the Beach Cottage Thanksgiving dish

Thu 22nd, Nov, 2012

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Good moaning Beach Cottage peeps!


Just popping in with this Thanksgiving recipe…I blogged it a couple of years ago and promised myself that this year I would update the photos (ahem, errrm I am thinking my photography has improved a leetle bit roflmao)…but…those BC rugrats and their schedules have prevented me from that part of this post.

However, photos aside, this little recipe, really rocks…it’s super easy, super tasty and just super nice…it’s not too fussy and it can all be slung in one pan, plus it’s Real Girl on the pocket – meaning you don’t have to run to Outer Mongolia for the ingredients and spend half the month’s budget on special herb or spice…and I must say it’s low maintenance too (just like me haha)I do it often in a dish that can go on the stove so that it can go from there to table and so limited washing up…

You won’t be disappointed if you give it a go, whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving or not, I LOVE this, the combo of flavours are so up my street…and I like to convince myself that the beans and the lemon mean I can have a bar of chocolate for dessert, that’s how it works isn’t it?


BC Thankful Beans, Lemon & Garlic Casserole

1kg green beans, topped and tailed

2 cups chopped bacon (not skinny low-fat bacon) trimmed

salt & pepper

1 1/2 lemons, peeled & zested

3 cloves of garlic

2 onions, peeled and finely chopped

2 knobs of butter

1. salt a saucepan of water and put on to boil

2. sling the bacon in a large wide frying/casserole pan

3. once it is beginning to cook and some of the fat has come off, move the bacon to the edges and add the onions and garlic to the pan and slowly cook until soft

4. blanch the beans in the water (if you like your beans fairly crunchy keep an eagle eye on these and drain after about 3 mins), strain them and put them back in the pan with the lid on to keep warm.

5. chop up the lemons into small cubes about 1 cm square or so on a board

6. once the garlic/onion is soft and the bacon is coloured and cooked add the butter and the lemons to the pan and include any juice from the lemons on the board

7. now stir it all around with a wooden spoon until all is hot through

8. tip the beans in and stir/mix around until they are coated in the buttery/lemony juices

9. place in a warmed casserole dish

**notes if you love the hit of lemon up the juice to that of 2 lemons  adjust garlic to taste, I like its heady breath full on here but you may want to limit it to 2,  * a knob of butter is a lovely British term about a hefty tablespoon or so…or the size of a walnut..though I have to say I am not consistent with the size of my knobs

* recipe is a main stand-alone supper dish that serves four (though not four big hefty adults) accompanied with French bread and followed by cheese* as a side dish for a gathering where a turkey or suchlike is the main player this could well be left with only half the bacon


OK ladies, I will see you later – I have been doing a bit of Thanksgiving tablescaping…I’ll be posting it soon…love!


p.s. if you want to read the original post for this recipe where I had to issue a BC Ramble Alert, you can find it here (warning : there are more ahem amateur photography attempts to errrrm evaluate)


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10 Responses to “the Beach Cottage Thanksgiving dish”

  1. Def be trying this thanks Sarah…have just discovered my children like green beans so best be rolling with that one I feel!….xx

  2. Mmmm looks and sounds delicious. I think it would be lovely with fish. G.x

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Sarah!

  4. Claire says:

    Sarah, I checked the photos from the other post…Your pix nowadays seem much lighter and brighter (very lovely!) – how do you achieve that? Are you editing them differently somehow or it is just that you’re better skilled with the camera than you were? x

    • sarah says:

      Claire, thanks, I am always learning stuff for my camera – when I am not busy I always have tutorials etc open on my ipad and phone and try to follow them and try new things the next time I am taking pics…it has taken a LONG time for the penny to drop on many things with the settings for me, most notably aperture and shutter speed…but now I am getting the hang of it….slowly getting better…I shudder at some of my past photos I blasted all over the web roflmao

      the biggest change in the food photos is the light not the camera or the editing! I found a good place for me which is by a window and also I have experimented with different times of the day which makes a huge huge difference to shadows and the way the light bounces around…


  5. HRH Sarah says:

    I’m so glad you reposted this recipe, Sarah~ we’re not going traditional Thanksgiving this year, because hubs and I are working on the house to sell… However, next week I will definitely be needing this little gem to get me through at dinner time! xoxo from Virginia, where turkey and dressing and mashed potatoes reign today ;)