vintage door coffee table recycling diy

Mon 5th, Nov, 2012

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Aloha Beach Cottage ladies, how you cooking?  All good here in Beach Cottage Land.


Here today (while doing laundry and painting things white) to show you an old door I have kinda re-purposed as a coffee table and am loving it…



Our old coffee table, as our old sofa in the front Sitting Room, has been with us for longer than two of our children and travelled over the seas, over land and down dale to be with us in this lovely country.


I love that and let me tell you I am often apt to pulling this little nugget of information into many a convo when a little home ware purrrchayse is discovered in the back of the magic wardrobe in my bedroom by the lovely Mr BC

Just simply, a circa fourteen year old sofa is a very good card to have up one’s sleeve when one is bargaining and back-pedalling like crazy with one’s husband…I mean hello, 15 years x 365 nights a year = cost per wear is good here is it not?


There is no option to get rid of it, it’s far too filled with memories and life and stuff.


I was bored with it.


And so a little Beach Cottage re-purposing was born.


Have white vintage door found on the side of the road.  Will make do and up-cycle.

So I turned the old door into a new coffee table…by way of placing said door on top of coffee table and not doing much else…it’s very heavy and happily sits there looking hot…a bit like it’s owner, hahaha




There have been, as I am sure, if you are a long term reader of this blog can imagine,  eyebrows in this old cottage, and talk of knobs getting in the way.Errrm now Mr Beach Cottage, let me enlighten you with a little thing…knobs getting in the way?  Yeah, often been a problem in my life that.   When one is faced with annoying knobs in one’s life, one tends to give them a long hard stare with eyebrows.Normally does the trick.

I hope you girls like this little bit of thriftniness this fine day?

And do tell, how do you deal with annoying little knobs in your life?


Have a good one

p.s. I have had lots of messages lately along the lines of ‘you must spend a fortune on your house’ …below shows how I mooch around here, on the wrong side of town and too far from the ocean with pre-loved vintage things and chain store finds xo

vintage door :  free side of road  lantern  :  IKEA

coffee table :  15 yrs old  used to be pine    sofa  : 14 years old & washed many times   

vintage bottles  :  thrifted & Freedom  throw on sofa  :  Eb & Ive  stripe rug  :  IKEA

 p.p.s. talking of knobs thanks to all of you who have emailed me about the Too Easy/vintage thing..slowly getting back to you all but thanks for the support x




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33 Responses to “vintage door coffee table recycling diy”

  1. Well, someone apparently has not been paying very close attention to your blog if they think you spend a fortune on your house!! That is just silly. I love reading your blog FOR your thrifty-ness! I wouldn’t let those silly, unfounded comments get to you. XO, a long-time lurker :)

  2. Cathi says:

    I also am a long time lurker and love your blog! in fact, I have passed your blog on to many of my friends. We just went through the Storm Sandy hurricane here in the States (hard hit area of Connecticut), and were without power for days, schools shut down for over a week, yet…–what is the first thing I do when i get to work where there IS power and (yipee!!) internet service–tune in to your blog to see the pretties you always seem to come up with! You both inspire me, and comfort me. Please keep doing your thing, which you do so well! Hugs

    • MDN says:

      Did you/yours take a direct hit…or “just” your electric and/or area? (Yes, know from experience here a few winters ago, no elec. X4 days – esp. w/ really cold weather – is plenty on its own…) Is your electric back on at home yet? Need anything? (Or, too early to say?) Hang in, OK?

      • Cathi says:

        Oh you are so sweet to ask MDN! Thank you! We are ok at home, no direct hit, just no power for 6 days and fussy teenagers out of school for one week. This is one time I am very happy not to live on the direct coastline of New London! We are lucky in the area, no gas shortage for us here. Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Bev says:

    You said freedom throw. Is that the name of company for the blue flower throw on sofa ? Love it

  4. Julie Johnson says:

    I love all of your ideas for their thriftiness and imaginative repurposing. I’ve been lurking around your blog since you started it and check every day to see what you’ve been up to. Keep up the good work.

  5. Tricia Rose says:

    I repurposed a plain door(so boring) and took the knob off so now must avoid a hole. There’s a moral in there.

  6. ComfyChair says:

    Longtime lurker coming back into the open to tell you again how much I appreciate your thrifty doings. I’ve saved a fortune inspired by you, and my house is much nicer now. I even have more fun puttering now. Plus I love your sense of humor. Eyebrows and broomsticks ahoy!

  7. Very pretty table setting and I love the white painted bottle…..so adorable!!!!

  8. laurie says:

    lol! Leave to a guy to let a knob throw him for a loop, Sarah!! lolol! Love your new upcycled table! My husband created coffee table for me out of a glass paned door many years ago (as you will see in many of my blog posts). I just laid a large piece of glass over the whole thing to protect the panes. But……after 15 years, I was bored with it. So I scrounged around in our barn, found 2×6 pine boards and cut them to fit over the top of the glass paned table. Just got done painting and distressing it yesterday. I’ll screw them to the lip of the table from beneath, so in case I get bored with that idea. I can just take the boards off and I’ll have my old table back.

    xoxo laurie

  9. Anonymous says:

    Your thriftiness and creativity are two of the things that make your blog very interesting and lots of fun.

