the vintage kitchen dresser goes beach cottage coastal white

Fri 2nd, Nov, 2012

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Good morning!  It’s the girl with the white paint here!

Warning  :  If you are averse to vintage furniture being painted white (or any colour for that matter), please step away from your screen right now.  Pop off and do another load of laundry.  K?

So ladies, I am still painting.

Yes two big vintage pieces in the house have been waiting for another nice coat of beachy coastal white.

I must say that I have enjoyed these two, though the armoire has been a tad painful and we have now hit a problemo with her, more on that soon.

But this lady is going well.

As you know, I was debating whether or not to paint her white, I loved her au natrel but the more I looked at her, the more I realised what a state she was in, really quite horribly grubby.

Now I have painted a few things in my time, remember I am no expert, pleeeease don’t even think about looking closely for brush strokes, drips, droopy things orany kind or lumps.  They are so totally in the house.  I love that.  Keeping it real ladies.  (If you missed all that the last thing I painted on here, the coastal table, a troll sunning themselves in Bali left a comment saying that I was, ahem, quite the amateur with my drips….funny though cos oh how we have laughed in this old cottage about droops and drips since then, not that anyone in this old cottage is droopy or anything, haha, bring it right on lol)

Anyhoo, yes, I have painted lots of things white in my time in my role as  Chief Medical Officer to old furniture on the beaches and kinda felt it in the water that with a fresh few coats of white this girl would be all bright again, she would sing out to the high heavens, she would hold my vintage things, love having a jug full of flowers displayed on her and adore the odd sea shell collected from the beach.

So off we went with the white paint, and if you subscribe to the newsletter you will have seen a sneak peek last week of her beginning to go white…it was looking good already…

And here she is with a coat of paint, plus a few mugs for a feel of what she will become



The door?


Still not sure whether the door will be staying this way or not.  At this moment in time staying this way and contrasting with the white but then again the glass against white, well that could rock.

I left this broken one on for now to see, but seeing as the one on the other side of this section is missing, it will be coming off and I will be adding baskets etc to the shelves


What do you think, coolio, moolio?

I do believe so.

And for $40 and a whole lot of time painting her in my undies (so much easier than painting clothes when the school run is looming) I am thinking not bad at all.

Yours in white

Sarah x

if you missed the armoire update, she’s white and nearly done go here

and here’s the before of this old kitchen dresser & how I found her

& my quick, easy & simple guide to painting furniture is here



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26 Responses to “the vintage kitchen dresser goes beach cottage coastal white”

  1. Angela says:

    I love this piece. It’s gonna be great. Drips and all ;)

  2. Victoria says:

    Your kitchen dresser is my favourite.It will look special with or without door being painted.I have great memories of my lovely Grandmother’s,she stored the bikkies for us kiddies in it,always a treat……Have a great day Sarah.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Could you use that little unpainted door as a picture or mirror frame?

    Don’t you just love the feel of the old furniture door and drawer knobs and handles? The way they feel. The funny noises they make.

    Be still my beating heart! Is that one of those lock thingies on your white cupboard door? Does your cupboard…deep breath..have drop sides, too?


  4. Hi Sarah….
    it looks fabulous..I love it white and that will be a fab backdrop to goodies you shall place inside..
    I quite like the look of the stained glass panel~~

    anyway, that is my “two bobs” worth…back to cooking lamingtons..nut loaves etc for my mum’s 90th birthday “english afternoon tea party” tomorrow…

    x andrea

  5. Felicity says:

    Love, love it. What a bargain $40! You would pay that just for the door with the stained glass in it. I recently bought a huge tv cupboard from my local charity store with two stained glass doors. The cupboard was in great condition and I couldn’t believe that my husband said “Yes”, i could have it. So excited my sister-in-law and i went to pick it up in her van and as the very kind older gentlemen were lifting it into the van one of the doors swung open and smashed the glass and ripped the door off. I still bought it home and thanks to my handy husband the door is fixed, still working on the glass and I have painted it in Antique White, replaced the door knobs with crystal ones. I am so happy as it has totally transformed our living room and it has so much character.

  6. She’s looking just loooovely Sarah. I do believe, in all your white-paint-wisdom, you got it right painting her white. Can’t wait to see her all filled up with your gorgeous things. I’m off to strip down to my undies and get painting….xx

  7. Alice says:

    hahahaha painting in your undies!!!!! I LOVE THAT!!! Now why didn’t I think of that? lol That got a loud chuckle from me Sarah and dare I say my eye brows twitched just a little ;).

