Coastal Christmas

Wed 5th, Dec, 2012

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Ahhh Guten Morgen, doing a leetle mini-makeover foofing this morning in Beach Cottage Land, if you like yourself some nautical stripes, a whiff of coastal Christmas, some fairy lights, a pop of vintage and lovely gypsy crochet Beach Cottage style then come on in.

If you follow me on Instagram (‘abeachcottage’) you will know that Operation Linen has been in full swing…

Now I am a linen addict, I hold my hands up high, there are a lot worse things to be addicted to…but I didn’t realise just how much crochet I had let alone linen…I found stashes everywhere… just a few of my hoard below (pic from instagram)



And a lovely girl on Instagram asked me for some ideas for what to do with the crochet…

Well I put use to them all over the place…on tables as tablecloths, on the bed, outside on the lounger, in the summer house and I had a little phase I like to call the Beach Cottage Prairie phase where I used crochet as a curtain tied into the coastal BC look with an old vintage oar (find that here)

I love using them most on the bed and sofa…


They are great as cover-ups and add a laid-back, vintage feel and for my look I pair with old stuff, stripes and the odd pair of Hunters Winking smile


I love how they give softness and texture and a time worn cosy look…

20121205-05-IMG_3893 20121205-06-coastal-decorating-ideas-for-Christmas1

Feels kinda girlie and a bit coastal beachy gypsy, bare feet and big floppy hats, if you know what I mean?

Yep there were eyebrows in this old cottage…

I’m worth it Winking smile

See you soon with some more Beach Cottage Christmas, go forth and foof ladies, if there is one time of the year you can do it, it’s now


p.s. come and see where I found Barley, he blogged here! 



need some lovely Aussie Christmas inspiration????

the lovely BabyMac has it right here for you in an app,

oh yeah, dig it baby


20121203-02-beach-cottage-coastal-christmas 20121205-07-coastal-beach-christmas-ideas_thumb

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17 Responses to “Coastal Christmas”

  1. Erin says:

    I love old crochet too. I even have a big one draped over my washing machine and dryer to pretty up the laundry. I also have a white ektorp chaise from ikea that I have a covered with a mushroom coloured throw topped with a cream coloured crochet tablecloth. It looks great, even with the extra holes made by the dogs.

  2. laurie says:

    I’ve somehow accumulated quite a collection of crocheted throws in the past couple years, too, Sarah. I love seeing them simply draped over sofa arms with their edges puddling on the floor. :) Your home is looking VERY Ikea-ish, girlie! LOVE IT!

    xoxo laurie

  3. Ooohhh yes thanks, I would love to come in and poke through your linens…..sooo lovely!!! xx

  4. Alice says:

    ohhh..lovely Sarah! Excellent! I love your place and you are right! Far worse things to be addicted to…I too discovered I had a little stash stored in a bag in my linen closet… It was christams table cloth gifted to me as a wedding gift from my aunt overseas(quite a while ago now)…It is linen, has red and gold and green(my kind of xmas) stitching (forming candles and missletoe) plus linen napkins with embroided missletoe … I was so delighted I used it for my table for xmas lunch (I get to kick off the season – love it!).It will become my “xams tablecloth” to hand down to my kids… I love linen! Can you tell? it is weird how thinking about the tablecloth has made me so cheerful of a sudden lol!

  5. Vicki says:

    Very nice, Sarah! I also have a collection of vintage crochet. Love. it. I love those little trees from IKEA! I so wish I had picked some up last time I went up to IKEA Denver, but I was after Strala lights. ;-)

  6. alison says:

    Every time I read one of your foofing posts I get the feeling you must have loved making cubbies as a little girl.


  7. Diana says:

    I absolutely love the dark vintage chest in the first image against all the white. Beautiful!

  8. You’ve got some cozy layers going on, love it! What exactly does “coastal Christmas” smell like anyway? ❈

  9. Katherine says:

    I am SO wanting one of those IKEA Christmas stars – I love them!! I was so inspired by your Christmas lite window Sarah, that today I went out and bought some for my front window – stars in tiers, not quite as delicate as yours, but lovely all the same. Can’t wait to switch them on soon! Decided on a “twinkly” Christmas this year – very a la Nigella Lawson……with BC thrown in (or maybe it’s the other way round??!).
    Your room is looking very lovely, welcoming and cozy. Nice!
    Katherine X

  10. Bec says:

    your rusty knob looks like every door knob in my little workers cottage…
    character much!!… am going now to hang starfish and driftwood garlands off them…
    lovely fresh little xmas tree….
    Bec x

  11. Thank you so…much Sarah! You have given me the boost I needed for decorating. My Dad’s brother passed away a week ago and it has been sad here. Time heals all, is what my dear Mother used to say! Love your decor as always!

  12. Cyndia Montgomery says:

    I have a gorgeous old fine crocheted bedspread that I bought at a garage sale for $10 almost 30 years ago. It’s in my cedar chest but I’ve never used it. Perhaps it’s time to bring it out!

  13. Deb says:

    Absolutely stunning is what your foofing is! I love the big star, layers of linens and the dark chest. But my favorite part is the bare feet and big floppy hats : )

  14. Mog says:

    Love it especially the touch of turquoise in that scarf hanging over the back of the sofa. It all looks so perfect, love your use of crochet. I would not have thought to do that what with a frisky grandchild that loves to jump on the sofa.

  15. judy gill says:

    Hi Sarah love your posts lately so refreshing.just wondering where you got that beautiful throw on the back of your lounge such a pretty colour.and I love the snowflakes did you buy them in australia? Just love your house.Have a very merry xmas enjoy our warm aussie xmas! best wishes Judy