went vintage treasure hunting

Mon 26th, Nov, 2012

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Well good morning, happy happy Monday.

Phew we have had a hottie weekend in New South Wales, yesterday was very warm in our old cottage…and today is warm and muggy…



So, on Saturday, Miss Beach Cottage and I decided a little bit of treasure hunting was in order, we had a window of opportunity after sport and the beach to get off the Peninsula where we live, go see some of Sydney and get ourselves some vintage finds.

Now, if you follow me on Instagram you will know that I have been on a vintage treasure drought for a while now…nothing, nudda has caught my eye for the last few times I have been out and about trawling around looking for special things…

It seems to go like that, sometimes I am on such a roll and seem to come across wonderful things in the most unexpected of places.  So with this current track record I wasn’t holding up my hopes and decided to go for the food, the photography and an afternoon out with one of my favourite people to spend a bit of girl time with.

I don’t need much excuse to get out and about in this lovely country….I love visiting Sydney, going over the bridge and getting off the beaches….right now down this way Jacaranda is everywhere…I love its colour sighing all over us….here framing the view to the city on the way to treasure hunting



We were destined for a market that takes place a couple of times a month, but one that we had never actually been to before…Miss BC is into fashion, which I so am not, I am into vintage home stuff, which she so is not, so a shopping trip together to flea markets normally works out quite nicely…we both go around, me with a coffee, her with a juice and stop at the various stalls that we both like the look of…

This market occupies not a bad little spot…under the Harbour Bridge, no less…


I have been to markets in very different places to this lol…the back end of London springs to mind in the FREEZING cold…this one is neither, it’s set in the most spectacular of backgrouds, overlooked by the Harbour Bridge, edged by the harbour and affording glimpses of the Opera House every now and then….

…these are the stairs going up to the bridge where you can spy the harbour and the Opera House to the left and walk all the way over if you like..


the walkway on the bridge

20121126-06-IMG_2550 20121126-07-IMG_2400

and the market held here…

20121126-08-IMG_2404 20121126-09-IMG_2375 20121126-10-IMG_2382_thumb 20121126-11-beach-cottage-jacaranda

We mooched around the stalls, it was busy and buzzing but not too packed…

20121126-12-IMG_2397 20121126-13-IMG_2416 20121126-14-IMG_2387

the hydrangeas were in beautiful colours..

20121126-15-beach-cottage-blog-goes-to-the-markets-in-Kirribilli-shopping-for-hydrangeas 20121126-16-IMG_2388

Qantas made a few appearances too


as did blue sky


love the signage around here with the bridge symbols

20121126-19-IMG_2414 20121126-20-IMG_2539 20121126-21-IMG_2405

musical accompaniment was pretty good…



I love the food at the markets…


one of the fabulous things I love about Sydney is how multi-cultural it is…it’s just part of it and works…


which means when it comes to food, we are spoilt for choice

20121126-25-IMG_2521_thumb 20121126-26-IMG_2474_thumb

we had Turkish and Russian on this trip…here’s a vegetarian gozleme and a lemonade…we sat and ate it on the grass in the shade, it was hot

20121126-27-IMG_2497 20121126-28-IMG_2509_thumb 20121126-29-IMG_2487

We had a really lovely time and Miss Beach Cottage had all sorts of goodies about her person, I love spending time with her as she grows up…who ever knew that she would be teaching me how to live life…she found some shorts which were ahem short and lots of other bit and bobs..

…but me, not so much, well not a sausage actually…


and just as I had graciously accepted that again this would be a day of going home empty handed, the thrifting treasure hunting Gods on high suddenly took pity on me, sprinkled a little bit of their magic glitter all over Kirribilli and I spied these…



Come to mama.

Really? Hunters under the Harbour Bridge in Australia?

Hunters that in Australia are about $250?

Oh yeah.

There may or may not have been some rapid breathing and thrifter’s jigging.

Now I must note there, that I, obviously, like things with a previous life, I like to up-cycle, but not shoes, tho I am well aware that vintage boots, especially of the Harley, Frye or cowboy variety are like gold dust and if I ever come across them I will buy them anyway…. but up-cycled things on the ends of my legs, not really…

However, I was not after these boots for wearing anyway..


…most normal people don’t buy boots to use as home decor, but I do, and so I about launched myself at them, thinking how wonderful these would be about this old cottage…(must mention here that I have had my eye on a navy blue pair of these babies for about a year but wasn’t quite sure how I could wangle getting a navy blue pair of these past Mr BC without him noticing)…

…but when I got nearer to them, well blow me down with a blogging feather, those thrifting fairies were on good form because these were un-marked, looked new and unbelievably in a UK 4 which is my size…a strange co-incidence? hmmm.


and so home they came with us…we returned home to this old cottage, hot, happy and tired from an afternoon of shopping and eating……just as any shopping trip should be

What do you think of my find?



See you soon lovely ladies,  I am off for an osteopath appointment this morning, my back is on the mend…now it’s getting better, I realise how bad it was, if you know what I mean…

Yours in strategically placing boots around your home (just wait til we have the Christmas version hahaha)

sarah xo

beach cottage hallway with whitewashed coatrack oar, stripe nautical coastal rug, beach bag and turkish beach towel

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28 Responses to “went vintage treasure hunting”

  1. Mel says:

    Morning Sarah,
    I think I just did a Mr BC and closed my eyes at your purchase!! Tehe, another pair of gumboots, to sit on the floor next to your other ones… coming into summer!!!! Love it.

