Christmas Decorating Beach Cottage Style

Tue 18th, Dec, 2012

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Morning campers, warning : this post is very white.  When I uploaded the pics of this I thought gosh there sure looks a lot of white there, it doesn’t feel like that day in day out because, I guess, there are three kiddos and one doggie and two people who try to keep it all together, rumbling around in this space…but when it’s quiet and tidy I must say white is right up there as the main colour don’t you think?

So this is some Christmas decorating in the Dining Room – I didn’t want to go overboard this year with decs, for one main and selfish reason, this year the clean-up of these will need to be quick and painless (more on why soon).

The other reason is that right now I am right into fairy lights, if you follow me on Instagram you will already know that…over the last few months fairy lights have gradually gone up here there and everywhere in this old cottage…nowhere is safe.

The best thing about them for Christmas in my opinion is that they are lazy real girl decorating – take them out of the box, drape them over something, plug in and turn on and hey presto the Christmas fairy just sprinkled a whole lot of festive bling all over your house.


Same thing with little trees, I have loved these this year…I have a few of them plopped around here and there.  I wrapped the bottom of a couple of them in a linen fabric and tied with a strip of nautical stripe fabric (you can see more of that here if you missed it).

To be honest, the simple decorating thing is nothing new and the more the years have passed and the more I have done it the more I realised that low expectations at this time of year and lots of lights all over the place, rather than too much fussing, is the way to go…

20121218-03-IMG_4532 20121218-04-IMG_4546

A few other simple things just propped around, that say ‘Christmas’ but can easily be put up and taken down….

If you haven’t started your decorating yet and are feeling a little bit Grinch-like and to be honest who doesn’t at some point at this time of year, I think this simple way of decorating is the way to go…it’s quick and easy and doesn’t feel as if it takes any brain power.

Though so far I have been very remarkably Grinchless and believe it or not, there have been no fairy light covered broomstick rides over the beaches…yet.


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For the dresser, firstly I tidied it up, cough, then used my fave bits and bobs right now, added the silver starfish for a leetle touch of seasonal bling, lassoed the wreath up high and draped the lights over the top.



I found the tablecloth in Vinnies, it really is a fine specimen, another thing I am into right now, white vintage linen and white crochet.  When I found this it wasn’t quite in the best of conditions but at a few bucks I thought I’d take it anyway…I soaked it for a couple of hours and washed it and then left it outside in the sun and it came up a treat!  Not bad for the dollars I paid.

It’s a big one and really a bit too big for this table, probs better on the deck…but I thought it would look nice with the tree and the lights…

20121218-08-coastal-christmas-holidays-decorating 20121218-07-IMG_4549

I haven’t yet done a Christmas tablescape, I really have been quite busy this year and getting sick right in the middle of it all hasn’t helped much…the tablescaping part will change though, I have an idea that I have been wanting to try for like ever and hopefully will get it going on on the deck soon..


In other news Mr Beach Cottage survived the minor surgery, I did check the life insurance policies and yes I could have been a very rich woman…

And the white shabby find is getting some BC Christmas treatment today…

Over and out from the beaches, we are on track for a warm day today at about 26C, just how I like it, not too hot, still able to wear jeans but not too cool..

Be seeing ya girlfriends, how do you decorate – quick and simple or as much fuss as you can muster???



tree, lights, lantern, wreath, table, cookie jar :  IKEA    tablecloth : Vinnies   dresser  :  garage sale   vintage chairs & oar :  thrifted   vintage ladder  :  side of road   silver starfish & medicine bottle  :  Freedom

you can find more of cottagey coastal Christmas decorating ideas here


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20 Responses to “Christmas Decorating Beach Cottage Style”

  1. Loving your simple decorations…but oh so pretty! I’m going the simple route this year too, lots of changes this year so it’s working for me.

  2. gorgeous as always, Sarah! If only my house could be that tidy! xx

  3. Carina@jellyandmaple says:

    I love simple and I love this!

