Daydreams, stripes, beach and magazines

Mon 10th, Dec, 2012

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Well good morning ladies, how are you? All good here!

Come on then, let us go for a Christmas sit on the beach shall we? We can get ourselves a nice stripy beach mat, a cooler of cold drinks, a magazine to flick through, an ocean to gaze at and sit and daydream.

When I wrote before about The Christmas Traditions where I subscribe to a magazine every year for a little Christmas treat to myself, it got me thinking about daydreaming. (This magazine on the beach with me here is one of the ones I have subscribed to – if you want to do the same, Magshop offers great deals and ships Internationally too.)


I am a professional day-dreamer and when I met Mr BC, the funniest thing happened with my daydreaming. On our first date we went out to a tapas bar in North London, I was wearing funny big glasses (which I wasn’t trying to be funny in but did look so) and a big camel coloured coat. It was the time well before tapas bars were on every other corner and certainly well before tapas were anywhere near the village I lived.

And so off we went, up to London, we sat at the bar of this place and started talking and it hit me how wow this guy, though far from a daydreamer in my league, was a daydream go-getter – he had the same ideas as me, he wanted to go here, there and everywhere, he wanted to live in a converted warehouse in NYC one day, he wanted to work for himself, he wanted to see different places and do different things…though his was wrapped up in reality while mine was tinted with rose. But he showed me it was good to daydream and I liked that very much.


Fast forward a few years, a whirlwind wedding, a trip to Thailand and a Honeymoon baby, (which kinda scuppered the whole NYC warehouse idea) and the daydreaming was put on hold for a bit.  For quite a bit.  For like three babies and a few years bit.


Suddenly, a couple of years later, on the way home from a Christmas holiday where we’d had sunshine and beaches, we blinked and found ourselves faced with one single window of opportunity, whereby if we wanted to follow any of those daydreams from that tapas bar deep in London town, then we had better get ourselves onto it pronto.

By the next Christmas we had upped sticks and moved to the other side of the world.


And with that one big move a whole lot of those old daydreams became part of my day-to-day – old cottages, coastal breezes, reading books on the beach, sash windows, watching our kiddos in the surf…

…but I still daydream all the time, though now I daydream of France and cheese, of a miner’s cottage in Wales, of a stay in Poland, of a trip in an Airstream right across the middle of America, and a dreamy yoga filled stay in Bali. And while some of those daydreams are just that, daydreams, some, with the help of Mr BC, are more than my silly old teenage pipedreams…

And the one with the vintage style Airstream? Well it could be mine baby. And it could be yours with a bit of luck too, because Magshop have a competition here to win one – an International Series trailer and a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, no less!


I have to hold my hands up and say that since I saw the Airstream in this competition all sorts of daydreams happened, styling and bunting and vintage deck chairs have been among them and me sitting in one with a Pimms overlooking the sea.

What do you daydream about? What would you do in an Airstream?? Does it involve daydreaming, a jug of Pimms, the ocean and a magazine?

See you next time


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25 Responses to “Daydreams, stripes, beach and magazines”

  1. Karen says:

    Beautiful images, I daydream about living on top of a rocky mountain cliff overlooking the sea, sitting in my loungeroom with a telescope and gazing.
    Have a great day.

  2. HRH Sarah says:

    I have been lusting after an airstream for about 10 years now! I would decorate it all boho-gypsy style, plus a little 50′s kitsch. Lots of floral and white, and old fashioned details… Or perhaps make it mori style with a woodland vibe. Either way, it would be such a treat to get it into the wind and see this amazing country one or two states at a time! Ah, dare to dream…

  3. Melinda says:

    I think that very first photo is magazine worthy – gorgeous!

    when I lived in the country I used to daydream about living on the beach ( in my dotage) – Im there now, early !
    My daydreams take me lots of places, France, walking the Pilgrims Way, Portugal, Morroco, Turkey. I also dream of doing fabulous embroidery, taking amazing photos, speaking fluent French, being proficient with caligraphy, having an abundant vegetable garden….oh the list goes on……….and actually may it never end xx

    oh and I’ll be free to go on the yoga /Bali dream with you :)

    • sarah says:

      oh my, too funny on the veggie garden, speaking another language, taking photos…we may need to have a coffee ;-)

      have to say though I have walked the Pilgrims Way heaps of times, so that’s not one of mine lol…though it’s pretty special


      • Melinda says:

        oh yes, coffee sounds very good – imagine all the good plotting we could do :)

        we recently watched The Way – movie about Pilgrims Way – maybe you’ve seen it?-and were quite inspired. We did a very small section in France with our kids but after the movie it seemed like a great challenge (800km??!!) I do wonder whether it might have been a bit glamored up for Hollywood – still .. thats a “one day” for when our kids are grown up.

        maybe Cradle Mountain Huts or Bay of Fires walk in Tasmania first?

