a beach cottage vintage find

Wed 19th, Dec, 2012

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Well good moaning, how are you then?  Full of the joys of Christmas spirit, wafting around in a sea of mulled wine and gaily wrapping gifts or are you on the other end of the scale with a rising panic in the bottom of your stomach that the guy in the red suit (who actually just so happens to be you) is coming very soon and right now his sack ain’t full?

I am teetering towards the latter though I must say I used my delegation skills yesterday and got Mr BC out looking for certain items and as only a man can when given a list, he achieved most on it.  Hoorah.

One of the things I have learnt about the male species from being married for a hundred years to one of them and having two boys about my person is they like a nice direct bit of instruction – if you give them a list that is clear and succinct, preferably with bullet points, they are extremely effective in completing the tasks on said list.  If you include anything on the list that is either 1. vague or 2. fluffy (eg. you say look at the pineapple/chair/hoodie and choose the one that looks the best) you will be showered with phone calls and your list will come back incomplete.

So what does a woman who is teetering on the edge, smack bang in the middle of Christmas preparation, do with her time?  Why she spies a lovely old white vintage chair with peely, shabby, bits, an aged patina that we all know money cannot buy, successfully accomplishes the acquisition of it and adds it to the list above of things for her husband to collect.

Just call me a professional baby.


All joking aside though, I have been looking for new chairs for this old cottage…there are some out on the deck that have got more tatty and shabby than I like, plus I saw a dining setting in a magazine where I fell slap bang in love with the chairs.

I started hunting for them here and didn’t have much luck, there were some that were similar but none that were white, instead more of a yellowy cream plus I wanted to throw in a few colours for a pop…

Then one day I was happily going about my walk, earphones in, stomping along the road trying to improve the state of the wobbly bits on my forty-is-the-new-thirty legs when boom I passed a furniture shop here that is totally not up my street and a very different more modern style to the look I like, but just so happened to be sporting said chairs in yellow but also white sitting outside on the pavement.   Ooooh yeah, come to mama…

I walked up to the white one, stroked it a bit and thought, so having these, don’t really care about the price, after all it is Christmas is it not (don’t tell Mr BC that bit), turned over the ticket and it was $469.  For one.   Made in China.  I needed six.  Not gonna happen.


Soooooo I walked on with my wobbly bits extremely deflated and began to review my options.

1.  try to hide six chairs in the back of the Beach Cottage Magic Wardrobe

2. be really really really nice to Mr BC

3. apply the BC formula and look for vintage finds & give them a lick of point.

4. feed the kiddos beans on toast for next year and use money on chairs

And so this shabby old white chair you see here is the first part of point 3 – so wasn’t up for point 2 at this time of year.

And at $31 I think Mr BC should count himself lucky and be the one doing the favours, don’t you think?

More soon lovely ladies, you like my chair…by the look of her she’s pretty old though had a bit of a facelift on her seat and she is a bit more shabby than she looks in these pics and needs a good wash…


p.s. Barls blogged here this morning…



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14 Responses to “a beach cottage vintage find”

  1. Emma Barrett says:

    Gorgeous! Just the perfect chair :)

  2. oh my god! this post makes me so desperate for a bit of treasure hunting. Nice find, Sarah. xx

  3. I love chairs, I tend to collect chairs, I may even be addicted to dragging old almost falling apart “no! don’t sit on that, it may fall to bits!!” chairs so…..yes I’m very much liking your ‘new’ chair! She’s lovely. And I love the look of a couple of coloured chairs thrown in amongst the white, it’s just hard deciding which colours to go for!! xx

  4. Mimi says:

    Yes to the chair! and yes, for being spot on about the male persuasion — you made me laugh! so true in my house too!

  5. alison says:

    I continue to love how things you want appear in your life. People write books about that kinda stuff you know. LOL

    Cheers big ears

  6. KIM BUCA says:

    sarah i have 2 of the exact same chairs i got them at a charity sale she didnt have them priced i asked how much and she said what do you wanna pay i was looking at the stash of cash i had left and it was 10 smackeroos so i said 4 a piece????? waiting for oh nooo! she said sure!! and explained they got them in cali at a ice cream parlor thast was closing down and they were gonna refinish them or paint them and never did so i took them home painted them white of course and then put a cute soft green colored fabric that had these cute pinky red cabbage roses on it! came out adorable and i used them for a while til i had to part with them in the next move!! great taste you have!!

  7. miss bliss says:

    adorable! enjoy : )

  8. merilyn says:

    you crack me up Sarah, such good medicine!
    good chair! my granny had bent wood chairs and i’ve always liked them.
    yes, men and lists … perfect! give clear instructions preferably written down …
    works nearly every time, lol m:)

  9. jennifer says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you wont beleive it but Im looking for the same chairs!!! The previous owners of our house left one which was brown and ugly .Last summer we painted it aqua (I wanted white of course but my bf insisted that we NEED to get some colour into the house)End of the story – I m looking for 5 more…
    Anyway I love love love love your chair Sarah Im sure you ll mange to find him /her ;) some siblings xxx
    hugs from malta ;)

  10. Julie Johnson says:

    Your posts always put a smile on my face. Love the new furniture addition. It’s right up your alley. Hope you and yours have a great Christmas down under.

  11. Candy says:

    Just remembered, I have two of those in my attic. One black, one white, both quite old and naturally distressed. The black, though, will have to be painted, me thinks. Will be bringing those babies into the cottage forthwith. Merry Christmas to me! lol Thanks, Sarah!!

  12. Claire says:

    My Mum has a couple of similar chairs, which belonged to my grandparents. Looking forward to seeing how this one scrubs up for you : )