the one where I talk about make-up

Wed 21st, Nov, 2012

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Well here we are again with a little bit of a Beach Cottage Real Girl natter about beauty products…don’t say you don’t get good blog value at this corner of the internet, haha, yep today I shower you with my much experience with, wait for it, eye-liner.

Now, I am one who has the knowledge of pulling down one’s lower eyelid, peering in a mirror and scraping a pencil along it…lining it, a la Diana with cobalt blue, so I sure knows what I am talking about in this department…all girls who did not grow up with that phase in your life?  Just call you an amateur baby.

Then, in my journey with make-up, not long after blue inner eyes, we moved to the next stage where one was all about ‘nude’ and ‘barely there’, cafe au lait coloured lips and a touch of chocolate eyes …that was much needed after coating our eyelashes with electric blue (or even silvery white in my case!) and lining our lips in hot pink liner with a paler more sugary inner.  No less.

Once one has been through those two very distinct movements one decides to beat to one’s own drum where make-up is concerned and starts to find a look that works even as one moves into one’s, ahem, forties.

And for me, a girl who once trawled Boots (as in The Chemist) on a Saturday afternoon perusing the beauty counters slavishly for ideas, after having a few babies and I got a real life things changed…

I wanted a simple make-up that saved me from looking two minutes away from death when I was doing the school run, and as with my clothes, where I wore a ‘uniform’ (link to that below if you missed), with make-up I started to do the same with my face…



In that VERY super quick uniform face, that was whacked on so I didn’t scare the neighbours or anyone at the school gate and so my kiddos knew that I would still be there to collect them at 3 o clock and not on the way to the undertakers, eyeliner was in there as a must-do….but, I tell you what I have tried heaps, lots and it has been hit and miss for a VERY long time, in fact so much that a lot of the time I didn’t bother.  It was either gloopy, fell down my face by the end of the day, smudged or just didn’t sit right.

And then, with this here blog, came a few occasions where I found myself on more than one occasion staring back from a national newspaper and magazines…without any eyes.  That my friend is not one of your best bets in life when you are no longer in your twenties and have 3 kiddos that keep you out late at night driving taxis.

And so I have been dabbling with eyeliners more, tried, experimented and wasted my money on expensive brands, thrown away cheapies and tried my go-to make-up brand that makes up most of my make-up bag.

Nothing cut the mustard…it was either tricky to put on, it didn’t stay put and wandered halfway to my eyebrows or worse cheeks, its shelf-life on my eyes was way too short or it made my eyes sore.

That was, you see, until I came upon this.  Mabelline Master Precise (you can find more about it here)



Now, this particular beauty came to my person because of the benefits of having one very popular and very particular beauty blogger as a friend and roomie…I mean hello, the girl travels well stocked, not that she needs to, she about rises from bed looking good…

But when you room with her or indeed meet her in an airport, there are many benefits – firstly she will spritz you with things (more on those soon) and all of a sudden you will not feel like you just spent hours and hours in a plane, secondly she will offer you creams, lotions and potions to improve your droopy bits and lastly and the best, when you are in the bathroom and she is in the lounge blogging you can snoop through the toiletries on the shelf and try to discover her secrets…

This is the the point where I found the eyeliner…no I didn’t try it on, cough cough…and it ROCKED…..and so, I have been hoarding and stashing this in the back of the magic wardrobe ever since…

Now, not one to ramble on on this blog, haha, I thought I would also enlighten you as to why I like this product…as I am sure you don’t have anything more exciting to do in your life today other than read about why a girl in her forties, who lives in an old cottage with a lot of white, loves this eyeliner.

1. Though it looks a tad on the scary side when you see the applicator this is super duper easy to use.  It’s very pointy, making you think that perhaps you would not be professional enough to use this but it’s not.



2. The colour is deep, dark and so there but without being, you know…yucky.

3. It stays where you put it…I don’t know about you but I do not need an eyeliner to be falling about all over the place, I have enough lines on my face nowadays, I don’t need extra ones from eyeliner…. this does not add any extras.

4. It can be layered up – for daytime a simple line, for evening I like to zoosh it up and put it on a bit heavier across the top, this does the job without dicking around.

5. It dries as it goes on…no waiting around, I do not have time in my life to even think about eyeliner, let alone letting it dry.

6. It’s fussy free – no little pots of black stuff, no brushes to get lost, no things to twist up and down that always break – take off the lid and go.

7. It won’t mean you have to feed your kiddos baked beans on toast for a week (note and yes I know I always bore you girls with this, it’s not super-duper-el-cheapo in Australia as it is in just about every other part of the world, but it’s not in the same ball park as some I wish I had not parted with my money for)


And that my friends is my little nugget of beauty wisdom today on the blog…just call me a beauty blogger, last week we had shampoo and just wait ‘til what I have up my sleeve next.

Now, I would love it if you would share some, any or all of your real-girl eyeliner recos, or indeed mascara tips and tricks – myself and the lovely lg were chatting with a coffee overlooking the ocean this morning and she is looking for a new mascara after being very disappointed having treated herself to a high-end brand, spending a whack of money and being left with half of it down her cheek by mid-morning…I told her the one I love…do you have any that you can’t live without too?