        • sarah says:

          No I haven’t seen it but I should watch it!

          Tasmania is on my list too – it gets longer every day lol x

          • Melinda says:

            do watch , sure you will enjoy.

            keep in touch on any future daydream adventures, partner in crime always fun xx

  4. Clare says:

    My daydream is of my one day beachouse………. It will happen!!!

  5. shirl' anderson says:

    My daydream is to live at The Outer Banks one day, one of my 3 sisters too. We almost have our oldest on the bandwagon with us!

  6. Gosh, Sarah, that scenery is just gorgeous! I’m guessing it doesn’t take much to get used to THAT life!

  7. Candice says:

    Hi Sarah , haven’t had a chance to visit you online for weeks now , love this post and your pics I will catch up soon with older posts .
    Hubby hung 30 odd mtrs of villa board walls and ceilings had 1 swipe at plastering and walked away ,I took over , I over plastered then over sanded then had to start from the start on most joins .
    Nearly finished then I will paint all . This is after I lost 5 ceiling sheets off the roof of my car onto the road . And severed power to the house . Learnt heaps . Plastering via utube . I can laugh now but so tired at night as hubby works away and end of term school stuff and kids and doing the doing I am snoring by 8pm . So missed viewing your site and just jumped on line to say hi before I head off to get the teens dress for end of school year stuff . Boy DIY so tricky but soooo rewarding when u stand back and say I did that . Builder wanted 17 grand , so far spent 3 grand .
    That’s external , internal walls and ceiling , paint , floating floors , plumbers , electricians , sanding was great to get rid of cranky mood towards hubby ….. Happy Monday look forward to being a bit slower and reading your posts. Cheers from me . Candice
    PS I kept thinking of your before and after pics of house it kept me going when I was covered in plaster dust , knowing there would be an end and hopefully it would look great .Just like you showed us yours . Cheers and Thank You for being You ……

    • sarah says:

      I was wondering about you the other day…because I still haven’t done that thing we talked about…but I still haven’t forgotten…

      your message made me smile…oh yeah been there girlfriend!!!!!! I have been there with being tired and over it all…but it’s worth it for sure…

      thank YOU for leaving me a lovely message, inspiring x

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sarah = beautiful woman (full stop)

  9. Kat says:

    Lovely pics and I have images of you lugging all your supplies, plus balloons down to the beach to do your photo shoot :) Did you get any funny looks?
    I daydream about the day we will be able to afford to do our extension and turn our tiny little beach house into a bigger home for the six of us. Not too big, but big enough so that we have room to move and a second bathroom, with a separate toilet and more than three bedrooms.
    I still want to keep the charm of our house though and not go all flashy and modern.
    I also dream of going back to Italy and Paris and the south of France, because we never got to go there.
    Oh and a trip to NYC one day with my hubby when the kids are grown up and a trip to Sydney with my Sister, as I have never been there. (shock horror.)
    It’s good to have dreams, but mostly I like to stop, take note of my life with my hubby and 4 gorgeous kiddo’s and soak up all the little moments and give thanks for all that I have.
    Grattitude is my biggest gift this year. :)
    I hope your dreams come true Sarah.

    • sarah says:

      oh good ones! Sydney will NOT disappoint…has to be the best city in the world ;-)

      haha to the lugging the stuff down the beach…the balloons were in the car for an event for one of my kiddos and the old fishing basket is what I pack stuff in, so I didn’t lug much around, though I have to say now you mention it perhaps I need an assistant, hahaha, errrm that is a fat chance of that happening…and before I get one of those I’ll be getting someone to clean my bathrooms lol!

      gratitude is indeed a wonderful thing – it kinda changed my life xo

  10. Ooh yeah I would love an airstream! I would use it to cart y kiddos around to their whipcracking and perhaps cart myself and my dog breeder mate around with our little cairn terriers to dog shows. So I need to get myself over there and order a subscription or two!!

  11. alison says:

    Country Style magazine! I love it and have a subscription. Today I received my latest issue of South Coast Style magazine. It’s hidden under a cushion ready to read tonight. Blissful indulgence and a daydreaming cornucopia.

    I read years ago, “It costs no more to dream big than to dream small.” I’m always dreaming. Just recently I realised dreaming is ok and to just enjoy the joy it brings. :)


  12. Carina@jellyandmaple says:

    I daydream about painting my furniture white and living my life out on a Greek island – it will never happen but I still do it often.

  13. krissie says:

    why would you like a stay in Poland….?? just curious!

  14. merilyn says:

    delightful story and photos as usual Sarah,
    two day dreamer’s in this house too! armchair travelers as well!
    we’d love to take a boat trip along the French canals oneday before it’s too late!
    been doing a spot of painting though today!
    lol Merilyn :)