    • sarah says:

      yes Mel I know!

      actually I wear these quite a bit in the Summer with shorts if we are bushwalking and also always while gardening…they don’t get hot and horrible and I am obsessed a snake will run over my feet.. x

  2. alison says:

    UK4. What were the chances? It was meant to be. Sadly I missed my favourite markets at Coledale PS yesterday due to a lurgy. The school grounds are literally on the edge of the coast with breathtaking views north, south and out to sea.

    Love that sandstone BRIDGE STAIRS sign.

    In the Shire decades ago, new mums used to be given a jacaranda tree when they left a private hospital, which no longer exists. Subsequently, if you get up high you can look around and see jacarandas in full bloom everywhere at this time of year.

    I saw lots of jacarandas planted with red Illawarra Flame trees last weekend down around Berry last weekend. Simply stunning.

    I heard my first cicadas on Saturday. Summer is on its way.


    • sarah says:

      oooh I like the sound of those markets! shame you missed them :-)

      I wonder if that is whey there are soooo many jacaranda trees here too??? x

  3. Melinda says:

    What a great find!
    Id like to pluck those antlers up and bring them home, I wonder how much they were….

    One on one time is so super special – I have a day planned with my girl coming up and I’m REALLY looking forward to it – I get what you mean about those daughters teaching us how to live – or at least look at things differently … they are amazing and its so refreshing

    xx fantastic photos as usual, you’ve captured the market vibe & hot sunny day so well

    • sarah says:

      I am not sure how much they were but I felt sorry for them…if that doesn’t sound too odd! :-)

      yeah we are planning another one soon…x

      • Melinda says:

        know what you mean – I alternate in thinking they are gorgeous and then a bit macabre…
        I dont think antlers = dead animal, but if it does at least the antlers live on as a symbol of their glory …
        anyway Id rather the antlers than a taxidermy head/body…hoof !!!

        • sarah says:

          hmmm yes…antlers are so in right now too – every single magazine I seem to look at has them…along with Pelicans, oh and Pineapples!…sometimes I wonder if these stylists collaborate to style with the same things cos they have shares in the products lol…

        • HRH Sarah says:

          They actually shed their antlers each year, so no need to feel bad…

  4. Peta says:

    hunters at a market!? You lucky devil. I have two pairs which i bought from the UK – not cheap are they. V jealous

  5. Jos says:

    I’d forgotten about those markets and you’re right – they’re really good. I spied some mixing bowls in one of those pics that looked rather fab – might have to get myself over to the next one!!!!! Love the sign for Easy Going Food!!!!

    • sarah says:

      yes those mixing bowls were fab! and a fabulous price lol…I have a large collection of mixing bowls and as I picked up one of those I thought I should sell them lol!


  6. Fleaing France & French Shopping says:

    What a great find. I would have snagged them too…my size or not. They look great in your home…..congrats!!!!

  7. Alice says:

    Will be heading to those markets one weekend soon… Love the Hunters, well done on your find! Got my self a pair earlier in the winter for a bargain price too!!! Got to wear them a lot and I love them! They are a good looking boot!
    The Jacaranda tree is my favourite tree..There are so many blooming around here… So beautiful…I hope the seed I planted will sprout soon…. I desperately need one in my garden (for screening purposes and some shade!)….Beautiful photos Sarah! Goodluck with the osteopath… I hope your back mends fast, I wouldn’t wish the pain on my worst enemy…

    • sarah says:

      thanks Alice oh and enjoy the markets, I think they are on every weekend from now until Christmas (you’ll need to check that though)…we really enjoyed it x

  8. Yay on finding the Hunter Boots, and in your size (wow – you have tiny feet!)

    Great pictures of Sydney – thanks for sharing.

    It sounds like you had a lovely day out with your daughter – treasure those times, because as a mother, I know they grow up so fast!!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  9. Vicki says:

    Sarah, I love seeing your part of the world in pics, especially as winter is about to blow in here in Colorado and you’re blogging about summer! Keeps my spirits up!

  10. Liz says:

    I was at these same Markets on Saturday, but how did I miss these boots!? You must have been there earlier than me
    Maybe the treasure hunting gods will shine down upon me next time!

  11. Lucy says:

    Amazing find… well done you! I’ve had my green Hunters since I was 13 and riding ponies in the english countryside… 15 years later and they’re still going and comfy! Although they’re looking a bit haggered and one of them has a load of gaffa tape up the back to hide the hole… I just can’t bring myself to get rid of them! x

  12. Brilliant find! And really loved this photo essay x

  13. Claire says:

    A lovely out-and-about post Sarah, nice to see some more of Sydney : ) Funny, just last night I was looking at Hunters online as we are being deluged by floods here in Blighty. They’re pretty pricey and such a big choice of finishes these days (finishes, on wellies, what’s all that about?!) so I reckon you got a good old bargain there girl! x

    • sarah says:

      yes I find the finishes weird too…green was the way to go for me and then have been lusting after navy blue…I don’t really get the other colours! x

  14. HRH Sarah says:

    I have a pair of Argyle boots that I made my husband buy me one year for Christmas. They were obscenely expensive, and had to be shipped from Scotland to the US. So, of course they are perfect home decor, especially here in winter when it’s so cold and wet . I get eyebrows, of course, but so what? They look so jaunty by the front door, as if I’m going to don them and go for a long walk in the woods :)