Coastal Christmas Decor

Tue 11th, Dec, 2012

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G’day ladies, here today for some coastal beachy Christmas crafting….

Now I love Christmas Down Under style but I must confess it did take me a little while to get used to it …I mean shorts and thongs and down the beach instead of a roaring fire and a pint down the pub…


…but now as the temps whack up, the clothes come off and the skies are that special Aussie Summer blue I start to feel all Christmassy…


Decorating took me a while to get it how I like it…there was the bad bad bad fail of the white Christmas tree we bought when we first arrived here to give us a ‘white’ Christmas feeling, not only was it tacky but it started to yellow very quickly which made it look about a million times worse…

And then there is the crafting, I think that has been tricky too…I love the traditional stuff around but sometimes it seems to me to look odd with the blazing colours and temps outside and the white inside…


So I wanted to do something a bit crafty for Christmas and have seen around the blogs and Pinterest lots of things done with Mason / Jam jars, like wrapping them in doilies or newspaper/book pages and cutting out shapes…lovely but not really beach cottage vintage coastal style – I wanted the same idea but with my twist on it..

So when I started to decorate I thought I would just shop the house for supplies and see what came up…this year, apart from that trip to IKEA which I wasn’t really willing to forego, seeing as it is a Christmas Tradition, I am on a budget and won’t be spending on decorations…we have a big surprise here for the Beach Cottage Crew that they don’t know about yet which has eaten up our budget – so in decorating I decided it will be either free supplies (as in from the garden or beach) or shopping the house for what I already have…

This is what I gathered….bottles and jars


ribbon, tree, sphere, coral, lights, starfish


and strips of coastal stripe fabric scraps


I wrapped the base of the little IKEA tree in a neutral linen fabric and tied it with the putty stripe fabric scrap,  hoping for a coastal feel to a Nordic tree….

20121211-08-IMG_3694 20121211-09-IMG_3701

and chose the fabric I fancied for the jars and tied it around them for a casual beachy coastal Christmas look…


and popped in a white sparkly snowflake, because it snows a lot here at Christmas don’t you know?


and stuffed some fairy lights in the jar too

20121211-11-IMG_3709 20121211-12-IMG_3710

…then some foofing…popped shells / stuff collected from the beach in a large jar and added some lights


…and as if by magic Christmas bokeh appeared Winking smile

20121211-15-christmas-holiday-bokeh 20121211-16-christmas-bokeh

Not bad for shopping the house


I must say I am loving these little trees this year…so easy to plonk here and there without too much fuss…also very easy to put away after Christmas when the last thing you want to do is wrap up a shiny bauble…


That’s it from me today ladies, I hope you like my little bit of coastal Christmas

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night,

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu

Adieu, adieu, to you and you and you


p.s wanna see what Barls thinks of all this?  go here, he blogged today x



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16 Responses to “Coastal Christmas Decor”

  1. Oh Sarah, I just love this. I’m not sure I’d get this past the Christmassy types in our house but I’d like to give it a good go!

  2. Kat says:

    Lovely, lovely but cannot imagine a display such as this staying in the same shape and form in this house.
    Or it would be hidden by all kinds of crapola that the kids seem to dump here, there and everywhere.
    I want to come step into your perfect world for a while :)

  3. That room is looking fab. FAB!!! Just beautiful…xx

  4. Deb says:

    Isn’t it amazing how a few simple items can come together to make something so beautiful? The fairy lights in the jars just blew me away. Awesome!

    • Debs says:

      HoHoHo! Love it…really want the Ikea trees…maybe next year! Now hurry up missy..and SHOW US YOUR BIG CRIMBO TREE!!!….x

  5. silvia says:

    Darling Sara as always you are able to turn every little thing magical.
    All is so simple and so cute!
    Thanks for share

  6. alison says:

    Shopping the house is such a great place to start when we think we need to go shopping for new things. I am amazed at just how often if I just pause for a while I can actually do without something or reconfigure things I already have.

  7. Rukmini Roy says:

    Very pretty!
    Love your battery operated lights…and the simple jar craft. Reminds me, I am yet to deck the tree.

  8. It looks so beautiful and festive! I love your livingroom christmas decoration!Well done!!:)

  9. So beautiful Sarah. SO beautiful.

  10. Simple but beautiful. I heart it! Hx

  11. Katherine says:

    I LOVE those little Ikea Christmas trees…..I hate that my nearest Ikeas is STILL TOO far away : (
    Are those battery operated lights in the jars?? They look so magical! I am all for lights this year.

  12. Mog says:

    So simple yet so beautiful, love it. Wonder where I can get battery operated lights. I’d have to buy those.

  13. Angie says:

    As usual love love love your Christmas decor. I was broken hearted this year when I pulled my white tree out and it was all nicotene yellow ! This will be the last year for the white one. :( Wonder why that happens?

    • sarah says:

      I don’t know but mine went yellow pretty much right away…it looked horrid! sorry to hear it happened to you too…tho must say think traditional green is the way to go now…

      thanks for all your lovely comments this year Angie, I appreciated it :-)