    This piece is looking gorgeous and I would paint the door white, the glass colour does pop so nicely against the white… I am glad you are adding baskets and thinking of removing the other (with the broken glass) door that will add a nice coastal and “now” vibe to it… I didn’t even occur to me… Very clever!


  8. Kat says:

    Ha, now all I can picture is you painting in your undies. Classic!! :) :)
    You always find and add the nicest touches to THE best things.
    Fabulous!! :)

  9. annie says:

    Okay I have a very similar kitchen dresser which I found in a disgraceful state and lovingly scraped back to nada. That was pre children. Then I oiled and polished her and she was lovely but a tad dreary so I slopped I was of green on her body and Blue on her doors and drawers. One day when the twins were toddlers I sanded the doors back to revisit the wood and thus she has stayed. Now the husband is making grumbly noises about the shabby old dear. So to whiten do you strip it right back or can I go over the Coloured bit ? Do you water down your paint or keep it full strength? You’ve probably said all this before but one more time?

  10. Kate Luella says:

    Yeah this is a winner Sarah! I love to paint old furniture, most oldies that get painted would never have lasted to mile anyway, may as well get some “now” value out of it! I love white on everything too atm…

    Good choice, excellent painting… :)

  11. Debbie says:

    LOVE this piece, Sarah!
    It definitely says Beach Cottage all over it!
    The doors are perfect just the way they are.

  12. Karen says:

    Looks really really good, looking forward to seeing it finished, drips and all! I’m glad I’m not the only one who paints in her undies – it’s when the postman rings the doorbell with a parcel to be signed for that is a scramble to get dressed!

  13. laurie says:

    Painting in your undies…??? Well, I guess you don’t ruin your clothes that way, Sarah. lolol! The white on that sweet dresser is truly rockin’, girl! I do think that the stained glass would truly make a huge statement if the wood around it was painted white. I’m anxious to see this piece completed and all BC-prettied up! :)

    xoxo laurie

    • sarah says:

      me too Laurie! I just had an idea for it and am so excited – I am going to fit it into my breakfast room by removing some shelving from the wall, woohoo x

  14. Tabby says:

    I love the look! And, I love the idea of leaving the door natural. I recently bought a dresser that was painted white, the insets in the drawers were the original stained oak. What a nice contrast!! Currently I am bargaining with the Mr. on building (yes, building) a buffet for my dining room. I plan on using the same contrasting; white and oak, idea.
    Keep up the good work girlfriend!!

  15. Gina Waller says:

    Everything looks better in white! I just cant get the image out of my head of you painting in your undies and then you get a surprise pop in visit from some one and you’re like hey just painting in my undies! Classic!
    Suppose i had better get back to my painting too! I would try the undie thing too but the neighbours may become too distressed at the sight! Have fun! xoxo

    • sarah says:

      haha it’s a really easy way to not have to bother with painting clothes…my neighbours already think I am a loony ;-) x

  16. Erin says:

    I’m so happy to hear about your drippy bits!!! I painted a massive kitchen dresser and was lamenting my drippy bits and thinking how do ladies like Mrs BC avoid them. I was feeling like such a failure, that is until the sandpaper comes out to rough it all up to give that vintage look that I love and all giving the added benefit of sanding off most of the drips. End product is antiquey white, vintagey, dreamy, lovely and I danced a jig every time I walked past for the first week after I finished.

  17. I can’t believe it, I paint in my undies too (or less!), in the cold weather it is my Pjs -I don’t want to ruin clothes. Sometimes I put a shower cap on to save the hair as well. It is just so easy to get the paint off your skin with a bit of oil- I use the Ella bache floral oil, but plain old olive oil will do- do try it -it is exceptionally kind to your skin! the dresser is looking great , paint the door I say!

  18. She looks LOVELY so far, Sarah! Don’t mind drips one bit, but can I just raise my little hand and vote that you keep the tiny door on there even though her twin is missing? She’s a shabby ol’ girl. Love your idea of the baskets though and I’m sure you’ll repurpose the door into something else. While the husband and children might run away in terror around here, I do like the less-mess thinking being painting in undies!

    • sarah says:

      yes I can’t remember where I learnt the undies trick, but it’s a no brainer, whip off the clothes do a bit of painting and then pop back on again for school run hahah xxx hope you are well x