things from the beach

Tue 13th, Nov, 2012

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This weekend there was a whole lot of time on the beach in the sunshine.

I like typing that.

And a few things that came to my attention…


1. Putting your dinner in the slow cooker before you go to the beach for the day is one of the best feelings ever when you walk back in the door to your old cottage with kiddos who are worn out and a husband who has been driving a boat for most of the day and has a sore back.  This recipe was in that old girl sitting on the counter when we got home sunkissed and tired.   I love her.

2. Not putting sunscreen on your feet is not a good idea when you spend all day on the beach.   I do not love that.

3. Blue skies and red tents though.  Yep, love those.


4. Errrm taking a few shots down the beach has confirmed my neeeeeed for a new camera lens.  Ummm, unless I win the lotto, auction one of my kiddos as slave labour on ebay or sell some of the things stuffed in the back of the wardrobe, a new camera lens and me will not be doin’ our thang.



5. While walking up and down the beach all day is good for one’s gluteus maximus, if one has been putting off going to the osteopath for one’s coccyx for too long, one’s gluteus maximus will eventually go on strike.

6. I advise you that you don’t want to be in the vicinity of a forty-is-the-new-thirty year old  on the beaches of Sydney with an on-strike gluteus maximus, let’s just say it’s ain’t pretty.


So that’s what I am doing today, nursing my gluteus maximus.



p.s. I am not saying a word about the surfer boys


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16 Responses to “things from the beach”

  1. Melinda says:

    and WHY is it that we always put off going to the osteo/chiro/physio/bowen therapist/dentist etc etc for these niggles???
    It mystifies me.( and yet I am so guilty of it_………yes it cuts into already busy schedules and there is always the hope that it will just right itself in a day( week) or two ……….but really…..

    hope you have an appointment locked in and maybe an Epson salts bath in the meantime – take care xx

    ps lovely warm beachy shots too

    • sarah says:

      yes it mystifies me too! I have known this was around the corner for months and did nothing about it until I am knotted up with glutes so tight even the physio couldn’t believe it – I wish they looked tight too lol !

      I have an appointment with the bath and salts very shortly

  2. Astem says:

    Photos. Amazing. And jealousy-inducing. Ahhh, to live near the ocean again. And I’m not saying anything about those surfer boys either ;-)

  3. Ooohh…I want my beach holiday NOW!!! xx

  4. laurie says:

    lol! You crack me up, Sarah! Loved this post!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  5. alison says:

    Say to yourself it’s not perving, it’s appreciation of form and beauty.


  6. bec says:

    you don’t need to say a word about the surfer boys…the picture tells it all….somethings are left unspoken!
    take care of the glutes, maybe 150 squats was too much??? just saying!
    Bec x

  7. Candice says:

    Mono hull boat ? Take a twin hull boat for test drive , less jarring , more stable , less back strain .
    Coconut oil bath for you , sun touched feet will love it , and hopefully sore glutes will enjoy too . Love the pics .
    I have been checking out waterproof cameras some really good ones for the beach and sand and water to lots of metres , makes sense after thinking I had protected camera only to be told sand still got in . I am trying to contact Santa but the line is always busy …..Take care . Cheers

  8. Our beach weather came good today … just divine. Fingers crossed for the weekend!

  9. merilyn says:

    Thankyou Sarah, always laughing at your quirky sense of humour.
    Thankyou for sharing your sunny disposition, you’d brighten anyone’s day!
    Look after that coccyx …hate to tell you that lap top on the bed is a problem … I get it too!
    try pillow under puter which is on stable table (so it doesn’t blow up)
    … pillow under bum and lots of pillows at your back.
    good luck lol m x