    My hint to deal with annoying little knobs in your life is to have a goal, dream or something else to focus on, something much more important, positive and all consuming.


  10. Shar Y says:

    You know I love you! and your blog! Been around for awhile. And, laughing out loud about the “knobs”! Ha, too funny! Love using old doors for things. Can even put a sheet of glass over raised panel doors to get smooth effect and use for a dining table or the like! Love just as it is, though!

  11. rachel says:

    love, love, love it! :)

  12. Pam says:

    Love the “new” table. I too love to brainstorm a new piece that is completely undo-able if I hate, or get tired of it, with little or no money lost. That’s what your table is! As for the knob, well . . . . think of the stories it could tell. The number of times it was turned before the whole door was jettisoned, whose hands gripped it, and where were they going when they passed through that door . . .etc. Why, it’s the FOCAL POINT of the whole table! ; )

  13. Robyn says:

    Hi Sarah – I just wanted to tell you that I collected my 4 year old twins and 6 year old from school this afternoon and we had a couple of hours of sheer hell . . . Tired poorly children – one of whom had such a mega tantrum on the way home that 5 people came out of their houses to see if I was abusing my child, and gave me not very helpful advice. There was also a poo in pants incident. And a pleading/whining repeatedly to be bought a new computer game incident. Anyway . . . The reason I’m sharing this is that I managed to throw the ingredients of your chorizo and chicken recipe into my crock pot whilst there was ongoing screaming from tantrum child. I think you may have saved me from a crying on the floor incident! Delicious – my husband had three helpings. So thank you hugely – all the way from a cold windy bonfire night here in Brighton.

  14. It’s all looking so pretty Sarah! Obviously all that $$ you’re spending is paying off!?! Oh and as for annoying knobs….I find it best to simply ignore them..xx

  15. The timing of this post is perfect – it’s “big trash pick up week” around here, which is when everyone leaves out there large “junk” to be collected. One of my neighbors left out a pantry door, and I seriously thought about stopping to pick it up to repurpose it as something – I just wasn’t sure what, but I think a coffee table would be perfect.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    I’ve got a little “Beach Cottage” going on over on my blog today:

  16. Felicity says:

    When I first looked at your “new” coffee table I instantly loved the door knob, adds so much character to the table. I love your thinking and your re-doing of old is new. Just beautiful.

  17. merilyn says:

    hi sarah,
    i love your blog!
    your place looks immaculate and your photography is very professional lately.
    you are amazing and always inspiring.
    thankyou for your “joi de vivre” attitude that you share so enthusiastically.
    lol m x
    ps …sorry forgotten how to spell after a tipple!

  18. Tara says:

    What a fabulous idea!

    I am only a new follower to your blog and so far I am enjoying it immensely!

    We also have a cottage, but its a Mountain cottage – not a beach cottage. :)

  19. Fiona says:

    Great coffee table idea. It suits your style very well. Have to say the second photo in this post is spectacular, love your photography always but this one just jumps off the page. Divine.
    Cheers Fiona

  20. Anne says:

    Lovely! I adore that throw on your sofa as well!!! Have a happy day Sarah xox

  21. GREAT idea! We’re deperately looking for a mid-cent mod one, maybe I can’t create my own C:

  22. Love the door tables. I have a friend with a really big old stable door as a dining table. It just has a piece of glass over the top. And then for something really different, many people around here use old wool tables with glass over the top as verandah tables. One business in town has a restored one as a board room table. They are sensational, especially with years and years of wool grease in them giving them great character. Ahh little pesky knobs- we all have them in our lives!

  23. Robyn says:

    Hi Sarah!
    I am a long-time, dedicated lurker. I finally have a public blog now, so I’m stopping by to say that I love your blog and have been checking it for over a year now. In fact it’s one of four that I check religiously everyday :) You are amazing. I love your blog, stories, and photography. It is a breath of fresh air in my mornings that are packed full of smushed cheerios on every surface of my house and busy babies. So it’s lovely to have a beautiful and tidy (it feels like I’m always in the middle of messes around here) place to retreat to for a few minutes. Plus it gives me hope to know that you survived having babies and still have a sense of style and humor :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  24. HRH Sarah says:

    So funny about those annoying “knobs”! Sometimes they are the most entertaining part of the day ;)

  25. Naomi says:

    So funny about the knob and your darling hubby. Looking at the pics (before reading) I thought to myself I love that table idea! BUT then deflatted thought M(my husband) would have lots to say about that knob! I think the door is fabulous. I love your house and style as always. Just wondering how do you get your hubby to comply so often?

    • sarah says:

      I use the favours school of marriage – if I get what I want, I do favours…simple ;-) ;-) xx

      works like a dream hahaha