Cheers lovelies


p.s. this is not a sponsored post & I spent my own pennies on this product

p.p.s but if you want to send me lots of lovely products to try I am happy to be a willing tester ahem

p.p.s the CUTEST doggie in the world just blogged, over here at his page, come and say G’day! 

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35 Responses to “the one where I talk about make-up”

  1. Even though Diana and I had absolutely only 3 things in common (both born in England in 1961; both had 2 sisters and a brother :) ) – I just adored her, and slavishly watched what she wore, and how she wore her hair…

    I’ve never been a big “make-up” person; I’ve never been able to master wearing foundation, or using eyeliner – I end up looking like Phyllis Diller when I wear foundation, and like a raccoon when I tried eyeliner, so I like to keep it really simple, too – mascara on upper lashes, and a touch of lipstick (I have been wearing Clinique’s Black Honey since I was in my early 30′s – if you’ve never heard of it, you should try it – most gorgeous shade of lip color ever.)

    When I have a special occasion, I will wear blush and eye shadow, but mostly, I can’t be bothered :)

    • sarah says:

      oh I hear you on can’t be bothered! …but I need to do be bothered as I am not one who looks half decent au natrel…I wish ;-)

      I will look out for that shade – so lovely when you find a product you love isn’t it x

  2. TWexploits says:

    I don’t wear a great deal of makeup, and as a gal living on another coast far away from you, on an island where things are quite expensive, you have to get bang for your buck. I use the all soft shampoo from last week regularly, it really does what it claims to do and is worth the extra. It rocks my socks. And if we’re swapping beauty secrets here – I adore Lancome cosmetics, pricey, but their eye makeup remover is the BEST thing ever and worth every penny, removes waterproof makeup in one swipe AND leaves your eyes feeling like they’ve been treated to a nap. I shall try the maybelline eyeliner the next time I am at the shops. I really need something that stays put in the salt air (frosty air right now! -10C!)

    • sarah says:

      yes I always used to wear Lancome mascara but it is SOOOO expensive in Australia and I found an alternative that is nearly as good…

      I like the sound of a remover that gives a nap lol!

  3. Hahaha! You’re too funny roomie … it is the best liquid eyeliner going though. Love it forever.

  4. Jade says:

    Hi Sarah, I love your makeup tips, you’ve saved me wasting heaps of money on the expensive brands I usually buy…more money to spend on those Xmas magazines!!!

    • sarah says:

      my pleasure Jade

      to be honest before I came to Australia I bought the higher end brands, but they are SO much more expensive here that I couldn’t justify it which led me to shopping around a lot!

  5. Hi Sarah…this has been “THE PERFECT” post for me today..COS~~
    I was just mentioning to the girls at my local little “salon”~(spray tan once a week..hair done every few months)…~!@!
    where i was making an appointment this morning…how AWESOME their eyeliners looked..(they all looked perfect and gorgeous)..
    They mentioned something about an eyeliner with a fine tip, but i didn’t take too much notice cos I always “stuff” up my makeup anyway~~~
    (i have been married 26 years and hubby always comments on how i have never been able to do a good eye make up job!!~).. mainly cos i kind of like “thickish mascara”~~
    ANYWAYs…your blog recommendation brought me NEW hope re the eyeliner situation, so whilst buying the groceries for dinner tonight…
    I zipped into our BIG priceline store and purchased this eyeliner…~~
    SOO…i hope i can master the tricks of the trade before hubby comes home from interstate in a week or so…
    (plenty of time to practice)~~

    ps..sooty wants to let Barls know that he hasn’t been the only one in “the wars” lately~~ “my mum stood on my paw this morning and hurt me a lot…its because I am blind and get stuck under people’s feet….she gave me a BIG HUG and Kisses though…so i think she is very upset with herself…~!!! in the end though it was to my advantage cos she gave me sooo much yummy chicken to eat to make me feel better”~~~

    x andrea & sooty~~~

    • sarah says:

      awww hello Sooty, Barls here, sorry to hear that, I was under the weather for quite a while but all looking good now and back to my normal self.


    • sarah says:

      hey Andrea

      I hope you like it as you went out and bought it! I really like it…it just does the job and doesn’t give me any hassle, you know??? I need that in my life and in my eyeliner lol

  6. Oh my lordy Sarah, I haven’t worn eyeliner for YEARS. Probs oversdosed on the stuff in the 80s maybe?….Now you have me thinking maybe I should re-introduce my eyes to it? Really?!? May I ask you where exactly you apply yours? (and pls don’t reply “eyes”!?!!) Thanks……. I’m off to visit my mate Barls…….xx

    • sarah says:

      haha yes I wear it just on the upper lids at the very corner for daytime with a tiny line underneath…in the evening I whack it on the top only really heavy…works for me xo

  7. Rukmini Roy says:

    Well, I sure haven’t gone through the electric blue phase but I am a Diana fan. I absolutely adore her, so i know what you mean :) In here, we use a lot of kohl or “kajal” as we call it. Both on the upper and lower lids and smudge it a bit with neutrals. Sissy darling swears by liner while me on the other hand never really used one. Maybe its time :) I use Colossal from Maybelline and its really good…try it out!