  4. SandyLou says:

    I haven’t visited here for a while and thought I would come and have a look at your Holiday decorating. Beautiful and inspired me to not put too many Holiday things out, sometimes I do too much and like you say the putting away is not awesome.

  5. Esther says:

    Wow that’s some white you’ve got there!

    Very sparkly and pretty just how I like it, I love to see how simple (and also doesn’t seem like you’be spent spent spent) just seems to work.


  6. Alex says:

    I am a fuss girl, I like huge amounts of ornaments and gold all over the place, but I love this too :-)

  7. Amanda says:

    Stunning as always!

  8. Selby says:

    Love the beautiful simple twinkly look you have going here:)

    I’m all for simple& moreso this year as I’m tired out after lots of big changes& feeling the need to keep things achievable without killing the budget or spending energy I haven’t got right now.

  9. That looks gorgeous especially the table cloth! xT

  10. Definitely quick and simple for me – between a very stressful job (particularly at this time of year), school (management degree),and my current fixation (moderating a support board for StudioPress), I don’t have a lot of time for decorating. I spent Saturday morning putting up my Christmas tree and ornaments, put up a couple of wreaths, a garland on the mantel, and called it done :)

  11. Love love love!!! That tablecloth is one very good find Sarah!! It’s lovely!! And I have been toying with the idea of repainting our rooms all white…..you have just confirmed that answer for me….my husband will just loooove and be thanking you!!??! xx p.s did I mention I love this??!!

  12. HRH Sarah says:

    Love your dining room, Sarah! I have a tree, with white lights and ornaments collected over the years. I decorate the mantle with garland and lights, as well as mercury glass candlesticks and shiny ornaments. Other than that, the rest of the house just gets a little of this and that. Nothing elaborate, especially this year as we’re trying to get the house decluttered and ready to sell…

  13. kath says:

    This year, we went really simple. We put up the tree, hung a wreath on each of the doors inside the house, hung stockings on the railing and that’s it. So much easier to clean with all of the people in and out of here.

  14. alison says:

    Hi girlfriend, I’ve had a tough week so I’ll just comment quietly from the sidelines as I enjoy your sea of white and fairy lights. Your decorating philosophy this Christmas is the same as mine-simple, pretty and easy to pack up after.

    Thanks. You delivered feel good factor again.


  15. katie says:

    sarah!!! i LOVE your house!!!! love the lights and the simplicity!!! always awesome to me. my son asked me today, if you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? i said AUSTRALIA….where sarah lives in the beach cottage!!!


  16. Naomi says:

    I love the white. It’s classic. My place is mostly white too so this year I did a really great red and white tree, it’s very festive and packs a punch , there isn’t much else, a few lights, the odd white christmassy ornament. I got a great white ceramic deer from Bed Bath and Table, she’s adorable. Oh I do follow you on instagram and I love your fairy light fancy. Merry Christmas BTW, it’s just around the corner.

  17. merilyn says:

    hi sarah,
    rule of thumb is an ecclectic mix always works in one colour,
    especially in white … definately all good
    love the touch of turquoise glass! lol m :)

  18. Kim H says:

    Gorgeous decorating, Sarah:) As the years go by I’m tending to be much more simple in my Chrissy decorating. I love the scandi, natural look. Love your Ikea trees. Must get myself one or two if they’re still out next year:) Loving lights in my house this year. The sparkliness adds abit of bling to the simple stuff. Love turning them on at night time, especially. xxx
    PS I’m loving your Sweet Bloggi ng course!!!

  19. Jojo3b says:

    It’s a real treat when you take something yellowish and soak it back to white, isn’t it. I had to smile too, because I have taught my boys to turn the washing inside out to hang on the line…. Apart from white things.. Linen t shirts…etc… They do the eye rolling then.
    My Christmas decorating is so very casual at the moment that so far we only got our tree today…. Will put the fairy lights on tomorrow (at least)

    I really like your pops of green even the subtle green tree and glass bubble on the table. Very pretty.
    Jo :)

  20. Cathy Cahill says:

    I have the same tablecloth; purchased on my Honeymoon 32 years ago this December 27th. I guess I’m vintage now too. Lovely!