vintage coastal style in the Sitting Room

Fri 16th, Nov, 2012

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Morning from a wet and rainy Sydney – it’s one of those Fridays where you want to snuggle up on the sofa with a sweet puppy and watch movies all day


… I love rain in my new life…

Walks in the rain.  Soft light.  Wellies.   Rich wet greens.  Quilts.  Cups of tea.  Bourbon biscuits.



It reminds me here today of my old life and how I longed for the sun.




So anyway I would like to present you with some foofing today, coastal style.


(I have been told not to say a word about knobs)

As you know, most of this old cottage has been in some state or other of chaos, being re-painted or having the paraphernalia of 3 kiddos around (might I just stress it’s never my magazines, vintage china, shoes, quilts or cookery books junking up this place, cough cough) but yesterday I slowly began putting bits and bobs back together.


I started to hang the vintage mirrors back on the wall, after mentioning to Mr Beach Cottage that I might not do that meaning lots of holes left in newly-painted walls, there was more than eyebrows, so being the warm and loving wife that I am I decided that if that new camera lens was anywhere near coming to me with that guy in the red suit in a few weeks time, I had better put the mirrors back, smile sweetly and think of England.

20121116-07-vintage-blue-mason-jar 20121116-08-beach-cottage-ocean-sea-candle_thumb

(the candle is from here..smells divine!)

As I did that, it reminded me of how sometimes mirrors are used to dress up tables…have old vintage door as table, have vintage mirrors, will foof.

20121116-09-blue-hydrangea_thumb 20121116-10-beach-cottage-coastal-decor

So instead of getting the other mirrors up on the wall, or making my husband’s dinner, I played Beach Cottages.

I hope you like.

Be seeing ya old girls.

Haaapeee Friday, going hunting tomorrow, wootwoot


p.s.  Beach Cottage Clubbies newsletter going out this arvo, don’t miss, I have some sneak peeks to show you and a freebie beebie xo



vintage door  :  free side of road    vintage mirror  :  thrifted   vintage Mason jars  :  thrifted

throw  :  eb & ive    candle  :  Rosy Rings (on sale! love!)   vase  :  Freedom


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19 Responses to “vintage coastal style in the Sitting Room”

  1. Happy Friday and happy hunting Sarah! Foofing just gorgeous…knob and all…xx

  2. Melinda says:

    love the look of that candle … darent even go to the link as there are WAY too many candles floating about this house ( & stashed in cupboards) … its not such a bad thing … but….

    beautfiul hydranga’s – that blue is so vibrant, cornflower I spose … very pretty indeedy

    Happy Friday to you too xx

  3. Rukmini Roy says:

    You know I absolutely love your vintage mirrors. And that door table is to die for.
    If only I had space in my home… But I have a pale pink wall that’s free. You know what’s happening in that space now, don’t you :) You should start the BC interior magazine. You have a buyer here.
    In Bombay, Hydrangeas don’t survive…they die. :’( Made a bunch of paper ones which look quite close to real :) Attaching the link here, if you care to check out : http://trumatter.wordpress.com/2012/11/13/diy-paper-hydrangeas/
    Have a great day, Rukmini

  4. bec says:

    beautiful display, I adore the blue hydrageas, it is all so calming and serene, just what I needed after a crazy, hectic, emotional week. My teen graduated and I’m feeling a bit lost and weird about it all.
    thanks for the pick me up!
    Bec x

  5. Selby says:

    Just the pretty distraction I needed this arvo- thanks for sharing your lovely home with us all:)

    Love the way the hydrangeas pick up the blues from the lovely throw on the back of the couch.

    • sarah says:

      yes thanks, I am getting good cost per wear from that throw…I bought it last year and am still very much loving it :-)

  6. alison says:

    The colour of your hydrangea is beautiful. Aren’t the jacarandas in full swing now! I drove past one today that had made a stunning thick purple carpet on the green lawn beneath. A warm fuzzy moment in my day.


  7. Judy Clark says:

    Sarah – beautiful photos. I love the pop of the bluish-purple hydrangea against all the soft backgrounds.

    So pretty.


  8. HRH Sarah says:

    Lurv your foofing! Lurv your ole door as table, too :)

  9. Im feeing your serenity after an extremely emotional and hard week with the violent death of one of my past students. Plus trying to carry on as normal with my own kiddo who had a birthday on Thursday and party yesterday. I just needed that inspiration to relax and chill and tables cape- I have an old silver tray and some candles lit on it right now!!!! thanks Sarah!

  10. Alice says:


  11. Aprad says:

    Your pictures make me happy. I’d love to use them for my posts. I’ll rightly give your page here all the credit like how I do now with others photos. Feel free to check. Would you mind?