  8. Karen says:

    I LOVE your real-girl make-up posts, no PR schmoozing going on! Another trick to stop eyeliner, well lining your eyelids rather than your eye-line, is to use a v neutral eyeshadow first, just a quick spread of the stuff, no need to be super-neat as it’s neutral.
    For mascara which doesn’t transfer onto your cheeks, Estee Lauder Doublewear is the one. It just works and I’d tried them all.
    You should check out Sali Hughes’ make up columns on the Guardian newspaper website – she’s into real-girl make up, not the PR this-is-the-best-in-the-world-product-honestly like the magazines do :) She does a new one every Friday, and it fair brightens up your weekend. Although you do want to go and buy make up on the Saturday though but that’s no bad thing…..
    Karen x

    • sarah says:

      oh thanks for the link Karen! I LOVE those sort of columns, I remember there was one in the Telegraph magazine years and years ago and I loved it…honest reviews worn by a real girl xx I will check it out..the power of technology heh? x

  9. Fleur says:

    “this does the job without dicking around” – the best part of this blog post!

  10. Lidija says:

    After so many disappointments finally find mascara that can handle my big eyes, hooded lids end extremely long,thick lashes – Covergirl LashBlast Volume Waterproof Mascara. Big 13 ml tube for only 8 $ without smudging end transferring, hold the curl , perfect all day long. Applying this mascara from the roots of eyelashes in zig-zag movements you get eyeliner effect ,plus it is much more natural ;)

  11. Claire says:

    80s make up… Oh the memories! Oh the shame! I must confess to having worn BRIGHT PINK mascara and thinking it was cool. I mean, whatever was I thinking?!!!!

    • Oh yes I remember the pink mascara. I had the electric blue version!!
      Oh how cool we were (not!). :D

    • sarah says:

      oh yes, I had pink too!!!! and different shades of pink and purple on my eyelids!

      when the 80s stuff came back in recently I sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo have not embraced it…I mean hello did we not learn anything about wearing fluorescent colours? Saw a girl at the beach just yday with a fluoro wrap thing on…I was like euuuuh get it OFF!

  12. Haha, your comment on looking “2 minutes away from death” made me smile. I have “dirty blonde” hair and my eyelashes are quite short and blonde, so unless I put on just a swipe of mascara, I ALWAYS have multiple people ask me if I am sick… I must look two minutes from death too. Haha!

    • sarah says:

      haha I get that all the time…or when I wear make-up people say wow you are looking well! …I think it’s a pale skin and blue eyes thing…

  13. I too did the blue eyeliner on the inner eyelid look. I believe maybe Bananarama or some such band may have been responsible for inspiring that one!! :D

    Only one thing missing from your post today….and thats a pic of you modelling the said eyeliner and looking all vampish!!!

  14. Kat says:

    Sarah, I love you for this! (and Nicky too for being the beauty/style guru :) )
    In my 40 is the new 30 year I am *still* struggling to find an eyeliner that doesn’t smudge or run off my face by the time I have reached my destination.
    I suffer from oily skin and that sure doesn’t help!
    I have tried liquid eyeliner, but have found it a bit heavy for day use and so only use it at night.
    The one you have shown looks like it has the perfect tip for applying too.
    I am now going to go forth and find the one you have recommended and try it for both day and night. *Yay!* :) :)
    As for mascara I tend to just toss in the grocery trolley whateveris on special. Atm I am using a Covergirl one and it’s not bad.
    My most favourite and newly found beauty item this year (thanks to both you and Nicky) would have to be my Garnier BB cream and I was excited to find they have put one out for oily skin. Woohoo! ;)
    I also love my bronzer for a touch of colour on my cheeks.

  15. Kat says:

    Ps that Covergirl lashblast mascara is the one I am using atm I think and I second the recommendation :)

  16. Tiff says:

    Thanks for sharing this Sarah. I have been looking for a new eye-liner but am hesitant to shell out the $ on trying lots to get the right one. I find Maybelline’s “Full & Soft” mascara the best I’ve tried and keep going back to it, so “maybe it’s Mabelline” all the way for me (on my eyes at least) ;)
    BTW, I was always a bit jealous of the fair skin, blonde haired, blue eyed girls who could pull off the blue eyeliner in the 80′s – it just didn’t suit my olive skin, dark hair & brown eyes – & neither did the lolly pink lips. Thankfully we’ve grown beyond that extreme colour stage!

    • sarah says:

      thanks I will pass on that recommendation Tiff to my friend lg

      yes it’s funny how different things suit different people…I always wanted dark skin and curly hair…but got the whitest skin on the planet and blue eyes…Mr BC has beautiful brown eyes but sadly none of my kiddos got them…all green and amber! x