you to have a pair of cute shoes;) LOL I love this post, Sarah. So lovely to look back at your Chrissy decorating. Loving the hints of red amongst the gorgeous white.

    Love that sparkly ladder. I linked to your ‘light ladder’ on my blog the other day. My ladders are still in storage but maybe next year I’ll try some ladder light draping.

    Love your door that magically appears here and there. Such a sweet idea.

    Merry Christmas to you!!! xx

  2. Pam says:

    Love the red shoes . What a hoot! Merry christmas Sarah. Enjoyed reading your blog this year. Thank you for all the fun. Happy 2013. Pam

  3. HRH Sarah says:

    Ach, those shoes! So precious, and thanks for the roundup… It’s good to remember all those tidbits, especially since I’m getting ready to go into panic mode around here- MUST. REMEMBER. TO. BREATHE.

  4. merilyn says:

    “laughter is the best medicine” to keep the panics @ bay! … and you certainly provide that Sarah! … fantastic! … you are a natural “wag”!
    yes fancy those shoes being in there indeed! … you deserve them honey!
    thankyou again and again! lol m :)

  5. Helen T says:

    Red Suede, my favourite shoe combination ever, sooo jealous Sarah, hope they’ve taken you for a dance or two under the moonlight lol

  6. alison says:

    I can see you in those cute red shoes.

    Last year’s panettone post must have made a big impression coz I think of you every time I see a panettone. There were mountains of them in the supermarket today.


  7. Deb says:

    The photos of shoes always make me smile! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us. May your Christmas be bright and merry!!

  8. Nik says:

    That Panettone cake is a great idea … just one question … do you assemble just before eating or do you let it sit in the fridge for a while. Also, how does it cut? I invisage it totally collapsing under my hopless kniving skills. Thanks for the idea.

  9. Katherine says:

    I am not a red person myself, but I am really liking the pops of red in this post – love your dresser display from last year, and those shoes (where did they come from, I wonder?!! LOL). Little hits of red look great in the BC, with the hits of turquoise – nautical I guess, but still very Christmassy. I like : )

  10. Oh the shoes, I love the shoes!!!
    Love the other pics too…but the shoes…. <3