ding dong merrily on high

Wed 12th, Dec, 2012

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Outside it’s warm and bright and blue and sunshine-y.

On our old deck there is a tree by the door, red ribbon and shells.

I have been Christmas shopping with Miss Beach Cottage…we tried on Guns & Roses tee shirts and teeny tiny shorts.  We bought the shorts.  They were not for me.

There has been a lot of Christmas-y stuff here…though I haven’t wrapped a single present – probs because I don’t yet have a single present to wrap.

I feel strangely calm re this.


I see on Instagram that the Old Country is covered in white, freezing cold and very pretty.

I feel strangely homesick about this.  But not that much.

Barley got a Christmas suit.

We went to church and sang carols.

I am thinking about vintage crochet and yoga and spirituality.  I feel strangely good about this.

Do you like my door?

Over and out.


p.s. Barley hasn’t bought any presents either, but he has been blogging at his fan page here x


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28 Responses to “ding dong merrily on high”

  1. I think being strangely calm is a good way to be :)

  2. HRH Sarah says:

    I heart your door very much :)
    Here in VA, USA things are cold and gray again, and I haven’t done a bit of Christmas shopping yet. I know that this should cause panic in my heart, but I’m saving that for next week ;)

    • sarah says:

      oh I like it that someone else is the same as me…though really I am hoping to get it all done in one swoop and be done with it all! x

  3. shirl' anderson says:

    I’ve only bought 2 gifts for my nieces. Ha!…and I feel a bit calm about it too! Love the door!

  4. tabby says:

    Love the shells in the pot with the tree. Nice touch! – best, tamara

  5. Selby says:

    Love the door & love the little tree in a pot with shells& big red beautiful bow.

    And would love a lend of a scrap of calm if you have any little extra bits around:)

  6. Mimi says:

    I love the aqua door with the red ribbon on the wreath —- Really pops!

  7. I love the color of your door – it makes me want to go out and paint my door. I know you mentioned it when you painted the door, but would love a color suggestion.

    I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet. Not panicking about it – I only have to buy for two people – my son and my husband, and we have talked about doing one large gift for the both of them, which my husband will take care of buying, so maybe I won’t have to do any shopping!

  8. Yes indeed I do like your door Calm Sarah. And I must say I think I actually do a better job of shopping when left til the last minute…no time to hum and hah about things….just grab and run…..that’s my excuse anyway!!….xx

  9. alison says:

    I loved the story that went with your door.

    I’ve bought one present online. I only have to buy 7 more presents and I’m not that worried either. I decorated today by putting out 6 large Christmas decorations. Done in less than 5 minutes. Sounds a bit pathetic I know but I have a lot going on at the moment.

    What does everyone think about sending Christmas cards? I like to send a card to my two UK friends but after that I start to question the tradition. It’s not the money or the time. I don’t know what it is but I’m a bit over it.


    • sarah says:

      I haven’t sent them for years, I think it is a bit ridiculous now when I Facetime with my friends overseas…I know that some think a card is a nice thing to receive but really I don’t see the point, especially as anything decent is SO expensive in Australia x

  10. Anonymous says:

    I don’t like your door Sarah….. I LOOOOVVVVEEEE your door! This is by far the nicest christmas front of the house(as I put it) set up I have laid eyes on so far(and there has been way too many!)…Gorgeous… I am hoping that by this time next year I will be rocking such a lovely festive (not to mention mighty elegant and coastal) look in my new front of the house (plans are being drawn up this week – finally!).

    Re…Calm is good. I laughed when I read the whole present situation because the same strange thought (though I have presies to wrap)occured to me last night as I was drifting off to sleep.. I haven’t got anything done (including overseas cards)and I am strangely calm about it all…

    I hope you don’t mind but I think I will be painting my new door the same colour….

    • Alice says:

      whoops this comment was moi! lol

      • sarah says:

        Alice I haven’t done overseas cards for years…!

        thanks for the lovely comments on my door, I was quite pleased with it…I shopped the house for it all apart from the tree which I bought because it can be planted in the garden, though actually I quite like it in that pot on the front deck x

        • Alice says:

          Yeah…the whole overseas cards….It’s mostly for all my aunts and uncles plus grandmother..They don’t use/have internet…. I also don’t do face book (it’s a trust thing…something about the guy that started it all just puts me off)…

          Yes the tree was an excellent touch Sarah. I didn’t realise it was real! lol The fact that it is real is the cherry on top of the delicious cream that tops the panatone ;)…

          • sarah says:

            hmm I have a panetone in my hand right now :-)

            I meant Facetime (not Facebook) on my iphone…too easy to talk on there ;-)

  11. Rukmini Roy says:

    So pretty Sarah..unlike you I have never had a Christmas where it snowed. Ever. But I do miss my home in the hills and the cackling fire…chicken soup..blankets…dad….

  12. Stacey (harrimar) says:

    Hi Sarah, I don’t think i’m going to send any cards overseas again, expecially due to how expensive cards and postage is. I signed up with Jacquie Lawson animated e-cards and I have sent all this years birthday, anniversary, Easter etc.. cards out this way, it really saves time and money & they now receive the card on time! (I was always too late posting them out & they always got them way past the actual day) Feeling very smug because I am reducing my carbon footprint….. (tho, I will probably blow that out of the water by taking a flight to England next year!) ; )

    • sarah says:

      yes I agree and the last thing I took to the post office was a small parcel and VERY light – Australia Post charged me $80 to send it overseas, I couldn’t believe it and won’t do it again…online from now on…x

  13. Karen says:

    The blue was such the most perfect colour as it makes the Xmas colours pop! Looks really pretty! Are we going to get a fashion special soon with hot pants?!? Seeing as its the Aussie summer and all…. :) x

    • sarah says:

      haha very funny, errrm if I can find a model who is 10 years younger than me you will..it not it’s a no ;-)

  14. Jos says:

    I feel very un-chrismassy this year – calm but not festive. Think the year has done me in and I just need hammock time and endless cups of tea that morph into vino when the time is right!!!!

  15. janita says:

    Sarah….. your Door is DELIGHTFUL l!!!

    singing carols induces a calm spirit…. the presents always seem to find themselves under the tree on Christmas eve….. Delight in the reason for the Season, A Savior has come . Calm just means you have it all in perspective.
    Have a wonderful Christmas blessed with much love and Joy! janita

  16. Kate (Oxford UK) says:

    Yup – it’s frosty and cold and really rather Christmassy here in Oxford.

    I’m all done! Have been for several weeks – but just because we’ve had builders here since September and next week we will have two new bedrooms and the kitchen of my dreams! I always knew December would be busy with plastering, painting, sorting, fitting, carpets etc so needed to get ahead on the Christmas organisation. No tree up yet though :( There’s just no room at the moment!

    Kate x

    PS – Santa has just delivered me a huge box with a Rangemaster label on it – cranberry red!

  17. rosemary says:

    Love your door Sarah!